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The 15 Best Automatic Litter Boxes of 2023

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Do you agree that cleaning the litter box is your least favorite part of cat parenting? Are you looking for scoop-free solutions to clean your cat’s litter box?

Yes, we are gonna talk about the best automatic litter boxes which claim to help with dirty work of cleaning regularly.

As we know, Automatic litter boxes come with premium prices and they are prone to malfunction, and sometimes harder to clean than a traditional litter box.

But Wait! There’s More!

Do you know, a right choice of Self-Cleaning Cat Litter won’t be troublesome?

Yeah, you heard right.

We tested several options including The Litter-Robot III, PetSafe ScoopFree, Omega Paw, CatGenie, LitterMaid, and Nature’s Miracle litter box along with several other popular options.

Why Should You Buy an Automatic Cat Litter Box?

Yes, we said that the right choice of the self-cleaning litter box will help with the dirty work to ensure there’s always a clean place to go potty.

Still, if you are wondering or confused that why you should consider purchasing an Automatic Litter Box, then go through these hard facts and benefits which you should consider to make up your mind to buy a Self Cleaning Cat Box for your Feline.

  • Prevent your Cat from going outdoors

Research on Felines [1] reveals that Cats kept indoor live 10 years more than outdoor Cats. So if you want your feline to live longer, then keep her indoors most of the time. If you don’t have a Cat Litter Box, then most probably your Feline would be going out to excrete.

Cats usually like to poo on Soft soil or sand and then cover it up using paws under the sand or soil. The Cat Box is filled up with Soft tiny granules that mimic Sand so that she can get instinctively used to excrete in the Litter Box. This will prevent them from going outdoors.

By refraining your Feline from going outdoors, you also keep her protected from outdoor dangers like bad weather, traffic, and other dangers.

  • Fixed spot for Your Cat’s Daily stool habits

A Cat’s Litter Box will also help your Feline to fix her daily routine and thereafter she’ll also won’t need to search for any spot outdoors to poo. This will deliberately improve the health and lifestyle of your Feline.

  • Keep your Home Clean

Few cats also get used to pooing in the Lawn, Garden, or place below the staircase. Providing the best cat litter will consequently keep your home clean if you Pet has a Habit of excreting here and there.

Want to know more about which are the best litter box for kittens, here you go.

A Quick Look at Our Favorites of 2023

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner
Litter-Robot 3 Robot Cat Litter Box

Litter Robot 3 Automatic Cat Litter Box

  • Self Cleaning Process
  • No manual efforts required for scooping
  • Ergonomic design

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Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place
Petkit Pura X Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Petkit Pura X Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

  • Fully Covered Design
  • Two operation modes: auto-cleaning and scheduled cleaning
  • Can be operated from a connected mobile device


Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place
PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Cat Litter Box

  • Odor control with the help of Crystal Cat Litter
  • Low maintenance required
  • Top Hood provides complete privacy to your Feline


The Best Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes in 2023

1. Litter-Robot 3 Robot Automatic Cat Litter Box

Litter-Robot 3 Robot Cat Litter Box

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This fully automated Cat Litter Box from Litter Robot has the most advanced features. It has Self-Cleaning capabilities that make full automation of the process of scooping and disposing of the cat’s metabolic waste. It is also a premium product and you should consider buying it if you do not want to put any effort into daily maintenance.

ProductLitter-Robot 3 Connect
Rating4.5 Stars
Price CategoryPremium
Free Trial90-Day In-Home Trial
DesignAn eye-catching design
Warranty18-Month Warranty
Multiple CatsYes
Compared to Traditional Litter BoxHigh-tech and easy to use

It is Globe-shaped which gives it an appealing look and it also makes the auto-rolling feature for the process of scooping smoother due to spherical shape. Also, the oval entrance makes it easier for your Feline to get into the globe and use the Litter Box.

The overall performance and features of this Litter-Robot 3 automatic litter box are good, but it does not have the Self-Flushing & Self-Washing capabilities.

To conclude, we think this is the overall best automatic litter box.


  • Self Cleaning Process
  • No manual efforts required for scooping
  • Ergonomic design
  • Delivered fully assembled


  • Costly
  • No Self-Flushing feature
  • Requires manual washing

>> Start your Litter-Robot 90-day in-home trial. Units ship in 3-5 days. <<

2. Petkit Pura X Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Petkit Pura X Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

This Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box by Petkit Pura is our premium choice because it has various sensors, and designed to keep the surrounding clean and hygienic. As soon as box is filled with waste it will give alert to filter out the waste from fresh litter.

