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9 Ways to Calm a Cat in Heat (With Pictures)

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A heat cycle is the normal period of reproduction that is seen in female cats that are not spayed. And yowling can be the only natural response of cats to the changes going on inside their bodies.

But the signs of heat cycle get settled within two days of ovulation, which will happen only if the cat in heat mates. However, if you are preventing your cat from getting pregnant, the heat cycle can last for up to 19 days.

And during this phase, your cat may feel a little uncomfortable, and it can also be unsettling for you. So, how to calm a cat in heat?

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How to Calm a Cat in Heat

A cat making sounds during the heat cycle can be unsettling for many cats owners. And if you have ever heard a cat yowling and meowing constantly, you know how disconcerting it can make you feel.

How to Calm a Cat in Heat in 9 Simple Ways

The estrus cycle (heat cycle) is a normal thing, and it usually doesn’t hurt your cat. However, if you want to help calm down your cat when she is in heat, there are a few ways. Here are several ideas to calm a cat in heat:

1. Keep Your Cat Indoors

Nobody can say with any certain precision that heat cycles can be painful for cats. However, from the constant, loud meowing, yowling, and other symptoms that cats may exhibit during the heat, it would seem like they feel uncomfortable.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

And if you have a cat who tends to go outdoors, then we recommend that you try keeping her indoors during the heat. Otherwise, your cat will go through a stage of meowing and yowling at the doors and windows of other people.

This may be tough at first, but as long as your cat does not go outdoors again, she will eventually adjust to her life indoors and stop meowing and yowling. Likewise, keeping your cat indoors can also prevent any unplanned pregnancy.

2. Extra Care with heat pack, warm towel, or electric pad During the Heat Cycle

When cats are going through the heat cycle, most of them usually become very affectionate and even constantly demand attention from their cat owners. Other notable signs include persistent rubbing against their owner or other objects.

Take Extra Care of Cat in Heat Cycle

Your cat simply wants attention, and she might appreciate you spending some quality time with her. Comfort her, allow her to sit on your lap, pet, and brush her gently to make her feel safe and secure during the heat.

3. Allow Solitude

Leave your cat alone if you think she wants to be left alone. It’s true that some cats may prefer to be left alone during the heat, they may even act aggressively.

Allow Solitude for Cat in Heat

Don’t take that in a bad way, instead make sure your cat has some comfortable place to clear her mind. She may just need some peace and silence.

4. Keep the Litter Box Clean

One thing probably all cats hate is an unclean litter box. And the last thing you want is your cat urinating on your couch, furniture, or bed — because, cats start urinating to scent mark their territories as a natural part of their mating process to attract any male cats.

Keep Your Cats Litter Box Clean During Heat Cycle

Therefore, keeping the litter box clean is a good idea.

5. Get Your Cat Some Exercise

Female cats during the heat have a strong urge to mate, and this is instinctual. Similarly, so is their urge to hunt. Some good exercise and playtime are appropriate distractions for your cat when she’s in heat.

Exercising Cat During the Heat Cycle

Interactive cat toys can keep your furry pal active. A tired cat is more likely to rest more soundly, so you should give your cat some toys to play with.

6. Play Calming Music

In addition to other ways to calm a cat in heat, also have a try playing calming music for your cat. Yes, cats may enjoy listening to music too. In fact, playing music specifically created just for cats can help calm down their nerves during the heat.

Playing Calming Music for Cats in the Heat

Put up some classical relaxing music, it can help your cat stay relaxed in the heat, plus, it could also mask some of the yowling.

7. Use a Calming Pheromone Spray

Calming cat pheromone sprays are a tried and true solution to keeping cats calm during various situations, such as when your cat feels stressed during car travels, or when visiting your vet.

Use a Pheromone Spray for Female Cats in Heat

If you can’t get your kitty cat to relax, you can opt for getting one of the calming pheromone sprays.

8. Try Herbal Remedies

Many cat parents resort to herbal remedies when they can’t get anything else working. Well, one thing for sure, is that they are well effective. Likewise, toys infused with catnip are also a great way to make your cat calm, along with a popular choice — Rescue Remedy, which can also create a claiming effect on your feline pal.

Try Herbal Remedies for Cats in Heat

However, do not indulge in a constant application and persistent exposure to catnip; only use them in moderation when nothing else seems to work, or your cat will lose interest in the calming catnip effects.

9. Spay Your Cat

A permanent, but also less than the ideal alternative, is spaying your cat. Most vets recommend spaying your cat, but only if you have no intentions of breeding your cat.

Spaying a Female Cat

After successfully spaying your cat, you won’t have to deal with this situation in the future, plus, this will also prevent any unwanted pregnancy.

At Last, Talk to Your Vet

When a cat is in heat, she can get aggressive and annoying, though you should be patient with your cat. However, if you don’t know how to deal with this situation, you can seek your vet’s help, at last.

Even though your veterinarian may prescribe medication to minimize the signs, the best and permanent way to prevent a cat from being in the heat cycle is to have her spayed. You can also prevent any unwanted pregnancies in the future if you are not planning to use your cat for breeding.


While in the heat cycle, your cat may be more affectionate, but she may start caterwauling loudly, also rub against you or furniture or walls. This is a natural behavior for all cats in heat.

Though some cats may start getting aggressive and annoying, being a little patient with them is appropriate. It can get even the most capable cat parents wondering — how to calm a cat in heat?

Fret not, you can experiment with a few different ways listed in this post, and if that doesn’t seem to work for you, spaying is an effective permanent solution that you can count on.


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