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7 Abyssinian Cat Breed Colors (With Pictures)

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The very elegant and majestic-looking cats are ruling over the internet. Abyssinian, being medium-size cats, makes them very desirable pets. The breed was first recognized in Britain in the year 1882 and was shown at the Crystal Palace in the year 1883.

Adult Abyssinians do not attain their complete capability in coloring or ticking till they are around 12 months and a 1/2 of old. Let’s discover more about Abyssinian cat colors in the following article.

abyssinian cat colors

The Four Most Common Abyssinian Color

The Abyssinian cats have four standard colors, mainly ruddy, red, blue, and cream.

1. Ruddy

The ruddy color of Abyssinian cats is the original color of this breed and one of the most common, it is also referred to as a cougar.

ruddy abyssinian cat

The belly and insides of the legs are of orange color, and they are unmarked. The fur of the Abyssinian cats has no marking on them, so you will see a spot or marking less ruddy Abyssinian cat.

The Abyssinian with ruddy fur coats usually have beautiful hazel, green or golden eyes and a red nose to support their cuteness quota.

2. Red

The red Abyssinian is also more of a Sorrel or Cinnamon, a diluted form of the ruddy color must say! The tail of this cat is of chocolate brown color.

red abyssinian cat

The pads of these red-colored Abyssinians are pink and there is a chocolate color between the toes, and their noses are pink. The belly and insides of the legs are of copper and red color, and they are unmarked with no pattern or strips.

The Abyssinian with red fur coats usually have mesmerizing green, amber, or yellow eyes.

3. Blue

When we say one of the common colors of Abyssinian is blue, you start imagining how would a cat look in blue color?

But stop right there, because here blue means, a deep, steel gray that appears blue overall. Cats with such an amazing coat have a vague, pale blue/gray coat ticked with a deeper blue.

blue abyssinian cat

To complement the blue-coated fur of the Abyssinian cat, the bottom side of her body, insides of the legs, and chest are of cream color, the tail is one shade darker of the blue.

These cats look so warm and cute that you would feel like picking them up in your arms and petting them for hours!

The Abyssinian with blue fur coats usually have gold, copper, green, or hazel eyes followed by a tiny pink nose that is outlined with blue-gray fur.

4. Cream

Abyssinians have the rarest coloration, which is defined by a pale brown hair coloration that continues over the belly and inside the legs. Warm pinkish buff with a powdered look, ticked with a darker pinkish buff tint.

cream color abyssinian cat

Pale oatmeal base hair, undersides of the torso, breast, and inside legs. A deep hue of pinkish buff adorns the tip of the tail. Good, even ticking should be prioritized.

Pink-mauve paw pads, with a deep pinkish buff between the toes that extends just beyond the paws. Gold, copper, green, or hazel eyes are ideal; the more richness and depth of color, the better. Pink-mauve leather on the nose.

Despite the fact that this is one of Abyssinians’ most well-known hues, they are quite rare also some people choose not to go for this color due to its whiteness, which will easily look dirtier than other darker shades. Most of the pet owners carry this mentality, which is not just limited to cats.

The Three Unique Abyssinian Cat Colors

The above-mentioned color of Abyssinian cats was most common, and you would find them easily. Yet we have some colors which stand strongly for their uniqueness and that’s why they are hard to find. We bet that they are worth looking at.

1. Rich Copper-Brown

When you breed an Abyssinian with a chocolate-pointed Siamese, you get a brand-new Abyssinian cat that has the unique type of fur, copper brown.

rich copper brown colored abyssinian cat

They have paws of the same color, copper brown/chocolate brown, and a pink nose.

2. Silver

The silver color is one of the oldest Abyssinian cat colors, and they look absolutely stunning. For your better understanding, white silver to gray ticked with black, blue, cinnamon, or dark cream. The paws of silver Abyssinians are of light red color.

abyssinian cat with silver color

There are four types of variation in the silver color, unusual, fawn, blue, and sorrel silver.

3. Pastel Lilac

The color Lilac is really of a misnomer with this shade, because the ticking is a mild gray instead of lilac. However, the base color of crimson/cream with the bands of gray creates a usual lilac effect.

pastel lilac abyssinian cat

The paw pads and nose have a mauve/purple shade, and the Lilac Abyssinian is one of the rarest and maximum tough to locate versions.


The Abyssinian cats can surely make the best option to go for if you are looking for a domestic cat breed with short hair, affectionate and people-oriented cats. The official colors of these cats are ruddy, blue, cream, and red. While on the other hand, some rare colors are pastel lilac, tortoiseshell, silver, and rich copper brown.

However, it doesn’t matter which Abyssinian cat colors you choose, because they all are very friendly and do not require high grooming.


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