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The Best Cat Trees, Condos, and Towers of 2023

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Looking for the best cat trees of 2023? Check out the reviews of the top 10 cat condos and towers recommended by experts.

Cats have a natural instinct for climbing and scratching. But it is highly likely that an exclusively indoor cat can face restrictions on this aspect of its character. A cat tree, on the other hand, will to a certain extent allow the cat to pursue these traits of its personality. Shopping for the best cat tree, condo, or tower for your kitty means studying the various products available on the market before buying.

The correct cat tree will provide ample exercise and recreation to your kitty while giving her a space of her own to relax. We reviewed scores of cat tree/cat condo/cat tower products and present to you ones that we believe are the best available today.

Why Your Feline Needs a Cat Tree?

A cat tree is just not any other item that you spend money after, but it is an important accessory to provide for indoor cats. Humans prefer a horizontal world whereas a cat’s world is vertical. Felines look at elevated places for safety, relaxing, exercise and fun. If you have ever had to evict your kitty from the top of a refrigerator or from a bookshelf, you must know how much they enjoy being at an altitude.

The cat tree will serve the following purposes:

  • To keep peace in multi-cat households

When there are multiple cats in the household, vertically aligned perches will help to keep the peace because the higher-ranking cat can claim the top-most perch to flaunt her status.

  • Safety

A cat tree provides a higher perch for a cat to survey her environment and provides more visual warning time to plan her strategy when she sees an opponent advancing.

  • Physical and mental exercise for a cat

What is important is that cat trees are a sort of gymnasium for the cat. They offer great prospects for physical exercise and mental stimulation. A healthier and happier kitty means fewer visits to the vet. Fewer vet visits = money saved. Thus, cat trees are win-win both for the cat as well as the guardian.

A Quick Glance at the Winners of 2023

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner
Go Pet Club Kitty Tree

Go Pet Club Kitty Tree

  • Three tiers give your cats lots of room to jump, climb, rest
  • Balanced posts at each corner make the design stable


Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place
Trixie pet product baza cat tree with hammock

Trixie Pet Product Baza Cat Tree

  • It is simply designed and is quite sturdy.
  • Budget-oriented product
  • Assembly can be completed in a matter of a few minutes.


Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place
Vesper Modern Cat Tree

Vesper Modern Cat Tree

  • Made from New Zealand pine
  • Looks elegant and fashionable.
  • Product features removable memory foam cushion


The Best Cat Tree of 2023 (Reviews)

1. Go Pet Club Kitty Tree

Go Pet Club Kitty Tree

When your cool feline companion needs an upgrade, it is time you bought home Go Pet Club Kitty Tree. This tough, multi-tiered tower features two condos, three perches, two toy mice, natural sisal wrapped posts, and ramps.

Available in two colors, beige and blue, this cat tree/cat condo is roomy, elegant, and isn’t top-heavy. This prevents it from tipping over easily when your kitty springs into action.

When getting ready for a nap, these comfy cubbyholes offer plenty of privacy whether you have single or multiple cats. The cat shelves are strong enough to support kitties of all ages, sizes, and weights.

This kitty condo is designed with quality materials that can withstand the fiercest of cats. Keep your furry friend healthy and nimble every day with the help of this tower.

Because this cat tree is an active play space and everybody knows how tough cats play, durability and toughness are key qualities that one looks for in a cat tree. Reviews of buyers and experts place this cat tree as the overall best simply due to these qualities.

This cat tree also takes care of safety and stability. Balanced posts at each corner make the design stable, while faux fur covers all platforms and ramps to ensure safety during play.

To conclude, we think this is the overall best cat tree.


  • Three tiers give your cats lots of room to jump, climb, rest and explore.
  • Having played for hours, your kitties can curl up on the faux fur and comfortably take a nap or relax.
  • Gives great opportunity to your kitty to exercise and stay fit without venturing outdoors.
  • The scratching posts will ensure that your furniture, carpet, and curtains are spared the ferocity of your kitty’s claws.


  • Even though this tree is well designed and sturdy, over time some parts may be subjected to wear and tear and could require to be replaced.
  • While playing regularly the tails of the toy mice may detach from the bodies. Though this is not hazardous, your kitty could find it annoying because she enjoyed batting them around so much.

