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What to Do if a Cat Is Bitten by Snake? (Our Vet Answer)

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Unfortunately, if your cat is bitten by a snake, do you know what to do?

Many creatures get active, break their hibernation, and the entire world looks to be reawakening in the springtime.

As a result, the threat rate is likewise all-time high. When taking your cat on a stroll or leaving her in your backyard, you must exercise caution. Because she is more likely to get bitten by snakes. What is it that can be done in such cases?

Well, unless you’re a snake specialist don’t do anything on your own. Only check the bite site and stop your cat from moving.

Then, what? Read the entire blog to know more!

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cat is bitten by a snake

What to Do if a Cat Is Bitten by a Snake?

When a cat is bitten by a snake she will feel immense pain, the venom will circulate through her body and will increase her heart rate.

You can take a photo or simply remember what type of snake it was, note down its appearance, length, and pattern. Well, to know more read the listed down things below.

what to do if cat bitten by snake

1. Inspect the Area and Check for Signs and Symptoms

The major area of the bite site will be either on muzzles or on her legs. You will see its fangs marks on her body.

If she is bitten by a non-venomous snake she will show effects slowly and vice versa in the case of a venomous snake.

Symptoms of non-venomous snake bite on cats

Do you know cats have twice the chance of surviving a deadly snake bite like dogs?

Symptoms of venomous snakes bite on cats
Urine with blood
Dilated pupils
Ptosis (drooping eyelids)
Tachypnea (rapid breathing)
Ataxia (unbalanced gait)
Cyanosis of the gums

If you identify any of these signs and symptoms you will have to immediately seek veterinary help There is no chance of experimenting and waiting.

2. Immediately Reach Out for Medical Help

Try to calm down your cat. Body moment will allow the venom to travel through her body.

Slowly place her paw and whole body in a box and wrap your cat loosely with a piece of cloth.

seek medical help

Take your cat’s medical history. If possible take a picture of the snake if you witnessed the bite or remember the snake’s size, color, or pattern, this will aid your veterinarian in providing the appropriate treatment.

Brief him about the timing when exactly was the cat bitten by a snake, what symptoms you noticed, etc.

3. Snake Bite Treatment on Cats

After you take her to the clinic your vet will give your feline pain killers, IV fluids will shave the infected area. Then give Antivenin which is used to neutralize the effect of venom on the cat.

It is most effective if it is given in two and half hours of the bite. If it is serious then more than one dose may require. Antivenin will prohibit reactions and allergies in your cat. Will monitor and control the situation.

If it has affected a large portion of her body, she will have tissue death and the vet may ask your cat to admit it. They will keep a check on her, will clean the infected area with hydrogen peroxide for weeks. And, if things don’t turn out to be pleasant he may ask for surgery.

Also, in case, she is suffering from breathlessness then the vet may ask you for oxygen supplementation too.

Things That You Can Do to Control the Snake Bite Situation

There are no home remedies for snake bites in cats. So, don’t apply a tourniquet, ice pack, or anything. Try to control and ease the situation by following the listed below things appropriately.

control snake bite cat
  • First, make sure she doesn’t move a lot. Keep her daily activity low during the process of healing.
  • Second, give her medicines time to time. It will help her to heal faster and better.
  • Observe your feline properly once she is discharged from the hospital, contact her vet if you observe any worsening in its condition. Minimize her activities throughout the healing process.
  • Follow the veterinarian’s instructions for feeding her. He’ll adjust her diet to support her liver’s function, allowing internal damage to repair more quickly.

How Long Does a Snake Bite Take to Heal in Cats?

In the case of a non-venomous snake bite, a cat will take a considerable amount of time to heal if the treatment is appropriate. It will take 3-5 days for recovery and healing of the dead tissues.

Unfortunately, if a venomous snake bites her, she can recover in 24 to 48 hours only if she got the shot of Antivenin at the right time. And, in some cases, it may require more days to heal the wounds, infection, and pain completely.

Preventive Measures of Snake Bites in Cats!

So, far you know how to deal if a cat is bitten by a snake, but what if such accidents never happen? Great, isn’t it?

You can prohibit such encounters in the coming future if you take care and follow the steps given below.

preventive measures of snake bites in cats

1. Keep Her Indoor

The survival life rate of an indoor cat is higher than an outdoor one. If you keep the cat indoors you can simply avoid not just snake bites but all critters bite away from your kitty.

We know, you cannot keep her inside all day long therefore you can use a leash while roaming outdoor so that she doesn’t jump into vulnerable places.

2. Spray Some Snake Repellent

For the safer side get snake replete from the store and use it in your backyard to don’t let this invader stay nearby your cat.

3. Remove Rodents From Your House

Snakes are enticed by rodents. If there is any rodent living in your house snake can follow them therefore call pest control to get rid of them.

4. Vanish All Snake Hiding Spot

Snakes love to hide in long grasses they can hide in piles of wood, under rocks, or any logs. If your backyard is not maintained make sure to clear the grass, so they don’t get any place to reside.

Vanish all hiding spots from your backyard.


What can I do if my cat has been bitten by snake?

If your curious cat is bitten by a snake make sure to examine the bite site, check for symptoms. If you have witnessed the accident note down the color, size, and pattern on the snake.

Then try not to move her a lot, and immediately take her to the vet for medical examination. He will give her a shot of Antivenin.

Is it possible for cats to recover from snake bites?

In the majority of the cases, if the cat is injected antivenin dose immediately within 1 or 2 hours she can recover within 24-48 hours. But, it will still take time, so administer her to recover properly.

However, if the medical treatment for venomous bites is not taken on time it can be a fatal situation.

When would a cat show symptoms after being bitten by snake?

In the case of cats, they take more time to show snake bite symptoms. They won’t show an immediate reaction. But, it takes 12 to 24 hours to show a reaction.

And, the symptom will include elevated heartbeat rate, unconsciousness, heavy vomiting, which will impact her nervous system too. The bite site will become dark black due to the presence of venom thus, they will die after that if not treated on time.

How to know if your cat is bitten by a snake?

A commonplace for a snake to bite cats is their head, ankle, and legs. Although snakebites won’t be visible. But, you can recognize this if the infected area swells up, you can see bruises and a dot of blood.

She will cry in pain and her heart rate will increase. You have to be calm and do not get anxious she can also bite you in pain.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

If your cat is bitten by a snake, first thing first, take the picture or remember the color, type of the snake, tell the location and symptoms to your vet to diagnose your cat correctly.

Don’t let your cat move a lot as venom can travel through her body; it will increase her heartbeat, and this situation will become pathetic and miserable.

Then take her to the animal hospital in an emergency, provide her with the right treatment accordingly. If you want to know things in more detail, then read the article and do share this with other parents!


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