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14 Reasons Why Cats Wag Their Tails? Revealed

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Have you ever noticed your cat’s tail moving gently when you pet her?

Do you know what does that means? Well, your feline body language is trying to communicate with you by using her tail, surprised?

Reasons Why Cats Wag Their Tails

Well, there are many reasons why cats wag their tail. We have discussed all types of cat tail movements and their meaning in this article.

Side swish tail means they are in the mood to play with you, quivery tail means excitement, and fluffed up tail indicates they are scared yet ready to confront.

What Does It Mean When a Cat Wags Its Tail?

There are various reasons why cats wag their tails sometimes it indicated happiness, sometimes fear. Few times it may signify security and other time it may show they are threatened. Well, different movement will depict different emotions and meaning so let jump to learn them all now!

1. It’s Their Way of Greeting

Just like we shake hands while meeting felines also wag their tail to greet.

 It’s Their Way of Greeting

Their tail will be up in the air which indicated “hello” while they will also rub their head against other cats to say hello which is also known as allorubbing. Cats use this gesture to greet their humans too.

2. Wagging Tail Can Be a Signal of Fear

If your cat’s fur is static along with the spine it indicates she is in fear. It is also called piloerection.

It basically means your cat is feeling afraid and will now be ready for defense mood. The static fur and tail make them feel powerful and according to cat theory, they try to make themselves look bigger to scare the enemy.

Wagging Tail Can Be a Signal of Fear

Even though it won’t make any major difference, haha but for your feline friend, it works!

3. Offensive Aggression Defines Ready to Hunt

Do you know experts say aggression in cats is the second most common cat behavior problem?

Well, if your cat is aggressive you will notice that her tail will be arched in an upper direction at the base before curving down toward her legs.

Offensive Aggression Defines Ready to Hunt

If your cat’s body posture is in this position, then it’s a clear message that she is ready to pounce or strike you. So, if you come across this body language, make sure to back off straight away!

4. Expressing Her Pain

Cat tail wagging could also mean pain!

If your cat’s tail is twitching, it means she is either injured or stressed. Usually, when cats are ill or injured, they show their discomfort by twitching their tail.

Cats are experts in hindering their pain therefore, make sure to notice her tail because it is her way of crying for help!

5. Will Wag Her Tail While Sleeping

Just like our leg muscle twitches while we are sleeping cats’ tails also move when they are in deep sleep or when they are dreaming.

Will Wag Her Tail While Sleeping

But not compulsorily she will move her tail when she is deep sleeping at times when you call her she may swish her tail a little which means she is awake but wondering whether to respond to you or just simply lay down.

6. Will Wag Her Tail While Lying Down

Another reason why cats wag their tails while lying on the floor is that they are overstimulated.

Ironically they may thump their tail even when they are in a relaxing mood. If she gently swishes her tail after you stroke her hair she may want you to understand that she needs her personal space, please!

7. Wagging Tail Is a Sign of Excitement

The reason why cats wag their tails is that they are excited about something.

 Wagging Tail Is a Sign of Excitement

If her tail is up, and it is moving from the base this denotes her excitement. This often happens when you feed her favorite treat. She can also do this while marking her territory or while peeing in the litter box.

8. She Is Expressing Affection

Cats move their tail to show their affection towards you. They move their tail to tell you they love you, and they adore you.

She Is Expressing Affection

This is very rare because cats don’t show their feelings so if your cat does that you are simply being honored by them.

9. Maybe Annoyed

When they are irritated they will move their tail back and forth this is the opposite if we compare this with dogs. They are happy when they move their tail like that.

But in felines back and forth motion indicates annoyance she may do this more often when you take her to the vet for regular medical checkups or for grooming sessions.

They flick their tail to show that they do not appreciate things happening around them.

10. She Wants to Play

If your feline is feeling playful you will notice that the tail will move side to side.

At times, it becomes too confusing to understand, and you may think she is angry, but isn’t.

She Wants to Play

Basically, when your kitty is playing with toys or with others their pupil will be dilated and her ears will point in a forwarding direction this clearly means she wants to play more and more.

11. She Is Trying to Concentrate

Now, another reason why cats wag their tails could possibly be while they are trying to concentrate.

Yes, they try to deeply concentrate especially when they are watching birds outside. While focusing on them, they may even make a strange sound like chirping or chattering.

12. Maybe She Is Sad

If the tail of your feline friend is flicking down in the rapid back and forth motion this displays that she is unhappy, sad, and she wants to be alone.

 Maybe She Is Sad

During this time let her stay alone for a while after sometimes she will be okay and will come back to you.

13. Feeling Confident and Contented

When cats feel confident they wag the tip of the tail. It is pointed upward and will roam around your house. This indicates that your feline is contented and open for interaction.

14. When She Sense Security

While she is sleeping if you stroke her you will notice her tail will twitch this signifies that she is feeling secure and safe around you.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

There are various reasons why cats wag their tails. Cats can’t communicate they use their body language to express their feelings and emotion. They are trying to tell you are they are happy, sad, or scared.

If they gently move their tail to signify they are saying I love you, if they are rapidly moving their tail back and forth it depicts they are in anger.

Whereas pointed tail means confidence. If you like this article, then do share this with other cat owners too!

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