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How to Stop Cat Chewing Electric Cords?

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You must know how to stop a cat from chewing electric cords because she could get an electric shock if she chews cords. It can even harm her internal organs.

Do you know that in severe situations, your cat’s lungs will be injured and will fill with fluid, making it hard for her to even breathe?

I know you are stressed and want to prohibit your cat from chewing cords right? So, how to stop cats chewing electric cords?

Well, to discourage and to keep the cat safe you can use deterrent spray, add enrichment to her routine, put cords in rubber covers, or conceal it will double-sided tapes.

Want to know? Read below now!

how to stop cat chewing electric cords

10 Ways to Stop Cats From Chewing Cords

Well, chewing cords behavior may be caused due to OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) or PICA disorder, but you can control this if you feed her healthy food.

There are various harmless ways to discourage cats from chewing electrical cords read them now! These ways work with other pets too.

1. Shield Cords Can Minimize the Risk

Simply cover your cords with any of the things listed below to prevent mishaps.

Use Sticky Tapes or Tin Foil

To prevent chewing on cords cover all with help of sticky tapes. It is a safe option. They hate the stickiness of the tape and thus, they won’t come nearby the cords again if you cover them with double side tapes.

stop cats chewing wires

Try Plastic Cord

Next, you can shield the top of the cords by putting the cords in a plastic cord cover. It will completely conceal the wires and stop cats from chewing on electrical cords.

Make sure to cover this when the current is not flowing through the wire.

Use PVC Tubing

If your cat chews on electrical cords using Poly-vinyl Chloride tubes can also work great to conceal. Just cover cords inside PVC tubing. It will prohibit shock and any mishappen caused by electricity. You can get it from electrical and home repair supplies.

2. Use Deterrent to Repel Your Cat

Use the listed deterrent to prohibit your cat from chewing cords.

Apple Spray

Use bitter apple spray it can be purchased at most stores. Just cover it with it and whenever your kitty comes to chew the cord she will immediately leave of course as it tastes yuk and bitter!

Apply Irish Spring Soap

If you rub some Irish Spring Soap because she will dislike and will avoid it. If you don’t have that you can apply hot sauce it functions the same. Once she tastes this she will not come back again to chew the cords.

Spray Citrus Oil

As cats have strong smelling power and the citrus scent will be extremely powerful for them.

It smells pungent to them. So, things that cats dislike can work wonders for us. Thus, you use citrus oil to save your cords.

Use Vicks or Menthol

Another great option for repelling cats is menthol substance or Vicks. It will discourage them to chew the cord because they don’t like its smell and taste.

3. Keep Her Active to Drain Her Energy

keep her active

If you keep your feline friend busy and stay active she will don’t get a single second to wander nearby the cords. She will get tired and will stop chewing inappropriate items. Thus, give her enough exercise.

4. Give Her Healthy Treats to Avoid Chewing

You can give your cat healthy treats if she is chewing cords. A healthy treat will offer her protein, vitamin, minerals, and all essential nutrients which won’t build dental problems or any other cognitive health problems. At the end, cat health is important.

5. Yes, Tie Up Cables Can Work

Get Velcro or cable ties to tie up extra wires with the table. So, it won’t lie down on the floor. Thus, as it will become invisible for cats they will not chew cords.

6. Purchase Chewing Toys

To satisfy your cat’s urge give her chew toys.

They have the urge to chew things on the peak when they are teething. Kittens may get enticed by cords for chewing things. So, to avoid mishap you can give your kittens and cats chewing toys that will work to satisfy their desire

7. Kill Boredom and Stress

Most of the time when cats are bored they will find ways to play with various things under which playing with cords is their favorite time pass. What can you do?

cat biting electrical cords

If they are bored and won’t do anything they can go under stress too, so offer a healthy environment. Use catnip, clean her litter box, or use facial pheromones for a cat to relieve stress. You can play with your cat.

If nothing works call your vet immediately!

8. Charging Mat to Prohibit Cord Chewing

You can invest in a charging mat. It is an expensive method for stopping your cat from chewing the cord but it is useful.

How does it work?

Simply place the cords beneath the cord it when a cat comes to chew she will receive a mild shock. Thus, it prevents her from doing all the eating activities.

Most cat owners don’t prefer it as it is inhumane activity.

9. Use Motion Detector Sound Machine

Motion detector as the name suggests it detects all body movements and in the reaction it makes noise. You can prevent your cat from coming nearby the cords by using this.

10. Nutritional Diet Is a Must

Give your cat food as per AAFCO guidelines to meet her right nutritional value. You must be wondering why are we discussing this how is it relevant isn’t it?

Well, this is because if her diet lacks the right nutrients she can suffer from PICA is a health problem. In which cats chew on inanimate objects. As a result, she will also chew cords too.

So, to avoid this you can increase fibers to her diet made homemade food with peas, beans. You can buy fiber-rich foods too.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

If your cat’s diet lacks the right nutrients she can suffer from PICA where cats will chew anything. You can also speak to a veterinarian regarding the same.

Another way to stop is by using deterrent spray or cover cords with PVC tubes, double-sided tapes.

Want to know more about how to stop cat chewing electric cords then follow the above steps and if you like this article do share it with others.


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