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The 11 Best Ear Mite Treatments for Cats in 2023

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Most of the time, ear mite infections have been treated with old home remedies such as baby oil or coconut oil. Dripped into your pal’s ears, they smother away the ear mites like Noah’s flood. But there are cases when this infection goes really out of control.

The 11 Best Ear Mite Treatments for Cats

Red ears due to constant scratching, grounded coffee-like waxy secretions and the constant irritability of your pet; if these symptoms have gone for too long, then you should have an expert opinion. So, I’d say it makes sense to read up on the best ear mite treatments for cats we have prepared below.

Well, what are you waiting for? Read more below to find out.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner

Adams Ear Mite Treatment

Best Ear Mites Treatment for Cats
  • It contains Aloe and Lanolin extracts that help soothe cat ears
  • Kills ear mites on contact
  • Easy-to-use applicator tube

Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place

Sentry Hc Earmitefree Ear Miticide

Sentry Hc Earmitefree Ear Miticide
  • Relieves Itching
  • It is able to solve ear mite problems after one week of proper use
  • Non Oily

Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place

Revolution/Plus Topical Solution

Revolution_Plus Topical Solution
  • Prevention and control of flea infestations
  • Help protect your feline pal from pesky critters
  • Single-use Medical dosage lasts continuously for 1 full month and is easy to apply to the skin.

11 Best Ear Mite Treatments for Cats (Reviews)

1. Adams Ear Mite Treatment -Best Overall

I don’t need to describe how good this is since I have also felt the instant difference in the life of my pet cat when she had to face ear mites. I am happy with this thing and would vouch for it. The duration of the Adams Ear Mite Treatment can last from 7 to 10 days and with Lanolin formulation, your cat can rest assured of an easy ear drop experience.

Adams Ear Mite Treatment

Personal opinions aside, this year we had to go through a long list of new ear mite treatment products for cats. And with all our research, we still haven’t found anything so far to match Adams’ quality and price, a combination that is still unbeatable even now.

Adams brand has been trusted by animal lovers for decades and it is easy to apply using the tube applicator. Follow the pack instructions and you are good to go.

To conclude, we think this is the overall best ear mite treatment for cats.


  • Adams is great combination of price and quality. Hailed by customers and critics alike, Adams is our favorite pick for this year.
  • An established Brand since 40 years, Adams continues to be preferred choice by customers online as well as those recommended by vets.
  • It contains Aloe and Lanolin extracts that help soothe cat ears.


  • Dog owners might face some issues in application.

2. Sentry Hc Earmitefree Ear Miticide -Best Value

Amongst budget solutions to cat ear mite treatments, Sentry Hc Earmitefree has inveigled itself in our list as the most affordable, and yet, a very strong treatment. However, we do advise very clearly that you may take a third-party opinion on how to dilute this solution so that you may use a few drops to test and see if your cat doesn’t give any major side reactions. If all is well, you should be good to go with this.

Sentry Hc Earmitefree Ear Miticide

We were well aware of some complaints about allergic responses. So we took extra precautions in using this. As such, many cat treatment products have not gone through rigorous clinical trials, a fact we keep in mind whenever we recommend anything here.

After going through the experiences of customers, online as well as real, we decided to take a leap of faith and placed this on our list for 2023.


  • It is a very affordable medication with price below 10 Dollars.
  • It is able to solve ear mite problems after one week of proper use.


  • The solution is sticky, slimy and oily. So be careful and don’t spill on the cat.
  • Some customers reported Permethrin content. So be advised and take third-party opinion, preferably a vet.
  • Not for young cats below 16 weeks.

3. Revolution/Plus Topical Solution -Premium Choice

Cat owners have known about Revolution for many years. Now comes another, major ear mite treatment for cats. Overall, this is the best premium bet you can place for your cat’s life. Along with Selamectin, Revolution Plus also comes with Sarolaner for even better anti-parasite action. It comes in three types with varying strengths.

Revolution_Plus Topical Solution

Revolution Plus also gets rid of multiple problems such as tapeworms, heartworms, etc. It is the best medication to come out in years. And what is impressive is that the side effects are minimal to none. Obviously, we had to try this new and improved Brand. So we had some cats tested, who were suffering from ear mite issues for at least 6 months.

As per Leigh Burkett, DVM by PetMD,”Ear mites (Otodectes cyanotis) are a common and generally mild parasitic infection in cats.[1]

We used this advanced topical solution application on all of them. It was sufficient to get rid of not only ear mites, but even fleas. We came across rare cases of side-effects, but mostly they were confined to certain pet owners.


