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What to Do If My Cat Ate Chocolate? All You Need to Know!

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Being pet parents you have to be extra careful with your kitty’s eating habits.

We know, cats are curious, and when it comes to eating something from their pet parents’ dish, they are keen to taste it.

If we talk as per facts, kitties don’t have taste buds they just get attracted to dish tempting textures.

What to Do If My Cat Ate Chocolate

As you also know chocolate is not good for her health, in any case, if in your absence she has ingested chocolate even a small amount, it’s dangerous for her health.

For you, we have come up with some research work, like what actions should be taken if you encountered her eating chocolate, symptoms after ingesting chocolate, and many more information which you should know to avoid future health complications.

Without wasting time let’s dive in to get in-depth knowledge.

Why Chocolate Is Toxic for Cats?

Well, yes, chocolate is toxic for cats. In fact, chocolate can be fatal for cats.

Why Chocolate Is Toxic for Cats

It includes ingredients like caffeine and theobromine, which are dangerous for cats. If ingested in large amounts it can cause death. However, they are less likely to try, but still, you have to keep an eye on them and make sure chocolates are out of their reach.

Any type of chocolate taken in any amount is dangerous for your kitty. The higher the caffeine or cocoa bean level, becomes more toxicity for your cat.

Here is the list of chocolates that are poisonous to your kitty.

  • Dark chocolate
  • Milk chocolate
  • Baked chocolate
  • Flavored chocolate bars
  • Chocolate with cocoa beans
  • Candy

It’s your responsibility to keep your kitty away from chocolate, be it any type of chocolate. They don’t know, what’s good for them. In your presence, if she tries to have any chocolate instruct them no by removing the chocolate bar from their eyesight.[1]

When you are not at home make sure to keep these items out of her reach where she cannot jump or grab them.

Symptoms of Chocolate Poisoning in Cats!

Now as you know chocolate is toxic for cats and can even be fatal for them, so make sure your cat doesn’t eat chocolate not even a small portion of it.

However, after keeping an eye and precautions, somehow she manages to eat chocolate. In that case, immediately take her to the vet clinic to avoid future health complications.

We have jotted down a few symptoms points, which will help you to identify, especially when you are unaware that she has ingested chocolate.

Normally, symptoms are tracked within four hours of ingesting chocolate, or sometimes it may take a whole day.

  • Panting
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Urination problem
  • Muscle pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Seizures
  • Hypertension
  • Thirsty

If your kitty shows any of the above symptoms, without fail contact the vet and seek her guidance. If symptoms are severe like irregular heartbeat or seizures, it is advisable to start her treatment on time.

This is because it might lead to further underlying health issues, and it’s risky for your feline pal’s life.

Sometimes, she will not display any symptoms, but if you have a doubt it’s better to consult the vet to avoid health complications.

It’s better to be safe than feel sorry!

What Do I Do If My Cat Ate Chocolate?

Encountered your kitty having chocolate? In large quantity? This might have given you shock or skipped a heartbeat out of tension, right?

Do not panic! Calm yourself to handle a situation in a better way.[2]

Always, keep in mind, do not try any home remedy at home, when it’s related to your kitty’s life. So, don’t force her to vomit to bring out the chocolates. I repeat do not try this because you could make your kitty’s condition even worse.

You can stop her from eating more, by simply removing chocolate from her eyesight. Next, call the vet immediately, and if your kitty’s vet is out of reach, without wasting any time go to an emergency clinic.

While visiting the clinic don’t forget to note down how much, and which type of chocolate she has ingested, and if you can take a sample it’s well and good. This information will be helpful for the vet to start her medication on time.

Bring her safely and calmly to the vet clinic, because we know cats don’t like traveling, so make sure she is comfortable.

If your feline is senior or suffering from severe underlying health issues like heart problems. In such a situation, wrap her gently in a blanket and make them comfortably sit in her litter box, and then take her to the vet clinic.

