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10 Best Cat Carrier for Two Cats in 2023 – Top Picks & Reviews

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After testing more than 100 carriers, here are our 10 best cat carriers for two cats!

Cat parents understand how difficult it can be when traveling just about anywhere when having pets accompanying you. It’s already hard enough to take care of one cat, and two cats can pose even big trouble. Not only do you have to worry about them getting nervous, but also watch out they don’t break out in a fight.

In such circumstances, you can use a cat carrier for two cats for an easy solution.

Double cat carriers have been specifically designed to fit two cats, making a safe haven for them, whether you are traveling or want your furry companions to be in the same place.

A Glance of Our Favorites in 2023

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner
best cat carrier for two cats

Sport Pet Two Pet Carrier

  • Easily hold up more than two cats
  • The included pet bed is waterproof
  • Security features are decent with this two-cat carrier


Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place
one for pets dual cat carrier

One for Pets Portable Cat Carrier

  • Can hold up to two medium and large size cats easily
  • The carrier comes with washable pads inside
  • It also comes included with a carrying case for easy storage


Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place
necoichi cat carrier for two cats

Necoichi Portable Cage

  • Dual mesh windows
  • The carrier even comes along with a cat litter box
  • Affordable price tag


The 10 Best Double Cat Carriers of 2023

Of course, seeing your cats fight in the same carrier can be no less than a nightmare. Therefore, investing in a cat carrier for two cats may seem like a good idea for cat owners who have two cats.

In nutshell, we picked the three best double cat carriers: Sport Pet Two Pet Carrier, One for Pets Dual Cat Carrier, and Necoichi Cat Carrier for 2 Cats based on quality, durability, and value for money.

Below, we have listed the ten best cat carriers for two cats that can be perfect for your two furry pals.

1. Sport Pet Two Pet Carrier – Best Overall

We pick the Sport Pet Two Pet Carrier as the best cat carrier for two cats. It is soft-sided, specially designed for travel along with plastic-framed doors and a sturdy locking metal mesh design.

best cat carrier for two cats


Further, the large mesh screen allows clear visibility for both cats and cat parents. And the mesh steel design of the gates provides cats with plenty of ventilation.

When the carrier is not in use, you can collapse it, and it will fold flat. To set it up, all you have to do is place the carrier on the ground and lift it until it stands up on one end. After the carrier has been set up, it will look like a rectangle shape. You can easily secure the carrier on the car seat using the security strap.

The carrier comes with security headrest collars along with seatbelt loops for safer traveling. And with so much space, you can fit more than two cats in this cat carrier without any problem. All-inclusive, this is the best double cat carrier for two cats, especially for short car rides.


  • This large pet carrier can easily hold up more than two cats.
  • The mesh screen in the front of the carrier is large and provides plenty of visibility.
  • The security features are decent with this two-cat carrier, featuring metal lock door gates along with headrest straps and seatbelt loops for safe car travel.
  • This cat carrier folds flat, and it comes with a carry bag, making it easy to store and quick transport.
  • The included pet bed is waterproof.


  • The fabric of the carrier may not be able to withstand aggressive chewers.
  • There is no divider to keep the cats separated.

2. One for Pets Portable Cat Carrier – Best Value

The best premium double cat carrier is One for Pets Carrier. Modern cat parents would become instant fans of this double cat carrier, because of its modern styling design and advanced functionality. This soft-sided pet carrier for two cats is designed to be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

one for pets dual cat carrier


It starts from setting up the carrier; it opens up in less than two seconds and folds flat even quicker. There are multiple entrances to the carrier, from the sides and the front. Likewise, this carrier features two compartments that can be zipped together to make a large carrier, or you can use each of them separately.

Forget two cats; this carrier holds ample space to welcome up to 3 or 4 cats. The manufacturer provides hooks inside each compartment that you can use to hang a pet hammock. However, the hammock does not come included with this double cat carrier, but you can buy it separately.