  • A trusted brand to whom cat owners keep swearing by, Revolution Plus is strong treatment and is under vet prescription only.
  • Single use Medical dosage lasts continuously for 1 full month and is easy to apply on skin.
  • Revolution Plus is a new improved version of Revolution and offers a complete solution to most cat mite and flea problems.


  • It is pricey obviously and while the multiple benefits are great, it may not be worth it for a minor health issue.
  • Some owners reported allergic reactions in their pet cats. Be advised and seek vet prescription.

4. Hartz UltraGuard

If your pal is suffering from severe ear mite infestation for months and hardly have any medications worked, then Hartz UltraGuard might be the solution you are looking for.

Hartz UltraGuard

And while the aloe vera extracts can ease some irritation with application to the ears, there are many customer reports which don’t agree with company claims on safety. It would be a huge mistake if this is applied to cats below 12 weeks. So beware.

As you can check out the package description, this medication is high strength medication. Keep this in mind when you pour it into your cat’s ears. So if your cat feels discomfort, follow the instructions to soothe her.


  • Hartz has been known as powerful mite killer since some time and the reputation is well-deserved.
  • Aloe Vera extracts work to soothe discomfort in cat ears, as per company’s product description. It works in some cases.


  • Some cat owners have reported severe allergic responses. Be advised and seek vet opinion.

5. PetArmor Ear Mite and Tick Treatment

PetArmour Ear Mite and Tick Treatment is an over-the-top treatment for cat ear mites. There are other websites ranking this high on the list, but based on customer feedback, online reviews, and our own tests, we really believe a proper reappraisal was needed.

PetArmor Ear Mite and Tick Treatment

It works great but is equally risky to use so take ample precautions. And while we have been tracking newer products for some time, PetArmour still remains in vogue and probably shall continue to be so.

A word of caution, obviously: not for kittens below 12 weeks.


  • It works like a Pro and does away with ear mites.
  • Strong and effective. Handle with care.


  • Customers have legit complaints on poor packaging which leads to spillage while applying.
  • Some cats have reported allergic reactions.

6. Arava Natural

Some pet owners naturally don’t want to resort to quick-fix solutions. To them, it feels like they are pouring molten lead into their cat’s ears to fry away the little bit of mother-children mite colonies forming inside.

Arava Natural

And so, we would place trust on Arava’s Natural Ear Mite treatment to clear away the minor ear mite issues, considering this is the state of affairs with most cat owners. Frankly, it makes sense to have milder options this year too.


  • Slow working lasting for 1 week but effective for minor ear mite issues.
  • Natural ingredients(such as 26 dead sea minerals) have been used in making this product. Although, we don’t see much benefit in this, certain customers disagree.


  • Arava’s cost seems unjustified compared to other products since it is slow working and other customers say that the ingredients aren’t that special.
  • May not be able to handle severe ear mite infestation.

7. Four Paws

Four Paws is a decent remedy to ear mite problems infesting your cat’s ears and making her life somewhat less semi-miserable. It is a decent solution provided you know what you are doing.

Four Paws

Based on many customer experiences, we recommend you dilute this solution with olive oil and use Q-tips to apply to your cat’s ears. This thing will work well, provided you as a cat person know what you are doing.

A strong formula such as this demands experience in dealing with your cat’s discomfort. After all, would you want to add to more discomfort than it already is by pouring this solution straightaway? No.


  • Strong mite killer. So it is advised to dilute with olive oil and apply using Q-tips for cats.
  • Reasonably priced product which is effective provided the dosage is measured and applied.


  • If you don’t dilute the solution, there is a risk you would make your cat uncomfortable, possibly facing severe allergic reactions.

8. Otomite Plus

Over twice the strength of the old Otomite Plus Solution and other ear mite killers, I would still recommend some caution. I would agree with the usual caveats other customers have told me many times. I don’t want my pet to suffer from treatments that work too well to the point of having her ears blown off.

Otomite Plus

Otomite Plus works its charm, but I’d say you should look for milder solutions to your problem if the issue isn’t serious. But if it is, it would be good to have a vet’s opinion before you deposit another such medication into your feline’s ears.


  • One shot kills all, if that’s how I should put it.
  • One drop per week means no more holding your cat and putting solution to ears everyday.
  • This doesn’t smell unlike other treatments. Which is a plus point for some people.


  • Severe Allergic reactions have been reported in some cats.

9. Miracle Care R-7M

Miracle Care R-7M is a miracle to behold: it sweeps away mites within a day or makes your cat foam from her mouth due to a severe allergic reaction. Perfect way to have your cat dead in minutes. Jokes apart, the amount of comments and reviews I have received from others on this product does make me over-precautious.

