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15 Natural Home Remedies for Cat Constipation|Verfied by Vet

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Is your cat crying a lot while defecating? Is she releasing hard stool with a bloodstain on it?

If yes, then she is surely facing constipation! We have curated 15 natural home remedies for cat constipation.

Constipation is not just a human health problem, but it is also common in cats. It can be cured and prevented by the right medical treatment and through natural home remedies too!

Don’t panic you can give aloe vera juice to the cat to drink, fiber-rich foods like pumpkin or psyllium husk, add probiotics to her diet and keep her fit and offer her plenty of exercise and take away her stress these all can help to curb the problem.

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Remedies for Constipation in Cats

natural home remedies for cat constipation

We have some of the best and most effective natural home remedies for cat constipation. Generally, feline suffers from chronic constipation issues because she doesn’t drink more water, intakes less fiber, and stays less active.

VCA states,” Constipated cats will strain in an attempt to defecate, resulting in abdominal pain.[1]

It can cause trouble in their digestive system and thus promote constipation. She will face pain in defecating. Therefore, you must try these effective home remedies for her. You should also ask your vet before giving them to eat!

1. Aloe Vera Juice Is Magical

You can use herbal ways to treat constipation in cats. But, make sure to ask your veterinarian before feeding it to your cat. Aloe vera is a universal helpful plant for all treatments. It has natural laxatives. It helps to increase the fluid amount used in bowel moments and helps to make stool softer.

Cat drinking small amounts like a half teaspoon of its juice to prevent constipation. A small quantity of it is quite helpful and won’t cause harm. If she consumes a large dose of it then it can cause diarrhea too.

2. Feed Her Canned Food

To increase moisture content in your cat’s body, you offer your furry friend wet food. This works great for picky cat eaters who don’t like to consume water. Then you can play smartly and alter her food option.

Replace her dry food or simply soak kibble in warm water before giving it to feed her. Or, you can add wet canned food or wet treats for your pet.

3. Reduce Hairball Issue

Constipation is quite common in long-haired cats. This is because as you know already cats love grooming their fur all day long.

So, while grooming themselves they also consume their hair which causes hairball problems and thus leads to constipation.

Hair goes to their gastrointestinal tract. It congests their intestine, and thus she finds it pretty hard in pooping. It is quite painful.

Therefore, you must groom your cat daily. It not just helps to prevent hair fall issue but also make their hair nice and prevent mats.

4. Offer Your Kitty Enough Water

cat constipation remedies

PetMD states, “Since dehydration contributes to constipation, drinking more water and staying well-hydrated helps prevent constipation.[2]

One of the major causes of constipation in cats is lack of water intake! Most cats do not like to drink water which causes dehydration and congestion in felines.

This is because lack of water in the body makes their stool hard, and it makes it difficult for her to pass through her anal gland. This leads to straining and crying.

In case your cat does not consume enough water then you can feed her broth or simply mix water with her kibble.

You can place water bowls in each room it can encourage her to drink plenty of water in a single day.

Fun Fact: A feline need roughly 3.5 to 4.5 ounces of water per 5 pounds of body weight on a daily basis.

5. Give Her High Fiber Dietary Food

Now, this point might be contradictory for many cat owners as cats are obligate carnivores animals they need meat to survive and fibers aren’t good for them. But, when they eat bones it doesn’t get digested therefore, they require a sufficient amount of fiber for healthy digestion.

There are 2 kinds of fibers soluble and insoluble. And, insoluble fibers are good for cats it helps in healthy bowel moment. Thus, helps to prevent constipation in cats and also solves hairball issues in cats too!

It also helps to maintain their weight as it keeps them full for a long time. But, yes the amount of fiber must be considered this is because they need animal protein for their growth.

You add psyllium husk to her food too, Metamucil in it gives her soft stool!

6. Keep Her Physically Fit

Indoor cats are especially less active they enjoy most of their time inside the house which can make them ill and physically unfit.

Constipated felines must regularly exercise it prevents the chance of constipation. We know they are lazy they won’t move much and can easily become fat cats.

But, you have to try hard, make an effort to make a schedule for her including playtime, and walking time, and don’t just make it but also implement it daily. Make her do enough exercise.

You can get a laser pen toy it will encourage your cat to play a lot and burn calories. She will get tired and all sweaty while chasing the laser dot. Thus, your mission will be accomplished.

You made her move a lot, isn’t it!

7. Pumpkins Can Wonder for Constipated Cats

constipated cat remedy

The moisture content in the pumpkin can alleviate constipation.

You can add pumpkin purée or simply give chunks of cooked pumpkin to your cat it is healthy and also rich in fiber. As a result, it makes a healthy food option for a constipated cat.

Precaution: The amount of pumpkin you feed to your cat should be moderate. Too much of it is not good for them!

8. Switch Her Food

Another Natural Home remedy for Cat Constipation is by changing their diet. In case you’ve just replaced a new brand of cat food, it’s possible that the food is to blame for your constipation.

This is because the cat’s body is habitual to the same food and any change in their diet can lead to trouble therefore when you switch to new food it is always advisable to change her new food in small proportions means at a slow pace. Add new food to her old food on the first day and later increase the amount of new food slowly.

Her body will easily adapt to the change. Moreover, always feed your feline friend healthy high-quality nutrition cat food that has animal protein and is also good in fiber and probiotics.

9. Prevent Obesity

Another pointer under natural home remedies for cat constipation is to curb obesity.

In case your cat is obese then it is an issue she can easily become a victim of constipation. Therefore, you must maintain her weight.

10. Simply Keep Your Cat Happy

cat with constipation home remedy

The next point on the list of Natural Home Remedies for Cat Constipation is to keep them happy and prevent tension and stress.

You can use the Feliway pheromones diffuser it helps to cut stress it makes her comfortable. It releases natural pheromones to calm them down.

11. Licorice Works as Natural Laxatives

It is a herb whose roots offer laxatives. And, a laxative is good for cats when they find it difficult to pass

You can give her 2ml of it however, the amount of dose also depends on the weight of the cat too. Feed her during bedtime for nightlong comfort.

12. Increase Litter Box Numbers

laxatives for cats home remedy

When cats refuse to poop there are at a higher risk of constipation. They might not use the litter box because another cat might be using that. And, cats are known to be regional therefore they won’t use another litter box.

Therefore, you can provide an extra litter box to your furry friend. And, the simple rule for a litter box is n+1 per. N here is the number of cats. So, there must be 2 litter boxes per cat.

13. Add Probiotics

There are chances some cat food might not include probiotics, in that case, you can additionally provide your cat probiotics like in the supplement case.

Probiotic supplements are good for cats’ gut health. It helps the cat to have a smooth and softer stool and works on her digestive system to make it function well.

14. Ginger Is Good for Constipation

Ginger has natural laxative qualities that aid in bowel movements and hence relieve constipation. But, it can be toxic for them therefore, the amount should be very less, and when your cat gets relief immediately stop ginger.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

We have curated 15 Natural Home Remedies for Cat Constipation. There all remedies are helpful gives your cat healthy poop. She won’t face problems while eliminating feces.

For a constipated cat pumpkin is good it has fiber which promotes digestion, you can add fluid to her food and make her drink plenty of water, other than this you can also give her aloe vera juice or ginger or licorice. But, quantity is the key.

Speak to your vet before feeding them. Well, if you have any other natural home remedies for cat constipation then let us know in the comment section below.


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