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Iams Cat Food Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Iams is one of the many well-known brand names in the cat food market, known for crafting high-quality animal protein-based diets, the brand is popular for producing dog food as well. They have a broad line-up of diverse cat food and dog food.

Further, their cat food divides into two main categories, one of which is based on age and activity level and the other based on specific dietary requirements. And when it comes to cat food that is nourishing, tasty, and affordable, Iams makes a good stand.

So, to help you decide on whether Iams’ cat food is the right fit for your kitty cat, we’ve reviewed their best-rated dry and wet cat food below.

Let’s start with the basic overview of Iams cat food review!

Iams Cat Food Review

About Iams Cat Food: A Basic Overview

Paul Iams, an animal nutritionist who had graduated from Ohio State University (OSH) in 1937, founded The Iams Company in the year 1946 in a small feed mill near Dayton in Ohio state. Moreover, in the year 1950, he created the world’s first animal-based protein, dry dog food, and called it Iams 999.

Iams Cat Food Overview

Iams, as you probably know now, is a popular brand name for cat food and dog food that is manufactured by Spectrum Brands in Europe and Mars, Incorporated around the world. This pet food brand now sells pet food for cats and dogs, specifically formulated for puppies/kittens, adults, and senior pets. However, in this post, we will only talk about cat food as this is an Iams cat food review.

Likewise, the products from Iams are carefully formulated by nutritionists and veterinarians and can be categorized into three main formulas: ProActive Health, Healthy Naturals, and Premium Protection. Moreover, veterinary formulas for cats with particular dietary needs are also available.

The brand claims that their pet food offers “nutrition that’s tailored to bring out their unique best,” but can Iams cat food bring out the best in your kitty?

Well, let’s learn more about Iams cat food to determine if it is a good and healthy choice for your cat or not.

Where Is the Manufacturing Facility Location of Iams?

The Iams products have originally been manufactured in the United States. Their location facilities are situated in the states of Ohio, Nebraska, and North Carolina.

Iams Cat Food Manufacturing Locations in USA

On the other hand, for the brand’s European division, the company has a manufacturing facility located in Coevorden, a city in the province of Drenthe, Netherlands.

Iams Cat Food Manufacturing Location in Europe Netherlands

Further, the brand explains that its food safety program is one of the strictest in the pet food industry, going beyond FDA and USDA quality standards. In addition, the brand also mentions that they receive superior ratings from the American Institute of Baking, which is an independent certification authority for the food industry.

However, according to our research, the brand doesn’t state where its ingredients are sourced from.

What Sort of Cat Food Does Iams Offers?

The brand covers different types of recipes in multiple flavors, so there is Iams cat food for every kind of cat. Whether you feed your cat wet cat food or dry cat food, Iams pet food products for cats are a good fit.

Moreover, like other pet food brands in the cat food industry, Iams also makes cat food for cats in different life stages of cats, from kittens to seniors, Iams has it all.

What Sort of Cat Food Does Iams Offers

Iams’ dry cat food collection is limited to the ProActive Health line, while their wet cat food selection is categorized into three sections—Purrfect Delights, Purrfect Delicacies, and Perfect Portions.

Which Cats Are Best Suited for Iams Cat Food?

The brand highlights tailored nutrition for every cat’s individual needs, saying that their recipes are crafted for cats from specific life stages and different kinds of activity levels. And with a wide variety of recipes in different flavors, there is cat food for every kind of cat from Iams.

Iams has to offer both wet and dry cat food, so you can find both types on their website. Like I said before, Iams also makes specific kinds of food cat food for cats from all various life stages, from kitties to senior cats, so this brand has got you covered.

Overall, Iams seems to offer a decently balanced cat food in terms of quantity and quality. In simple words, although Iams may not be the healthiest cat food in the market, the brand does offer nutritious options for all sorts of cats at an affordable price point.

Which Cats Are Best Suited for Iams Cat Food

However, at last, with so many cat food choices in the market today, it seems like Iams might be a fit for most cats — but some cats just simply might not be fond of this cat food. We have had problems with finicky cats, as some of them didn’t like the Iams cat food.

