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Garfield Cat Litter Reviews in 2023 – Brutally Honest

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After intense research and analysis of over 30+ cat litters, here are our honest and unbiased reviews on the Garfield Cat Litter.

Your cat can be a victim of several diseases, which include cystitis and urethral obstruction. These can be characterized by a change in the color of their urine or by the presence of blood in the urine. If not detected at an early stage, it can lead to worse complications and even death.

Garfield Cat Litter

We tried searching for the best products across the town that can help in the early detection of these common feline diseases. That is when we discovered the Garfield Cat Litter. It is perfect for odor elimination and is made of 100% natural ingredients. Its light color helps in the early detection of diseases through your cat’s urine.

While there is more that this amazing litter has to offer, we have reviewed the Garfield Cat Litter and its various types for you to choose one for your feline’s box.

Garfield Cat Litter Review

Garfield Cat Litter is a very unique and advanced litter that has its origins in the company which is known for its entertaining Garfield Comics.

Garfield Cat Litter is made of all-natural ingredients, no chemicals, or overwhelming fragrances. The cat litter has superior quality odor eliminators and the particles form perfect clumps. It is absolutely non-dusty which makes it great for households and kitties prone to allergies.

Garfield Cat Litter is backed by veterinarians and is a 100% natural and safe litter that offers superior odor control and forms perfect clumps making it easy to scoop, clean, and manage.

The unique feature of Garfield Litter is the light color which helps in easy and early detection of diseases. Slight changes in the color of urine and the litter can help in the early diagnosis of unwanted conditions like cystitis or urinary tract infections in your feline.

Garfield is a great value for money and is easy to dispose of by flushing making it biodegradable and much better than any other clumping clay cat litter. Moreover, it is very soft and light in weight which makes it feel gentle on your cat’s sensitive paws.

The tiny granules can cause litter tracking, especially in the case of long-haired cats. Certain picky felines may take time to transition to the litter due to its grainy consistency. However, it feels very soft upon use which will make them like Garfield almost instantly.

The product is available in 3 variants and each of them has a unique characteristic to offer. We take you through each type along with the features, advantages, and disadvantages of getting the Garfield Cat Litter in order to help you decide better.

Features of Garfield Cat Litter

While we researched this highly efficient Garfield Cat Litter, we came across several features and have highlighted the most significant ones for you. Take a look to find out:

All Natural Ingredients

What makes Garfield Cat Litter safe and biodegradable? It’s the natural ingredients that Garfield uses which make it suitable for felines of all life stages. The litter comprises corn and cassava. Cassava is a shrub that has its origins in South America. It is cultivated in this region as an annual crop due to its edible root.

All Natural Ingredients in Garfield Cat Litter

When used in cat litter, cassava is known to show improved clumping and odor control which is a must for frequently used litter. Corn, on the other hand, is known to show excellent absorption and clumping abilities.

With this combination of natural and safe ingredients, the litter is known to be biodegradable, sustainable, and eco-friendly as well as easy to use and manage. Plus, it has no chemicals, no artificial fragrances, and no clay which makes Garfield very safe for kittens and adult felines.

Clumping Action

Garfield litter is known to show ultimate clumping action and is two times more powerful than clumping clay litter. This makes Garfield highly absorbent as it forms clumps very quickly. The clumps are very firm and hard and don’t crumble upon scooping which makes it convenient to clean your cat’s litter box.

Garfield Cat Litter Clumping Action

One packet of Garfield Cat Litter is good to suffice for one month and can form up to 41 clumps if scooped efficiently and used sustainably. This depends upon the frequency of usage and the number of cats using the same litter box.

Certain users claim that the clumps formed are very hard which makes it difficult to flush the Garfield litter. You can allow it to soak and get soft for a while before you actually flush it down so that it doesn’t choke your sewage lines.

Odor Control

We asked several cat owners about how efficient is Garfield Cat Litter in terms of odor control. We got to know that it is fairly decent. Since it does not contain any odor-absorbing particles or artificial scents and chemicals, it solely depends upon corn and cassava to contain dirty smells and odors.