As for ventilation, there are three mesh screens in each compartment to provide sufficient breathability along with visibility. The front and the side mesh windows can be rolled up and keep in place using the Velcro provided. Further, the seatbelt loops can be used to fasten the carrier to a car seat. Likewise, the carrier is also great for car travel, and it can fit perfectly on the backside of any SUV.

To carry each carrier compartment separately, you can use the ergonomic 3carry handles on the top.


  • This cat carrier for two cats can hold up to two medium and large size cats easily.
  • There are two compartments for each cat, you can use them separately or zip them together to use them as one large cat carrier.
  • The carrier comes with washable pads inside, and pegs for safe guarding your carrier to the ground.
  • It also comes included with a carrying case for easy storage and transport.


  • There are only two color choices — black and blue.
  • The carrier does not come included with hammocks.
  • This cat carrier for 2 cats comes at a high cost.

3. Necoichi Portable Cage for Two Cats – Premium Choice

Want something even more budget-friendly carrier for two cats? We recommend Necoichi Double Carrier as it is durable, comfortable along with waterproof material, and provides privacy.

necoichi cat carrier for two cats


It features a canvas-like fabric with printed black and white checks. Likewise, the material is also waterproof, making cleaning easy and quick. And with no assembly required, the carrier can be set up in seconds. It can also fold flat for comfortable accommodation and easy transport.

Furthermore, the manufacturer says that you can use this cat carrier for different purposes such as while traveling in a car, private cat bathroom, and so on. In addition, this cat carrier also comes included with a large fleece mat that can fit at the base. It can also be removed for easy cleaning.

Along with the mat, there’s a carrying bag included with it, which can help to carry the carrier when folded down. And there’s a name card as well, something most double cat carrier does not come with. You can make use of the naming car when you are traveling or when you are taking your furry pal to the vet.


  • This unique double cat carrier comes at an affordable price tag.
  • It features built-in seat belt straps to secure the car seat.
  • There are dual mesh windows on each sides with windows that can be rolled down for privacy.
  • The carrier even comes along with a cat litter box.
  • You can use the included carry bag to conveniently carry the carrier.


  • It only comes in one color choice.
  • There are no size options.
  • This dual cat carrier does not come with a divider for two cats.

4. Sportpet Foldable Pet Carrier for Two Cats

This hard-sided cat carrier for two cats is unique by its very design and built quality. It has been designed to fold flat when not in use, an extraordinary feature that you rarely see in hard-sided cat carriers.

sportpet foldable pet carrier


Many experts would agree that the best way of traveling with your cats is to put them in a cat carrier. A travel carrier such as Sportpet Foldable Carrier is not only a comfortable place for your cat, but it also keeps your pet safe and protected while traveling.

This dual cat carrier features a patented wide-opening design that opens up easily and is comfortable for cats to walk in. There are ventilation slats on every side of the cat carrier that are designed with smooth, rounded edges. Slats are wide enough, providing sufficient visibility to your cats to stay calm and stress-free while traveling.

The overall design of this multi-cat carrier has been made from ABS-PC plastic material. The top of the carrier features a solid carry handle that is fixed in place with metal screws. It also works well for larger cats if you get the carrier in XL size.

For extra convenience, you can also buy a large, waterproof pet bed that fits perfectly well inside the double cat carrier. But you have to order that separately.


  • This hard-sided carrier features a flat-folding collapsible design.
  • The carrier comes with plenty of ventilation.
  • The XL size is perfect for two large size cats.
  • This double cat carrier is travel-friendly.


  • You can fit a large, waterproof pet bed at the base of the carrier. However, you have to buy it separately, as it does not come along with the carrier.

5. Petseek Extra Large Car Seat and Pet Crate

Here’s another two-cat carrier with a secure locking system. It is easy to customize, based on your cat’s behavior — you can completely open it from top and front or just close it with mesh covers for a darker, more comforting space.

petseek extra large multi-cat carrier


An ideal dual cat carrier should be user-friendly and something that won’t cause problems for you to use it. The cat carrier should be easy to clean and collapse, cozy and comfortable for your cats. And Petseek Extra Large Carrier offers all of that.