2. Trixie Pet Product Baza Cat Tree

Trixie pet product baza cat tree with hammock

One big problem with cat trees is that they can be pretty expensive, often costing $100 or more depending on their complexity. But thanks to the Trixie Pet Product Baza Cat Tree, you can still get your cat a play area within a limited budget. Though this top-rated item is simple, your kitty will love scratching and lounging on it.

The cat tree has a simple design: two supports hold up a snuggly hammock. The hammock is covered with soft, plush, fabric that cats love to relax on plus there is a metal rim for additional support. The poles are wrapped in sisal rope that your cats will love to scratch and there is a toy pom-pom hanging from one that your kitty will love to play with.

It requires a certain amount of assembly, but most will agree that it does not take more than a few minutes. This cat tree is sturdy and your kitty will happily curl up on the hammock. Many users claim that their fussy kitties have warmly accepted this product after having snootily rejected many others.


  • It is simply designed and is quite sturdy.
  • The hammock is lined with soft, plush fabric that your kitty will enjoy sleeping on.
  • Being a budget-oriented product, you will not have to stretch your finances too much.
  • Assembly can be completed in a matter of a few minutes.


  • One user claims that the product is great but he received one that had a flea infestation.

3. Vesper Modern Cat Tree

Vesper Modern Cat Tree

This is a very attractive, top-rated cat tree if you are willing to stretch your budget to upwards of $100. The Vesper Modern Cat Tree is made out of wood and has memory foam cushions to make your kitties feel comfortable.

The cat tree’s sturdy design uses medium-density New Zealand pine for an elegant finish, which many other products are lacking. The tree has three tiers with rounded corners, including a cubby, where your kitty can hide. The supports are wrapped with natural sisal rope to function as scratching posts. A cute ball dangles from the third tier for your kitty to play with. The product is embellished with a removable memory foam cushion to make it extra comfortable for your kitty.

This is a sturdy cat tree, which has been well-designed and is also convenient to assemble.


  • Made from New Zealand pine, this product looks elegant and fashionable.
  • This product strikes the right balance between fashion and sturdiness.
  • Product features removable memory foam cushion to offer extra comfort to your kitty.


  • If your cat is very active, then the scratching posts that also support the cat tree get completely destroyed and the tree becomes wobbly and collapses.

4. FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats

Feandrea Multi Level Tree For Large Cats

The FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree is a cozy dream-come-true item as it allows your kitty to play, jump around or just take a nap.

The cat tree has two plus cubby holes where your kitty can hide or relax and three perches with raised edges to allow her to keep a watch on the entire house.

This cat tree is constructed from carbon-certified particle boards and strengthened with battens at the bottom to make the design more stable. The entire assembled structure is laced with anti-toppling fittings for double safety.

The posts that hold up the cat tree are wrapped in natural sisal fiber to permit nail scratching and promote exercise.


  • This is a dream-come-true cat tree for your feline to play, jump around or just relax.
  • The bottom is strengthened with battens and to ensure double safety the cat tree also has anti-toppling fittings.
  • Simple to construct, very sturdy, and very large, this is an excellent hiding and lounging place for your feline companions.


  • In case your kitties do not like this product, it costs 40 bucks to return it. Returning the product is not free.

5. Go Pet Club Feline Tree, Condo & House

Go Pet Club Feline Tree

This super-soft, medium-sized cat tree from Go Pet Club is a great alternative for multiple pets.

It’s a really nice size and the perches are rather sturdy. It features a rope and a hanging toy to keep cats busy in playing.

The cat tree has two perches from where to keep a watch over the entire house and one cubby hole for your kitty to hide.

The posts that hold the cat tree together are wrapped in natural sisal rope and also serve as scratching posts.


  • It is very easy to assemble and can be completed in no time.
  • A great option for owners with multiple cats.
  • The size is just right and the perches are quite sturdy.


  • One of our readers claimed that the carpet catches too much cat hair.
  • Another reader claimed that the posts were also wrapped with carpeting instead of sisal fibers.

6. AmazonBasics Cat Play and Activity Tree

AmazonBasics Cat Play and activity tree

AmazonBasics is a double-platform, indoor cat tree with three scratching posts that are wrapped in jute.

The top platform is round in shape and has a rim and therefore can also function as a cat bed.

Its square-shaped bottom makes it ideal to be accommodated in the corners of a room.

