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The 9 Best Cat Foods for Russian Blue Cats in 2023

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We have made the list of the 9 best cat foods for Russian Blue cats considering the diets that are breed-specific for Russian Blues and meet their nutritional requirements.

Did you recently bring a magnificent Russian Blue cat home? And are you worried sick of how to care for her – especially, what to feed her?

Easy! We’ve all been there. And my love for this beautiful creature has made me dig the entire cat-food market, to offer you a reviewed list top 10 cat foods for Russian Blue Cats of 2023 to make your job so much easier!

A Glance of Our Favorites in 2023

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner

Purina Beyond Grain-Free Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

Best Food for Russian Blue
  • Suitable for Russian Blue cats
  • No preservatives are added
  • High in protein and grain-free

Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place

Solid Gold Grain-Free Hairball Control

Solid Gold Grain-Free Hairball Control
  • High fiber prevents hairball formation
  • No fillers are added
  • Includes Omega fatty acid

Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place

9Lives Protein Plus Dry Cat Food

9Lives Protein Plus Dry Cat Food
  • Helps to strength immune system
  • Include optimal balance of protein and vitamins
  • Essential nutrients are also added

The 9 Best Cat Foods for Russian Blue Cats Reviews of 2023

Editor’s Pick:
Solid Gold Grain-Free Hairball Control

Best Cat Food for Russian Blue

The Solid Gold This cat food replenishes your Russian Blue’s system with high-grade nutrients, amino acids, and hairball control formula – plus it is pretty light on your pocket too! It meets all the nutritional requirements of Russian Blues and thus it is one of the best cat foods for Russian Blue cats in our list

The food your Blue cat is going to gobble-up now is going to determine her vitality in her older years. The below list of 10 best cat foods for Russian Blue cats has been framed considering your cat’s nutritional requirements, taste, and digestibility to give your cats a hearty munch every day:

1. Purina Beyond Grain-Free Natural Adult Dry Cat Food


This creation by Purine Beyond Dry Cat Food is free of grain and other fattening fillers the likes of corn meal and meat byproducts. This 5 lb dry cat food product is safe and natural for your kitty cat to munch on with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives added to it!

Purina Beyond Grain-Free Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

Salmon being the main source of protein provides optimal muscle growth and sustenance to your adorable pet, keeping him or her active and healthy all day long.

To conclude, we think this is the overall best cat food for Russian Blue cats.

  • Quantity: 5 lb
  • Protein Source: Salmon
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Kibble size suitable for Russian Blue cats
  • Protein-rich and natural grain-free recipe
  • No fillers like of corn, meat-byproducts, or soy
  • No preservatives or artificial colorings
  • Small packaging size

2. Solid Gold Grain-Free Hairball Control


In my opinion, Solid Gold Cat Food deserves more attention than ever with this grain and fillers-free hairball control formula. Russian Blues are susceptible to gut problems due to their thick double-layered fur, and Solid Gold can help immensely with this problem.

Solid Gold Grain-Free Hairball Control

This 12 lb bag of dry cat food contains high-quality protein from salmon and high fiber from lentils and apples. High fiber keeps hairballs at bay!

  • Quantity: 12 lb
  • Protein Source: Salmon
  • Rating: 4.7/5

The formula also contains considerable amounts of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are critical overall body health of cats. You may let your feline indulge in guilt-free meal time with this no-fillers cat food freely.

  • Make from high-quality Salmon, Lentils & Apples
  • High fiber prevents hairball formation
  • Free of Potatoes and other fillers
  • Packed with Omega Fatty Acids
  • Stocks out fast
  • Not suitable for outdoorsy Russian Blues

3. 9Lives Protein Plus Dry Cat Food


9Lives realizes that cost must not be the barrier to good taste and health for your fluffy feline. This high-protein dry cat food from 9Lives is brimmed with essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins which your feline requires for an easy transition to elderly life.

