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How Much Does a Cat Teeth Cleaning Cost?

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So, you are planning to adopt a cat; well, make sure you know cat teeth cleaning cost and do not forget dental care bills, her health insurance, and other stuff. To be precise, on dental health because most of us ignore that.

Wait, what you don’t know, how much does cat teeth cleaning cost? Oh, no worries, my friend. I have curated facts and estimated the entire budget for you.

Basically, if you plan dental cleaning at home, the average cost will be somewhere between $10 -$12, and if you are getting her teeth cleaned by a professional, then read the entire article to know about it.

cat teeth cleaning cost

How Much Does a Cat Teeth Cleaning Cost at Home?

If you plan to clean your cat teeth at home, you can easily do it with minimum expenditure. Feline dental cleaning costs will be either $12 or less than that.

In the dental cleaning kit, you will get all things, including a toothbrush, finger brush, finger gloves made of rubber that contains bristles to clean tartar from their mouth.

If you purchase Mini Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Kit, the price will be $11.95, and it is a complete dental care kit that contains oral gel, water additives (keep bad breath away), and a finger brush. You can use this regularly.

You can simply use finger gloves also for brushing which will cost you around $4 for two gloves. Or you can also seek veterinary help for choosing the best cat dental kit and to know the right procedure.

How Much Does a Cat Teeth Cleaning Cost at Dentist/Professional?

As per Nationwide’s Pet Insurance records, the average cost of cat teeth cleaning was $190 later. They increased it to $404, but this is likely to cost you this much only when your cat has additional diseases or needs anesthesia is required or for any additional treatment.

cat dental cleaning cost

Your vet will give you better and real estimated rates. Ask him what will be the process of the session if there is any requirement for unexpected treatment.

To deter unwanted additional cost surprises in the final of the vet bill, make sure you ask before things proceed.

Factors That Affect Cat Teeth Cleaning Cost

The cost of cat dental cleaning varies on various factors. You can learn those factors listed down below.

cat dental cost

1. Age

The age of the cat is vital in determining cat dental cost. Older cat’s dental conditions are worse. The younger kittens won’t have excess plaque and tartar. However, seniors’ cat’s mouth has more plaque formation. To clean those stubborn tartar layer vet will require a dental scaler or ultrasonic tools and more time.

2. Size

The dental cleaning cost of kittens will be less than fully grown-up adult cats’ teeth. Therefore, cat dental cleaning also depends on the size of the cat.

3. Temperament

Every cat has a distinct personality. Some cats may have high temperaments and may become hard to handle and settle down. So, a vet may require giving heavy sedatives. Well, in that case, the overall cat dental cleaning cost will uplift.

4. Area

Locations also play an important role in dental cleaning for cats. If you get the treatment done in a rural area, the cost will be lesser than in cities; it is quite obvious that cities will charge more than rural professionals.

5. Each Clinic Will Have Its Own Fee Structure

The cost of cat dental cleaning will quite obviously vary from one clinic to another. The tax, discounts, additional charges, the service charge will be unique at each clinic.

There are dental months across the city during that time; professional dental care charges will be lesser than other days. Clinic give discounts and free check-up session.

Additional Cost in Cat Teeth Cleaning

The cost of cat dental cleaning will be a bit expensive if she is detected with other problems also. In general, not just an x-ray, anesthesia will cost you more. But there are prescription and service charges also which can hike the cost.

cost of cat dental cleaning

1. X-rays

If your cat’s teeth are fractured, or is there any real cavity, your vet may require an x-ray of your cat’s mouth. This will lift the average cost of dental cleaning.

The cost of the X-ray may range between $125-$250

2. Anesthesia & Sedatives

Sometimes when you go for a dental cleaning session, your cat may require additional work done in its mouth. In such conditions, a vet may ask you to get sedatives and anesthesia for the treatment.

And, yes, sedatives and anesthesia are costly. It can vary from $25-$200

3. Treatment & Prescription

In case your cat has dental disease, has an infection, or abscess, then she will require antibiotics. Then the overall cat teeth cleaning cost will be higher than the average rate. The treatment may vary from $25-$100

4. Additional Service Charges

The dental cleaning for cats will also fluctuate if the veterinarian has notified of something unusual. If he notices that your cat’s mouth has health issues, then the cat teeth cleaning cost will not remain the same.

For instance, if your feline friend is affected by gingivitis, then the cat gingivitis treatment cost will be much higher than the average cost. If you have taken insurance that includes an overall dental illness package, then it won’t be an issue.

The listed below chart price can vary; we have included the average cost.

Approx Cat Cleaning Cost ($)
With Treatment100-400
Without Treatment150-250

Things Happen in Cat Teeth Cleaning

Generally listed below are things that happen in the cat teeth cleaning process.

  • Overall oral evaluation of cat’s mouth before anesthesia.
  • X-ray of cat’s mouth, your cat will be anesthetized.
  • Removal of tartar and plaque under and above the gum lines.
  • Smoothing teeth enamel to prohibit layering of plaques and tartar.
  • In-deep inspection of feline periodontal problems.
  • If suspected of any tooth loss then extraction activity is done with owner’s permission.
  • Inject antibiotics.
  • Put plaque preventing material to their teeth.
  • A biopsy is conducted and the file is submitted to a pathologist.
  • Home care dental instructions are provided.


Do vets do cat teeth cleaning?

Yes, vets do dental cleaning of the cat. They will first take the whole health assessment along with their medical history. In case your pet is healthy, the veterinarian will give mild anesthesia so that he can take the x-ray of her mouth and do the dental work.

Well, an x-ray is important because the health of teeth and gums won’t be clearly visible. Things below the gum line can’t be suspected easily.

How much does cat dental cleaning and extraction cost?

This can vary from place to place, but if we take an average, the standard cost of the cost of cat dental cleaning will ideally range somewhere from $200-$300. In case cat health is not great and the vet observes any underline issue, then it will hike to $400.

If your cat has tooth loss and needs extraction, then the cost will be high, around $500. This will include anesthesia, x-ray, antibiotics, and pain killers.

Why is cat teeth cleaning so expensive?

The cost of cat dental cleaning is higher than the of humans.

Cat cleaning includes anesthesia which is expensive, and in case she has been detected with other health problems, then the cost will be higher. The health care visit cost, then prescription, antibiotics, additional service charges will be additional.

Summing It All Up!

Like I said all pet owners must take care of their cat’s dental health. It is the most ignorant topic however it is the most important of all.

The cat teeth cleaning cost will vary a lot as there are a lot of variables. But, if we take an average ideal cost of just the teeth cleaning will cost you around $200-$300, but if there is any possibility of dental disease, then it will be costly.

We have also included the cost of cat dental cleaning at home and at the dentistry; if you want to know more, then do read above.


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