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How Many Cats Can You Own?

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Parenting a feline is a great feeling, they bring unconditional love, affection, and companionship to your life.

Ask any pet parent, they will give you similar answers.

How their mischievous feline helps to relieve whole day stress and improve their health.

Once cat parents get attached to this wonderful relationship, they wish to add more feline members to their life.

But ever give a thought, How many cats can you own? What can be the legalities? How much cost is incurred in parenting multiple felines?

No worry, let’s get all your doubts clear. Keep on reading to know better.

how many cats can you own

Legalities to Look Before Adding Multiple Cats

We understand you want to adopt more feline members in your life and take care of them, but how many cats can you own in your home legally?

Let’s scroll down to know the answer.

Every country has different rules related to the number of pets they can keep in their house.

Similarly, the USA has different legal guidelines, over there these rules vary from state to state.

As in many states, two pets are a legal limit.

However, in other states, if you want to adopt more than one feline then you need to seek a permit from the government.

Some will allow you two pets in addition, if you want to adopt one more you need to seek a permit from the government.

Consideration to Look Before Adding New Members

In the above paragraphs, we have discussed what are the legalities one should look at before adopting more than one feline in the house. Apart from legal criteria, one should also be mentally and financially prepared to take the responsibility of new members in their life.

As you scroll down, you will get additional consideration key highlights that one should think about before parenting multiple cats.

1. Litter Boxes

The litter box is one of the essential things that must be there while you are parenting a kitty.

So if you have multiple felines in your house, then you need to give each of them their personal litter box.

As you know, kitties don’t like to share their stuff.

two cats in one litter box

Providing each of them their personal litter box means it will require a hell lot of space, and will increase our duty.

As you have to keep a check on their litter box and clean it on regular basis to maintain a hygienic environment in the house.

Furthermore, along with cleaning the litter box, you also need to maintain odor-free surroundings and keep a check on the litter stock.

2. Small Members in House

If you are thinking to add more feline members in your house, and you’re already parenting one.

Then think before you take this step, especially if you have kids in your house.

small members in house

Your kids also need your time and attention, if you add more feline to your life, then you won’t be able to spare that quality time with your kids.

There are exceptional cases where kids also enjoy a group of feline members’ company.

However, it’s always a better option to discuss with other family members before adding more pets to the house.

3. Spend Quality Time With Felines

If you already have one kitty in your house, you must be knowing how much time, attention, love they demand.

So if you are planning to add more than one kitty in your life then get ready to devote your quality time with each of them.

spend quality time with felines

Cats are very possessive, especially when it comes to their beloved ones.

They scratch on you and claim that you solely belong to them only.

So if a lot of cats will be there in your house then think what will be your situation how you will handle individual of them.

If you are mentally prepared to give all your time and space to them, then only think about it and sit at this emotional roller coastal ride with your felines pals.

4. Enough Space for Felines

You will require an ample amount of room space for adding more felines to your life, as they require much space to roam around.

They prefer their corners to take naps, where they will not allow other felines to enter.

As she will mark that area as her territory.

enough space for felines

As you know, felines like to hide and sleep on their own bed, so you will need to give individuals their own warm bed which will of course require more space.

So, if you have a large space then only think about parenting multiple kitty’s otherwise your house will be in a mess, and you won’t be able to handle it efficiently.

Expense of Parenting More Than One Feline

Let’s face the fact that it’s true new felines will add joy to your life, but you also have to see the financial point of view. Each member will add cost to your pet expense budget.

expense for parenting more than one kitty

Nothing is harmful in parenting multiple felines, but as you keep on increasing the feline members in your life, it will increase your financial cost.

As every feline insurance needs to be taken, regular health checkup/vet visit, diet cost, etc.

Furthermore, not only financial costs will increase, but also your duty will get double.

Each feline will require individual time, space with you, need to be there for them.

All these will affect your financial budget, as well as emotional cost.

What Happens If You Have Too Many Cats?

From a pet parents point of view you will not see any default in parenting more than one feline, but let’s face the reality as you keep on adding new members in the house it will create chaos for you such as:-

  • First, your felines will need space to roam and if you are running short of space there is a high tendency that your feline pal will step outside the house.
  • As the number of felines increases on the other hand, litter boxes will also increase because there will be one litter box per kitty and so there will be more mess and unhygienic environment.
  • You have to take out time for each feline and make them your priority.

General-Principal Guidelines

The basic general-principal guidelines regarding how many cats can you own as per your household square feet. Follow the simple trick, if you have only a one-bedroom house, you can keep one cat.

If you have a three-bedroom apartment, then you can keep two cats, as you have a big house space you can add more felines. However, only if you can afford multiple feline parenting costs.

In addition, always check your area’s municipalities law and then only think of adding new feline members to your family.


Here, we would conclude our blog on how many cats can you own? As you know, in the above paragraphs we have discussed related legalities aspects, additional considerations to be taken before adopting felines, financial budget, etc.

Nothing is wrong with parenting more than one feline, just like to give you a piece of advice before adopting make yourself prepared whether be it in terms of finances or emotions, space. In addition, if you follow general-principal guidelines, it will not only create less chaos in life but also help to prevent overpopulation.

Of course, always take decisions within the legalities limit and check the guidelines of the local laws.


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