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Cats as pets are the most loved animal species compared to any other pet. Being true Americans at the heart, pets have always amused us all the time especially the cats. This is not just the case with America where we have more cats as a pet than other animals, many other countries love cats.


What does Cat Loves Best do?

Cat Loves Best is a delivers the stories, learning regarding all the cat topics. Along with that, you will even find all the information related to cats right from owning one of your own to understanding the psychological and general health of all the cats.

We mainly believe feeding good will always result in well-being of any cat. we are very perculiar in mentioning the sensitivities a few cats can have and appropriate ways to fight it out yourself.

Since getting a cat implies you are going to be a parent and take care of your cat as any parents care for their kids. In that case, you are at the right place where we treat our cats as kids and insist people to do the same for their cats learning the right way.

Meet Our Team

Clara Lou

Clara Lou is Co-founder of Cat Loves Best along with two more co-founders. They all have one thing in common i.e. to share the best of the pet-related knowledge to the audience who happen to own a pet or are planning to own one. Clara shares her expertise and knowledge related to all the pets by contributing to another website named Pet Loves Best. Yet she believes in having a dedicated place for the cat parents despite liking dogs more than cats personally.

She happens to be an active animal activist in her town who has done a few notable works for the welfare of animals especially the pets. In fact, Clara has a great inclination towards helping wildlife too.

Anthony Brooks

Anthony Brooks has an undergraduate degree in veterinary science and is a managing editor and regular contributor for petlovesbest.com. Being an avid pet enthusiast, he lives in Wisconsin and is a guardian to three snow white Maine Coons – mom, dad and their kitty. In his spare time, he loves to review products that cats find delightful and loves to share his insights with other fellow cat enthusiasts on this website. Among other things, he also likes to befriend people, who share his passion for cats, and who can provide him inputs for generating the kind of content that he does. Brooks entire family, comprising his wife and two sons, live on a farm with the three fur balls as their companions and soulmates.

Joseph McGhee

Joseph McGhee is an author and freelance writer living in Brooklyn, NY. He has been writing for over 5 years; writing articles, product write-ups, blogs, and more for pet-related websites. Although he has experience with many kinds of pets, large and small, cats are his true love, and he particularly enjoys writing about feline care and behavior.

He is a pet parent of an elder cat and one kitten. His girlfriend used to take care of pets as she is herself a veterinarian, but since when they broke up Joseph has to take care of all the needs of his pets, and now he lives with his companion pets.

Since then his interest and curiosity increased in cat-related products. As he explains how and when he started to review the Cat related products “It all started when I was looking to buy a Cat Bed for my Kitty Zoe, but couldn’t find any good advice or information out on the web, I was stressed and ended up buying a random Cat Bed which was not at all comfortable for my Cat and did not even last for a month”. Then he decided to change that by researching the products himself and presenting it in an easy to understand way and recommend the absolute best products and factual advice so that the problem which he suffered is not experienced by any other pet parent.

Ethan Roneil

Ethan Roneil is a hell of a cat lover who self-learned cat behavior looking at the professional animal behaviorists. He wants to work alongside the best of the animal behaviorists in America one day and make America a better place for the cats. Apparently, Ethan shares his learnings on the feline diet on this platform. His unconditional love for the cats started when he first adopted an abandoned cat which was left to die on the street of Minnesota where he lived.

He actively participates in rescuing the abandoned pets out of which he has taken two cats and a dog as his pet. Often, he expresses his love for other animals which he has rescued independently but it is inevitable for him to compromise on his affection for cats.

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