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Can Cats Sense Pregnancy? Here’s What You Need To Know

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You will agree with me that cats are fascinating creatures, they are very good observers as well as have a strong smelling sense.

You just can’t deny this fact.

Your feline observes every small detail of your body language when you are happy, sad, they just know if something is bothering you.

So, what, you think she will not be able to sense your pregnancy?

Well, my friend, if she observes every small detail of you then, of course, she will easily sense your morning sickness, change routine schedule, mood swings, that something is fishy.

On your behalf, we have done some footwork on “can cats sense pregnancy?” Let’s get started to explore some interesting facts.

can cats sense pregnancy

How Soon Cats Can Sense Pregnancy?

Wondering, Can cats sense pregnancy?

If yes, then how long do they take to predict?

Well, during pregnancy your hormones change, and it affects your personal scent.

As we are aware that, felines have a strong smelling sense, so they can easily detect changes in your body odor even before you realize it.

Evidence How Cats Can Sense Pregnancy

Can cats sense pregnancy? Yes, my friend, she can sense pregnancy sooner than you because of their strong sixth sense smelling power.

She is an expert at reading body language, she can feel your body temperature behavior changes, etc.

In the following paragraphs, we have covered detailed information with reason to give you a clear understanding of how they can sense your pregnancy even before you know it.

Scroll down to know better.

1. Cats Can Smell Hormones

As we know, cats’ smelling sense is strong, they’re very sensitive and have an incredible nose.

cat can smell hormones of pregnant woman

My friend, in your early stage of pregnancy, your hormone goes wild.

You produce more estrogen, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormones, which you may not feel.

But your kitty will easily sense when you are around her. All these hormones make you feel different.

Furthermore, you will notice that your feline keeps rubbing you because she is trying to give you back normal aroma so that you won’t smell different anymore.

2. She Can Feel Your Body Temperature

Can cats sense pregnancy? Well yes, your body temperature hikes during the pregnancy, so this is one more reason through which your feline could easily sense that you’re pregnant.

your cat can feel your body temperature

If you notice that your kitty just wants to come and sit on your lap frequently, this is because she finds it warm and comfortable due to your increased body temperature.

The blood in your body increases during pregnancy and automatically it boosts your body temperature, and don’t forget your feline body temperature is more than yours on normal days, so the only reason why she is frequently want to sit on your lap to cuddle is that you are warmer than her, and they like it.

3. They Are Expert at Body Language

You have to agree that felines are great body experts, they can sense even minor behavior changes which you may have omitted.

Even if you think that your body language is the same, then you are wrong, my friend.

cats are expert at body language

Feline can sense it in the very first week of your pregnancy only, whether it’s your morning sickness, you’re feeling nausea due to pet food, or something else your kitty will easily sense something is fishy.

Do Cats get Affect When You Are Pregnant?

So far, we have discussed, can cats sense pregnancy? What can be the possible evidence? Now let’s focus on your kitty’s behavior during your pregnancy.

Well yes, cats do get affected when you are expecting a new life, you can see the changes in their behavior.

Let’s get more insight details related to their behavior.

1. Your Feline Could Become More Attentive

Cats are not only experts at reading body language or have a strong sixth sense of smell, but they also have good hearing power.

In another word, it can be said that your kitty can hear your baby’s heartbeat even from distance, they don’t need to come closer just like your partner do to hear the heartbeat.

your cat could become more attentive

So in your later stage of the trimester, it’s quite possible that you see changes in your feline’s behavior, she will be extremely careful and more alert when she is around you.

In fact, as per studies, if you spend more time with your pet it may improve your health, boost your blood pressure, reduce anxiety and help you to stay healthy.

2. She Will Be More Affectionate

Your feline can sense your pregnancy even before you realize it, there are chances that during this time she gets more affectionate towards you than usual days.

your cat will be more affectionate

During pregnancy, your body temperature shoots up and feline-like warmness.

So this increases the tendency of her snuggling up with you, she will frequently sit on your lap and show her love by cuddling or snuggling.

3. Your Kitty May Become Anxious

As we know, felines get stressed out easily, even if there is a slight change in their routine or in your behavior.

So, there are chances if you are not spending time with your feline, she might get anxious. As she starts feeling lonely and misses your company.

your cat may become anxious

A friendly piece of advice for you, if you notice that your new routine is affecting your kitty then try to give her comfort and make her feel secure that you are still there for her, and you got her back.

4. Feline Pal May Become Annoyed

Cats are very particular about their routine work, they like their things to be done on time. For instance, your feline set a routine for her which she likes to follow every day.

your cat may become annoyed

Such as she likes to have her meal on time, her cuddling time with you, playing, going for a walk, etc.

So, if due to your morning sickness, you were not able to give her food on time, or not able to spend more time with her, changes her letterbox space because of bad odor, etc.

During such time, there are chances that your feline might get annoyed.

She can leave a mark on your body, start hissing, urinate outside the litter box, etc. These are the possible signs that your feline is in a grumpy mood.

Steps to Help Your Kitty Adjust to Your Pregnancy

Your pregnancy affects your feline in many ways, such as they become overprotective, feeling overwhelmed.

On the other hand, sometimes they become anxious, annoyed as they are not getting much time compared to earlier.

steps to help your cat adjust to your pregnancy

Here, we have some suggestions for you which can help your feline to adjust with you during your trimester period.

  • If you neglect your feline pal, then there are high chances she might become aggressive and anxious. So try to give your kitty more time and attention so that they don’t feel lonely and insecure.
  • If you are not able to take care of your kitty then you can ask your family members, friends or vet to help you out and look after your pal for few days.
  • Try not to change her schedule rapidly, this might upset your kitty. So make sure you retain normalcy with your feline pal even after baby arrives.


Let’s just get a quick recall on our blog, Can cats sense pregnancy?

As you know, we have covered key highlights points regarding evidence that indicate how your feline pal senses your pregnancy period.

Furthermore, there are chances that you find changes in your kitty’s behavior such as she can get more attentive, overwhelmed, or on another hand, she might also get annoyed due to negligence.

In addition, we have also covered solutions that might help you to adjust your kitty with your new routine schedule.

Well, cats are highly sensitive creatures, they have very strong smelling sense, and they easily observe the changes, so there are high chances that their senses work extra when there’s new life growing around.


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