It includes various sensors like thermal, weight, smart detection sensors for your kitty’s safety and maintain hygiene for her well-being. In addition, it also has purifying liquid which removes the unpleasant smell.

Furthermore, it includes two modes auto-cleaning and schedule-cleaning, so you can select as per your your requirement. No need to worry about the litter box cleanliness, you can spend more time with your feline rather than investing in litter box.


  • Thermal sensor is placed at the entrance it stops automatically when kitty reaches the litter box
  • It includes accident protection system, it will send notification to pet parents when kitty is in danger
  • Purifying liquid removes unpleasant odor
  • You can operate this litter box from your mobile


  • The snag side of this automatic litter box is it’s shape, many felines will refuse using it because of darkness

3. PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

PetSafe’s Self-Cleaning Cat Box has a minimalistic design yet it offers a fully automated way to scoop your Cat’s Litter on its own. It also has an attachment of a disposable tray that you can throw away once it has been used.

It also requires the least maintenance as it does not require scooping, cleaning or refilling for at least a week. The Cat Litter used in it also moisture absorbing which makes it odor-free while in operation.

For the scooping of the waste, rake grill moves through the Cat litter, separates the waste from Litter and dumps it in the waste trap. There is also Safety Sensor installed in it which stops the rake grill from moving while your Feline is inside the Cat Box.

It is available in two types of models, the only difference is the top hood used in the Cat Box. One model has Top-entry Privacy Hood and another model has Front-entry Privacy Hood. Both the models are of the same price and they are also available in two color options namely Purple and Taupe. There is also Health Counter Feature which helps you to keep a track of usage.

To use it, you can either set timer to control the Rake to 5, 10 or 20 minutes. You can also press the Rake button to immediately perform the action.

It is also 5 times more effective in odor control as it uses Crystal Cat Litter instead of conventional Cat Litter. It is also made leakproof which prevents Litter Dust or Waste from leaking out.


  • Odor control with the help of Crystal Cat Litter
  • Low maintenance required
  • Top Hood provides complete privacy to your Feline
  • Low-tracking crystals
  • Large Anti-Tracking grind in the Top-Entry hood keeps Litter in the Box and prevents it in falling to the floor


  • Does not use batteries, so it won’t operate in case of Power Cut

4. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box

The best Self-Cleaning Litter Box in our list sold by Omega Paw on Amazon. It makes the first position in our list as its overall quality, features and durability are best for the price offered. It is a mid-range priced and after purchasing this you will never need to scoop your Cat’s metabolic waste with your hands.

In order to use it, you need to fill Clumpy Cat Litter into the box up to the Grate. It will separate Cat Litter from feces by rolling on its own. You have to manually roll the Cat Box to separate Solid Waste from Litter. After this, the Solid Waste will be scooped with the help of grill in the Waste Collector Pullout Tray which is fit at the bottom of the Cat Litter Box.

You don’t have to put much effort into rolling it, as it weighs only 6.5 ounces. The size is also large enough so that even Big Cats can easily use it.

An added benefit is that it provides complete privacy to your Feline as it is in a Covered design. Also, the Covered design will prevent Litter dust from falling out.


  • Fully Covered Design
  • Affordable Price
  • Simple to use
  • Made up of strong and durable material


  • You need to manually roll it for separating the waste from the litter
  • It needs to be cleaned frequently to prevent odor

5. CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

This is the best Automatic Litter Box from CatGenie which you should definitely purchase if you want complete Automation. You won’t be required to even throw the disposable tray or collected waste if you have this Fully Automated Cat Box, as it will Liquidize the Solid Waste, and flush it in the drainage.

It is not only capable of separating the Cat Feces and Urine from the Litter and flushing out the waste, but it will also clean the Cat box and the Litter itself. Once you buy this Fully Automated Self Cleaning, Self Flushing Cat Box, then you don’t need any maintenance at all. It can be used for years without compromising any of its automation features.