This dual cat carrier comes with safety seatbelt loops for safety during car rides, along with 3 separate access panels — reducing the stressful process of getting your furry pal in and out. The crate also comes with a smart locking system that secures the zippers from opening.

The overall space inside the carrier is spacious enough to accommodate two cats of average-large size. The inside of the cat carrier is soft and roomy, even for a long-distance journey. Moreover, the included fleece bed is soft and plush, and it can also be washed in the washing machine.

The ability to adjust the closure of the openings to your cat’s needs is also a great advantage — allowing both of your cats a sense of privacy, while still letting you take a glance inside whenever you want.


  • The crate has been designed specifically for two cats.
  • It comes with a foldable steel structure from the inside to support the crate.
  • There are mesh windows on all sides.
  • The crate comes with a secure zipper locking system along with a seatbelt loop for car travel.
  • This dual cat crate comes with a machine-washable fleece bed.


  • This multi-cat crate does not come with color choices and size options.

6. Pawhut Soft-Sided Dual Compartment Pet Carrier

This cat carrier for 2 cats is surely one of its kind. The carrier comes with two unique separate compartments for two fellow cats.

pawhut soft sided cat carrier


Unlike many other regular pet carriers for two cats in the market, this one comes with an extra dose of luxury — hammocks. The manufacturer says it is suitable for cats weighing around ten pounds. Both the bottom cushion and hammock have been made from pearl cotton and lamb cashmere. It can also be removed for easy cleaning.

Further, the dual compartments have been zipped together, they can also be divided into two small cat carriers. The carrier comes with mesh windows on three sides of the cat carrier for visibility as well as ventilation. Plus, there is a carrying handle on top of each compartment along with carrying straps.

Moreover, the carrier also comes with a storage bag, when you want to collapse and carry the carrier. At last, the overall exterior build of the carrier has been made from oxford cloth, polyester net, & a high-quality steel frame, so you know the carrier is going to last long.


  • This double cat carrier comes with a hammock made from comfortable pearl cotton and lamb cashmere material.
  • The carrier can be folded flat for convenient storage.
  • The two compartments can be detached or zipped together to make a single large carrier.
  • The exterior material has been made from water-resistant polyester fabric.
  • It also comes with a fixed belt on the back that can combine with the car seat belt for security.


  • There are no size options with this cat carrier.

7. Sturdibag Flexible Height Pet Carrier

For pet owners with small to medium size cats, this dual cat carrier is a perfect option. And unlike other cat carriers, this one comes in a multitude of color choices — a total of six colors.

sturdibag pet carrier for two cats


This carrier features a “tunnel-like” design with a mesh door entrance on both sides. The mesh design keeps the inside of the carrier ventilated and breathable for cats, while the soft base acts as a comfortable bed.

Further, you can also unzip and separate the divider and make it a one compartment carrier. The top of the carrier opens through zippers, and there is plenty of space for your pets as they go in and out. Besides, the overall built of the carrier implies that it has been specifically made for travel.

The carrier comes included along with safety seatbelt straps to secure it to a car seat. Likewise, it is also airline-approved. And the best part is, the carrier weighs less than four pounds, making it super lightweight and easy to carry.


  • This cat carrier for two cats can safely carry up to 50 pounds of maximum weight.
  • The lightweight design of the carrier has been made from durable 600 Denier Polyester.
  • It comes included with seatbelt straps for secure car travel.
  • The carrier features two separate compartments, spacious enough to fit small cats.


  • This carrier features relatively less ventilation than other carriers.
  • It does not come in size options.
  • The carrier comes at an expensive tag.

