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Why Does My Cat Lick My Blanket? | 8 Reasons

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Well, which pet parents don’t like when their feline pals do cute signs to express their love, communicate, share their emotions, etc.

However, apart from cute signs, felines also adopt odd behaviors which are next to impossible for pet parents to decode easily.

A licking blanket or any other item is one of them.

So, if you are wondering, why does my cat lick my blanket? What are the possible reasons behind this abrupt behavior?

In that case, you have chosen the right page to get all your doubts clear.

In the following paragraphs, you will get all the possible answers to this chew or licking habit and some tips that will help you to stop your kitty from carrying out unusual behavior.

Just update your knowledge and try out the tips, you will see that with the blink of an eye the issue is improving.

why does my cat lick my blanket

1. Due to Food Stain

Why does my cat lick my blanket? Well, cats have a strong smelling sense, and they are curious creatures, so if they get a hint of any smelling sense from an object apart from the food they would like to explore it and taste it.

For instance, if you have dropped any food gravy, or sauce on the blanket while having your dinner. It is quite possible that the feline will get tempted by the smell and will suck or lick the fabric to know how it tastes.

Furthermore, as we discussed, felines are curious creatures, so they don’t miss the chance to explore how the new things smell, taste, etc.

When a cat licks blankets or any other objects, it shows that they are flexing its curiosity.

You can do one thing, spray the citrus scent on the blanket to discourage licking.

2. Your Kitty Is Suffering From Pica Disorder

Well, your kitty might be suffering from pica disorder.

In other words, pica is a condition where felines encounter the craving of eating inedible items such as carpet, blankets, pillows, etc.

your cat is suffering from pica disorder

The deficiency of nutrients in your kitty’s body causes pica disorder disease, it mainly occurs when your feline pal is not getting sufficient nutrients in her diet.

So, if she is suffering from pica and out of that she has a habit of licking everything, then in this situation, it’s your fault.

A friendly piece of advice for you, if you observe that your kitty has symptoms of pica then immediately without fail contact her vet and start medication.

As if it is not treated on time, it will lead to another severe health issue for the feline.

3. Early Separation From Mother

It could be possible that your feline has been separated from her mother at a very early age.

Ideally, the kitten should stay with her mother until they are twelve to thirteen-week-old. This allows them to develop properly and become socially friendly.

If felines are separated from their mothers before they got fully mature.

Then it’s quite possible that she has the habit of licking a blanket as it reminds her how her mother used to lick and love her.

4. Your Kitty Might Be Having Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Why does my cat lick my blanket? It could be possible that your kitty is suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Felines suffering from OCD will unnecessarily do repeated things without any appropriate reason.

In other words, felines who have a compulsive disorder, become a coping mechanism.

For instance, if your kitty is licking herself, she will keep on grooming herself.

Similarly, if she has started licking your blanket, and it has now become one of her habits she will not stop and goes on licking it without any appropriate reason behind this odd gesture.

5. In Order to Relieve Their Anxiety

If your feline is continuously licking the blanket or other items, it could be possible that something is bothering her, and she is not able to overcome that issue.

cat licking blanket to relieve anxiety

For instance, recently she might have had a fight with another companion, she might have felt a negative vibe that frightened her and out of anxiety, she is licking the blanket.

This is because as per the study it is concluded that licking gives feline self-soothing, it is possible that she might be calming her down.

In addition, recently if you have shifted to a new place then that can also be the reason behind her anxiety because as we know felines take time to adapt to any changes.

And she gets scared in a new environment.

As she feels that in the new place, she is more vulnerable and there are high chances that she might get attacked by the predators.

6. It’s a Sign of Trust

Why does my cat lick my blanket?

If your kitty is licking blankets and kneading them with their paws, just like they used to in their nursing days.

It means they are comfortable and if they are sitting next to you and performing this behavior, chances are they trust you a lot and feel safe and secure.

7. Your Kitty Is Licking Blanket Is a Form of Relaxation

Another answer to why my cat licks my blanket?

It could be because licking a blanket gives your feline comforts and help them to relax.

cat licking blanket as a form of relaxation

It is possible that the soft fabric of the blanket might be reminding them of their nurturing days when they used to groom or cuddle with their mother or other kittens’ companions.

8. Your Kitty Is in a Jolly Mood

If your kitty is in a jolly mood, she may lick the blanket because it has your scent, and it makes it feel that you’re with her, and she is safe and secure.


Let’s get a quick recap on our blog, why does my cat lick my blanket?

So, as per research and analysis, there are a variety of reasons behind your feline’s licking habit of blankets or any other items.

It could be due to anxiety, or underlying health issue. If you observe any health complications, then immediately consult hr vet to avoid complications.

However, it’s not necessary that your kitty must be having serious issues only.

It could be possible that she is expressing her love for you, or just relaxing and comforting herself.

Here are some tips for you that can help you to stop your cat from licking blankets:-

  • Observe your feline body language and if she is under stress try to eliminate those factors which cause her anxiety issue.
  • If your feline is suffering from an underlying health issue, then medicate her without any delay.
  • Apart from body checkups, it is also important that you take care of your feline’s mental health also because it is as important as the body. If she is in depression or getting bored, or anything that will also lead to adapt such unusual behavior and stop her from being more active.


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