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Can Cats Eat Pumpkin? Is It Healthy?

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Can cats eat pumpkin? Will she like it? It was Halloween eve, and I was carving jack-o’-lanterns and planning my most favorite Halloween costume while listening to Monster Mash on the radio.

My cat was prowling around looking for food while I was doing this. I was preoccupied; pumpkins were the only thing left in my kitchen. So, I asked myself can cats eat pumpkin? The short answer is yes, cats can safely eat pumpkin in moderation.

Well, many pet parents don’t know human foods can be consumed in moderate amounts. Likewise, the pumpkin is safe for felines. It has potassium, fibers, and vital vitamins, which boost her immunity.

can cats eat pumpkin

Can Cats Have Pumpkin?

Yes, cats can eat pumpkin even if it is raw or cooked. It is a high-quality food that helps their digestive tract for healthy digestion. It also helps your kitty from weight gain and other health issues too. However, too much of it can cause indigestion.

But, it should not be overfed because you know cats are carnivorous, and they depend on meat for their essential vitamins and nutrients. And, adding pumpkins or vegetables to a cat’s primary diet can ruin their daily nutrients counts.

This is unlikely to happen, but she could suffer from diarrhea if you overfed her with it. Also, while offering your cat pumpkin, make sure to avoid stems, skin, and pulp. It doesn’t include any health benefits and can be hard to digest.

Is Eating Pumpkin Healthy for Cats?

Yes, munching a few pieces of pumpkin can be beneficial for your cats’ health!

cats can eat pumpkin

It is rich in dietary fibers, which means it can cure constipation, whereas the flesh of this vegetable has most of the nutrients it promotes good vision, better immunity. It can also keep the urinary tract healthy.

Power-packed with the goodness of vitamins A, B2, C, and E along with added minerals like zinc. Overall this low-calorie vegetable offers your cat a balanced diet.

Aside from the vitamins and minerals, it is also loaded with iron that helps in forming the red blood cell of the cat. It is known as a nutrient-dense food, which promotes weight loss in cats!

Ways to Feed Pumpkin to My Cat!

You can buy plain canned pumpkin for your cat; make sure it is simple without additives, color or salt, and sugar because these all may give your cat trouble.

Another way is to safely peel off the skin and pulp and then give your cat to eat.

You can also give fresh seeds. Simply crush them and sprinkle them over cat food. Doing this will also reduce the chance of choking.

Cooked pumpkin juice can also fill your cat’s tummy. Or make homemade pumpkin purée with little water to feed your cat.

REMEMBER: Don’t give seasoned seeds; it is harmful to all cat breeds!

Side Effects of Consuming Pumpkins!

is pumpkin safe for cats

Too much of anything is bad for health; similarly, too much pumpkin can make your cat’s stomach upset and lead to diarrhea, but this is unlikely to happen. Just in case it happens, stop feeding the pumpkin to your cat for some days to overcome this situation!

Feeding pumpkin juice in large quality can also lead to problems like vomiting and indigestion. It is believed that substances found in pumpkin seeds can lead to intestinal parasites; therefore, for a safe side, ask your veterinarian before feeding.

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How Much Pumpkin is Enough for My Cat?

Can cats eat pumpkins? Yes, but how much?

Well, ideally, you can add half or 1 teaspoon of pumpkin daily to your cat’s diet. It can be consumed directly or just add it to her meal.

Can Kittens Have Pumpkin?

Yes, just like cats, kittens can also consume pumpkin but always in a significant amount. They are rich in moisture, vitamins, and iron which can make them healthy.

It has beta-carotene, which is good for your kitten’s skin, and it is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that will keep your kitten’s immune system active.

The Different Pumpkin Variants & Pumpkin Parts!

Many types of pumpkin are harmful to your cat, and as a cat parent, you must know all of these. Like pumpkin pie filling includes species and sugar, which is not safe.

can cats have pumpkin

But, various other types are healthy options, so read below to know more about all of these.

1. Raw Pumpkin

You can serve raw pumpkin to your feline. To be precise, the content of antioxidants in pumpkin can protect your cat from feline cancer, eye problems, and sunburn.

2. Pumpkin Seeds

Natural pumpkin seeds are completely safe for cats until they are not sautéed with salt and species.

3. Pumpkin as Treat

Pumpkin can be served as a treat for your cats. Simply just chop and bake them until it is soft.

4. Canned Pumpkin

If you choose canned pumpkin, which has no additives, chemicals, and preservatives, then you can definitely give it a shot!

If a canned pumpkin has sugar or any other piece, you must avoid giving it to your feline friend.

5. Pumpkin Pie

cats can eat pumpkin pie

You can’t give your cat pumpkin pie since it contains spices and a lot of sugar. Ingredients like nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger can be toxic for her.

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6. The Stem

Even though you can give your cats pumpkins to eat, they cannot consume their stem. Leaves and stems of pumpkin are embodied with sharp hairs, which can irritate her mouth and cause problems in her gastrointestinal tract.

7. Jack-O-Lantern

As per PetMD, it is advisable to avoid feeding Jack-o-lantern pumpkin leftovers to your cat because the bacteria inside may harm your furry friend.

8. Pumpkin Skin

You cannot give pumpkin skin to your cat as it is hard to digest pumpkin skin.

9. Pumpkin Pulp

Avoid giving pulp to your cat; it lacks the main nutrients. If you think pumpkin pulps work the same as their flesh, you are wrong.


The conclusion of can cats eat pumpkin, is that it is healthy and nutritional till it is consumed in moderation. Overfeeding can cause diarrhea and vomit problems.

Therefore, feed her 1 or half tbsp of pumpkin in a day, and that too not regularly. This is an ideal measurement for a cat to consume pumpkins.

Well, it has many vital minerals and vitamins which help to curb chronic problems. It can even fight against poor vision and weight gain problems in cats. So, read above to more about it!

Approved by Veterinary – Anthony Brooks, DVM!

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