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500+ Cute Twin Cat Names to Call Your Kitties

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Being a cat parent of twin cats is special. Not only do you have double cuteness, but also double fun.

So, you are a new cat parent of twin cats, or you might have just adopted two kittens at once. How about starting kitten parenthood with some cute and appealing names for your fur babies?

Whether it is a brother cat duo or a sister cat duo or even a brother-sister duo, we have the best twin cat names for your furry duo!

Below, find the most popular twin cat names for both male and female cats.

Top 10 Popular Twin Male Cat Names

Start with these top ten popular names for twin male cats.

  • Aiden and Caden
  • Barrett and Jarrett
  • Blake and Jake
  • Brandon and Landon
  • Daniel and Nathaniel
  • Ian and Ryan
  • Jayden and Kayden
  • Jeremiah and Josiah
  • John and Shaun
  • Miles and Niall

Top 10 Popular Twin Female Cat Names

You might want your twins’ names to fit well together, and if you have twin female cats, these ten popular names can give you a good start.

  • Addison and Madison
  • Amanda and Miranda
  • Annabella and Isabella
  • Arianna and Brianna
  • Bernice and Denise
  • Jessa and Tessa
  • Kylie and Miley
  • Mia and Lea
  • Nora and Cora
  • Sadie and Katie

Top 10 Popular Twin Brother-Sister Cat Names

Along with male twin cat names and female twin cat names, here are some popular twin cat names for those cat parents who have a brother and sister cat duo.

  • Chloe and Sam
  • Abbie and Freddie
  • Lily and Kyle
  • Leah and Zachariah
  • Molly and Nick
  • Sara and Mark
  • Jess and Jake
  • Emma and Eddie
  • Belle and Bert
  • Aidan and Abigail

Unique Twin Sister Cat Names

If your mommy cat recently gave birth to two female twins, get ready for getting twice of everything — not to mention two unique names for your female cats.

unique twin sister cat names
Abbie and GabyEmma and EllaLaura and LanaRachel and Rosie
Abigail and AmyEmma and GemmaLauren and LeslieRose and Ruby
Addison and AveryFaith and FrancesLeah and MiaSadie and Sasha
Aida and AvaFiona and FreyaLily and LibertySamantha and Stella
Amelia and AvaFlora and FelicityLily and MillieSara and Cara
Anna and AuroraFrancesca and FridaMackenzie and MadisonSavannah and Scarlett
Anne and AriaGabriella and GraceMary and MargaretSienna and Sophia
Bailey and BellaGabriella and IsabellaMaya and MiaSierra and Summer
Barbara and BiancaGemma and GeorgiaMegan and MillieStacey and Gracie
Beatrice and BethanyGenevieve and GwenMelissa and MorganTamara and Tess
Belle and ElleGiselle and GretchenMelody and MadeleineThea and Tessa
Brooke and BridgetHailey and HannahMolly and PollyTracey and Theresa
Callie and CamillaHarper and HollyNadia and NataliaTrinity and Tiffany
Cara and CeciliaHazel and HeidiNaomi and NevaehUma and Ursula
Charlotte and ClaraHelen and HopeNatalie and NicoleUna and Ula
Chloe and CoraIndira and IndiaNora and NatashaValentina and Valeria
Chloe and ZoeIris and IvyOlive and OpheliaValerie and Violet
Claire and ClarissaIsla and IsabelleOlivia and OdetteVera and Vivian
Dakota and DaniellaJade and JacindaPaige and PaytonVictoria and Vanessa
Danielle and DaisyJess and TessPaula and PoppyWendy and Willa
Darcy and DianaJessica and JemmaPenelope and PearlWhitney and Wren
Deborah and DelilahJosie and JacquelinePhoebe and PalomaWillow and Winona
Eleanor and EvieKatie and KaylaPiper and ParisXabrina and Xandra
Eliza and EveKeira and KylieQuinn and QuellaYana and Yvonne
Elizabeth and EmilyKitty and KendraRachael and RebeccaYasmine and Yvette
Emilia and Erin

Cool Twin Brother Cat Names

If you have twin brother cats and want to pick a name for the pair, you may want the names to rhyme or have a special theme. Below are cool twin brother cat names that you can take some inspiration from!