Odor Control

These ingredients are safe and natural but not as effective when it comes to curbing strong urine and ammonia smells. Garfield litter could have been way better in terms of odor control properties.

Litter Tracking

Since the Garfield Cat Litter is in the form of granules, it does not track much. However, the smaller the size of the granules, the greater the tracking. Therefore, the bio-tiny range of litter by Garfield’s may not be very suitable for long-haired cats as the granules are very tiny and can easily stick to your cat’s hair and fur.

These particles can spread around the house very easily through your cat’s paws or fur. Therefore, you can choose the larger granule size if you have a long-haired cat or if your kitty frequents the box multiple times a day as too many visits to the box may be a cause of tracking.

Color Detection

The white-colored cat litter makes it easy to detect even the slightest of health issues in your feline. The change in the color of urine and the presence of blood can be easily detected with light-colored cat litter.

color detection

This can help in the early identification of urinary tract infections and other complicated feline disorders. The litter is also backed and approved by veterinarians for early-stage detection.


While the texture of Garfield litter is granule-like, they do not spread around easily across the floor or in the air. Therefore, Garfield Cat Litter comes across as very dust friendly which makes it suitable for cats and pet families prone to allergies.


Garfield Cat Litter is also hypoallergenic as it is made of natural materials and does not get dusty while sifting and cleaning the box.

Flushable and Biodegradable

One of the best properties of Garfield is that it is flushable. Be it any variant you choose, it is flushable and made of natural ingredients which makes it eco-friendly.

However, the litter is so good at clumping that it gets too hard and it is difficult to break the clumps into the sewage system. This can cause blockage and choke your pipes. Therefore, for ease of flushing, you can allow the clumps to soak in water in the toilet bowl for some time before you flush it down your system.

Additionally, if you want to avoid taking the risk, you can also allow the litter to form compost and use it as manure to grow non-edible plants. What better way to contribute to the environment?

What are the Different Types of Garfield Cat Litter?

There are 3 variants of the Garfield Cat Litter and each one of them has its own specific and unique properties. We detail you about each type to help you choose one per your convenience.

1. Garfield Bio-Ultra Clump Tiny Cat Litter

The Garfield Bio-Ultra Clump Tiny Cat Litter offers ultimate and hard clumping action and is thrice as better than clay products. It forms the perfect firm and solid clumps without crumbling while scooping. It also helps to manage odor but is not very effective for strong ammonia odors.

Garfield Bio-Ultra Clump Tiny Cat Litter

The litter is 100% safe and natural and the fine grains are very gentle on your feline’s sensitive paws. The white color of the litter makes it easy to identify and detect any abnormal health conditions by showing a color change.

Moreover, Garfield Litter is hypoallergenic and safe for cats having allergic bronchitis and pemphigus foliaceus. These are common feline auto-immune skin diseases that can be kept at bay using the Garfield Tiny Grains Flushable Cat Litter.

Due to their small size, it can cause slight amounts of dust. Especially, in the case of long-haired cats, the tiny granules can get stuck onto their fur and paws, which can cause litter tracking.

2. Garfield Bio-Ultra Clump Grand Cat Litter

The Garfield Bio-Ultra Clump Grand Cat Litter is almost the same as the tiny litter variant except for the fact that the grain size is slightly larger. This makes it suitable for multiple cats where litter tracking can be a major issue as small grains can get stuck to your cat’s paws and fur.

Garfield Bio-Ultra Clump Grand Cat Litter

Especially if you have a long-haired cat, then the Small Grains Flushable Cat Litter is the best choice to prevent sticking and tracking. Moreover, this litter is made of all-natural materials that keep your cat away from skin allergies.

It forms less dust than the tiny grain variant and offers superior clumping. The clumps formed are hard and firm and need to be soaked in water before they can be flushed. The small-sized grains perform decent levels of odor control but are not very effective in curbing strong ammonia smells.

Overall, this variant is good for reducing the levels of dust and litter tracking. It works well as a hypoallergenic cat litter.

How to Use Garfield Cat Litter?

Here are the steps you must follow in order to use the Garfield Cat Litter:


Pour Garfield Cat Litter into a litter box, for up to 3 inches. Make sure the level remains to around 3-4 inches and keep replenishing once the level has reduced.


