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Why Cat Meows When Using the Litter Box?

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You should know why a cat meows when using the litter box as it’s a cause for concern!

A cat yowling is the most irritating part of being a cat parent. This is inconvenient and exhausting! If your cat meows the most when she’s using the litter box, there could be various reasons for this.

We’ve discussed a variety of explanations in this article. It could be due to a variety of factors, including health issues and cat behavior.

cat meows when using the litter box

Why Cat Meows When Using the Litter Box?

Let’s run to know the reasons behind why cat meows in the litter box!

1. Medical Conditions

We have listed numerous health conditions which will answer your question about why the cat meows when using the litter box.

1.1 Constipation

The very first reason why a cat meows in the litter box is because of constipation.

constipation in cats

Constipation can make cat meows while pooping. When a cat is affected by bowel obstruction, it is hard for her to pass the stool, This is extremely painful and unbearable, and that’s the reason why cats keep on howling.

1.2 Arthritis

Almost every senior cat undergoes an inflammatory joint problem. When they are affected by arthritis, it is difficult for them to stretch their legs and to make body movements. They feel pain while walking, moving, and even while using the litter tray. So when a cat cries in the litter box, it can be because of arthritis too!

To ease her pain, you can offer her a low-height litter box where she can easily access the litter box while eliminating it. It is important that every cat must have an easily accessible litter box because the longing for this problem can lead to health problems.

To find a solution and avoid arthritis in felines, you should modify her lifestyle, visit the vet to ask for medicines and precaution measures, and take complete care of her and keep her healthy.

1.3 Swelling in Anal Glands

Cat crying in the litter box is because of the swollen anal glands.

Cat’s body part tells the way they feel. The gland present on the bottom of her body tries to communicate. We humans won’t understand this, but other felines can. The aroma released by the anal glands will say how she feels. They use their anus to indicate happiness, stress, and misery.

When cats use the litter box, it releases the pressure from the bottom of the anus gland. If her stool is watery for a long time, it may get swollen. And as a result, she will feel discomfort while eliminating. To ease her pain, she will lick the genitals and may slide in a sitting position.

1.4 UTI (Urinary Tract Infections)

If your cat meows after pooping, then it could possibly be a sign of a UTI (urinary tract infection), and it is most likely to be seen in older cats.

cat meows in the litter box

What is UTI? It is a form of bacterial infection found in the urethra or bladder. Urethra becomes narrow, and bladder gets block due to which cat’s experience difficulty to pass urine.

It is a deadly ailment, so you must know about this and regularly check for signs and symptoms.

  • Blood in pee
  • Foul smell of urine
  • Difficulty in peeing
  • Urine passes in a thin stream
  • Peeing outside the box
  • Grooming of the genitals to an excessive degree

If you observe any of the signs, immediately contact your vet for medical examination. Do take the complete medical course, antibiotics, and pills as they may come back in the future.

Most importantly, keep the tray hygienic to avoid the cat meows when using the litter box!

1.5 Intestinal Issues

If you find your cat is in pain while pooping, then the other reason could be due to intestinal blockage.

The blockage might be because of the crystals. It is a similar consequence of an untreated UTI. Because of the crystal, the bladder is blocked, and the cat feels pain in urination. Thus, your cat meows in the litter box.

You can feed her apple cider vinegar. The acidic property of ACV will manage to reduce the size of the crystal. But, if the blockage occurs in the intestine, then this is a matter of concern. The issue may occur due to undigested food or foreign object. You can give her one spoon of olive oil; this will help her to pass the blockage smoothly.

In case your cat does not pee and poo in the entire day and keeps on crying, then it is best to consult your vet. This can be a fatal situation. The blockage of waste is toxic for her body. Your vet may ask for surgery to flush out the toxic waste and change her diet.

1.6 Cystitis

Your cat meows when using the litter box can also be because she is affected by cystitis. However, it has similar symptoms to UTI, but it is not caused by bacteria; instead, it occurs due to inflammation.

