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10 Health Benefits of Catnip for Cats (Backed By Science)

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Is your cat sleep-deprived?

Is she facing anxiety and stress issues? And you don’t know how to fix this?

Well, you have landed on the right page. We have a solution ready for you. Use catnip essential oil or dry leaves it has sedatives that promote good sleep. Isn’t it interesting you always had catnip in the house but didn’t even realize that it can be used for this purpose too!

Now you must be wondering are there any other health benefits of catnip for cats? Well, the answer is yes! There are several benefits. It can cure injuries, cure a cold and flu, help to heal skin problems, and many more.

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health benefits of catnip for cats

10 Benefits of Catnip for Cats

As per PetMD, “Catnip leaves have actually been used to make tea, and the flowers are said to relieve coughs. It’s also a main ingredient in some natural bug sprays.[1]

Catnip or catmint plant has a wide range of health advantages for both cats and humans.

You can use it to boost the cat’s mind, reduce stress, kill her boredom, and makes her immune system stronger. There are multiple health benefits of catnip for cats too check it out now!

1. Use to Heal Wounds and Cuts

Catnip is actually a natural herb and herbs are very useful in treating wounds and cuts.

These herbal leaves also have antiseptic features that you can utilize to cure skin infections. Because of the presence of tannins, it supports the repair of the damages caused in the body cell of the cat.

use to heal wounds and cuts

So, basically, if your cat is bitten by an insect or has a skin burn or any other external injury you can use catnip to cure all problems. It acts as medicine, so you can cut the cost of a veterinarian’s visit too!

2. Apply Catnip for Remove Fleas and Ticks

Catnip is enriched with an active ingredient like Nepeta cataria. It has the properties of insect repellent. Nepeta cataria found in the catnip suppress the chemical released by insects like flea or ticks.

apply catnip for remove of fleas and ticks

It is the best repellent for fleas and ticks because it won’t trigger your cat. Repellent available in the market may cause a problem if you use them on felines but catnip is widely safe and effective just like synthetic repellent.

3. Helps to Curb Anxiety Problems

The most widely and popular property of catnip is that it is used as anti-stress medicine in cats. So, the other health benefits of catnip for cats is that it prohibits tension in felines.

Yes, catnip contains properties to soothe stress and give your cat a feeling of euphoria.

helps to curb anxiety problems

You can give her a little catnip directly to chew it will make your cat calm and composed. She will feel better may become hyperactive and relaxed.

Often cats are under stress when they are going for veterinary visits, so you can give her a few catnip treats before the visit. You can also use this when you adopt a new pet or change your house.

4. Helps to Control Fever

If your cat is falling sick she is suffering from a cold or flu you can utilize catnip to control her body temperature.

Wondering how well there are health benefits of catnip for cats, and it can be used to cure fever too!

helps to control fever

It helps to make her immunity better which helps to heal faster. It is a “diaphoretic herb” which means it will make your cat sweat more and thus help to maintain the body temperature and cures flu.

You can make catnip hot tea or could use it as an inhaler it will cure throat irritation, problem-related to cold and flu.

5. Catnip Soothes Skin Irritation

Is your cat regularly facing skin infection or skin irritation?

Then you can give her a natural infusion bath by using catnip. Yes, catnip can also be used for bathing your cat. It will reduce skin irritation as it is a medicinal bath.

catnip soothes skin irritation

You just have to add a half spoon of fresh catnip leaves in a bowl of boiling water. And, then pour it into her bathwater. Then simply wash her hair and body with it. It will entice her and also at the same time soothe her infection.

6. Aids Healthy Digestion

Catnip herbs help to control digestive issues. It has an anti-inflammatory quality which helps to improve digestion and cure constipation in felines. But, remember that ingesting a lot of catnip can also have bad repercussions.

aids healthy digestion

7. Heals Feline Gastric Issues

Another health benefits of catnip for cats are that it boosts the gastrointestinal system. If your cat farts a lot or has gastric problems you can make catnip tea for her.

heals feline gastric issues

8. Fight Against Insomnia

Is your cat struggling to sleep well?

This may be because of stress and anxiety. Well, here is the solution for you use catnip to gift your cat a peaceful sleep.

fight against insomnia

It is a great remedy for sleep-deprived felines. It is because it has nepetalactone which causes sedative effects.

9. Motivates Them to Play Games

Next, the use of catnip on cats is that it can be used for training purposes. Basically, give her appropriate training, and once she follows your command give her a catnip treat for positive reinforcement.

You can also dust a little catnip on her to give her joy.

motivates them to play games

Isn’t it a wonderful tool for training?

10. Enrich Them, Keep Them Active

If your cat is someone who is always lazy and bored then you can use a little catnip to enrich her mood and boost her to increase physical activity.

You can purchase a cat bubble and play fetch and chase games with her. So, it will keep her mind stimulated and also keep her physically stay active.

enrich them keep them happy

I personally use SmartyKat Skitter Critters Cat Toy Catnip Mice. It acts as a stimulant to keep her brain active. Also attracts her and encourages her to play more.

Many pet parents use this to keep their cats calm and happy. I personally use it to play run and chase games with my cat. And, now we love spending time together now. Cats like the fragrance of certain herbs and other substances, you can even keep them at your home.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

In conclusion to health benefits of catnip for cats is that is a magical herb, and it can work wonders for cats. It keeps her mood happy if you use dried catnip leaves she will have calm behavior, and won’t get aggressive easily.

As a good cat owner, you can use it for training purposes also, other than you can add some catnip to her food it prohibits digestive problems and keep the gastric issue away from her.

But, the quantity should always be low because an overdose of catnip can cause nausea and vomiting problems.


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3 thoughts on “10 Health Benefits of Catnip for Cats (Backed By Science)”

  1. One of my cats has stopped eating his dry kibble he used to eat. I read somewhere that catnip also sharpens a cat’s appetite?

    • Yes, catnip acts as an appetite stimulant in cats. The active compound Nepetalactone, present in catnip helps increase cat’s food cravings.

  2. Is it okay to feed my cat catnip every day? See loves it and it is just a thumb fulll I also since reading this article my cat itches and licks her hair constantly. Also chews her toes a lot. I have a Balsam scented candle lit on my coffee table that I burned all day yesterday. I don’t have it lit today, so if it bothered the cat, I will see the difference.


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