It has Litter-like washable granules and not clay litter so that it is easy to auto clean and can be reused many times. It also mimics soft soil or sand, so that it satisfies cats need to dig and cover. Another advantage of the Washable Granules is that as they can be reused many times and it will be washed with the SaniSolution on its own.

Nothing is perfect in this world, and neither is this automatic litter Box. Your Feline won’t have any privacy while she is using it, as there is not Privacy Hood provided with this product. But again, there are many solutions for this(if you consider it as a problem).

If you have placed it in the bathroom, then this place is already private. But still, if you consider providing more privacy to your Feline, then you can purchase a separate Privacy hood for this model.


  • Fully Automated, Self-Cleaning, Self-Flushing Features
  • Washable Granules used instead of clay litter which makes it reusable many times
  • 100% dust free
  • Big enough for larger cats
  • Easy manuals provided for DIY setup
  • Pipes and adapters required to set up included with the product.


  • Privacy hood not included

6. Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

Pet Zone’s Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box is Electrically powered and Self-Cleaning. By using it, you will never need to Scoop the Solid waste with your Hands, as the Scooping(Separation of solid waste from litter) will be processed with the help of motor-powered Separation Grill.

The mechanism of separation and design of the separation grill is made in a way that you can use any type of Litter with it. Also, the improved litter pan design requires lesser Litter compared to conventional Cat Boxes.

This automatic litter box is not only operated by a powerful motor but also it has a sturdy metal gear which makes the scooping process much smoother. Although a powerful motor is used, this does not mean that it would be noise, it is over 4 times quieter than the same type of Cat Boxes of other Leading Brands.

On ordering this product, you also get 6 no-touch plastic bags which are enough for one-month usage for a single cat. These no-touch plastic bags are of very low price and cost just a fraction of disposable trays or crystal cartridges. You can use these bags to trap the waste collector tray so that the solid waste directly falls in the plastic bags and then it can be thrown away in the trash without touching the waste with your hands.


  • Self scooping process
  • Any clumping litter can be used with it
  • Does not wase clean litter in disposing of the solid waste
  • Easy assembling and de-assembling
  • One-year warranty


  • Sometimes rake leaves behind the solid waste aside rather than scooping it for the first time

You can also give a glance look at

7. PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

This ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box sold by PetSafe is an Automatic Cat Box which is very easy to set up and to start using.

To increase the usability and convenient cleanup, the Disposable litter tray is to be used which is provided along with it. After the Self-Cleaning process completes, the waste gets sealed in the Waste trap tray and dumped in the Disposable tray with the help of Rake. After this process, you can throw away the Disposable Tray(which has waste) without touching scoop with your hands.

The Crystal Litter used in it has the ability to absorb cat urine and dehydrate solid waste, this prevents you from seeing any smelly waste. Also, the solid waste separated from Litter which is collected in the waste trap is covered, this smelly waste out of sight, and prevents diffusion of Odor.

Similar to the other model of Cat Box of ScoopFree, this automatic litter box model also has Safety Sensors which stops the rake from scooping while the Cat is in the Box. There is also a built-in feature of Health Counter which counts the number of times it has been used by the Cat.

To set up and start using, you get three 2 modes, one is Timer Mode, and the other is Manual mode. In the Manual mode, you simply need to press the Manual Rake Button, this will start the Self-Cleaning process. Similarly, using the timer mode button, you can set the timer to 5, 10 or 20 minutes for the Self-Cleaning Process.


  • Self-Cleaning Litter Box which separates litter from solid waste
  • Crystal Cat Litter provides more odor control in comparison to conventional clumping litter
  • Safety sensors installed to ensure the separation process doesn’t happen when the cat is inside the box
  • No manual power required for separation of Litter from Solid Waste
  • Waste is dumped in a disposable tray, so you don’t need to touch the scoop, simply throw away the disposable tray


  • No Privacy Hood provided
  • High maintenance cost compared to traditional litter boxes

8. Littermaid Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Littermaid Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

In your busy schedule not getting time to clean your kitty’s litter box? No worry!

We have a recommendation for you check out Self-Cleaning Litter Box by Littermaid. It is designed for single cat usage and has automatic scooping with a rake to clean the waste.

If this automatic litter box is used as directed then no need to look after the mess, and you can have scoop-free day for a week. Once the rake removes the waste, the carbon filters helps to prevent the mess and odor for clean surrounding.