What Others Are Saying About Iams Cat Food

The Iams brand is one of the trusted, economical brands commercially available to cat parents in today’s market. According to the pet parents, compared to other commercially available brands of cat food, Iams has a better slightly better ingredient composition.

Likewise, for many owners, the brand has proven to be trustworthy and nutritious in keeping their cats on a steady diet for years and years. And the brand’s cat food usually receives positive customer reviews, though Iams has come under fire at least once in recent times.

On sites like Amazon, many of the users claimed that the cat food they bought from Iams helped in coping with their cat’s digestive problems. One of the other users stated that his kitten was having difficulty with cat food, but after switching to Iams, his cat started putting on some healthy weight and was back on the track of healthy life, playing with toys and running around the house — something that he didn’t see in his cat for years.

Recall History of Iams Cat Food

Since the company’s inception, the brand has experienced several recalls throughout its history. However, it is also understandable that this pet food brand has been around for a long time. Moreover, it has been quite some time since the brand’s last recall. But, on the other hand, Iams had several recalls during the years 2007 and 2013 because of many different issues.

Iams Cat Food Full Recall History

Below, we have listed every recall of Iams cat food brand in chronological order:


Back in the day, most cat food manufacturers used to source their ingredients from China. And Iams was one of the hard-hit brands among the others; there seemed to be potential melamine contamination in the products. Not only cat food but also dog food, including a total of 47 Iams pet food products that were removed due to violation of laws administered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Following the year 2007, Iams cat food products were also recalled in 2010. This happened in August, June, and July of 2010, due to low levels of thiamine and the potential presence of salmonella.


There was no cat food recalled from Iams in the year 2011, however, there was a recall in a small batch of dog food. This happened in December 2011, due to high levels of aflatoxin mold contamination. The product was Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy dry dog food.


The last recall was in the year 2013, and there have been two of them, though not for cat food products. According to our research, in March 2013, Iams issued a voluntary recall on several foods for potential mold growth. And the second recall included many varieties of dog food, the reason was potential salmonella contamination.

However, the first recall had been done voluntarily, so it truly isn’t a real food recall.

Iams Cat Food: 5 Best Cat Foods Reviewed

Iams offers a decent range of cat food for every kind of kitty cat. The range is similar to that of the dog food range and is a mix of dry cat food and wet/canned cat food.

One thing to note is that most of the recipes are grain-inclusive recipes within the Iams cat food range, and there are only a few grain-free recipes. The cat food is available by category of kittens, senior cats, and indoor cats.

The nutrition profile of most cat foods consists of average proportions of protein and fat and excessive proportions of carbohydrates. Likewise, Iams also uses many other ingredients such as chicken, turkey, fish, and much more.

Here, we will discuss some of the best-selling cat food products from Iams for young kittens and adult cats.

1. IAMS Proactive Health – Chicken & Turkey Recipe

IAMS Proactive Healthchicken and turkey recipe is our top choice. This recipe is also among one of the most favorite Iams cat foods for cat parents, with thousands of 5-star ratings on Amazon. The first ingredient of this recipe includes protein-rich chicken, which helps in supporting the strong muscles of cats and providing healthy energy for long plays.

However, you will also find chicken by-product meals along with corn gluten meal and corn grits in this cat food recipe. Moreover, this cat food is also high in fiber content with beet pulp which helps in reducing hairballs before they even start—making this the perfect indoor cat food for hairball control. This recipe contains 10% less fat compared to IAMS Healthy adult original with chicken, so kitties can enjoy a high-quality protein chicken meal.

IAMS Proactive Health - Chicken & Turkey Recipe

Along with hairball-care properties, this cat food can also help with weight issues in cats. And since the obesity problem in cats is a growing issue in recent times, weight control recipes such as this one are becoming more and more widespread nowadays. It is formulated with l-carnitine, which can help your indoor cat lose weight or maintain a steady, healthy weight range.

