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What to Do if My Cat Was Bitten by a Spider?

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Many cat owners are concerned and don’t know what to do if their cat was bitten by a spider!

“Curiosity kills the cat” a very popular idiom is very true and suits perfectly here.

Cats are too curious, they always keep exploring and investigating like wanderlust during their outdoor walks. And, because of this, they can get in trouble. They can get stung by spiders and various other insects.

Firstly, calm down. Try to collect the spider if possible, then look for symptoms like rashes, swelling, breathlessness. And, then, wait want to know more?

Then check out our blog right now!

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cat was bitten by a spider

Things to Do if Cat Was Bitten by a Spider!

If your cat is stung by a spider there are various steps that must be undertaken. As a responsible cat parent make sure to look for symptoms in cats, keep an eye on her. Look for swelling, seizures, redness if you notice these things without wasting a single second take her to a veterinarian!

Observe Her and Check Symptoms

In case your cat was bitten by a spider then you must watch and observe symptoms.

If she is bitten by a non-venomous spider they won’t cause harm on a bigger scale. Because they will fail to bite deep inside the cat’s skin. But, in case she is bitten by them, she will have redness and inflammation. But, it won’t cause harm in the long term.

Well, there are venomous spiders that can make your cat’s health go worse. Like if she is bitten by a black window they have neurotoxic venom. It is harmful to both cats and humans.

Well, it attacks the nervous system of a cat. And, signals to their muscles are stopped.

Symptoms of Black Widow biteSymptoms of Brown Recluse Spider biteSymptoms of a Brown Widow, Hobo spider bite
ParalysisBlistersDamage their tissues
Paralyzed diaphragm RashesRed lesions with a white ring surrounding
Labored breathingHigh blood pressureItchiness
SeizuresStingingThe color of the bite site will become blue

A cat can face other symptoms too if she is bitten by a venomous spider.

  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Drooling
  • Tremors
  • Collapse
  • Joint pain
  • Vomiting
  • Chills
  • Swelled skin
  • Excitability
  • Excessive scratching
  • kidney failure
  • Shock
  • Muscles weakness

Take Her to the Experts

Well, after knowing the spider has bitten your feline quickly visit the vet. As there is not any other solution for this. Because little late in diagnosis can lead to serious health problems. In rare situations, it can be fatal too!

cats and spider bites

There are few things that you must know before taking her to the vet.

First, if possible take the spider in a jar to the vet for a sample. It can help him to diagnosis her better. If you cannot collect spiders you can also take pictures. Your vet will identify the symptoms and give her the right treatment for the wounds.

Antivenin (also known as “antivenom”), antibiotics, intravenous fluids, cleaning liquid, pain killers, muscle relaxants may be used to treat your cat depending on the type of bite.

This is what the vets do. But, what about you, can you also ease her pain?

Well, yes you can. Read next to know-how!

First Aid That You Can Do

We have listed a few things which can ease your cat’s pain from a spider bite.

first aid for cat bitten by spider

Clean Infected Area

Cleaning bite site is important it can reduce various dangerous risks. Wash it with soap or spray antimicrobial spray on the bite.

Use Ice Pack

You can apply an ice pack to that area. It will help to lessen the pain and swelling. The low temperature of the ice will stop the venom from spreading into her body.

Use Bandages to Immobilise

You must not let her move at all. This is because the body moment will increase the blood circulation thus, the venom can easily run through her body. Therefore, immobile her with help of a bandage.

Use E-collar to Restrict Licking Infected Area

Take a note don’t let your cat lick the infected area it will make the situation go worse. You can use an e-collar till the infected are is cured completely.

Stop Allergic Reactions

If you know the early signs you can try to curb down allergic reactions. You can use antibiotics for that but ask professionals before using.

Give Enough Water and Food

Don’t panic. You must have the patience to deal with it. And, make sure to feed her and give her enough water.

How Long Does a Spider Bite Take To Heal in Cats?

If the cat has been bitten by a spider then she will take one to three weeks to heal!

how long it takes to heal spider bite on cat

If you properly take care of your cat, give her medicines on time, feed her good food and give her enough water she can deal with it soon.

Any complications or death are very rare case scenarios.

When Is a Spider Bite Serious in Cats?

If your cat is bitten by a spider she will find it difficult to breathe, her heartbeat will escalate, and she will be in huge pain.

Also, if the site of the bite or, legs, ears, eye, and face swells up then it is a serious case scenario.

Thus, if these things last longer than an hour is it time to meet your vet as soon as possible!

Measures of Prevention!

So, far you know things to do if the cat is bitten by a spider but, how about such accidents never occurs?

If you want your cat never gets bitten by a spider you can follow the following preventive measures.

get regular pest control

Regularly Vacuum Her Bed

Hygiene is the key.

Make sure to clean your cat’s bed regularly. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean her bed and area nearby. Spiders can reach anywhere.

Use Spray

You can either make your own natural spider repellent spray or simply buy it from the store.

You can purchase Natural Armor Spider Killer & Repellent Spray. This is a safe option with all-natural ingredients thus it is not poisonous for your kitty too. It smells nice you just have to spray this in spider prone area. You apply it in the attic, basement areas, bathroom anywhere.

Keep Your House Clutter Clean

You must also clear your home so that there is no chance of such accidents. Also, keep her away from the basement and dark areas there are higher chances of spiders living there. Avoid woodpiles, basements, areas.

Hence, declutter your space and always maintain cleanliness.

Maintain Your Backyard

Greenery and insects are best friends as you know already.

Spiders can get a lot of space to hide inside plants and grass in your backyard. And, when your cat is out for playing she can be bitten by them. Therefore, it is essential to maintain your backyard to keep away spiders and dangerous insects.

Pest Control

If there are many poisonous spider species already living in your house make sure to book an appointment for pest control immediately it is not safe to live with spiders.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

When your cat was bitten by a spider you can take various steps to control the situation before it goes worse. You have to keep calm first. Then look for symptoms like breathlessness, elevated heartbeat, swelling, etc.

Not all spider bites are dangerous for your cat mostly there are three types of spider whose venom can make your cat’s health miserable.

If hobo, brown widow, or black widow spider stung your cat you must immediately take your cat for veterinary care!


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