Furthermore, it is designed in such a way that has high walls which helps to prevent litter scattering and paw cleaning ramp is also there so that your carpet will not get spoiled.


  • The high walls prevent litter scattering
  • The paw ramp clean your kitty’s paw before she left he box
  • Includes automatic scooping, so no need to clean the box for at least a week.
  • Carbon filters heps to prevent odor and mess
  • Includes smart detection motion sensor


  • One of the snag side of this automatic litter box is that it can only be used for single cat
  • Need space for set up of litter box

9. CatGenie 120 Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box

CatGenie 120 Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

CatGenie Cat Box is a Fully Automated Cat Litter Box with all the features of the #2 CatGenie Litter Box with few more benefits and different product dimensions and weight. The Cat Genie 120 Self-Washing, Self-Flushing Cat Box measures 26.46lbs, and measures slightly larger than #3 model with dimensions 25.8 x 22.4 x 13.84 inches.

On purchasing it from Amazon, you get 90-days money-back guarantee. And, if unluckily it is unoperational even after 90 days, then you need not worry, as you get a 2-year warranty.

It has a Self-Washing feature, so you don’t need to wash the granules manually. There are three options available for you to start the Self-Washing Process; Timer, Manual(immediate), and Cat Activation.

Similar to the other model from CatGenie, this model also uses Litter-like washable granules. The washable granules can be used indefinitely and never needs to be changed. The moisture-absorbing properties of its granules are retained as after every cleaning process a hot-air blower completely dries it.

For the Auto-Washing purpose of the Cat Box and Granules, SaniSolution is used. You get one pack of SaniSolution when you purchase it. This SaniSolution Cartridge is bio-degradable and recyclable which completely decontaminates everything it cleans. Also, it adds a pleasant smell to the Cat Box, which cuts off any odor if remaining.

The Auto-Cleaning feature not only separates the waste from the Litter, but it also liquidizes the solid waste so that it can be easily removed and flushed through the pipe to drainage.

Just like the other CatGenie model, this automatic litter box also does not include Privacy Hood with it. So, if you want to consider more privacy for your Feline, then you may purchase a separate Privacy Hood for your Cat.


  • Fully Automated, Self Cleaning, Self Washing, Self Washing, Self Flushing Cat Box
  • Washable Granules never needs to be changed
  • Large Size
  • Dust-free litter-like granules used
  • DIY Setup, with all accessories included


  • Does not include Privacy Hood

If your feline has an allergic issue we recommend you to refer to our blog on cat litter for allergy sufferers & cat litter for asthmatic cats.

10. PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

The Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box from PetSafe is a low power consumption Automatic Cat Box of moderate price. It has a simple and minimalistic design which makes it easy to use and clean.

It is suitable for cats weighing up to 15 pounds which is enough for even some of the large cats but not for large cat breeds that weigh more than 15 pounds. It weighs around 12 pounds and it measures 26 x 19 x 10 inches.

It is power-based and can be directly plugged into a standard wall outlet. You also get a 6-foot long cord for the same, so you can easily connect it to the power supply even if it is far from the wall outlet.

You not only get this at competitive prices, but you also get a 1-year warranty from PetSafe when you purchase it from Amazon. Also, there are two variants available, one is “New” & “Original”, the “Original” version is comparatively of a lesser cost than “Original” version.

The mechanism is very simple, to make it operational, you don’t need need to make any settings or any adjustments, simply fill-up with litter and plug-in to the power source to start using it. The box keeps on spinning with the help of a lower power consuming motor at the speed of one complete rotation per hour which takes up the solid waste to the conveyor belt and dumps to the waste bin.


  • Scoops cat feces from litter and dumps in the waste bin on its own
  • Covered waste bin restricts the diffusion of the odor of the collected waste
  • Less clumping required than conventional Litter Boxes


  • Few users report that the box stops spinning after using it for a few months

If you are not willing to spend much and do not have any problem in manual operations like rolling then Self Cleaning Litter Boxes can come to a great choice for you. Here are the 5 best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes curated by reviewing more than 40 of them.

11. Le You Pet Semi-Automatic Quick Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Le you Pet Semi Automatic Quick Cleaning Cat Litter Box

The Semi-Automatic Quick Cleaning Cat Litter Box sold by Le You Pet is a Self Cleaning. It uses a different design as compared to other Semi-Automatic Cat boxes which make it more simpler and easy to use for the self scooping process.

