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Purina Yesterday’s News Discontinued | Find Alternatives

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Since the news broke out in the market that Purina decided to discontinue the production of Yesterday’s News litter. Pet parents are in a dilemma now about how they will manage felines’ toiletry routine.

Purina Yesterday’s News Discontinued

To give them a fair view we have done some footwork and collected facts for your better knowledge. In addition, to save your time we have listed the best alternative litters to Yesterday’s News for your convenience.

Let’s dig in to get in-depth knowledge.

Discontinuation of Purina Yesterday’s News Litter

Purina has discontinued its Yesterday’s News cat litter product line as of April 2022. Yes, you heard it right after plenty of discussions and reviewing all the viewpoints Nestle Purina PetCare has decided to stop the production of the Yesterday’s News litter.

It’s devasting for all the Yesterday’s News customers who are solely dependable on this brand for their kitties and other pet animals’ toiletry routine.

A Petition has also been made on to Keep Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping litter in Canada. It is non-clumping paper litter but is still in demand in Canada because pet parents used it for their other pet animals also and they want the brand to take charge and start production.

Best Alternative of Yesterday’s News Litter

After knowing your favorite brand discontinued litter production. You must be thinking about how to manage your kitty’s toiletry routine, which alternative will suit her, etc.

Don’t worry! For that, we are here for you.

Since the discontinuation announcement is out in the market we have started our research work on the best alternative litters[1] that can replace this brand.

We came up with the appropriate alternatives of Yesterday’s New brand which will also help you out in an easy transition.

Let’s dig in more and check out the alternative litters.

1. Fresh News Original Recycled Paper Litter

Looking for a healthy environment for your kitty and home? We recommend you to check out this original paper litter by Fresh News. It is made of recycled paper through a non-profit recycled organization. This dust-free paper litter quickly absorbs the liquid and keeps your kitty’s litter box clean and smell-free.

Fresh News Original Recycled Paper Litter

In addition, it has super absorbent power three times better than any clay litter, and baking soda aids to neutralize the litter box odor. As we know, it is biodegradable so you can easily composite it in your backyard it won’t harm mother nature.

The original recycled paper litter allows you to spend more time with your kitty without worrying about the cleanliness of the litter box. These litters are dust-free and non-allergic, with no preservative or artificial scents, giving you and your kitty a cleaner environment.

2. OKocat Dust-Free Paper Non-clumping Cat Litter

The non-clumping paper cat litter by Okocat is also counted under the eco-friendly litter. It is solely made from sustainable sources with no harmful ingredients or preservatives added which can harm your kitty’s health. In addition, white paper fiber is used to create biodegradable litter for better performance.

OKocat Dust-Free Paper Non-clumping Cat Litter

This natural paper pellet is fortified with natural plant fragrances which helps to eliminate the foul odor, in other words, suppress the odor from soiled litter. Furthermore, pellet litter quickly absorbs the liquid and aids to keep the kitty’s paws and litter box dry.

Plus, your feline pal can comfortably use this litter as no airborne dust particles are formed, they can breathe easily, and have no respiratory issues.

3. Small Pet Select-Recycled Pelleted Paper Cat

The recycled pelleted paper cat by Small Pet Select is one of the best alternatives available on the market. It can absorb three times better than clay litter and includes all-natural ingredients that are safe for your kitty and family to use and help to eliminate foul odor.

3. Small Pet Select-Recycled Pelleted Paper Cat

Gradually, decreases tracking issues which not only helps to keep the litter box and cat’s paws clean but also your house floor.

Here’s a friendly tip for you try to replace the soiled litter with a fresh one, it will reduce your cleaning procedure and maintain a clean environment around your kitty for better well-being.


Where is Yesterday’s News cat litter made?

Purina Yesterday’s News cat litter crafted in Springfield, Missouri. Its packaging is 100% recyclable and is lightweight so easy to carry. Yesterday’s News litter is environmentally friendly because it is formulated without adding any chemicals or preservatives. So, you can use it safely and your kitty will definitely like it.

Will cats use paper litter?

As per the local survey, it has been observed that most of the felines don’t like paper litter. This is because paper gets easily absorbent making felines’ paws wet, so most cats avoid using the paper litter. If on regular basis you are replacing the litter then there is a tendency your kitty might agree to use it.

Is Yesterday’s News cat litter still available?

As per the current market report, Yesterday’s News has discontinued the production of cat litter. But, the stock is available so you can easily grab the packaging till it is available in the warehouse. If your feline is lucky enough she can enjoy the last production.


Let’s conclude our article on the discontinuation of Purina’s Yesterday’s News litter.

Hopefully, we were able to deliver the facts regarding the discontinuation and also serve the best alternative paper litter for your preference.

Check out our best alternative list, which will also help your kitty to switch to new litter as we have suggested suitable paper litter.


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13 thoughts on “Purina Yesterday’s News Discontinued | Find Alternatives”

  1. Do you have any more details on the alternatives you have suggested? If there are any chemicals and where they are made and does the paper come from the USA or other countries. Are these pellets made from newspaper or do they contain ink residual?

    • These litters are made from recycled newspaper sourced locally. The manufacturer follows a proper procedure to remove the ink from the paper while bleaching, so no, litter does not have link or any harmful chemical in them.

  2. I tried Fresh News. It did not control the odor. There is still some Yesterdays News on Amazon but they are charging twice the amount for a 25-26 pound bag of the original litter.
    You have really put me in a huge dilemma!

    • I don’t recommend you getting the discontinued Purina yesterday’s news from Amazon at higher prices. If the original Fresh News Cat Litter was not effective in controlling odor, then I recommend you getting the Fresh News Multi-Cat Paper Litter variant, the multi-cat variant is even stronger at controlling the odor.

  3. some of the yesterday’s news cat litter alternatives are even better than the Purina’s, I tried them for my Rabbit as well as cats

  4. I found this article while searching for replacement for yesterday’s news, this really helped me, thank you Michelle

  5. The cat litter similar to yesterday’s news mentioned in this article is actually better than the Yesterday’s News Cat Litter. However, since it is a non clumping litter, so I don’t get the benefit of a clumping litter.

  6. Very sad news today!!! I’d used Yesterday’s News for several years, had a good stash, but ran out. Calling the vet, “no”, they no longer sell it. Looked on Amazon, learned it was discontinued. Found this site. Thank you for alternatives, yet nothing can replace the excellence. There was NO DUST, NO ODOR, did not stick to cats’ paws, didn’t need changing as often, came out of litter box with no residue, the cats loved using it, it was non-polluting, so I could till it into the garden. Is there some way it could be manufactured again?

  7. I am so disappointed that they don’t carry Yesterday’s New’s anymore. It was the best litter that I used for my rabbit.I tried Fresh News and am disappointed with it.It does not take care of the urine odor like Yesterday’s News did.

  8. I train my Bichon puppies to a litter pan. They are 97% trained by 8weeks before family placement. The puppy and new family have one less hurdle to jump thru in new environment. I’m so sad that Yesterday’s News was discontinued, as it was on the edge of gaining an entire new market from canines! Many of my families continued with this when living in a condo, apt or no access to safe pottying for the unvaccinated puppy. I hope to find an acceptable replacement and appreciate a!l I read here in the comments.


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