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The 11 Best Nail Caps for Cats of 2023 | Reviews & Top Picks

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Are you tired of constantly dealing with the damages caused by your feline friend’s scratching? It’s a common problem that many cat owners face, as scratching is a natural behavior for cats. But it can be extremely frustrating when it destroys your home decor, scratches your skin or tears your clothes.

That’s where nail caps come in! These innovative products cover your cat’s sharp claws, reducing the risk of damage and injuries caused by scratching. But with so many options available, it’s important to do your research and choose the best nail caps for your furry friend.

Luckily, we’ve done the homework for you and compiled a list of the top nail caps on the market, along with the key features to consider before making a purchase. So, give your feline companion the protection they need and keep your home and belongings safe with the right nail caps.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner

YMCOOL Cat Nail Caps

ymccool cat nail caps
  • Offers a variety of color optionss to add a glam look
  • Offers high-quality adhesive
  • Made of non-toxic substances

Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place

Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps

Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps
  • Nail caps last for 4-6 hours
  • Easy to apply and dries quickly
  • Available in all sizes and give a subtle look

Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place

Victhy 100pcs Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps:

victhy 100 pcs soft pet cat nail caps
  • Includes five tubes of strong adhesive
  • These nails are a bit harder, your kitty won’t be able to chew it
  • Nail caps are non-toxic and give comfort to your kitty while walking

The 11 Best Nail Caps for Cats Review

After making up your mind, must be thinking about which one is suitable for your kitty’s claw.

That not only protects household items, and other family members from felines scratching habits, but is also non-toxic in nature, and gives comfort to your cat’s claws.

Below is the list of best nail caps for cats on the market that will help you to choose the correct one for your kitty.

1. YMCOOL Cat Nail Caps

The YMCCOOL cat nail caps are our overall premium choice from the list of best nail caps for cats available in the market. It is made from good quality vinyl material, which is not only soft but also comfortable to wear. And helps to control the damage caused by your cat’s scratching behavior.

Best Nail Caps for Cats

The nail cover doesn’t affect the natural extension or contraction claw movement of your cat. So, it’s a plus point as your kitty will not get annoyed, and soon will be habituated to nail covers.

To conclude, we think these are the overall best nail caps for cats.


  • The nail kit includes 100 pieces of claw cover and offers a variety of colors option to add a glam look to your kitty’s personality.
  • A high-quality adhesive is also included in the kit that helps in the quick and clear application process.
  • In case your kitty swallows the cap, it will discharge through the excrement as it is made of non-toxic substances.


  • The adhesive has an exothermic reaction so at the time of applying the nail cover your kitty might feel the heat, so it is suggested to wait for a few seconds to let the glue settle on the cap and then apply it to your feline’s claw.

2. Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps

The nail covers by Soft Claws are our editor’s pick, it is made of vinyl and comfortable to wear, and won’t interfere with your kitty’s claw movement. The nail caps prevent you and your house from the scratching habits of your felines.

Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps

This nail kit is a great option to add to your kitty’s grooming list as the nail cap is made from non-toxic substances and the adhesive included in the kit is also chemical-free, so it won’t harm your cat’s system even if she wants to chew, bite or swallow it and nail cap will not dislodge easily.


  • The soft claws’ nail caps stay approximately for four to six weeks on your kitty’s claw.
  • This nail kit includes plenty of adhesive, and dries quickly, so it makes the application process easy.
  • It comes in all sizes and is colorless, which gives a subtle look to your kitty’s claw.


  • The Soft Claws nail cover is a bit expensive as compared to others on the market, but it is worth buying as it is non-toxic and packages include forty pieces of nail covers.

3. Victhy 100pcs Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps

The Vitchy cat claw set is our best value pick, it includes 100 nail covers and five different colors options and in terms of money, it is among the most cost-effective ones on the market.

victhy 100 pcs soft pet cat nail caps

In the initial days, there are chances that your kitty wants to dislodge or chew the nail cover as she wants to get rid of it, but you don’t have to worry because these nail covers are chemical-free even if she swallows it will discharge through waste and won’t harm her body system.

