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Toyger Cat Information: Facts and Pictures

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Did you know Toyger is a mixed breed?

Yes, Toyger is a mixed breed of Bengal breed and Domestic shorthair tabbies. Toygers are medium in size with a long muscular body look and inverted heart-shaped face. They look like a tiger with those marks on their coat but they don’t have any such wild habits in their genetics.

Toyger Cat Information

They belong to the sweet, calm, and affection category, plus they are super active in nature as well as love to carry out physical activities, and play with their owners, beloved ones. In fact, they easily get jell up with other pets as well and if any stranger comes to your place they will play with them.

We have collected some information about Toyger it will help you to gain better knowledge before making them part of your family. If you already parenting, then also it is a helpful informative blog for you to explore facts about your beloved one.

Height9-13 Inches
Weight7-15 Pound
Lifespan9-13 Years
IntelligenceHigh Level
TemperamentAffectionate, Sociable
Activity LevelCalm
SheddingNormal Amount
Coat LengthShort Length
ColorsChocolate, Brown, Sable
Other TraitsEasy to train, and friendly with children and other pets

Fascinating Facts About Toyger

TICA states, “Toyger is a rare breed that combines the look of a tiger with the easygoing nature of a domestic cat. The Toyger has a sweet, calm personality and generally gets along with everyone. Their laid-back but interested personalities make them easy to live with beloved members of their households.

Fascinating Facts About Toyger

Toygers are a friendly and outgoing breed with exotic personalities, they are well trained and disciplined also so you can easily left them alone at home for a while.[1]

  1. Toygers Are Small Versions of Large Cats
  2. Not Officially Recognized by CFA
  3. Develops From Multiple Cat Breeds

Important Key Points to Be Know Before Buying Toyger Breed

Before bringing Toyger cats to your home it’s important to have fruitful knowledge regarding her for easy parenting. In the above paragraphs, we have discussed the facts, now let’s explore the key factors to look.

Every breed’s living style is different from one another, similarly, Toyger has some factors different from other breeds. Let’s explore the key points for better knowledge.

Here’s a suggestion for you, before bringing her home spend a few days with her and see whether you can easily parent them or not.

1. Grooming

As per TICA,Grooming the Toyger is relatively simple, and much safer than grooming a tiger. Brush or comb them occasionally for most of the year, and once a day during their short shedding seasons to keep fur on the brush rather than the furniture.


Toyger cats do not have messy long fur they have short manageable fur, which you can easily untangle. In fact, during petting time you can easily give a brush up to your feline pal to keep it tidy, and brushing on weekly basis will help you to keep her coat free from any parasites and healthy.

Apart from the coat, cleaning their ears on regular basis is also good, and her nails should also be trimmed well. For nail trimming, you can offer her a scratching post also, it will help to keep it sharp and trimmed.

2. Nutrition Requirement

Just like other breeds Toyger cats also require the same balanced diet. In which animal-based are the main ingredients, followed by other hygienic nutrients ingredients for better function of the body.

Nutrition Requirement

It is suggested that you can feed both dry and wet food to your Toyger cat. During the daytime you can feed them dry kibble it will keep their stomach heavy, and at night serve them wet food for a different taste.

Here’s some advice for you since Toygers are active cats so don’t feed them unnecessarily because being overweight is not good for them. So, they won’t be able to jump, climb and do their physical activities, which will make them feel low and restless.

3. Common Health Problems

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy states, “The Toyger is generally a healthy cat. There are no diseases specific to the breed and they have no health problems related to their conformation. Breeders should take care to select against cow hocks which crop up occasionally.

Common Health Problems

Toyger cats are a new breed and it’s true they don’t have many health issues, only genetic health issues have been diagnosed. But still, you have to be careful with her health, and take her for regular vet clinic visits. To keep her health record on track, and avoid any future health consequences.

4. Living Needs

Now you must have an idea, Toyger cats are friendly they enjoy other pets as well as humans’ company, and easily jell up with children. They are a hyperactive breed, apart from getting a healthy diet they require physical activity to keep themselves active and healthy.

So, it is suggested to keep all activity toys at home. On regular basis keep playing sessions with your feline pal this will help them to stay physically fit and will give her mental satisfaction.

5. Training

One of the best key factors about Toygers is that they are excellent learners, their learning skills are far better as compared to other breeds. Plus, they love interacting with owners, children, as well as other pets.


So, if you are planning to bring the Toyger cat home, make sure you provide her with interesting short training sessions. They will surely enjoy it, and if you keep on rewarding them for their good work they will take more interest in learning, and playing sessions.

6. Care

Toyger cats are athletic and friendly, they like doing physical activities and keep themselves busy. They even enjoy going outside for a walk or jumping in the lawn area, so it is suggested to always keep toys at home for your Toyger cat.


For instance, keep cat trees or climbing stairs for them so that they can easily climb or jump from one place to another. In fact, these climbing tools can be used for easy access to furniture, high-level bed, etc.

If you take your Toyger cat outside for a walk, then make sure you are using a high-quality leash or harness. This is because Toyger cats are hyperactive so you can supervise carefully all outside sessions.

Apart from taking care of her physical activities, it is also necessary to keep a track of her health records also by visiting the vet for regular check-ups.

General FAQs About Toyger

What’s the price of Toyger?

Toyger cats are expensive at the center as compared to other breeds. If you plan to buy it from an adoption or care center then it will cost you something around $500-$1000.

Do Toyger cats get along with children and other pets?

Yes, Toyger cats are a friendly breed, and they easily jell up with children and other pets.

How much do Toygers shed?

Well, Toyger cats do shed a lot, you can see their fur on your carpet, bed, couches, floor, etc. To control their hair loss, you need to give her regular brushing at least twice a week. Plus, it will help you to maintain her coat and will give her a fresh look.

How do you take care of Toyger?

Toyger cats are active indoor cats, they are good learners and adapt to things faster as compared to other breeds. It’s easy to train Toyger cats, because of their high adapting skills, so you don’t need to worry much, and their playtime can be adequate exercise time for them.


Toyger is a mixed breed and friendly one, with those attractive marks on their coat, which gives you remind of mini tigers.

Plus, they are hyperactive and like to do physical activities, play with their beloved ones, go on a walk, jump from one corner to another, etc. Along with activeness, they are a loyal, affectionate breed that makes a great choice to be a part of the family.

In addition, Toyger cats are intelligent and they easily learn new tricks, and rules, in other words, they are great learners and enjoy their training sessions. This skill makes them unique as you don’t have to worry much when you leave them home alone or even take them for a walk.

Moreover, Toygers belong to a healthy family breed they don’t have major health issues, only a few genetic issues are there which you need to take care of.

So, if you are planning to parent a Toyger go ahead you will surely love parenting such a smart breed. And they have eye-catching personalities with shiny design coats.


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