8. Petisfam Soft-Sided Multiple Cat Carriers

Don’t want to deal with a bulky dual cat carrier taking up extra space in the house? Go with a collapsible one like the Petisfam Top Load Carrier. This carrier folds flat when not in use for easy storage.

petisfam soft-sided multiple cat carriers


This carrier has been made by a pet-loving team with help from veterinarians. The carrier features a design and size suitable for smaller cats. Further, the carrier includes a washable cozy sturdy pad cover that is perfect for curling up, plus the mesh windows from every side of the cat carrier for healthy airflow.

You can also zip the flaps of mesh windows for a closed, dark, comfortable environment for your cats. The carrier has two entrances — top and side. The locking zipper of the carrier can only be unlocked from the outside, so you are going to give your pet a hard time trying to escape from it.

And when it is time to pack away the carrier, it folds nicely into a small, manageable footprint.


  • This dual cat carrier is perfect for small size cats.
  • There is a pocket for storing treats and toys.
  • The carrier also comes with a detachable and adjustable strap.
  • The carrier includes a washable pad at the base.


  • It only comes in one color option — gray.
  • The carrier doesn’t come with a divider compartment.

9. SturdiBag Products Large Flexible 2 Cat Carrier

At the ninth spot, we have yet another product from Sturdi. This one is like an upgraded version of the previous one, with additional features.

sturdibag large flexible 2 cat carrier


This cat carrier for two cats from Sturdi is by far the most lightweight option on the list. The construction of the carrier is from durable 600 Denier Polyester material, which was also seen in the previous version. There is also an adjustable 4-point padded shoulder strap along with a leather hand grip for easy carrying.

Even with the carrier’s two-piece compartment design, the separate compartments are roomy enough for two pets, making the challenging task of traveling with two furry companions much easier. Likewise, the mesh screens from the top and sides keep the carriers well ventilated, and the interior fleece pad secured by Velcro can be washed.

Further, this carrier for multiple cats packs a total of ten colors along with an extra XL large option. Which, we thought, was a great deal.


  • This dual cat carrier is lightweight and weighs around three pounds.
  • The carrier comes with ten color choices.
  • The outside material of the cat carrier has been made from durable 600 Denier Polyester-washable material.


  • This carrier contains fewer mesh windows/screens.

10. Prutapet Double Pet Carrier

At the last spot, we have one of the most versatile double cat carriers on the list. It can hold up to two cats weighing 55 pounds combined.

prutapet multi cat carrier


It comes with adjustable seatbelt loops that you can use to safeguard the carrier to your vehicle’s seat. Likewise, setting up and folding the crate can be done within seconds. The endoskeleton of the carrier has been made up of a metallic frame, while the exterior has been constructed with durable 600D oxford fabric.

There are a total of three entry points to the carrier for easier access to the pet. The mesh screens provide sufficient visibility and satisfying breathability at the same time.

Furthermore, this carrier comes with a whole set of accessories, perfect for travel. It includes a cat litter box that is made from durable, nylon fabric, along with a collapsible travel bowl — made from high-quality silicone material.

And with so many accessories included, the manufacturer has also added extra storage for pet supplies.


  • This cat carrier for two cats is quite spacious, and it can easily accommodate your two furrbabies.
  • The metallic frame allows folding the carrier flat for easy storage.
  • The material has been made from durable fabric and is waterproof.
  • Further, this cat carrier also includes one collapsible litter pan along with a waterproof cat litter box.
  • There is an adjustable strap and a carry handle that allows for easy carrying.
  • The zippers come with a locking system.


  • This cat carries is only available in two color choices.

How to Choose the Perfect Cat Carrier for Two Cats

With a plethora of options and variants of multiple cat carriers in the market, landing on the best one for your cats can be a challenge. There are certain factors to keep in mind, such as comfort, durability, affordability, portability.

Should the double cat carrier be soft-sided or hard-sided? Does it need to have top-entry or side-entry?

This little guide will help you out making the best premium choice for a cat carrier for two cats.

Size & Weight

Size and weight both matter. Both of your cats and cat carriers. Your cats should be able to sit and stand comfortably, move around without any problem.