cool twin brother cat names
Abbott & CostelloCurtis and CooperGarrett and GrahamKingston and Kent
Abercrombie & FitchDaniel and DavidGeorge and GavinKyle and Lyle
Aidan and HaydenDaniel and MichaelGin & TonicLenny & Squiggy
Aiden and AaronDaniel and SamuelGrant and GregoryLeo and Logan
Aiden and EthanDave & BusterHank and HaydenLewis and Levi
Alex and AndrewDavid and DouglasHarrison and HunterLiam and Lucas
Alex and AustinDavis and DamianHarry and HarveyLouis and Luke
Alexander and BenjaminDominic and DuncanHenry and HectorMaddox and Milo
Alexander and NicholasDylan and DarrenHudson and HarlowMarcus and Matthew
Alexander and WilliamEddie and FreddieIan and IvanMario & Luigi
Alistair and AaronEli and EdgarIbrahim and IsaiahMark and Mason
Andrew and AnthonyElijah and IsaiahIsaac and IsaiahMatt and Max
Benjamin and BertieElliott and EvanIsaiah and JeremiahMatthew and Ryan
Benjamin and BrianEric and DerekJack and JoeMichael and Miles
Benjamin and SamuelErnie & BertJacob & JoshuaNathan and Nicholas
Benjamin and WilliamEthan & EvanJacob and JosephNathan and Noah
Bert and KurtEthan and EricJacob and LucasNeil and Norman
Brandon and BaileyEthan and NathanJake and BlakeNick and Rick
Brett and RhettEvan and OwenJake and JoshuaOliver and Oscar
Bruce and BorisEvan and RyanJames and JoelOwen and Omar
Cain & AbelFelix and FrederickJeremiah and ZachariahPaul and Saul
Caleb and JoshuaFrank and FinnJohn and JoeRomulus & Remus
Callum and CarlFrankie & JohnnieJonathan and JacksonRonnie & Reggie
Carl and CalvinFranklin and FisherKai and KyleSam and Cam
Christopher and CraigGabriel and GraysonKevin and KyleSmokey & Bandit
Christopher and NicholasTaylor and Tyler
Clark and MarkWallace & Grommet
Craig and Charlie

Cute Twin Brother and Sister Cat Names

These cute twin brother and sister cat names are a perfect match. Which one is your favorite?

cute twin brother and sister cat names
Abigail and BenjaminDouglas and DaisyHayley and BaileyMiles and Millie
Abigail and JacobDuncan and DanielaHudson and JudsonMillie and Billy
Abigail/Abbie and AlexDylan and DakotaIan and IvyMilo and Melody
Addison and JacksonDylan and GillianIsaac and IsabellaMolly and Oliver
Aiden and EmmaEli and EllaIsaiah and MayaNathan and Naomi
Alexander and SophiaElijah and EvieIvan and IrisNeil and Nicole
Amy and AnthonyElizabeth and WilliamJacob and JemmaNicholas and Natasha
Andrew and AmeliaElla and JacksonJacob and OliviaNicholas and Sophia
Andrew and EmmaElliott and EmilyJacob and SarahNoah and Nora
Annabelle and LeonardEmily and MatthewJade and WadeNoah and Sophia
Aurora and AustionEmma and JackJake and JessicaOliver and Olivia
Ava and AidenEmma and JacobJoseph and JadeOllie and Mollie
Beatrice and BrandonEmma and JamesJoshua and JosieOscar and Odette
Ben and BellaEmma and RyanKai and KaylaOwen and Ophelia
Bensen and JensenEmma and WilliamKaren and AaronPatrick and Poppy
Bertie and BrookeEric and EleanorKate and Tate/NatePaul and Paige
Brendon and GlyndonErica and JonathanKevin and KeiraPeter and Penelope
Callum and ClaraEthan and ElizaKyle and KatiePhilip and Paula
Cameron and MatthewFelix and FrancesLaurence and FlorenceQuentin and Quinn
Camilla and ChristopherFinn and FelicityLee and BrieRay and Faye
Cara and CraigFinn and QuinnLeo and CleoRick and Vic
Charlie and ChrissyFrank and FlorenceLeo and LanaSamantha and Jake
Charlotte and CooperFreya and FrederickLiam and LauraSamuel and Pamela
Charlotte and MarkGabriel and GraceLouis and LeslieSophia and William
Chloe and ChristianGavin and GeorgiaLucas and LilyTate and Kate
Daniel and DelilahGeorge and GemmaLucille and HudsonTristan and Kristen
Danny and AnnieHank and HarperMarcus and MayaWarren and Lauren
David and DianaHarrison and HazelMarius and MartinaWilson and Allison
Dominic and DarcyHarry and CarrieMatthew and MaryWylie and Riley
Dorothy and JackHarry and HannahMax and Mia