Unlike other soft claw covers, these are harder but still give comfort to your kitty’s claw and let her claws move normally. No more damages will be caused by your kitty’s scratching habit, they won’t be able to hurt themselves also.


  • These nail covers are available in a variety of sizes from kittens to large-size cats.
  • The kit includes five tubes of strong adhesive that help to apply nail caps quickly.
  • It lasts for a longer period, i.e. approximately four to six weeks.
  • These nail caps are a bit harder, so your kitty won’t be able to chew them easily.


  • Sometimes, the nail cover doesn’t hold the grip properly, so better to take enough quantity of glue to stick the claw clover.

4. Victhy 140pcs Colorful Cat Nail Caps

Vitchy colorful nail covers for cats are made of durable vinyl resin and no chemicals are added to the formulation of the nail cover. Moreover, it will allow your feline friend to retract their claws normally.

Victhy 140pcs Colorful Cat Nail Caps

The nail covers are hard, so your kitty won’t be able to chew them and despite their hardness, these caps are comfortable for cats to wear and hold the cuticles grip properly.


  • These nail caps last for a longer period.
  • Available in various sizes and ranges of colors, you can easily pick one according to your kitty’s preference.
  • The non-toxic nail set includes a strong adhesive for the proper application process.


  • The glue takes time to dry so after fixing the nail caps try to make your kitty sit in one place only, you can do it by distracting her mind so that she won’t roam around in the house.

5. Zetpo Cat Claw Covers

The claw cover by Zetpo offers a wide variety of vibrant colors for your kitty’s glamour look. The nail covers are soft and made from natural vinyl resin, which not only gives comfort to your kitty’s claw but also maintains your furniture and floor scratch-free.

zetpo cat claw covers

The cat nail cover will not interfere with your feline’s normal claw movement, so there are lesser chances they will scratch your floor, furniture, clothes, or themselves.


  • The set includes applicators, caps, and adhesive, in addition, it also includes an instructional manual that makes it easy to apply the nail caps.
  • It offers you a wide variety of vibrant colors which are available in all sizes for your feline pal.
  • Some kitties will try to dislodge the nail cap by biting or chewing it, no worry these caps are safe, as no chemicals are added so even if they swallow it nothing will happen to them.


  • Usually, this nail cover application lasts for about a month, but if your feline is too active then there are chances it may shed before a month.

6. Brostown Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps

The Brostown offers soft nails for cats, as the name suggests it is soft in nature and non-toxic substances are used to form these nail caps and are not so expensive, so it won’t pinch your pocket also.

Brostown Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps

Furthermore, it is flexible and gives comfort to your feline’s claw, in addition, it does not interfere with claw retraction.

Here’s a bit of friendly advice for you if you are buying this for your little feline pal then no need to trim their claw as you’ll need enough surface to place the cap so that it can hold the grip properly.


  • The kit includes five different colors of nail caps to give a cute look to your feline, apart from this adhesive and applicator are also included so that easily you can fix the claw cap.
  • The Brostown nail caps for cats are available in all types of sizes from small to large, so you can opt it according to your feline pal’s size.
  • Your kitty will try to chew it, so don’t worry it won’t dislodge easily.


  • The glue has an exothermic reaction, so for better usage try to wait for a couple of minutes before applying it to your feline’s paw, when it cools down simply place the cap.

7. Joyjuly Kitty Soft Claws Caps

The Joyjully are one of the best cat claw caps, they’re made from natural vinyl resin and last for approx eight weeks on your kitty’s claws, it will not interfere with claw retraction and is comfortable to wear.

joyjuly kitty soft claws caps

By applying these soft claw caps to your front paws, you can protect household items like furniture, floor, and yourself from scratches when your feline pal is angry or excited.

These nail caps for cats can also be applied to the hind paws to protect your kitty from any skin diseases which can cause by excessive scratching.

Friendly tip for you if you receive a slightly large size cat nail cap, then expected one just trim the opening end, and it is good to use.