The materials that are used for construction are MDF, carpet, paper tubes and jute.

The assembly is very simple and the equipment has just to be screwed together for which tools and instructions are included in the purchase.


  • The AmazonBasics Cat Play and Activity Tree offers a great opportunity for your kitty to play, climb, perch and relax.
  • The assembly is very simple and the purchase includes instructions and tools needed to piece it together.
  • The design is such that it can easily fit into the corner of any room.


  • Some readers have written to us saying that the product is suitable only for kittens, whereas some claimed that their parcel arrived with certain parts missing.
  • Another reader also wrote to tell that the carpet part had a chemical smell.

7. Cat Craft Three Tier Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tower

Cat Craft Three Tier Cat Tower

Most cat trees sit on the floor but if you want a cat to have the real experience of climbing trees, then you better go for a floor-to-ceiling variant. The Cat Craft Three Tier is a floor-to-ceiling cat tree with an impressive height of 90 inches and can be used for ceilings up to 9 feet.

This cat tree has adjustable ceiling support to hold it in place while your feline companions are playing on it. The product has three staggered platforms, which helps cats to make it all the way to the top. The whole design is covered in carpet material and assembly is very simple and convenient.


  • This cat tree is relatively narrow and doesn’t take up too much space.
  • This is a great pick if the ceiling of the room is high enough.
  • The assembly is easy and comes with instructions included with the purchase.


  • This cat tree has no scratching post.
  • Some readers have written to us saying that the perches are just too small.
  • Another reader felt the construction was cheap and that the main tubes are made from cardboard, which absorbs moisture, turns into tissue paper, and collapses.

The Best Cat Condos of 2023

Shopping for cat condos is difficult because you need to select from such a wide range of options that are available on the market. You are confused about which one would be the right one for your kitty, which one would catch her fascination, and which design would be suitable for your home. The following products reviewed are the best we believe in the cat condos category.

8. Kitty City Claw Mega Kit Cat Condo Collection & Tree

Kitty City Claw Mega Condo Collection

Your cats will be attracted to the Kitty City Claw Cat Condo & Tree like a magnet! It has a modular design to fit into any space. Considering that it is also lightweight, the cat condo is easy to move from one place to another.

This product will provide great exercise to your kitties as it has scratching, jumping, relaxing and hiding zones at different levels.

This cat condo is easy to assemble as well as clean.


  • It has a modular design and is lightweight so can be moved easily.
  • Encourages an active lifestyle for your kitty because it has a different place for scratching, jumping, relaxing and hiding zones at different levels.


  • Readers have written to us complaining that the whole thing is pretty flimsy.  No matter how many times you put it together, the kitties manage to tear it apart in a matter of a few days, they claim.

9. Midwest Curious Cat Condo

Midwest Curious Cat Condo

The Midwest Curious Cat Condo is for indoor use only. The doorway is sufficiently large for even for the largest breeds to enter the condo comfortably and relax in privacy inside it.

The lid of the condo is removable and it is lined with cushioning and has raised bolstered sides. The lid is sufficiently sturdy to withstand the weight of a sleeping kitty.

The interior base of the condo is also padded for greater comfort when your kitty is fast asleep. There are small, circular holes on two sides for your kitty to play peek-a-boo or to check what’s going on around them.

A hanging ball covered in a matching plush is included and can be affixed anywhere on the cube for your cat to play with.


  • This cat condo from Midwest is sufficiently large for even larger breeds of cats.
  • The lid and the interior of the condo are padded with cushions to offer great comfort whether she is resting inside or on the top of the condo.
  • The lid of the condo is removable so that it is convenient to clean from the inside.


  • A couple of readers have written to us saying that the cat condo tips over very easily.
  • A few other readers have claimed that the product had a repelling smell like that of some chemical.

10. Furhaven Pet Cat Tree & Condo

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree and Condo

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree & Condo is more of a playground rather than a cat tree and keeps your kitties entertained with a hanging puffball, a springy ball wand, a dangling prey toy mouse, and a highly-engaging IQ busy box.

The cat tree includes sisal-covered posts for your kitties to vent their scratching urges. The multi-level platforms and apartments are both lined with snuggly soft faux-fur, providing a very comfortable surface for both sleep and play.

This cat tree has designated spaces for lounging and resting in the form of two condos. The lower condo is spacious where the cat can play with the dangling toy while the upper bunker is perfect for a perch to keep a watch on the surrounding area.


