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How to Use Crystal Cat Litter?

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Do you know how to use crystal cat litter? If no then read this post now!

There are pros and cons of crystal cat litter. Focusing on pros, crystal cat litter is light weighted, low in tracking, and good for the hygiene of your cat.

It is easy to use, has an effective moisture lock technique, and is dust-free. The con is it is not environmentally friendly, can cause health issues to humans and animals if disposed of in the soil.

It is your choice either use it or not! We have described all steps on how to use crystal cat litter in this article. You can read it and apply.

how to use crystal cat litter

How to Use Crystal Cat Litter?

We have shared some tips below.

use crystal cat litter

1. Keep the Litter Box in a Private Place

Cat’s demand privacy when they eliminate. So, if you don’t know how to use crystal cat litter, the first step is to put her litter box in a private space where she can calmly defecate in peace.

Cats want security; it is their natural instinct that comes from their ancestors. When you place a litter box, make sure it is placed in a calm and low-traffic area. They should not feel vulnerable while doing their toilet business.

2. Ensure the Quantity

It is best recommended to fill the cat litter box between one and a half to two inches. This will prevent urine from reaching the bottom of the box.

ensure the quantity

You can get Fresh Step brands Premium Crystals Cat Litter product to your house. It has odor control properties that keep it five times fresh. The crystal locks the urine quickly.

Is your cat fond of digging in the litter box? In that case, you should put extra litter in her box around 2 inches so that it locks the liquid and prevent it from reaching the bottom of the floor.

Make sure the quantity is right enough for your cat. A huge amount of litter has a higher chance of spilling.

3. Slowly Introduce to Silica Gel Crystals Cat Litter

Well, now it’s time to change the litter with a new litter.

Cats don’t appreciate sudden change. They take time to accept different litter types. So, when you plan to use Silica Gel Crystals Cat Litter, make sure you keep the transition at a slow pace.


Mix your new pro-sense crystal silica litter with your old clay litter. Gradually after time being increase the quantity of the crystal litter and reduce the quantity of old litter. In this way, she will get rid of old litter without any issue.

4. Regularly Twitch the Litter

Most of the cat owners complain that crystal cat litter smells a lot. This is because silica gel is made of absorbent sponge particles. And, when it absorbs the urine, it releases the moisture, but it doesn’t lock the odor.

So, the smell of the urine passes in the air and makes your household stuff smelly.

Therefore, twitching litter in the litter box is important.

A good idea to control bad odor is to make sure you daily stir the litter and keep that in a ventilated room so that the crystal can get evaporated. Also, by doing this, your kitty litter box crystals will lock more liquid.

5. Remove Solid Waste

Hygiene is essential; therefore, make sure you remove all solid waste from your cat litter.

remove waste

Once the kitty is done peeing and defecating, make sure you regularly remove solid waste from the litter box as it can become dirty and very smelly.

6. Have Tolerance

Bear in mind your cat will learn things slowly; it will take time for her to accept the change. Therefore, have patience and always praise your cat when she uses crystal cat litter.

7. Regularly Change Crystal Cat Litter

You must know how often to change cat litter crystals!

There will come a point when crystals no longer absorb the moisture and the bad smell. So, it is vital that you know the saturation point.

Check the following points to determine the cat litter saturation point.

  • If the color is changing into yellow color, or it has become tan that means it’s time to clean the litter from the box.
  • Some blue crystal litter vanishes and gets dim over sometime. At that point, remember todispose of used feline litter.
  • The lifespan of crystal litter varies from a week to a month. It also depends on the number of furry friend who share a single litter box.

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If you question yourself, How to Use Crystal Cat Litter? Then you can read the article above and make the application.

In case your cat is suffering from diarrhea, make sure you put extra litter in the box because you may end up removing a lot of kitty litter crystals.

PRECAUTION: Don’t dispose of used cat litter in your toilet!


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