  • Usually, these nail caps last for approx eight weeks and shed nail caps naturally when their nails grow.
  • These nail caps for cats by Joyjully offers you a great package that includes a wide variety of color option plus glitter nail caps are also included in the list to give your cat a glam look.
  • The set includes seven good-quality glues plus an applicator that helps to fit the cap perfectly below your cat’s cuticles and last longer.
  • Soft nail covers come in handy cases, so there are lesser chances to misplace them.


  • The glue can be the downside of this product if you will not immediately place the cap on your feline’s paw, there is a high tendency it will stick to your hand and then make it difficult to unglued it.

8. Soft Claws Feline Nail Caps

The nail caps for cats by Soft Claws are a non-surgical alternative option to declawing, protect your household from scratches done by your feline pal. It is an ideal choice for both kittens and cats, you can prevent yourself and others from your cat scratching habit by adding this to their grooming list.

soft claws feline nail caps

The material used in the formation of nail caps is not dangerous so even if your kitty swallowed it while licking their claw no need to worry it won’t harm their system.

Before applying these nail caps, make sure you trim your feline’s nail properly so that it is set properly and covers the entire nail.


  • It is the cheapest alternative option to declawing.
  • These nail caps offer you a soft cuff that helps to provide proper grip and fit snugly to your feline’s nail.
  • The kit includes high-quality glue, which dries quickly and prevents the cap from falling off frequently.


  • There are chances that your kitty might face some discomfort at first, so try to play or pet them until she is habituated to the nail covers.

9. Ninery Ave Cat Nail Caps

If you want to give a glittery stylish look to your kitty’s nail then check out these attractive nail caps for cats by Ninery Ave it offers five color option with a sparkling touch, and it is made from silica gel, so they are soft and comfortable as compared to other ones.

Ninery Ave Cat Nail Caps

These nail covers for cats blunt your feline’s nails and prevent scratching problems, as well as protect household items from being damaged.

The non-toxic materials are used to make these nail caps for cats, and it also includes good quality silica gel so in case your kitty swallowed the nail cap n needs to worry as it won’t harm her.


  • It can be applied to the hind paws, which will protect your kitty from any skin disease caused by excessive scratching.
  • These cute nail caps for cats are available in all sizes, so it is an ideal choice for kittens as well as for large cats.
  • The nail kit includes an instructor manual, five pieces of sparkling nail color caps, five pieces of adhesive glue, and an applicator, so all you need to do is open the kit and start the procedure.


  • The glue takes time to dry, so it is better to leave it on the cap for some time before applying it to your feline’s claw.

10. Kitty Caps Cat Nail Caps

The Kitty Caps nail is considered one of the best cat nail caps on the market, it not only prevents scratches but also gives an attractive look to your feline pal claws.

kitty caps cat nail caps

These nail caps for cats covered the nail properly and protect your floor, furniture, clothes from unexpected scratches by your kitty. A variety of color options are also available that add glam to your feline pal’s look.

Here’s a healthy tip for your feline pal, do not let her lick the nail caps until it is dried completely.


  • These non-toxic nail caps for cats can be worn by your kitty for at least four to six weeks, it will not harm their skin.
  • As we know, it covers the nail properly, so there are lesser chances of interference with claw retraction or nail extension.
  • A good quality adhesive is also included in this kit, which helps you to easily apply these nail caps in one go.
  • These vinyl caps come in all sizes from minimal to large, easily you can choose it according to your kitty’s size.


  • Put enough glue to stick these nail caps, otherwise, they might fall off frequently.

11. Purrdy Paws Soft Cat Nail Caps

These soft nail caps by Purrdy Pawas are soft and flexible, they are designed to give comfort to your kitty. it is not only a vet-recommended product but also efficient and lasts for a longer period.

purrdy paws soft cat nail caps

If this nail kit gives comfort to your kitty, that means they will easily get used to this product and won’t try to dislodge them from their claws.

The material of the cap and glue used to stick those nails are chemical-free, so no worry it will not give any adverse effect on your kitty’s health.


  • The kit includes nail caps, glue, instructions, and an applicator guide brochure so that you can use it effectively.
  • It has cool color options which you can use to give a stylish touch to your kitty’s personality and are available in different sizes, so you will easily get the perfect one for your cat.
  • These soft high-quality caps are long-lasting, it naturally comes off when your kitty shed their nails.
  • Helps to protect your cat, family, furniture, and floors from her scratching.