  • This cat playground is available in two colors: cream and gray, allowing you to choose one that gels with your home decor.
  • The multiple-level platforms are larger in size and more spacious.
  • The whole thing is covered in soft and plush fabric for greater comfort.
  • The cat tree has several levels and interactive features.


  • This product may take longer to assemble.
  • This product could be difficult to spot and clean.
  • Difficult to accommodate near a wall due to a twisted platform.

11. On2Pets Cat Condo for Playing and Relaxing

On2Pets Cat Condo for Playing and Relaxing

On2Pets Cat Condo truly looks like a tree. When we first saw it, we felt it was a sort of small bush. It is called a cat condo and looking carefully behind the leaves, you can see an entire recreational zone for the kitty.

It’s all pretty simple, a few platforms for the kitty to sneak away and enjoy a nap or peer through the leaves, or pretend to be hunting a bird or two.

This cat tree looks great in all types of rooms and suits the all-natural instincts of your feline such as hunting, hiding, scratching, climbing, and sleeping.


  • Made from pressed wood, carpet, and artificial leaves, this product is great to satisfy your kitty’s natural instinct to remain hidden behind nature.
  • Also, looks like a real tree and when placed indoors also doubles up as some sort of home decor.
  • The tree can be assembled in under 10 minutes flat.


  • One of the readers complained that the tree creaked under the weight of his large size feline companion and that the product arrived with some parts missing.

12. BEWISHOME Cat Condo and Kitten Activity Tower

Bewishome Cat Condo Kitten Activity Tower

BEWISHOME is more of designer cat furniture than a playground. At the top are two fur-covered platforms for perching, one below the other. Below the two platforms are two cubby holes, one larger and rectangular in shape and the other a shade smaller but circular.

A large flat area and a hammock lie below the condos. Four scratching posts are strategically fitted throughout the cat tree.

Toys dangling from the cat shelves and a length of hanging sisal twine are simply great and keep your kitty entertained when she is in the mood to play.


  • This cat tree will keep your felines stimulated without occupying too much of your living area in your house.
  • This tree looks great, fits in a reasonable space and pleases cats. Tools and hardware are included with instructions for easy assembly.
  • This cat tree has condos, perches, and also a hammock, to serve your kitty’s natural instincts to hide, retreat, or relax.


  • If cats scratch beyond the intended sisal rope-covered area, they might end up tearing apart the plush fur.
  • Kittens might need assistance getting onto the tree before they get bigger.

The Best Cat Tower of 2023

Cat towers are tall structures that allow your kitty to jump, climb, explore and perch. It is important to read up on reviews of different products available before choosing the right one for your kitty. The following products we believe will catch your kitty’s fascination.

13. The Refined Feline Lotus luxury and designer Cat Tower

The Refined Feline Lotus Luxury and Designer Cat Tower

If you are looking for a cat tree that will complement your home decor, then the Refined Feline Lotus Luxury Cat Tower is what you must check out.

Constructed from wood with real brown Berber carpet and sisal scratching pads, this tower has everything you would look for in a cat tower besides the modern look.

There are four different levels to perch, which includes the top of a square cat condo at the floor level. The scratch pads are a bonus and will help to spare your furniture from the cat’s claws.

If the dark wood turns you off, there are two more colors to choose from: a lighter wood or a modern gray color.


  • This product is made from premium quality materials.
  • It has four different levels.
  • This cat tower also has multiple scratching pads including one that is vertical.
  • The cat condo has soft cushions on the inside.


  • This product is very expensive.
  • The wooden part may not withstand scratching.

14. New Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Tower

New Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Perch

Cats have an affinity for climbing and they just love to perch atop heights and relax as they watch the world below going about its daily grind. However, tall cat trees for large cats are not advisable as the extra weight can cause them to tip over. If you are a pet parent with larger cats and yet want a cat tree for them to enjoy, then we recommend New Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Tower.

With three levels, this outdoor cat condo is simple in design but offers stability and comfort to larger cats. It has a three-tiered assembly with sisal ropes wrapped around the support and a layer of the carpet.

Doesn’t matter whether your kitty wants to scratch, climb or relax, this product is just the right solution. The best thing about this product is that it comes fully assembled and can be used in the very condition it arrives. It is also a great space-saving solution for smaller homes.