Probably the best thing about this cat food recipe is that the brand takes a step further in providing hairball management as well. Taking a look at the ingredients, chicken along with turkey make up most part of the overall crude protein content in this cat food recipe.

The cat food also contains fish oil as a source of omega-3 fatty acids. Further, traces of carrots, spinach, and dried apple pomace also make it on the ingredient list.

Overall, this food has moderate protein content, low fat, and high carbohydrate matter. And ultimately, this is affordable cat food with hairball-care and weight-lose properties, and any cat owners would find the overall quality to be great.

Guaranteed Analysis:

guaranteed analysis iams proactive health chicken turkey recipe

Calorie Content:

(Metabolizable energy calculated) 3364 kcal ME/kg, 302 kcal ME/cup.

Feeding Instructions:

This table represents the total recommended volume of IAMS Proactive Health — Chicken & Turkey Recipes food per day. You will have to divide the total recommended feeding amount by the number of times you feed your feline in a day to get the actual portion size per feeding.

Weight of Cat (lbs.)Serving Amount
4 lbs.½ cup
8 lbs.⅔ cup
12 lbs.¾ cup
16 lbs.1 cup
22 lbs.1 ¼ cup
25 lbs.1 ⅓ cup

2. IAMS Perfect Portions Healthy Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

This healthy grain-free wet cat food paté from Iams features a wholesome grain-free chicken recipe, which can get even the pickiest cats purring for it. One of the best things about this cat food is the packaging, it is very straightforward, making the feeding time very simple.

This cat food comes in small containers, so it is ideal for a single serving. Not only does this makes feeding quick and easy, but the amount of cat food also helps in maintaining your cat weight, making sure that they are not overeating. The cat food tray provides two separately sealed meals, so your cat gets a fresh meal every time.

IAMS Perfect Portions Healthy Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

And as the name suggests, the recipe is completely free from grains. Likewise, patés are perfect and balanced for maintenance and healthy cat well-being across the stages of a cat’s life. The manufacturer also states that this cat food contains 0% artificial preservatives. As a matter of fact, this cat food is nearly carbohydrate-free, with just about 0.9% of carbohydrates in total. While the high protein content is ten times more than the total carbohydrate, which is not a lot, considering this is wet cat food. The overall percentage of water is about 78% in the cat food.

Looking at the ingredients, we see that chicken is the first one, followed by chicken broth, chicken liver, and dried egg product. All the ingredients, as a whole, support a healthy immune system by adding vitamin E and essential minerals to your cat’s diet. And being a grain-free wet cat food recipe, there are totally no fillers or artificial preservatives, meaning that it only incorporates vitamins and minerals to boost overall health without sacrificing the savory taste.

Iams Perfect Portions Healthy Grain-Free Wet Cat Food contains 45 calories per serving.

Guaranteed Analysis:

guaranteed analysis iams perfect portions healthy grain free wet cat food

Calorie Content:

(Calculated) 1207 kcal ME/kg, 45 kcal ME/serving.

Feeding Instructions:

This cat food is only meant for adult cats. Feed adult cats four servings per five pounds of body weight daily. Adjust accordingly to maintain ideal body condition.

3. IAMS Proactive Health Healthy Adult — Chicken Dry Cat Food

At the third spot, we have IAMS Proactive Health Healthy Chicken dry cat food product aimed at adult felines. The overall recipe has been designed to support healthy bodies and provide healthy energy for play in adult cats. Looking at the ingredients list, chicken is the first ingredient in this high-quality poultry-based cat kibble, specifically made for outdoor and indoor cats.

And since this product is made in the USA, you are assured of top-quality ingredients. Just like the first product we listed, you will also find chicken by-product meal along with corn gluten meal in this cat food recipe. But on the other hand, with the help of overall fiber content and prebiotics, this cat food recipe will support your adult cat with healthy digestion. Moreover, with an optimal ratio of omega-6 and 3 fatty acids, your cat will also have healthy skin and a glossy coat.