In the Conventional Cat Boxes, as you are required to roll the entire box for the self scooping process, so it requires some efforts to do the same. But in this one, the process is made simpler by attaching it to a stand in which the box can be rotated. This makes the Self-Cleaning process easier, as you don’t need to move it, because it can rotate on its stand itself. Once you roll the box, it separates Litter from the Solid Waste on its own.

As the grate is designed in such a way that you can use Slide Litter or any other type of Clumping Litter. Similar to other Cat Boxes, you need to fill this one up to the marker shown in the Litter Pan. After the Self-Cleaning process, Litter moves in the area beside Separation Grid, which can be refilled in the Litter Pan by rolling it down in the reverse direction.

It is 21.6 x 19.1 x 10 inches which makes it large enough for a Cat weighing 18 Pounds. Also, it weighs 6.8 pounds so you can easily place it anywhere as it is very easy to lift.


  • No Electricity Required
  • Easy manual operation of rolling compared to conventional Boxes
  • Larger Size
  • Improved Design which increases usability
  • Quick Self-Cleaning


  • Manual efforts required for Self-Scooping Process
  • No Privacy Hood
  • Requires Assembling

12. Roll n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box

Roll-n-Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box

Omega Paw’s Self-Cleaning Roll n Clean Litter Box is a Semi-Automatic non-electric Cat Box. As it is Non-electric, so you need to manually roll it. After one complete rotation, the solid waste will be separated from the litter and will be collected in the waste collector pullout.

You need not worry about power consumption by using it, as it does not require any electricity or batteries to operate. All you need is to fill the box with Clumping or Silica Litter and then let your Feline start using it.

The litter compartment design is made such that it requires less litter. The overall weight is 6.61 pounds and it measures 23x19x18.5 inches. With these dimensions, it is ideal for big cats as well. A smaller size is also available which is of 4 pounds and measures 17x20x18 inches.

It is made up of very tough material which is hard to break, so it won’t shatter while rolling, or while it is used by your cat. This improves the life of this product and will easily last long for years.

Furthermore, you need to manually roll it to separate Cat’s poop from Litter. If you anytime forget to roll the box after your Feline has used it, and your cat reenters into it again, then your cat might stick its own poop to her. To prevent this, you can either maintain a regular rolling of the Cat Box once that cat has acclaimed it and then throw the scoop from the waste bin tray, or you can also buy a Fully Automated Cat Box and then stop worrying about the manual processes.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • No Electricity required
  • Larger Size
  • Less cat litter requires
  • Litter Pan works with clamping as well as Silica Litter


  • You need to manually roll the Cat Box for scooping
  • Require assembling

13. Catit SmartSift Litter Box

Catit SmartSift Litter Box

If the manual rolling of the Self-Cleaning litter boxes seems to be hectic or tedious to you, then you need to purchase the Catit SmartSift Litter Box. To separate the waste from litter, simply pull the lever and the feces will be dropped in the waste collector tray on its own.

Its enclosed design provides privacy to your cat and at the same time controls odor. The entry flap also remains closed unless the cat enters or exits it which also prevents odor from diffusing out.

Fewer effort is required in the separation process as compared to the conventional Self Cleaning Litter Boxes. The lever helps in self scooping of the litter, so you never need to touch the scoop.


  • Innovative feature, scooping is carried out by pulling lever
  • No need of rolling entire Litter Box
  • Sealed design provides privacy and controls odor
  • Low litter tracking
  • Suitable for cats of all size


  • Clumps stick to the pan if not cleaned frequently
  • Makes noise while operating

14. Our Pets Kitty Potty Cat Litter Box Kit

Our Pets Kitty Potty Cat Litter Box Kit

The last product in our Self Cleaning Litter Box is from “Our Pets” Brand. It uses a very unique concept for waste removal. The amount of litter required for every use will be very less.

A litter compartment box is provided on the top of it which releases the required amount of litter with the help of a movable slit window. It also has Odor-Absorbing Carbon Filter which restricts odor from spreading into the room.

As this Cat Litter Box uses an entirely different system, so it also might not be suitable for every pet. Few felines would not get used to it very early. Also, the quality is not up to the mark for the price that you for this product.


