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Why Is My Old Cat Peeing Everywhere?

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Is your old cat peeing everywhere, and you are clueless why is she behaving like that all of a sudden because you have given her appropriate bathroom training?

Well, inappropriate peeing in old cats can be due to medical situations like UTI, diabetes, or stone bladder.

Sometimes this can also be because of stress, anxiety, poor condition of cat litter box, or due to lack of an inappropriate number of the litter boxes in your house.

If it is due to an underlying medical issue it is important that you directly take the cat to the vet and in case it is because of behavioral issues you simply retrain them again.

old cat peeing everywhere

Visit Vet First if Your Old Cat Is Peeing Outside!

If your old cat is peeing outside the litter box it’s high time that you must meet your vet. This is not a normal problem she is basically trying to tell you that something is wrong with her. Your vet will check whether it is due to UTI, diabetes, bladder stone, or any other underlying health conditions.

To diagnose the problem on time make sure to visit the vet as soon as possible.

8 Reasons Why Your Senior Cat Is Peeing Everywhere

If your old cat started peeing outside the box check the given list below we have curated several reasons why is she doing that.

Well, it can be because of the poor litter box behavior. Pay attention whether she is stressed or not as it can also be the reason.

1. Inappropriate Litter Box Condition and Location

The placement of the litter boxes is critical. It could be the main cause of your old cat peeing everywhere.

dirty litter box

If you have kept a litter box nearby her cat food bowl, it will discourage her to use the box. Or in case the box is spaced in a noisy area, or if she doesn’t like the type of litter.

So, keep the litter box open, so she can easily see and fill the cat litter inside. Make sure that it is not hidden by anything.

2. Because of Spraying

Spraying is a trick in which cats without directly confronting other cats or new people, advise them to back off. It could be possible that your old kitty is spraying to show something other than territory.

Your cat may stain his or her pee because they may be feeling threatened due to other cats. And, old cats can face this a lot thus, they won’t go to the litter box in fear and may end up peeing outside.

3. Strong Odor of Old Cat Urine

Do you know cats have a 14-fold more sensitive sense of smell than humans?

This implies that even if you have fully cleaned the litter box, she is more likely to detect the odor of old urine.

And, cats are known for their cleanliness they don’t appreciate a dirty litter box, and thus, if the litter box is not properly cleaned it will discourage her not to use it. Hence, she will end up peeing on the floor or anywhere else.

4. Check if She Is Under Stress

Stress can mess senior cat’s life. Be it environmental stress or emotional senior cats are prone to both.

Sudden change in the environment or her routine can give her stress and in severe cases, it can also develop FLUTD.

Stress can become the root cause of many diseases. There are several reasons your old cat can come under stress like

  • If her routine is changed.
  • Absence of her favorite hooman in the house
  • Loud noises
  • New pet in the house
  • New member in your family
  • If you have shifted to a new house.
  • Change in your lifestyle.
  • A frightening experience with a litter box can also be one.

If this has happened recently then it can be one of the reasons why your old cat is not peeing inside the litter box. As responsible cat owners prevent this by fixing her routine, giving her food and water at a time, keeping her busy, and showing her love.

5. She Doesn’t Like Her Litter

Have you recently bought a new box for your cat?

why is my old cat peeing everywhere

If yes, this can also be one of the reasons why your old cat peeing everywhere or has peed outside the litter box.

The reason is very simple she is not liking the new litter box. As you know already cats don’t like any change.

So, you have to be very careful while choosing a litter tray for your cat. Because if your old choosy cat doesn’t like the litter box she won’t pee and poop inside.

6. Do You Have Multiple Felines?

Another reason can be the lack of an appropriate number of litter boxes in your home.

If you have numerous cats, you should acquire at least one litter box for each of them. The basic formula for that is (n+1) where n represents the number of cats. So, if you have 2 cats the number of litter boxes should be 3.

The reason is that felines are territorial and don’t like to share the litter box if another cat or stray cat has already marked her territory in that.

There are higher chances that your old cat may feel threatened by other younger cats, and she may not go inside the litter box to pee, and hence, she will pee outside.

So, if this is the case then get another litter tray!

7. Simple! She Is Aging!

When your cat enters her senior year her aging body will fail to do physical work in which using a litter box can be one of the tasks. This is because her body will become stiff and moving and walking won’t be easy work for her.

Hoping, walking, moving will not be less than adventure for her. Therefore, you can get a litter box with low sides for her.

8. It Can Be Due to Medical Conditions

The following are the underlying medical conditions that are common reasons why old cat peeing everywhere

sick old cat peeing everywhere


Urinary tract infections are frustrating and common in many older cats. It is basically, cat cystitis or inflammation in the bladder of the cat.

It occurs when bacteria in the urine reach the urethra. Because of this health problem, they will fail to control the urge to control bathroom business and will pee in small quantities anywhere on the carpet, sofa, or couch.

If you notice any blood in her urine immediately visit your vet for treatment.

Bladder Stones in Cats

Bladder stones in cats pets are a very common disease. Under which they will feel to urinate at any time, sometimes blood also comes in their pee, and peeing outside the litter box are common signs in cats.

The stone inside the bladder is formed due to the presence of various minerals. During bladder stones, her urethra will be blocked which can lead to trouble like vomiting, depression, and immense pain in the abdomen and kidney.

The big stone must then be removed surgically.


Most senior cats tend to have pain in their bones, and joints they can’t take stairs, can’t stand, or jump. Arthritis is very common and painful they feel difficult to move their body.

And, when a cat suffers from degenerative joint disease they don’t move much because of the immense pain in the bones. Thus, she will not move, and it will lead to inappropriate urination.

Idiopathic Cystitis

Feline Idiopathic Cystitis is an inflamed bladder condition that is chronic. It is one of the serious medical conditions which comes under the feline lower urinary tract disease a.k.a. (FLUTD).

It’s very comparable to human interstitial cystitis. If your cat is impacted, she may experience frequent urination (pollakiuria), and she will feel pain while urinating thus, will end up peeing anywhere.


When an old cat is affected by diabetes she will attempt to drink a lot of water because of the high amount of glucose. And, the glucose will tend to pull a lot of water into the urine.

This is quite obvious when she will drink water in large quantities she will go for frequent peeing. Her litter box may become full due to this, and thus she will start peeing outside the litter box or at any corner of the house.

Moreover, frequent peeing and less amount of water concentration in her body will also make her body dehydrated!

Well, That’s a Wrap

The conclusion of old cat peeing everywhere is that it can be due to a variety of medical issues such as bladder inflammation, urinary tract infection, diabetes, arthritis, or idiopathic cystitis.

Not necessarily it will be due to ailments sometimes she will keep avoiding the litter box because of behavioral problems, litter box aversions, and marking territory.

If you like this article do share it with others and also if you have any additional reason for this then do leave a comment below.


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