IAMS Proactive Health Healthy Adult — Chicken Dry Cat Food

Further, there is calcium and potassium that promote a healthy heart, and crunchy kibble (which cats particularly go for) minimizes the chance of plaque build-up on teeth. The manufacturer states that this cat food will help your cat in maintaining strong muscles with high-quality protein, plus, it is a 100% complete and balanced nutrition with 0% fillers.

At last, though this cat food recipe is aimed at adult cats, cat parents should note that it contains high-carbohydrate content. It means that this cat food isn’t the best choice for cats who aren’t usually active. Therefore, it would be a good idea for older cats to steer clear of it then.

Guaranteed Analysis:

guaranteed analysis iams proactive health adult chicken dry cat food

Calorie Content:

(Calculated) 3746 kcal ME/kg, 399 kcal ME/cup.

Feeding Instructions:

This dry cat food is only made for adult cats. Make sure you provide your cat with enough water throughout the day

Weight of Cat (lbs.)Serving Amount
4 lbs.⅓ cup
8 lbs.½-⅔ cup
12 lbs.⅔-¾ cup
16 lbs.¾-1 cup
22 lbs.1-1 ¼ cup

4. IAMS Proactive Health Kitten — Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food

At the fourth spot, we have dry cat food by IAMS Proactive which is specifically made for kittens of age ranging between 1-12 months. Though it is perfectly ideal for a kitten’s first playful year, it can also be good for pregnant and nursing cats. The overall production of this dry cat food is aimed at providing the essential nutrients for all the development and growth that takes place, including healthy digestion, immunity, muscles, heart, skin, and coat.

Likewise, looking at the ingredients list, real chicken is the first ingredient, followed by dried beet pulp and other nutritious ingredients, which altogether help in improving the development of healthy eyes, brain, and heart of a kitten. Furthermore, this dry cat food recipe is also supplemented by other vital elements such as taurine and omega-6 and 3 fatty acids.

IAMS Proactive Health Kitten — Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food

Out of all important elements, omega-3 DHA is the essential one, which leads to favorable brain development. However, the recipe is not entirely complete until it’s supporting digestion and immunity. And this is exactly what this kitten food recipe does by bringing together a unique fiber blend of prebiotics, vitamin E, calcium, and potassium in every crunchy bite.

The overall combination of the ingredients from this cat food provides exactly what your kitten or nursing/pregnant cat needs to be strong, healthy, and happy. At last, the best part is this cat food recipe comes at an affordable price tag, making it the best choice for cat owners on a tight budget.

IAMS Proactive Health Kitten — Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food contains 512 calories per cup.

Guaranteed Analysis:

guaranteed analysis iams proactive health kitten chicken recipe dry cat food

Calorie Content:

(Calculated) 4015 kcal ME/kg, 484 kcal ME/cup.

Feeding Instructions:

Since this is dry cat food, make sure to provide clean, fresh water available for your cat at all times throughout the day. This dry cat food is recommended for kittens, pregnant, or nursing cats.

Age (Weeks)Cups per Day
Up to 8⅓ cup
12½ cup
16½ cup
24½ cup
32½ cup
40½ cup
Cat Weight (lbs)Cups per Day
4 lbs.⅓ cup
6 lbs.½ cup
8 lbs.⅔ cup
10 lbs.¾ cup
12 lbs.¾ cup
16 lbs.1 cup
18 lbs.1 cup
20 lbs.1 ¼ cup
22 lbs.1 ¼ cup
Week of LactationCups per Day
1 -2½ – 1 cup
3 -4⅔ – 1 cup
5⅔ – 1 cup
6⅔ – 1 cup
7½ – ¾ cup

5. IAMS Proactive Health Adult — Turkey Recipe

IAMS Proactive Turkey recipe cat food has been specifically formulated for adult cats of all sizes and ages. The main highlights of this product are geared toward easy digestion solutions for adult cats. Any senior cat that has sensitive digestion issues, can totally benefit from this dry cat kibble.