  • Improved and innovative waste removal system
  • Odor-Absorbing Carbon Filter
  • Includes 4 Universal No-Touch Waste Bags


  • Few users report that their cats do not prefer to use this Litter Box

15. Leo’s Loo Too No Mess Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Leo’s Loo Too No Mess Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

We have cool recommendation of automatic litter box which can match with your house interior and no one will know it’s litter box. Check out Leo’s Loo Too Self-Cleanng Litter box by Smarty Pear. It not only give smart look but also free you from cleaning the litter box on regular basis.

As name suggest it include self cleaning sensor which separate waste from clean litter and dispose it off in a waste drawer after every usage. Also includes ultra-quiet sifting which make less noise while cleaning the waste.

It also include health sensor which help in keeping track of your kitty’s health and this device can be used remotely.


  • You can remotely control and operate your kitty’s litter box even from different location
  • All the parts can be disassemble so you can clean the box easily
  • Includes odor eliminator which helps to keep the surrounding fresh and hygenic
  • It has large waste drawers


  • Majority cats prefer open litter box so their are chances that your kitty won’t adapt the change easily
  • It has dome shape structure so their are chances that sensitive cats won’t use it because of darkness

Buyer’s Guide

Getting confused in selecting the right product for you. Unable to decide what factors to consider while purchasing an Automatic Cat Litter Box. Read this Buyer’s Guide to make a perfect selection of Self Cleaning Cat Box for your Feline.

  • Budget

Yes! First and foremost you need to decide your budget. You have to decide how much money you will put in purchasing the Cat Litter Box. One simple rule is, if you are ready to pay a higher amount, then you will get a fully Automated Litter Box.

A non-electric Cat Box of standard quality will cost you around $30. But in the case, you will be required to manually roll the box to separate solid waste from litter. Once it is separated, it can be collected in dumping tray, and then you have to manually throw i.

Similarly, in the case of Fully Automated Litter Box, the solid waste will be separated from the litter on its own. But for full automation, you’ll have to pay a higher amount. Most of them range from the price $200 to $500. So, if you have a higher budget, then you can go for a Fully Automated Cat Box.

  • Size

Once you have decided the budget, now you need to match the size of your Cat and Self Cleaning Litter Box. Generally, for any budget, many variants of sizes would be available. It should be large enough so that your Cat can easily get into it.

  • Multiple Cats

If you have more than one Pet Cat at your home, then you have to make the selection of Cat Box accordingly. Generally, a Litter Box of larger size would be okay for multiple Cats, as its capacity would be high. So before purchasing it, be sure by check the number of cats it can be used conveniently with.

  • Mode of operation

There are various ways in which a Self Cleaning Litter Box may work. It can be either Power Operated and Manually Operated. Manually operated Cat Box will be semi-automatic in nature, and you will be required to manually rotate it to separate waste from Litter.

The Power Operated Self Cleaning Cat box will have two features; Chargeable Batter based & Power Adaptor based. If you are living in an area that gets frequent power cuts, then you should go for Chargeable Battery Based Self Cleaning Litter Box. And, if you get an uninterrupted power supply then you can purchase a Power Adaptor based Litter Box.

The Power Operated Automatic Litter Box will further have two criteria to choose from. In one of the Cat Box, the Solid Waste will be separated and dumped in a Waste Collector tray. In another type of Self Cleaning Cat Box, the solid waste will be liquidized and flushed into the drain.

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Self Cleaning Litter Box v/s Automatic Litter Box, are they different?

The category of Automatic Litter Box is very general, however, it represents a different group of Litter Box. Automatic Litter Box does not require any manual effort for the process of separation of Solid waste (Scooping) from Litter. They require batteries or electricity (AC power adapter) to operate.

On the other side, Self Cleaning Litter Box is a very specific class, the difference between these two is, you don’t require to clean it, as it will do this job on its own.

Want to know what is the best cat litter for multiple cats? Here you go, if you are having multiple cats at home then you should surely check out the article for complete information.

What are the different types of Cat Litter Box?

Based on the method of cleaning used it can be described in two types; Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box and Simple Litter Pan Cat Box.

In Litter Pan Cat Boxes, there are only two apparatuses, one is the Litter Pan, and the other is Litter Scoop which is used to separate the solid waste from Litter with the help of your Hands. All the processes required in the scooping and cleaning are to be done manually in this type of Cat Litter Box.

  • Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

The Self-Cleaning Litter Box is the best alternative to the conventional litter pan.

Self-cleaning Litter Box does not require manually scooping the waste from litter by your hands. The process of scooping is made by the apparatus used in the Self-Cleaning Cat Boxes. Although you don’t need to scoop the solid waste using your hands, you have to manually roll it for the separation process of the Solid Waste from Litter.

  • Automatic Litter Box

The Automatic Litter Box is made in such a way that you will not be required to pick up the litter with your Hands. It separates the litter from waste without the need to manually roll the Litter Box. The operation of the separation of Solid Waste from Litter is carried out using an electrically powered motor.

The higher and advanced versions of Automatic Litter Box have self-cleaning and self-flushing features. It will dispose of the solid waste in the Waste Collector Drawer on its own. The self-flushing feature liquidizes the Solid Waste and flushes into the Laundry Drain.


There are a few precautions which you should take before you start using a Cat Litter, or if you are already using a Cat Litter still you should remember these points so that there’s no mishap with your Feline.

If you are planning to buy a Power Operated Cat Litter Box, then make sure that you disconnect it from the power supply before de-assembling it for servicing, maintenance or cleaning.


What do the terms Self-Washing, Self-Flushing mean?

Fully Automated Cat Litter Boxes that have the ability to liquidize the Solid Waste and flush them to the drain using Pipe is referred to as the self-flushing feature.

In the same manner, when the cleaning process of solid waste from litter is complete a solution mixed with water washes up the Granules and Litter Pan and decontaminates it, this is Self-Washing Feature.

Where should I place the automatic litter box?

The best place to keep the Litter Box is where you used to keep it before, as your Feline will be already used to that Place.

If you are purchasing a Litter Box for the first time, and it has Self-washing and Self-flushing features, then you should place it near the toilet or laundry, as it needs to be connected to the cold water outlet and drainage pipe. Cat Boxes other than this can be placed at any place which is easily accessible to Cats should not be in your routine area.

How will my Cat acclimatize to Litter Box?

Your cat will get used to Litter Box either instinctively or by training. Once your cat is used to it, then you will be never required to scoop the litter with hands.

If your Cat is already used to Litter Box and you bought a new one, then keeping it at the same place where you used to place another one will do the work. If your cat is not getting used to the New one, then use the old Litter which you used in the previous one, this will acclimatize your Cat to new Litter Box.

But, if your cat is new to Litter Box then it might take some time for your feline to get used to it. If your cat still does not use it, then try mixing the litter with sand or soft soil, this will definitely do the work.

Should I buy Litter Box with Privacy Hood?

Whether you should buy a Litter Box with Privacy Hood or not depends upon your Cat, and the place where you keep it. If your cat is comfortable in using an open Litter Box then you need not use a Privacy Hood. However, if your cat hesitates in using the open Litter Box then either buy an external Privacy Hood or buy a new Litter Box which already has a Privacy Hood in it.

In the same manner, if you are keeping the Litter Box in the Bathroom then it is not necessary to use external Privacy Hood with it, as the bathroom will already give your Feline enough privacy. However, if you want to keep it at a place that is open then it is the right choice to buy an external privacy hood or Litter Box which already has a Privacy Hood.

Which Litter should I use for the Litter Box?

Your selection of Litter depends upon the type of Litter Box. Generally, the Litter which can be used with the Litter Box is mentioned on it. However, Clumping Litter can be used in most of the self-cleaning or automatic Litter Boxes.

Litter Boxes which are Self-Washing use Litter-like washable granules that are not required to be changed as they can be re-used. After the cleaning process is completed the washable granules are washed with a solution that decontaminates it, then after hot-air blower dries it which makes it fresh as before to be used.

The Final Note

A Cat Litter box is a very necessary appliance for you if you have a pet cat at your home. Also, if you don’t want to put daily efforts in throwing the scoop with your hands, then you must buy an automatic litter box or self-cleaning litter box for your feline.

Another strong reason for buying a Fully-automated Cat Litter box is that although it would cost you higher than conventional Litter Boxes, the benefits like washable granules, Self-flushing, Self-washing, and full automation will be worth the money you pay.

I hope that you got complete information on the Self-Cleaning Litter Box and found the product of your choice.

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