2. Due to Cat’s Behavior

We have underlined different ways which will let you understand why cat meows.

2.1 She Is Under Stress

Cat meowing after using the litter box is a sign of stress and anxiety. She is showing her stress by crying, making noise.

stress in cats

When a cat is under stress or if she is bored, she will howl in search of attention. Animals seek attention; it is normal for them. When she is bored, take her to play in your backyard. It will give her mental stimulation.

If the howling is loud, then she is asking you to pay more attention. It can also be because there is a change in her routine, due to the arrival of a new pet, or if you have shifted to a new house. She will meow to show her anger and fear.

Cat’s don’t like sudden change; they don’t like to share things. Even the slightest change in her routine can affect her. Therefore, try to bring change slowly. Try to figure out what is the reason she meows so loud.

Play with her, show her some love which you already do, we know, try to control her habit get her mind games, and make her happy.

2.2 Not Satisfied With Litter Box Location and Hygiene

The cat meows in the litter box if she is not satisfied with the hygiene of the litter box. As we all know, cats prefer cleanliness. They want their surroundings to be neat and clean.

So, next time the cat meows when using the litter box, go check her litter tray and clean it. It is her way of telling you to clean her potty space. Make sure to scoop out old litter every day or every other day.

It is not just limited to pooping but also to peeing too. Use clumping litter; it soaks the liquid waste and forms clumps which you can immediately scoop out after she is done doing her business. Cats cover their feces to hide from predators. And, the bad odor of your kitty urine can grab the attention of predators.

Although she is a house cat, it is her natural and survival instinct that is still living with her.

Do you want to know the best type of cat litter for multiple cats, check out to know more!

2.3 Seeking Protection

Kitten crying when pooping because it might be scary for her to use the litter box in the starting.

She may feel vulnerable and nervous because she might not have managed how to poop inside the litter box. The cat will vocalize in search of protection so that she is safe from predators and other animals. If in your home there are many cats, then this is quite common.

Well, cat meows in the litter box can also be because she is feeling shy. If you think, according to our perspective, we obviously don’t like someone to keep an eye on us while using the bathroom, right? Well, it is the same for the cats too!

According to science, cats prefer privacy. They get embarrassed while doing bathroom in an open space.

Know more about how to get stray cat to use a litter box.

2.4 Asking for Treats and Rewards

If you have trained your cat with treats while housebreaking, then cats meows in search of the reward. It will become her habit, and when she doesn’t receive a treat or rewards for housebreaking, she will cry.

give treats to your cat

This will prolong till they become adults. Therefore it is your responsibility to get rid of the behavior. Try to do this slowly. She will keep howling till you keep on giving her treats, and it may become an endless process.

Instead of giving her a treat, use positive gestures, rub her head and belly so that she doesn’t develop his habit.

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2.5 Litter Problem

If you have recently switched to a new type of litter, then your cat may make noise while using the litter box. As you already know, cats don’t appreciate change.

Cat meowing in the litter box is a sign that she is upset about this change. She may not be liking the scent, color, or texture. Plus, another reason that the cat meows in the litter box is that she might be allergic.

Either the litter is overloaded, or if it is not sufficient, the cat will meow to do the communication. She will keep on digging out the litter if it is excess and constantly keep on yowling.

This means every cat owner should know the ideal amount of cat litter in the tray is supposed to be 2-3 inches.

We know that cats do not love changes, however, get a litter box that is long-lasting. To know more check out the automated cat litter box.

Summing It All Up!

The reason why a cat meows when using the litter box is that she is trying to communicate with you. When she is in pain, stress, or facing anxiety, she will cry loudly to make this to your notice.

She will also howl if you have suddenly changed her routine or things around her. Well, there are risky medical conditions also which are associated with this.

If you really want to know, then do read this article. Make sure to take care of her, feed her healthy cat food, and make her happy!


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