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Ragamuffin Cat: Common Colors & Patterns

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The Ragamuffin cats are a very much active and fun-loving breed. Their company adds joy to the gloomy time, and their chubby body gives them a cute look.

Ragamuffin felines easily get jell up with family members, children, and other pets.

If you are thinking to add this beautiful cat as your family member, then you landed on the right page.

Scroll down and check out the ragamuffin cat colors coat and pattern for better knowledge.

ragamuffin cat colors

What Colors Do Ragamuffin Comes In?

Ragamuffin cats are available in many colors and patterns. They have a very soft longhair coat and plus these attractive colors add a spark to their personality. We have highlighted the most popular colors as well as common colors you will get to see in ragamuffins cat breeds.

Without wasting time, let’s find out the colors and how it gives an attractive look.

Most Popular Colors

1. Black

Black is one of the most popular colors you will notice in the ragamuffin cat breed. They have a very dense black shade from top to bottom and a slightly smoky look undercoat.

black ragamuffin cat color

This color gives a classy look with those black leather noses and paw pads are of also black or brownish shade which adds an extra attractive look to their personality.

2. Blue

You will also be able to see ragamuffin cat breed in blue shade. They have the same color from head to tip in a typical blue shade.

blue ragamuffin cat

If we talk about their nose and paw pads shade, it is also of blue color.

3. Chocolate

Ragamuffin cat breed of chocolate shade has top to bottom have chocolate warm shade and no patches or marking on their coat.

cholocate ragamuffin cat color

The nose is of brown leather look and paw pads are of brick or brown color.

4. Cream

They have a shade of buff cream and marking on their coat.

cream ragamuffin cat color

If we talk about nose look it has a pink leather color look and paw pads are of ink shade.

5. Fawn

You can see ragamuffin cat breed in fawn color.

fawn ragamuffin cat color

They have pale pinkish fawn shade all over their body, the nose is of leather shade and paw pads have typical fawn color.

6. White

It is also one of the most popular colors you will get to see in the ragamuffin cat breed.

white ragamuffin cat color

Felines with white texture coats have shining coat texture, which gives them an adorable look. The ragamuffin cat breed nose is of a leather shade and if we talk about their paws they are of pink shade.

Common Colors and Patterns

1. Tortoiseshell

This coat falls under the solid shade family, ragamuffin cats with tortoiseshell coats have a mixture of two colors. Generally, they have a chocolate and cinnamon combination color coat.

tortoiseshell ragmuffin cat pattern

If you observe closely, you will notice that ragamuffin cats with tortoiseshell have darker color on the face as compared to the color tone on their nose area.

However, it’s been observed that not all ragamuffin cats with tortoiseshell coats have darker colors on their face.

2. Solid

Another common color, you will notice in the Ragamuffin breed, is solid ones. They have one color coat all over the body, just like tortoiseshell. Generally, have a mixture of red and grey colors.

solid ragamuffin cat pattern

However, there are chances that you will notice the white color on the belly and paw area in some ragamuffin cat breed of solid colors.

3. Tabby

Ragamuffin cat with the tabby coat is one of the common color patterns.

tabby ragamuffin cat pattern

You can notice this pattern in other breeds also. It’s not the patches, just a marking, or strips, which you can find on their body. Especially, on the forehead, if you notice carefully, you will observe that those strips resemble the letter “M” on their forehead.

4. Mink

You will not easily find this combo of ragamuffin cats with mink coats. They have a very smoother coat, in other words, you can call them cuddly feline teddy bears. Furthermore, no marks or patches are there on their coat, giving a subtle smooth look.

mink ragamuffin cat

In addition, these feline breeds have very pretty aqua eye color, which adds a spark to their personality.

5. Bi-color

The Ragamuffin cat with bi-color means that she has patches of one color on her coat. Basically, you will find this combination on white color ragamuffin cats.

bi-color ragamuffin pattern

Plus black color patches are more on the head, tail, face, back. Furthermore, they have a white color belly, and it’s easy to find out Bi-color Ragamuffin cat breed.

6. Tuxedo

It’s just like a bi-color coat. The difference is that it gives much like a formal tuxedo look. Generally, black ragamuffin cats have this tuxedo-type coat.

tuxedo ragamuffin cat color

If you observe closely, you will notice that it has white trimming that gives her a complete formal tuxedo look.


Ragamuffin cats are fluffy, and they are more like teddy bears, with soft fluffy coats. Especially, children enjoy their company.

As we have discussed in this blog, they come in almost all types of colors. If after reading our blog, you get a second thought of buying this cute breed, then before buying once again refer to our ragamuffin cat colors section and make your decision.


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