Miracle Care R-7M

Still, Miracle Care does a decent job as expected from it. This is because we have tested it. But we did keep a major precaution. The precaution to which I beckon is this: Never allow the solution to reach the cat’s eyes or mouth, else expect negative side-effects. In 3-4 days, expect the job to be done and take plentiful precautions when applying.


  • It does its job as advertised, no two ways about it.


  • Dangerous if ingested by your cat.

10. Eradimite

As we go down the list, I am sure the tonality of the product descriptions shall provide sufficient clues as to the inherent risks involved in strong doses of strong products that I am dealing with here. Among these, Eradimite does a good job eradicating cat ear mites in a matter of a few days.


Obviously, this is a strong dose and it is not to be used for kittens below 1 year of age. You have been warned.


  • A strong arm treatment that does its job with price to pay in inconvenience for your cat. Low dosage is advised.


  • It has a strong smell, about which some customers say it resembles alcohol.

11.Gimborn R-7M

And while many other cat ear mite solutions come standalone, R-7M by Gimborn Pet Specialties comes with two solutions: one for cleaning ears and another for killing mites. This is a great price proposition for cat owners, especially for those who don’t know that before one applies ear mite treatments, one needs to clean the ears for effective treatment.

Gimborn R-7M

Still, when it comes to treating cat mites, the results vary from one cat owner to another. But as compared to other products, R-7M is actually safer than others. It is a good choice if you want to save Vet bills and get the job done with minimal risks.


  • It is good product for inexperienced cat owners who haven’t tried any ear mite treatments before.
  • Competitively priced with two bottles: one for cleaning and the other for killing mites.


  • Ineffective in severe ear mites cases and can be toxic to some cats.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Ear Mite Treatment Medicine

Let’s be frank here: the products we have discussed here are purely for the purposes of clearing ear mite infestation. This is different than ear cleaners which may not be able to do the job very well. Based on veterinarian recommendations, we’d advise you to clean the ears of your pet cat before you decide to apply mite treatments. You can also check out our guide on the best ear cleaners for cats here.

Ernest Ward, DVM by VCA states, “The most common cause of feline otitis externa is ear mite infestation.”[2]

And now to discuss briefly the types of ear mite treatments in the market:

Topical Solution

This can be applied on the skin of pets and is easy to use since this doesn’t require making your cat lie still.


Most products categorized in this fashion come in bottles, with the pointed top acting as dropper. It has some issues with finicky cats. They can also come in droppers which makes the application process a bit easier.


I am a new cat owner. Which is the safest and least risky medication in this list?

We’d recommend you to go for Arava Natural. It is a good medication which will allow you to clear ear mites with least amount of risk of allergic reactions.

Is prescription based medication really needed?

It depends on the nature of the problem with your pet. In many cases, pet owners have shopped for OTC ear mite medications to clear away their problems. Most of these cat parents are experienced in rearing their pets. We’d just recommend you to try them out. But make sure you are aware of possible side-effects and apply solutions after diluting them. But if you don’t need to take any risks, then go for vet advice.

How do I apply ear mite treatments?

Read the instructions in package carefully. Many of products here have powerful pesticide ingredients. So, you need to maintain adequate precautions beforehand. Also, in order to try out strong medications, you may need to keep gloves, Q-tips and cotton ball in hand so that you may try out the solutions with minimum risk of spillage. Avoid eye contact at all costs!

Is it necessary to repeat dosage even after the ear mites have gone?

A typical cat ear mite has a life cycle of three weeks, in which time new eggs are laid for the next generation to arrive. So, it is important to repeat dosage within 2-3 weeks to ensure all ear mites are finished off. In fact, if dosage is not repeated, not only will ear mite infestation resume, the mites may also develop resistance to medication too.

In Conclusion

Out of the many products we have recommended, our advice is to go for Adams Ear mite treatment. It is among the best ear mite treatments for cats in the market and nothing beats it in terms of price and quality. If however, your cat friend has multiple problems ranging from ticks, fleas to ear mites, then Revolution Plus is a newer premium variant in the market out there. If however, you can’t find it, then the old Brand Revolution is also great for your cat.

But if you are unable to pay for vet visits and want to save on few dollars, then go for Sentry Hc Earmitefree. A word of caution obviously for a thing such as this. Why we insist is because cat care products are not a regulated market and there is a risk even with the best treatments. Visit an animal Vet to make your choice.

The year 2023 starts with optimistic expectations. The sun has risen, the covid winters have receded it seems and people and pets are slowly coming out of the self-imposed quarantine they voluntarily(or not) had taken up since 2019.

We hope you have benefitted from our humble attempt in helping you find the best cat mite treatments for cats in 2023. After all, being a pet owner, I had to face a paucity of information when my pet was in trouble(a topic for another day perhaps) but no worries.

Thanks for the read. Have a great year ahead.


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