What Will the Vet Do if Your Cat Ate Chocolate?

Cats are mischievous creatures, they like to explore everything, that’s going on in their surrounding, especially if it’s related to their pet parent. Similarly, they always have a keen interest in tasting human foods.

If in your absence, your feline pal has ingested dark chocolate balls, which you have kept for your munching time. In such a scenario, don’t panic take her to the vet, and let experts do their task efficiently.

What Will the Vet Do if Your Cat Ate Chocolate

Your feline pal treatment will solely depend upon, which type of chocolate she has eaten, and in what quantity. After observing her vet will take her under treatment procedure. So, if you have an idea then answer all the vet questions, and help them to treat your kitty fast.

As in the above paragraphs, we have already discussed the symptoms. If the vet is able to observe any symptoms, it will make their task easy, and accordingly, they will treat your kitty.

They may give the injection to make them puke, or activated charcoal, to bring the chocolate out of her tummy, and if the vet is convinced that now she is safe, you can take her home.

Sometimes, felines don’t show any symptoms, which becomes more tricky for the vet to start the treatment. In such cases, firstly they try to regulate her heartbeat, and keep her under observation and accordingly they start her treatment.

Is There a Risk of Life if Felines Eat Chocolate?

Well, the risk of the life of your feline pal depends on various factors. For instance, if chocolate is ingested in a large amount, then it increases the chance of getting severe health issues.

Dark chocolates are more toxic then compare to milk ones, if by any chance she ingests it and no medication is started, it increases the life threat.

One more thing to keep in mind is if your kitty is already suffering from any health issue, or has a weak immune system, then they are more like to easily get affected.

If you notice symptoms like heart problems or seizures and no medication is started, in such cases there are chances that you may lose your beloved one.

Any Safe Chocolate Alternatives for Cats?

It’s a weekend, and you are spending time with your feline pal, cuddling and playing games. Plus, also enjoying your favorite chocolate balls.

But, wait you cannot feed that to your kitty, as you very well know chocolate is toxic for your feline pal.

Wondering, what can be the best alternative to serve?

Well, we have a solution you can reward her with healthy treats, which are specially prepared for them. It’s natural, your kitty will demand to eat what you are having due to its tempting textures but you know it’s bad for them.

So, simply avoid giving chocolate to your kitty, and instead of that feed them healthy munching kibbles, they are also available in various tastes and textures.


How long after eating chocolate will a cat get sick?

If your cat ingests chocolate accidently, then keep an eye on your feline pal. As symptoms will be visible in the next four hours, after consumption of chocolate. Once you notice the symptoms it is advisable to immediately take her to the vet for speedy medication. This is because chocolate is toxic for cats and leads to severe health issues.

How much chocolate does it take to hurt a cat?

Chocolate is toxic for cats, so even a small piece of chocolate is harmful to her health. One small piece is as toxic as a full bar of chocolate, so you should avoid letting your kitty to have a taste of chocolate. It’s better to be safe than feel sorry.

What happens if a cat eats a brownie?

Brownie is not safe for cats, it contains chocolate and other unhealthy ingredients, which is not safe for your kitty’s health. If your kitty accidentally or intentionally ingests a few crumbs of brownie pieces. Then soon you will notice symptoms like vomiting, lethargy, seizures, etc.


When it comes to your kitty’s health, a little bit of knowledge, and precautions can go long way to keep your kitty safe and healthy.

Confidently, we were able to clear your clouds of doubts regarding the chocolate toxicity level for your kitty. Let’s give a quick recall.

If your feline pal ingests chocolate, immediately consult the vet, until you reach their clinic follow their guidance to keep your kitty comfortable. Do not try your home remedy without consulting the experts because if not treated properly, then it can lead to life risk.

Here’s some advice for you, after bringing back your kitty safely home, you have to take extra care of her. This is because due to the high dosage of medicine her body might feel weak, and she needs extra care and attention for a speedy recovery.


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