  • The triple cat perch is just 33 inches, which means it is sufficiently portable to be carried around in any vehicle.
  • The stairs like design make it easier for elderly cats, who struggle with jumping or climbing, to ascend or descend.
  • It also offers a kind of runway to cats who are looking to reach more elevated levels.


  • This outdoor cat condo doesn’t offer condos for cats that seek greater protection or isolation. It doesn’t come with cat toys integrated with the design.

15. TRIXIE Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower

Trixie Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower

The Trixie Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower looks more like a portable stool that we have for our garden or like the one we carry with us to a weekend picnic. Two-X frames join at the top and are connected by a plush fabric that functions as a hammock for your kitty.

The Trixie Miguel’s cat climbing frame has a wide scratching panel. The lower pyramid formed by the crossing of the frames serves as a makeshift private hiding spot while a springy ball hangs from the corner of the frame.


  • It has an in-built hammock that will provide a great relaxing spot for your kitty.
  • This one is foldable for mobility and ease of storage.
  • Available in 2 sizes and 2 colors.
  • The scratching surface is wide and made from natural sisal fibers.


  • This is stapled together and prone to fall apart very easily. Readers have written to us saying that the staples started coming off in the very first month of use.

16. SmartCat Cat Climber

Smartcat Cat Climber and Feline Tower

SmartCat Cat Climber is an excellent unit for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising – all of it rolled into one. The natural sisal post is just ideal for scratching.

The spring-loaded bracket system makes it easy to move from one room to another. It is also easy to assemble and each carpeted platform is 17 X 8.5 X 1 (L X W X H) inches. This cat tree can be easily fitted to any door 79-82 inches high.


  • A great product to encourage an energetic lifestyle for your kitty with prospects for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising.
  • This product is also movable because of the spring-loaded bracket system.


  • A reader has complained that he liked the concept but found that the whole thing was too heavy and he had significant difficulty in assembling.

17. New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower

New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower with 4 Easy to Access Spacious Perches

New Cat Condos make such delightful products that it is difficult to not include their offering in the list. This particular model stands over five feet tall and therefore needs a bit of assembling because not many want a five feet tall parcel in the mail.

The product has five levels including the base where your cat can perch and relax. Each of the elevated four levels is 17 inches in diameter, which means there is ample space for your furry friend.

Again, being made of solid wood, this product is meant to be durable. What offers extra comfort to your feline mate is the use of very sophisticated household-grade carpet. Its dimensions are  24″W x 20″L x 64″H.

Furthermore, the carpet color shades and the texture come in variations to cater to different tastes.


  • Its ledge has been designed so as to accommodate the most giant of cats.
  • Given so much space, the cat can enjoy a greater degree of relaxation and comfort as compared to some other cat outdoor enclosures that are cramped for space.
  • Despite the height of the product, it is very easy to assemble when it reaches your home.
  • It is suited to whether you have single or multiple cats.


  • Given that it has four perches, your cat may find it difficult to climb atop them if it is aging and suffering from joint ailments such as arthritis.

Buyer’s Guide

We hope that the product reviews discussed in the earlier part of this post have given you sufficient confidence about which product to choose. If not, we are supporting the reviews with this buyers guide that further dwells on the few aspects that need to be weighed carefully before taking a final decision.

Types of Cat Trees

A cat tree is a piece of furniture that cat owners buy when they see cats using their home furniture to climb and scratch. A cat tree offers a cozy spot for the kitty to relax, a perch that offers a great view of the surroundings and some other additional features such as scratching areas and toys to play with.

  • Cat Condo

A cat condo is very essential for a cat’s well-being. Cats need to rest and observe the surroundings from a secure, enclosed space. A cat condo is a cat tree with a cubby hole, where your kitty can stay hidden or go to sleep. The design of the cat condo need not necessarily be very complex or expensive. The main qualities that a cat condo must have are sturdiness and accessibility.

  • Modern cat tree

A modern cat tree is something that will keep you equally happy as your pet. There are several qualities to look for in a modern cat tree. Design, sturdiness and entertainment value are the three that should be the main considerations.  The most disappointing factor of buying cat trees for a home or apartment is that it is not visually appealing. Opt for something that complements your home decor. Designer cat trees will keep the owner happy in terms of appearance and the cat happy in terms of functionality.

