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Varenzin-CA1: A breakthrough treatment for feline anemia

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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a serious condition in cats that requires daily management, and one of its complications is nonregenerative anemia. Until now, there has been no FDA-approved erythropoietin treatment for cats with this condition.

However, Elanco’s Varenzin-CA1 has recently received conditional approval from the FDA, making it the first drug for the control of nonregenerative anemia associated with CKD in cats.

What is Nonregenerative Anemia in Cats with CKD?

Nonregenerative anemia is a type of anemia that occurs when the bone marrow produces insufficient red blood cells to replace those lost through normal wear and tear.

What is Nonregenerative Anemia in Cats with CKD

Cats with CKD develop this condition when their kidneys produce less of a hormone called erythropoietin, which stimulates the bone marrow to produce red blood cells.

As a result, affected cats experience symptoms such as lethargy, weakness, and reduced appetite, which can significantly impact their quality of life.

How Does Varenzin-CA1 Work?

Varenzin-CA1 works by increasing the production of erythropoietin in the kidney, which, in turn, stimulates the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells. This helps address the underlying cause of nonregenerative anemia in cats with CKD and can improve their overall health and well-being.

FDA Conditional Approval and Requirements:

Under conditional approval, the FDA has concluded that Varenzin-CA1 is safe for its intended purpose and has a reasonable expectation of being effective. This allows cats suffering from the disease to receive the treatment while full effectiveness data is being collected.

FDA Conditional Approval and Requirements

The initial conditional approval is valid for one year, with the potential for four annual renewals, during which Elanco must demonstrate active progress toward proving substantial evidence of effectiveness for full approval.

If the company does not meet the requirements for substantial evidence of effectiveness at the five-year mark, the product can no longer be marketed.

Possible Side Effects and Precautions:

Before prescribing Varenzin-CA1, veterinarians should advise cat owners about possible side effects, which include vomiting, increases in systolic blood pressure, and thromboembolism.

Possible Side Effects and Precautions

It is important to monitor cats carefully while on this treatment and report any adverse events or side effects potentially related to the use of Varenzin-CA1.

Cat owners should work with their veterinarian to ensure their cat’s safety and well-being while receiving this medication.


Elanco’s Varenzin-CA1 is a significant development in the treatment of nonregenerative anemia in cats with CKD. It is the first FDA-approved erythropoietin treatment for cats and has the potential to improve the quality of life for many affected animals.

However, it is essential to follow the proper precautions and report any side effects to ensure the safety of cats receiving this medication. With continued research and development, we can hope for further advances in the treatment of CKD and other diseases affecting our feline

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