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Can Cats Hear a Dog Whistle? Let’s Find Out!

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Well, most pet parents have an idea that dogs can sense smell, and can hear a sound from quite a distance easily. So they use whistles to train them or to control their pal’s mischievous behavior.

But is it the same for cats? Can cats hear a dog whistle? At what frequency they can hear it easily?

Can Cats Hear a Dog Whistle

To answer all these questions, and to clear your doubts, we have a researchful blog for your reference. Which will not only give you knowledge regarding your doubts, but also gives you prevention tips to save your feline pal hearing issues, and other related matters.

Without wasting any time, let’s dig in to get in-depth knowledge regarding the hearing range of your feline pal, and other related points.

So, let me explain to you each point in detail for your better reference.

What Is a Dog Whistle?

Wikipedia explains, “A dog whistle (also known as silent whistle or Galton’s whistle) is a type of whistle that emits sound in the ultrasonic range, which humans cannot hear but some other animals can, including dogs and domestic cats, and is used in their training.

Basically, dog whistles are used to train them, this is because dogs do not like the sound of whistles, and they take it as a punishment from their pet parents.[1]

Dog whistles are mostly used to stop them from making negative noises like non-stop barking without any reason, biting other people, misbehaving, etc. All these acts are then controlled with the help of a whistle. Plus, in training sessions also pet parents use to remind them if they misbehave they will get punishment.

In addition, you can adjust dog whistle frequency from lower to higher. And it has been observed that if dogs can hear it then cats will definetly hear those sounds, even if the frequency is set on a lower basis.

Here’s a suggestion for you my pal, if it is not that necessary then don’t use this whistle even for your dog because you never know how your furry pal is dealing with this sound.

Do Cats Hear Dog Whistles?

When we talk about the hearing pitch, cats have a more sensitive hearing as compared to dogs and other mammals. In addition, it is also true that cats can easily hear dogs’ whistles, its frequency lies between cats’ normal hearing frequency levels.

Do Cats Hear Dog Whistles

But it is also true that you cannot use a dog whistle when your kitty is around you, or to train her you cannot take help of these dog whistles.

This is because on a regular basis if used you can damage her hearing bud, and lead to hearing issues for your feline pal.

It is advisable not to use a dog whistle and never try to train your feline pal by using this whistle. This is because you are going to annoy her more and make her more cranky.

If she started feeling ear issues then she will become irritated and won’t allow anyone to be around her to give her comfort.

What Is a Cats Hearing Range?

As per PetMD, “A cat’s hearing range is approximately 45hz to 64khz, compared to 67hz to 45khz in dogs. While the range of human hearing is usually pegged at 20hz to 20khz, Strain says 64hz to 23khz is a better representation.

What Is a Cats Hearing Range

So, yeah as per research and experts study it has been concluded that cats hearing range frequency is more than human beings. It is somewhere around 20Hz-67KHz[2]

For your reference also we have presented a table, which distinguishes between cats’ and human beings’ hearing frequency.

Lowest Threshold20-30 Hz20 Hz
Most Sensitive Threshold8000 Hz3000 Hz
Highest Threshold67 kHz20 kHz

Cats do have sensitive hearing, in other words, they can easily detect the sound from far away also. In addition, cats can hear ultrasound, and in the above paragraphs, it has been cleared that they can hear dog whistles easily.

So, it is suggested not to use dog whistles when your kitty is around, and avoid other loud sounds also to prevent her ears from being damaged by those loud sounds.

Do Dog Whistles Hurt Cats?

We know cats can hear dog whistles very well as dogs can. And if on a daily basis you are using it around your kitty, then you are damaging her hearing buds.

It’s a fact that dog whistle frequency is higher and can easily be detectable by your feline pal.

Do Dog Whistles Hurt Cats

Cat does not express their pain, and even if she is suffering from hearing issues or any pain in her ears she won’t express it through her body language. In this case, you have to be careful and watch her body signs whether she is fine or not.

We have jotted down some common signs of ear pain that cats express went they are not keeping well.

  • Hiding from everyone
  • Hissing and growling
  • Avoid cuddle time
  • Limping, and displaying abnormal postures while walking or resting
  • Annoyed, cranky
  • Feel lethargic
  • Behavior changes

All these are signs that she is suffering from ear pain issues, and many other signs are also there. In such cases, it is suggested to seek a vet’s help because she needs immediate treatment and give relief to her ears.

Plus, you will encounter that cats with ear pain are more likely to be annoying and notice behavior changes in them. This is because she is already in pain and she doesn’t want to get along with other so prefer to stay in her zone.

Do High Pitched Noises Hurt Cats?

As you have a get an idea that cats hearing range is more, as compared to human beings or even dogs. So, it has been observed that high-pitched noises do hurt your kitty’s hearing buds, and causes internal damage also, which can lead to hearing issues.

Furthermore, you will notice that she is suffering from hearing issues, and constant pain in her ears, which makes her more annoyed. Plus, doesn’t like spending time with others and prefers to stay in her comfort zone.

Here. are some signs which can give you a hint that she is suffering from a hearing issue.

  • She doesn’t respond to your command easily
  • Louder vocalization than on normal days
  • Doesn’t get affected by loud sounds surrounding
  • Easily get frightened

All these signs are the signal that she is on the verge of losing her hearing power or already her hearing buds are damaged due to loud sounds.

How to Protect Your Kitty From Loud Sound?

Cats don’t like loud music, and they like to hide from such surroundings or places. If she is not able to get off from such places, pet parents help to rescue them, when they are not able to stop the loud music.

How to Protect Your Kitty From Loud Sound

For instance, they help their feline pal to go under the furniture or corner of the house where she cannot hear the sound at high volume. Or rescue them to another place to protect their ear from getting damaged due to loud sounds.

In addition, nowadays cat necessity products are increasing in the market. So you can also search for sound cancellation earplugs for your kitty, which can help her to get rid of the loud music. And can enjoy her me time at her place without getting annoyed or cranky.

Note:- Dr.Jill Sackman states, “Loud and startling thumps, bangs, and clanks aren’t the only noises that can stress cats. High-frequency sounds such as whistling tea kettles and even the sound of our voices can cause anxiety.


Can a deaf cat hear a dog whistle?

Well, yes, it has been observed that dog whistles are detectable by deaf felines. This is because dog whistles have a higher frequency and can be heard by your feline pal, even if she is not able to detect your voice.

What noises are cats scared of?

As per the observation, cats don’t like loud sounds and sounds that form negative energy in their surrounding. Cats don’t like fireworks, household noises, television, video games, etc. Plus, they also get frightened of thunder and stormy night sounds.

What is the most annoying sound to cats?

The most annoying sounds to cats are stereo systems, television at higher volume, vacuum cleaners, video games played at higher volume, etc. So, these are a few examples, of what cats don’t like, and they try to stay away from such loud surroundings.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Assuming that you have got an answer to your questions, regarding whether can cats hear dog whistles? Right?

So, well now you have a fair idea regarding dog whistles. It is basically used to train the dogs and discourage their negative behavior habits if any, like barking unnecessarily, bitting without any reason, showing aggression, etc.

If dogs can hear the whistle sound then so do cats can also listen. This is because their hearing frequency power is much more effective than compared of dogs or human beings.

Plus, in this blog, you also have learned how to protect your feline pal from loud sounds, what can be the body signs that she is not keeping well, and facing hearing or ear pain issues, etc. So, that you can take steps to prevent and give her proper medication.

Try avoiding the usage of such ultrasonic sound devices to train your kitty or dog because it’s not good for their hearing bud and indirectly you are giving trouble to your furry pal.


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