  • Cat Climbing Tree

Cat climbing trees give indoor cats an opportunity to vent their climbing urges without upsetting their human companions. Even cats that are allowed to go outdoors do appreciate cat climbers though they have plenty of other climbing opportunities. Cat climbing trees are often called cat gyms because they feature hanging toys which the kitty can bat at to her heart’s content. Many of the more complex cat climbing trees have cubby holes, or tunnels, for your feline to hang out in at the lower levels.

  • Floor-to-ceiling cat tree

The floor-to-ceiling cat trees may mean two completely different things to different people. Generally speaking, there is a wider and narrow category for these cat trees.

  • Narrow Cat Tree

Some people believe floor-to-ceiling cat trees are supposed to be so narrow that they are connected from the floor to the ceiling in order for it to stand up. These trees are very tall, very narrow and do not occupy much space.

  • Wide Cat Tree

Wider floor-to-ceiling cat trees reach the ceiling for added support but they already have a wide base and do not necessarily need support from the ceiling to remain standing. These trees occupy a bit more space.

  • Wooden Cat Tree

Most of the cat trees available on the market aren’t made from wood. You will have to search a little deeper to find cat trees that are made from wood but if you want something that is long-lasting, and convenient to fix rather than being replaced altogether, then there is no better alternative regardless of their higher cost.

  • Corner Feline Tree

Corner cat trees are gaining popularity with cat owners with a scarcity of space. Contrary to the larger kitty furniture, corner cat trees do not need too much effort to assemble. In fact, most of them are ready for use in the condition they arrive. You just have to attach the tree to the wall using a few screws. Else, they can simply be placed in a corner and they will easily blend with your home decor.

  • Cat Tree That Looks Like a Tree

It is really deplorable that we cannot give our pet cats the jungle they dream of. But why would you want the cat to dream about a jungle when you can provide one in the comfort of your living room? Cat trees are not a new concept, but cat trees that look like real trees? These fascinating tree-like cat trees not only bring nature to your living room but also keep your kitty healthy in mind and body. The options are so wide that you will be able to find something to suit your aesthetic tastes while keeping your kitty happy.

  • Kitty Tree with Hammock

Nothing is more valuable to a cat than the security that high places offer. From leopards to house cats, our feline companions have never felt safer than when they get to observe from an altitude. Therefore, as cat owners, it is our duty to provide the next closest thing in security in the comforts of our living room. A cat tree with hammock offers a secure, soft, and interesting place to keep your kitty mentally and physically refreshed. It also gives your furniture some respite from the sharp claws of your feline pal.

  • Cat Tower

Many people like cats and love having them at home. Cats are instinctive climbers but their climbing may damage your furniture. Many cat owners use cat towers or cat trees to get over this problem. The cat tower is a way of keeping your kitty entertained while saving your furniture from getting damaged by her antics. Cat towers available on the market have varied shapes, sizes, and designs.

  • Cat Poles

A cat pole is a pole like structure covered with a rough material that will encourage the cat to vent her scratching urge. The scratching action helps them to remove old material from the claws and mark territory with the help of scent glands in their paws. Many cat poles actually come as a combination product with scratching posts, perches and hide-outs all rolled into one product commonly referred to as a cat tree/cat condo/cat tower.

  • Cat Activity Tree

Cats love to do so many activities in the wild. They are instinctive scratchers, climbers, and hunters. They covet the security that high places offer. It is nearly impossible to provide such opportunities for an indoor cat. However, cat owners somewhat allow their kitties to vent their natural urges using a cat activity tree. This product features multiple-level platforms, cubby hide-outs, hammocks, and dangling toys. Thus, your kitty can jump, climb, perch, relax, play or just remain hidden depending on her mood. It is an indoor entertainment area for your kitty.

  • Cat Stand

People who share their homes with cats find that their feline companions face many restrictions on their instinctive behavior. Acts like scratching, climbing, and jumping annoy cat owners no end because it damages the furniture and the home decor. However, restricting instinctive behavior may bore the kitty and she may try to escape outdoors. A cat stand is a play area, relaxing spot, hide-out, a perch and scratching post all rolled into one product. It is a furniture for the cat she can call her own within your home. She can use it to jump, play, climb, and scratch without any restrictions.