Ordinarily speaking, a cat carrier should be 1 & a half times the size of your feline. Considering a double cat carrier has two separate compartments, you should ensure enough space for your cats to stand and sit. The compartment should not provide way too big space for your cats that they start sliding around.

After the size factor, you need to consider your cat’s weight. One thing to keep in mind is that nearly all cat carriers come with a weight limit. Make sure the weight requirements matches both of your cats.


Cats prefer privacy. But that doesn’t mean that you should get a carrier with no ventilation space. Instead, look for a cat carrier that offers a visual shield along with proper ventilation.

Ventilation can provide your cat with fresh air, and visual mesh design allows your cat to look at what’s happening outside. It reduces the chances of your cat experiencing any motion-induced anxiety or stomach distress. In addition, proper ventilation can also keep your cat from overheating and suffocating inside the cat carrier.

Hard-Sided or Soft-Sided

When it comes to buying cat carriers, there are typically two choices to pick from — hard-sided and soft-sided. While soft-sided carriers are made up of firm but flexible materials, hard-sided cat carriers are made up of sturdy materials.

Cleaning is much easier when it comes to hard-sided cat carriers. They also provide the most durability when you’re traveling. On the other hand, soft-sided cat carriers have more than one opening, which is usually not seen in hard-sided cat carriers.

A cat would feel more comfortable in a soft-sided carrier, while hard-sided options can be great for car travel.

Traveling Aspects

For cat parents who own a car, making sure their feline companions are all right and safe is crucially important. Further, comfort can be the main issue when traveling with your cat by car, as hard carriers are preferential over soft cat carriers.

You need to tick three checkboxes before buying a double cat carrier for travel.

  • Comfort — How comfortable is the carrier? Is there enough space to add a blanket?
  • Durability — How efficiently can the carrier safeguard your sweet cat in case of impacts?
  • Security — How secure is the cat carrier? Does it come with latches?

If all three of these factors meet the carrier specifications, you are good to go!

FAQs About Cat Carrier for Two Cats

Which is the best cat carrier for two cats?

The process of searching for the best cat carrier for two cats may be arduous for many. After hours of research, considering several crucial factors, we chose Sport Pet Two Pet Carrier to be the best cat carrier for two cats overall.

This collapsible travel-friendly carrier looks like a hybrid of hard and soft-sided variants. It features two durable metal door gates on each side with a sturdy hard plastic frame.

And the best part about this carrier is that it comes along with a litter box. Which, we thought, was a great deal!

How much does a cat carrier for two cats cost?

The average price range of a double cat carrier is somewhat higher than a regular cat carrier, considering the size aspect. Typical multi-cat carriers will range in price from as little as $10 to as much as $200.

Hard-sided multi-cat carriers involve sturdy materials and cost more, while soft-sided are more comfortable but cost relatively lesser than hard-sided variants.

What size cat carrier do I need for two cats?

You should pick a carrier with each compartment bigger than 1.5 times the size of your cat. Do not settle for anything lesser than that, as your cat may feel claustrophobic and stressed out.

You also don’t want to choose an overly large carrier with too much space, especially when traveling in a car. Your cat won’t feel anything lesser than being on a roller coaster ride.

Can two cats share a carrier?

Absolutely. Two cats can share a carrier, assuming the cat carrier has been made specifically for two cats. Stuffing two cats in a regular cat carrier can be stressful and also uncomfortable.

We recommend buying a separate double cat carrier if you want your cats to be in one place.

It can be a good idea if we are looking at two average-size cats. However, for two large cats, the carrier may not hold them up well enough. Look for double cat carriers that can easily carry heavy cats.


As you can see, a cat carrier for two cats can really take the stress out of your furry friends. The best multi-cat carrier can go a long way in ensuring a safe and comfortable journey together with your fur babies.

They provide cats with their own private space in one single place, making it easy for cat parents to manage their pets.


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