9Lives Protein Plus Dry Cat Food

The food brand does all of this without exhausting your resources, which is super cool for the quality they provide.

  • Quantity: 13.2 LB
  • Protein Sources: Chicken and Tuna
  • Our Rating: 4.7/5

If you are a new feline parent, you will find the company of 9lives helpful in the growing years of your Russian Blue. The only thing is, this recipe may not appeal to the taste buds of all felines immediately so if you are transitioning from your current cat food, make sure to go slow by helping your cat develop a taste for this product.

  • Light on the pocket of the pet parent
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult Blue cats
  • Optimal Balance Of Protein & Vitamins With 33 Grams (Per 100 Grams)
  • Strengthens immune system
  • May not be palatable to some Russian Blues

4. Purina Friskies Indoor Wet Cat Food Variety Pack Indoor

Let your feline savor a variety of delectable flavors with this variety of wet cat food packs by Purina Friskies. This amazing pack of 24 cans provides a protein-rich diet to your feline through yummy chicken, turkey, and seafood recipes!

Purina Friskies Indoor Wet Cat Food Variety Pack

This canned cat food contains not even a speck of grains, and contains less than 2% crude fat in the entire product – making it ideal for Russian Blues! The utter excitement of cats during meal times is enough to prove that your feline will love the taste!

  • Quantity: 5.5 oz (24 cans)
  • Protein Source: Chicken, Turkey, Seafood
  • Rating: 4.6/5

The brand has faced a couple of shipping grievances in the past which in recent times have dissipated, however, a little caution there would be advisable.

  • Made with real chicken and seafood
  • Provides hydration and easy digestion
  • Complete and balanced nutrition for daily meals
  • Free of grain and less fattening with 2% or less crude fat
  • Protein-rich with minimum 9% crude protein
  • Shipping issues reported
  • Wet food encourages tartar, required to maintain teeth
  • Not ideal for kittens

5. Blue Buffalo Freedom Natural Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food

Discussing cat food without mentioning Blue Buffalo is impossible. This dry cat food from Blue Buffalo comes in an 11 lb bag and is made with chicken and Blue’s exclusive LifeSource Bits or optimal growth and energy for your pet.

Blue Buffalo Freedom Natural Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food

The high-fiber in the product will put your cat’s digestive troubles at bay, making sure he or she stays happy and healthy in the growth years.

  • Quantity: 11 lb
  • Protein Source: Chicken
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Contains Blue’s exclusive LifeSource Bits
  • High fiber content for easy and smooth bowel movements
  • Stops hairball formation
  • Grain-less and filler-free blend
  • Toward the expensive side on the price range
  • Does not meet the AAFCO standards for required nutrients in cat food

6. Natural Balance Delectable Delights Wet Cat Food

Felines and fish have gone a long way. Cats love seafood and nobody can deny that, therefore, Natural Balance figured out a way to deliver all the fishy goodness in one pack of wet cat food with a delicious recipe with cat’s favorite Tuna, Salmon, and Shrimp.

Natural Balance Delectable Delights Wet Cat Food

This product does not have any fillers like corn, soy, or meat-byproducts making ever mealtime worry-free.

  • Quantity: 2.5 o.z (12 cans)
  • Protein Source: Tuna, Salmon, and Shrimp
  • Rating: 4.4/5

It would have been ideal if either the can quantity or the product quantity would have been more. The current size does not around for longer use.

  • Made without any fillers like soy, corn, or wheat gluten
  • High-quality protein derived from tuna, salmon, and shrimp
  • Perfectly portioned meals to manage weight
  • Quantity not enough for a long use
  • Smell may put off the pet parents
  • A little pricey compared to other canned wet foods in the market

7. Rachael Ray Nutrish Superfood Blends Dry Cat Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish is an up-and-coming brand delivering delectable and good-quality pet foods. This chicken and salmon dry cat food recipe are one of their attempts as providing balanced nutrition to your one-of-a-kind feline.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Superfood Blends Dry Cat Food

Similar to your Russian Blues natural diet, this superfood contains more meat-based protein. Leveling up further, this dry cat food is also extremely dense in fiber derived from plant-based sources.