Factors to be considered while buying a cat trees

1. Design

Cat trees have different sizes and configurations. They are also meant to serve multiple purposes. A cat tree offers a comfortable spot for relaxing. It is also a perfect perch for watching the birds when the tree is placed before a window. The highest spot on the cat tree provides the elevation that cats love so much.

Cat trees are carpeted and have scratching posts. Most cat trees have multiple levels for the feline to perch or places to relax such as cradles, hammocks, and cat beds. Some cat trees also feature cubby enclosures for your kitty to hide.

2. Your cat’s personality

The cat tree must be carefully chosen after giving due consideration to your kitty’s age, size, climbing ability, and activity level. A tall or multi-level cat tree is great for an agile cat that loves to climb. Senior kitties that relax a lot will like a cat tree to have easily accessible beds or napping areas.

Cats that feel secure while sleeping in a cubby enclosure will love a cat tree with one or two such holes. It may also feature toys if your kitty is playful.

If you have more than one cat, then it is advisable to have two cat trees or one extra-large cat tree that has multiple scratching posts and allows a sleeping spot for each of the cats.

3. Scratching surfaces

Cats have diverse scratching preferences. Many love to scratch carpeted posts while many others also prefer wood or sisal rope. In case you are not sure of your kitty’s tastes, ensure that the cat tree has more than one option.

4. Sturdiness

The cat tree you are buying should be sturdy so that it doesn’t get knocked over if your kitty jumped or climbed on it. A cat tree that falls may scare the kitty and she may not like to use it again. Study the design of the cat tree to infer whether it has been designed to look good or for sturdiness. Choose a cat tree with a design that strikes the right balance between aesthetic appeal and sturdiness.

5. Other considerations

The perches, platforms, and ladders must be strong enough to support the weight of your pet feline. The holes of cubby enclosures should be big enough for your kitty to enter and exit.

In case you anticipate that you may have to keep moving the cat tree, you could do with two cat trees or a modular design instead of a gigantic floor-to-ceiling cat tree.

Also, keep an eye out for the material of the cat tree. A solid oak cat tree would be sturdier and more attractive than one made from particleboard.

A cat tree that is covered in carpeting will last longer than one that has faux fur. Pay attention to how the cat tree is held together. Screws instead of nails do a better job in holding the cat tree together and can be tightened if they loosen while in use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Trees

How much does a cat tree cost?

Cat trees come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Some are very simple while others can be pretty complex in design. The simple ones are economical and are available for around $30 but the fancier designs may be expensive. The cost may also depend on the materials used and the number of features in the cat tree.

How long can a cat stay in a tree?

How long a cat tree can serve a cat depends on factors such as how many cats you have and how active they are. The material used for the cat tree is also an important factor that will play a role in how long will the cat be able to use the tree.

What is the best cat tree for large cats?

Cats have a natural instinct for scratching and climbing above ground level. Finding a cat tree for large cats can be perplexing. The task is made difficult because of a large number of poor quality cat trees being marketed as sturdy and reliable. A cat tree built for large cats will have sturdy posts and a solid base. Large cats need a tree that is durable so that it can withstand the force of them jumping on and off it.

How do I choose a cat tower?

Several factors must influence your buying decision. First of all, read up what purposes the cat tower serves that has been discussed in this post in the earlier part. Consider personality traits of the kitty such as the age, size, weight and activity level. Also, bear in mind your kitty’s preference for scratching surfaces and whether the cat tower fulfills the requirement.

If your kitty is large in size and exceptionally active, the tower too would need to be equally sturdy to support all the hopping, climbing and scratching from your feline pal. Additional features such as the number of platforms, hammocks, scratching surfaces, toys, etc should also be considered fully before buying a cat tower.

Where to place a cat condo?

There are several aspects that need to be considered. The cat condo can be placed depending on where your kitty loves to spend the maximum time. The decision should also be influenced by how safe would it keep your furniture from getting damaged by your pet’s antics because it now has furniture of its own. Drawing rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and laundry rooms can all house a cat condo depending on your kitty’s personality and your own convenience.


Cat trees, cat condos, and cat towers are a source of great pleasure for your pet and play an important role in their well-being. We enjoyed reviewing the products to make it easy for you to decide which one to buy. It is our sincere belief that this piece of cat furniture is crucial to making your kitty’s life indoors a lot more interesting. We hope you will choose wisely.

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