Looking at the top five ingredients, real turkey as the first ingredient, followed by chicken by-product meal, ground whole grain corn, brewer’s rice, and chicken meat, which are some of the questionable ingredients. However, the overall unique fiber blend of this adult cat food with prebiotics & beet pulp supports a cat’s ability to absorb nutrients, making digestion easier. Not only that, but it also helps in promoting a cat’s healthy skin and shiny coat with omega-6 and 3 fatty acids.

IAMS Proactive Health Adult — Turkey Recipe

Likewise, antioxidants and prebiotics help support strong defenses. All in all, this Iams cat food recipe provides complete & balanced nutrition for the maintenance of senior cats. In other words, this cat food formula is AAFCO approved. It can also help with the urinary tract health of senior cats.

Guaranteed Analysis:

guaranteed analysis iams proactive health adult turkey recipe

Calorie Content:

(Calculated) 3708 kcal ME/kg, 352 kcal ME/cup.

Feeding Instructions:

This table represents the total recommended volume of IAMS Proactive Health Adult — Turkey Recipe cat food per day. Likewise, you should divide the total recommended feeding amount by the number of times you feed your kitty cat per day to get the actual portion size per feeding.

Weight of CatCups Per Day
4 lbs.⅓ c
8 lbs.½ – ⅔ c
12 lbs.⅔ – ¾ c
16 lbs.¾ – 1 c
22 lbs.1 – 1 ¼ c

Iams Cat Food: Nutrition in Wet & Dry Food

So, how does Iams stack up as a pet food brand? Let’s take a quick look at the nutritional value, including protein, fat, and fiber, of Iams cat food and the industry average of dry cat food and wet cat food, along with average ratings out of 5.

Dry Cat FoodIams Dry Cat Food (avg)Industry (avg)Wet Cat FoodIams Wet Cat Food (avg)Industry (avg)
Avg Rating Out Of 54.14.3Avg Rating Out Of 544.2


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Iams pet food brand.

How much does Iams cat food cost?

The Iams cat food is quite cheap, costing approximately $0.40 per day to feed a ten pounds cat, considering only the popular choices of cat food from Iams.

Moreover, most of the Iams foods have prices parallel to mid-level cat food brands such as Purina Beyond or Rachael Ray Nutrish. However, wet cat foods cost more than dry cat food, as always.

Where is Iams cat food sold?

Iams cat food is widely available on many e-commerce sites such as Amazon and pet sites like Chewy. The brand, likewise, has its own dedicated site from where you can also buy cat food for your kitties.

Apart from that, Iams cat food is also available on PetSmart, Walmart, PetFlow, Petco, PetFoodDirect, and Target.

Is Iams cat food worth trying?

While Iams is not the best cat food available in the market, we classify it in a mid-range section, not the worst but also not the best. Overall, Iams scores an average rating of 5/10, also making it an average wet cat food brand when compared to all other wet food manufacturer’s products in the current market.

At last, Iams is worth a try, however, there are much better cat food brands in the market that could do better for your cat.

Which dry cat food do vets actually recommend for cats?

VanDuzer, DVM and owner of Prettyboy Veterinary Hospital in Freeland, often suggests to pet parents the Iams Proactive Health Indoor Weight and Hairball Care Dry cat food, if they have an indoor cat.

He recommends this dry cat food because it helps in controlling weight, plus, it also reduces vomiting due to hairballs with the addition of beet pulp, a naturally occurring laxative that doesn’t cause diarrhea.

When was the last time Iams cat food was recalled?

Though there were no recalls of Iams cat food in 2013, there were two recalls of dog food, and the first one was voluntary.

In March 2013, Iams brought out a voluntary recall on several foods after suspecting a potential mold growth. While the second recall included several sorts of dog food, and the reason was potential salmonella contamination.

Iams Cat Food: Our Verdict

So, this Iams cat food review talked about the history of brand recalls, manufacturing facilities, best-rated cat food products, and other information that any new cat parent would want to know before making a purchase from Iams.

If you are looking for decently balanced cat food at an affordable price, then you can’t go wrong with Iams. However, the brand does make use of some ingredients such as chicken by-product meal, which can be unappealing to some cats.

Overall, we give Iams cat food a rating of 3.3 out of 5.


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