  • Quantity: 14 lb
  • Protein Source: Chicken with Salmon
  • Rating: 4.3/5

Indoor cats, especially our affable Russian Blue cats, are easy prey to digestive disorders and weight disturbances, this problem can be resolved with the help of Rachel Ray Nutrish’s recipe pack with probiotics extracted from pumpkins for easy bowel movements.

  • Antioxidant-rich berries for the stronger immune system
  • Fiber-rich lentils for faster metabolism and weight management
  • Probiotics extracted from pumpkin helps with digestion
  • Nutritional content not ideal for high-activity Russian Blues
  • Small amount of fillers included in the mix

8. Meow Mix Indoor Health Dry Cat Food

This indoor-cat-specific dry cat food by Meow Mix provides our feline with all the required nutrition along with a high protein kibble diet made with real Chicken. This formula may not be appropriate for cats with moderate to high activity levels as they have rather different nutritional needs.

Meow Mix Indoor Health Dry Cat Food

The product comes in a 14 lb bag that will last you for a decent time. Some of the reasons why it is suitable for the Russian Blues diet is the kibble size, and low fat and card content to avoid your cat putting on unnecessary kilos.

  • Quantity: 14.2 lb
  • Protein Source: Chicken
  • Rating: 4.1/5

This mix definitely contains some fillers like corn, gluten, and meat by-products that need a mention, however, they’re still in negligible amounts which will not harm your feline. You may want to check for food allergies before feeding this cat food to your Russian Blue.

  • Provides all essential vitamins and minerals to your feline
  • Helps with weight management
  • Kibble size suitable for Russian blue to munch on
  • Created especially for indoor cats
  • Helps prevent and treat hairball formation
  • Fillers like corn, gluten, and meat byproducts added

9. Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Dry Cat Food

Your feline’s infanthood is his or her building block of life. Therefore, they need the most attention from your side as well. Royal Canin’s Feline Health Dry Kitten Food is designed specifically for young and growing kittens.

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Dry Cat Food

This 3.5 lb heavy product is suitable for kittens falling on the age range of 4 months to 1 year and contains all the essential minerals and vitamins to help your Russian Blue thrive.

  • Quantity: 3.5 LB
  • Protein Source: Chicken
  • Rating: 4.2/5

Do you feed your Russian Blue this kitten diet once they have crossed their adolescence? The carbohydrates and fat value in this mix is not ideal for adult Russian Blue cats and may lead to obesity with regular consumption.

  • Formulated for kittens between the age of 4 months to 1 year
  • Added minerals and vitamins for optimal growth
  • Taurine has been added for better vision, heart, and muscle health
  • Minor addition of fillers to provide energy to growing kittens
  • A larger pack would have been ideal

Buyer’s Guide for Cat Foods for Russian Blue Cats

Russian Blue is such a majestic cat breed with its thick steel-blue fur and bright green eyes. As amazing as they sound, maintaining this wonderful creature can be effortless and comparatively inexpensive. Their food does most of the job, so it is crucial to feed them one which suits their breed requirement.

Here is a guide to help you choose the best cat foods for Russian Blue cats in the market:

Do Russian Blue Cats Need Specific Food?

Yes and no. Russian Blues are moderately energetic felines, but they also like to relax and lounge around whenever they get a chance. This jumble of different activity levels demands a high protein and low-fat diet, as these beautiful cats are prone to weight-related health risks.

As these cats are of the indoor type, you have to look for indoor cat foods while watching out for the ingredients your Russian Blue may be allergic to. High fattening diets containing meat byproducts, starchy vegetables, high-sugar fruits, or fillers can deteriorate our feline’s health in the later years – so its best to avoid them or provide them in regulated amount.