  • Sometimes glue get messy and does not easily get out of the tube but however, it is long-lasting, so it’s worth buying this product.

How to Choose the Perfect Nail Caps for Cats?

Since, different varieties of nail caps for cats are available in the market be it in terms of sizes, colors, design, material, etc. It might get difficult for you to choose the appropriate one because cats are picky, so finding the suitable one is a tricky job.

We have done a little bit of footwork regarding the key features that will help you in selecting the right one for your feline pal.


The nail cap material should be of good quality, which means no harmful chemicals are added to the product. In the initial days, there are high chances that your kitty will attempt to remove it from her claws, she might even swallow it while dislodging the cap.

So no toxic substances are included in the material and glue for cat nail caps should also be chemical-free, which makes the product completely safe for your feline’s usage.

Flexibility & Comfort

A nail cap kit is one of the essential stuff that needs to be added to the grooming list of your kitty, but not at the cost of affecting your feline pal’s comfort.

Make sure the nail cap which you’re buying must be strong but flexible, which will not bother or grab her attention towards the claws, and there will be a low tendency that your cat will try to bite them and remove it from the claws.


Size is one of the main key features you should check before purchasing a nail cap kit for your cat, as it comes in various sizes. Generally, sizes are categorized as per age group, still, it’s better to cross-check it with your kitty’s claws.

For instance, if you purchase the wrong size like too small it won’t fit your kitty’s claw, and too large will not be able to hold the grip and falls off easily.

Includes Strong Glue

At the time of buying a nail cap kit for your kitty, make sure you check the strength of the glue because it will help to keep your kitty’s nail in place. The glue should be strong enough to stay longer for at least four to six weeks and easily stick the caps to your kitty’s extended claws.

If the glue doesn’t last for a longer time, then you’ll have to re-apply the nail cap. This procedure may be frustrating for you and your feline pal will keep on damaging the furniture, and floor by scratching if her nail cover falls off frequently.


The main purpose of buying a nail cap for your feline pal is to protect your cat, your furniture, and your floor from scratching, but that doesn’t mean you cannot give a flair look to your cat’s nails. Just like humans have different colorful acrylic nail options, cats also have, so you can give them a stylish look.

Vivid colors like black, pink, blue, and orange, with fun patterns, can be a great choice as it has an aesthetic touch also, and they can be easy to identify when your cat has lost a cap.

FAQs About Nail Caps for Cats

Which are the best nail caps for cats?

The YMCCOOL Cat Nail Caps and Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps are considered the best nail caps for cats on the market.

A good quality vinyl material and non-toxic substances are used in the formation of these nail covers, it lasts for a long period so no need to replace it every week. Furthermore, it adds a glam look to your kitty’s personality.

How much do nail caps for cats cost?

The claw covers for cats come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and the cost varies according to the brand and quality. According to the survey, nail caps currently available in the market will cost you between $6 to $15.

Are cat nail caps better than declawing?

Nail caps are a great alternative option to declawing your cat.

They not only prevent the damages done by your kitty’s scratching but also teach them that grooming is a positive process and in the future, you will not face any difficulty in handling your cat at the vet’s office.

How long do cat nail caps last?

Nail caps last for a maximum of six to eight weeks, but it is preferable to replace them within four to six weeks to maintain the length of nails and prevent them from being damaged by sharp scratching.

What happens if my cat eats a nail cap?

Generally, there are lesser chances that your kitty will be able to eat nail caps because strong glues are used, but even if she does then no worry because glues are non-toxic and so is the material of the cap it will pass through her system.


We recommend our overall top pick YMCCOOL cat nail caps for comfortable and long-lasting usage. It is easy to apply and made from chemical-free substances, so it will also prevent your kitty from any skin reaction.

If you are looking for something that can fit into your budget then go for VICTHY 100 pcs soft pet cat nail caps, it will solve your problem in less amount.

Our reviews on the best nail caps for cats will help you to make a wise decision and select the suitable one that will prevent you and others from scratches.


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