Make sure to scoop the solid wastes and hard clumps daily in order to keep your cat’s litter box clean and fresh at all times.


The flushable variants can be flushed down the toilet. If the clumps are very hard, allow them to soak in water first and flush them once they get soft.

If the clumps have remained in the box for more than 12 hours, it is advisable to throw them in the trash and not flush them to avoid blockage of the sewage system.


If the litter has reduced in the box due to scooping, replenish it up to the required level of approximately 3 inches. Make sure to maintain the level in order to prevent the sticking of litter in the corners of the box.

Is Garfield Cat Litter Worth it?

The answer to whether or not, the Garfield Cat Litter is worth it, would be a YES! It offers a good range of cat litters at an affordable price and is easy to handle as well as dispose of.

There are various benefits and disadvantages of using the Garfield Cat Litter which would help you analyze whether the product is really worth it.

  • Made of 100% natural and safe ingredients
  • Forms very firm and hard clumps
  • Easy to scoop and clean
  • Flushable and biodegradable
  • Soft texture which is very gentle on feline paws
  • The white color helps in easy detection of health conditions

Here are the disadvantages of using Garfield Cat Litter:

  • Does not offer effective odor control
  • The litter forms extremely hard clumps which may be difficult to flush down the toilet
  • The particles are very tiny which can cause litter tracking
  • Not suitable for long-haired cats

After having measured the pros and cons of the product, we can say that the Garfield litter could have been better in terms of a few features like tracking and odor control.

However, if we happen to ignore the minor aspects, the hard clumping, and ease of disposing of make it convenient for use and is also preferred by most felines due to its soft texture.


After careful research and analysis of each variant offered by Garfield Cat Litter, here are our ratings out of 5:

  • Clumping action: 5/5
  • Odor control: 2.5/5
  • Non-tracking: 3/5
  • Dust Proof: 3/5
  • Safety: 4/5
  • Ease of Cleaning: 4/5
  • Flushable & Biodegradable: 5/5
  • Suitable for multiple cats: 3/5
Garfield Cat Litter
Featured Image Garfield Cat Litter

The Garfield Bio-Ultra Clump Tiny Cat Litter offers ultimate and hard clumping action and is thrice as better than clay products. It forms the perfect firm and solid clumps without crumbling while scooping. It also helps to manage odor but is not very effective for strong ammonia odors.

Product Brand: Garfield

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  1. What is Garfield Cat Litter made of?

    Garfield Cat Litter is made of 100% natural ingredients like corn and Cassava which are highly absorptive and help in forming hard clumps.

    Cassava is a natural shrub which is high levels of starch whereas corn is known for its high absorption and odor control properties.

  2. Is Garfield cat Litter safe for kittens?

    Yes! Garfield Cat Litter is safe for kittens. Since it is made of all-natural ingredients and does not contain any clay, chemicals, and artificial fragrances, it is considered to be very safe for kittens and sensitive felines.

  3. Is Garfield Cat Litter good for multi-cat households?

    No! Garfield Cat Litter has tiny granules that can cause litter tracking which is very common in multi-cat households.

    Moreover, Garfield is not very effective in controlling strong ammonia smells and hence is not the best choice for multi-cat households.

  4. How to buy Garfield Cat Litter?

    Garfield Cat Litter is available for purchase on Amazon as well as and can be purchased from any local pet store which can be located through their official website.

Final Verdict

The Garfield Cat Litter is definitely worth using as it is budget-friendly, made of all-natural ingredients, forms firm and hard clumps, and is flushable as well as biodegradable.

There are 3 variants available of which two of them have tiny granules whereas one litter type has larger granules. The large granules are suitable for long-haired cats but may cause tracking if they get stuck onto your cat’s paws.

The light color of the Garfield litter helps in the early detection of diseases if there is a slight change in the color of urine or litter. It could have been better in terms of odor control and multi-cat use, but the convenience of cleaning and disposal that it offers beats it all and makes it a great cat litter overall.

Choose the best variant of Garfield Cat Litter for your kitty while you can manage and scoop her litter very easily.


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