Famous Cat Pair Names

Here’s a list of famous cat pair names that we sourced from popular TV shows and Movies. Find the best match below!

famous cat pair names
Abbott and CostelloGlenn and MaggieLeslie and AnnSawyer and Kate
Barbie & KenHannah and MarnieLorelai and RorySherlock & Holmes
Batman & RobinHarry & LoydLucy and EthelSherlock & Watson
Ben & JerryHarry and RonMary and RhodaSocrates & Plato
Bert & ErnieHolmes and WatsonMary-Kate and AshleySonny & Cher
Bert and ErnieIndiana and HenryMeredith and DerekSpongebob & Patrick
Betty and WilmaItchy & ScratchyMojo & MiloStarsky & Hutch
Blair and SerenaJ.D. and ChristopherNemo & DoryThelma & Louise
Bonnie & ClydeJack & JillNoah and AllieThelma and Louise
Bonnie and ClydeJack and DianeNorm and CliffThomas J. and Vada
Bugs & DaffyJack and RoseOlivia and ElliotTia and Tamera
Chandler and JoeyJekyll & HydeRachel and MonicaTimon & Pumba
Cher and DeeJerry and GeorgeRen & StimpyTina and Amy
Chip & DaleJim and PamRomeo & JulietTom & Jerry
Cory and ShawnKat and PatrickRon & HermioneViola and William
David & GoliathKevin and PaulRoss and RachelVivian and Edward
Felix and OscarLarry & MoeSally and HarryWalter and Jesse
Forrest and JennLaverne and ShirleySamson & DelilahWill and Carlton
Fred & BarneyLeia & KayelSansa and AryaWill and Grace
Fred and BarneySawyer and FinnZeus & Aphrodite
Fred and Ginger

Funny Twin Cat Names

Choose from one of these funny twin cat names, or use this list as a starting point to come up with your own quirky and hilarious name for your two fur babies.

funny twin cat names
Abra and CadabraFish and ChipsPopsicle and TailsStars and Stripes
Bibbity and BoppityHeckle and JecklePrincess Fussypants and Professor GassybunsTaboo and Voodoo
Big boy and Little ManHelter and SkelterProton and NeutronTango and Cash
Billy and MandyHip and HopRabble and BabbleTango and Samba
Bipsy and BugsyHoley and MoleyRazzle and DazzleThunder and Lightening
Blossom and SweetpeaHugs and KissesRollie Pollie and OllieThunder and Lightning
Bo and GoHumpty and DumptyRomulus and RemusTic and Tac
Bonnie and DonnieIggy and ZiggyRuff and TuffTiger and Lily
Bric and BracJekyll and HydeScooter and SkaterTisket and Tasket
Burger and ChipsKing and KongScorch and TorchToast and Bacon
Burger and FriesKing and QueenieSleepy and BashfulTsing and Tsang
Calm and StormKnucklehead and ChuckleheadSlice and DiceTutti and Frutti
Cheech and ChongMajor and MinorSmokie and BanditTweedledee and Tweedledum
Click and ClackMango and TangoSnicker and SnookieTwiggy and Twiglet
Cling and ClangMojo and JojoSnugglepots and CuddlepieWhosie and Whatsie
Dayman and NightmanNick and NackSpeedy and GonzalesYankee and Doodle
Double and TroubleOrangelo and LemongeloSpock and KirkZig and Zag
Dumb and DumberPip and PippySprite and TabZipper and Zip-Zip
England and WalesPoppa and MommaSquishy and PeanutZoob and Zizz
Fiesta and Siesta


We understand how exciting and overwhelming it can be when getting a new furry addition to the family. And the fun when there’s two instead of one. However, coming up with a fun and catchy name for your new cat duo can be a challenging task.

Twins certainly mean twice the joy — and twice the number of names you need to settle on. We hope you found some inspiration for twin cat names from this 500+ cute twin cat names list.

Let us know which one was your favorite in the comments below!


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