Protein-rich and low-fat are two words you will need to learn-by-heart before you get into the huge cat food market to pick out that one best food for your blue cat!

How to Choose the Best Food for Russian Blue Cats?

If your cat could choose what to feed herself, she would bring a dead rodent home every day. She would eat food leaning more toward an ‘immediate survival’ than long-term health and strength. Good thing you are here to make this important decision for her, and I am here to make it easier!

Head down below to check some crucial factors to pay attention to before choosing a routine food for your kitty cat:


Felines, in general, need a lot of protein to sustain themselves. As per different energy exertions and nature of breeds, the daily required intake varies of protein varies as well. With Russian Blue, protein-rich diets must be a staple and must be sourced from high-quality meat, instead of plant-based protein.

The amino-acids contents derived from animal protein is vital to your natural carnivorous’ growth and agility.  Make sure your cat food is high in protein to reap maximum benefits out of it. Likewise, also ensure that your kitty cat has access to fresh new clean water.

Low Carb and Fat

Being an indoor cat, Russian Blues are always at risk of obesity and bad heart health in cases where their play-time and meals are not scheduled or moderated. Food plays a bigger role here, as you have complete control of what goes into their tiny bodies. Therefore, to reduce the chances of falling prey to diseases you can try to avoid cat foods, vegetables, and fruits with high levels of sugar or fat within. As mentioned earlier, choose a protein and nutrient-rich food for your Russian Blue!

Hairball Control

One of the prime reasons humans tend to house a Russian Blue is their thick double-layered fur. The dense and beautiful coat of Blue is irresistible to not caress through. This feature, however, is both a curse and a blessing to your feline as their thick coat requires brushing on a routine base. Thus begins the formation of hairballs in their gut system.

A high-fiber hairball control formula can be thrown into the diet here and there to protect your cat from this vicious problem.

Wet or Dry Food?

Both wet and dry cat food is fine to be consumed by your Russian Blue. Although, you may want to balance the servings of both instead of fixating on one type of cat food. While dry food kibbles help keep your feline’s oral health intact, the best wet cat food variant helps maintains hydration throughout the day.

However, while dry food is convenient and doesn’t require a lot of preparation, you must always refer to the ingredients list before making the final purchase. Sometimes, excessive fillers find their way into dry cat food which can cause long-term issues. Although minimal fillers have a negligible effect. The perfect way to feed your Blue is to mix up both dry and wet over the entire week.

FAQs About Cat Foods for Russian Blue Cats

Do Russian Blue cats eat a lot?

Let’s just say if you were to offer another serving or bowl of cat food to your Russian Blue, it would be denied only on very rare occasions. Blues love to eat, and their bodies will start reflecting their love for food if their diets are not portioned and regulated.

Should I feed raw food to my Russian Blue cat?

Raw foods were once a staple for the Russian Blues in the wild, feeding dried raw meat seems like a no-brainer but you need to think twice! Raw meat diets make your cat more susceptible to catching diseases and unwanted bacteria from the livestock.

How much does cat food for Russian Blue cats cost?

Costing for cat foods vary depending on the brand, quantity, and ingredients. The products mentioned in this reviewed list range from 12 to 42 USD, with something offered for all the different requirements of the adorable Russian Blue.

Which is the best food for Russian Blue cats?

The best Russian Blue cat food, in my opinion, is the one that keeps your pet healthy and happy without breaking your bank. And I may have the perfect option for you – Solid Gold Grain-Free Hairball Control! This cat food replenishes your cat’s system with high-grade nutrients, amino acids, and hairball control formula – plus it is pretty light on your pocket too!


While choosing the best and most appropriate cat food for your Russian Blue, keep in mind their ordinary activity level and extreme devotion to food.

Remember to go slow if you are already feeding your young adult cat a particular brand and want to make a switch. Very gradually incorporate the high-protein food in your cat’s mealtimes.

And most importantly, don’t forget to cherish this little wonder in your life!


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