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Why Does My Cat Walk On Me?

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Don’t know why does my cat walk on me? Are tired of your cat walking all over you?

Hey, there I am here for you to solve this problem.

Many cat owners face this annoying issue on daily basis they aren’t aware of why do cats walk on them, why they lean on them. Most of them believe it’s because they adore them but this is not true in every case.

Because sometimes they walk on you to show dominance, they maybe want your attention, or possibly because you are nice for their resting place.

why does my cat walk on me

8 Reasons Why Do Cats Walk On You!

The major reason why does my cat walk on me is because she wants are a nice place to rest, especially during winters she does this to trap heat from my body but there is also various reason too, let’s check it out now.

1. Telling You” I love you hooman”

If your cat comes to you and starts walking on your chest or on your lap while you are sleeping. Or in the case is following you that simply indicates that she is trying to express her love towards you.

It is her way of complimenting you. Cat’s don’t usually express their love to anyone so in case your cat is walking on you that means you are being honored by them.

2. Your Cat Is an Explorer

Cats are always curious they are your house detective and in search of their exploration, they often hurt themselves too because they will jump and climb any unusual place because of their curiosity.

cat is an explorer

That is the reason why curiosity kills the cat is a very famous proven true proverb.

So, in case if you have worn new cuff pins it will entice her, and thus she will start walking on you to satisfy her curiosity.

3. She Wants to Snuggle

Be it kittens or adult cats all want warmth and heat especially when it is cold outside.

Who doesn’t love to snuggle inside a blanket isn’t it?

In case you are walking up from your sofa, or bed your cat may walk on you because she is feeling cold. Kittens do this most with their mother.

4. Trying to Show Her Dominance

Cats use their paws pheromones to claim their territory. Their scent tells other cats that it is their property, and they own that place.

Similarly, a cat walking on you can also indicate that they are trying to mark their territory. They’re claiming that you are always theirs.

5. Using You as Her Resting Place

cat using you as resting place

Your soft body is the best place for your feline friend to get some rest. They like the high elevated place, so they use your shoulder for that. They also like heat and huge space to rest, if you are sleeping they may come to rest on your back or hips to enjoy their nap time.

6. She Is Demanding Your Attention

If you have being sloughing on your couch for long and watching a movie or reading a book and because of that you forget to pay attention to your cat then she will walk on your body to demand attention.

She wants you to pet her gently, stroke her hair, play with her this is because she is bored and wants his hooman to spend some time with her.

7. Trying to Satisfy Their Kneading Urge

The next reason why cat walks on me is that because she is happy, stressed, or just wants to satisfy her kneading urge.

This is possible in both case scenarios, during her happy time she will knead to show pleasure and when she is under stress she may knead to keep herself calm.

In both cases, she can start kneading.

8. It Signifies Her Trust in You

If cats walk or stand on you, there is a good chance that your cat is showing trust in you.

Yes, walking on you also means trust because it shows that you won’t hurt her, and this escalates the trust level of your cat in you.

How to Stop This Behavior?

So far you know quite well why does my cat walk on me, now we will learn how to stop your cat from walking and leaning on you. You can either choose to train her or simply get a scathing post or soft cat bed.

stop cat walking on you

1. Training, Training, and Training

Nothing can beat training. Give your cat appropriate training, so she won’t make that mistake again.

So, when she comes near you, get attentive and say loudly and clearly “no” make sure that it should not be used in anger as negative reinforcement can make the situation go worse.

And, when she obeys your order give her a treat, so she learns that whenever she will listen” no “she will receive a treat. But remember this is only for the initial days later after repeating skip the treats and hence she will learn to stop walking on you all over.

2. Put Her on the Floor

Next, you can swiftly take her off your body whenever she tries to come near you. Try to divert her attention simply put her down on the floor.

3. Keep Her Occupied

Work on spending time with her, give her toys as she wants your attention.

So, if you show affection and keep her occupied she won’t feel to seek attention thus she won’t walk on you for the same.

4. Invest in Comfy Cat Bed

Either you buy a large comfy cat bed or do DIY. This will basically reduce the chances of your cat walking on you. So, let your cat sleep in a comfortable bed.

5. Use Baby Gate

Use a baby gate so that the cat can’t go inside your bedroom. Thus, she won’t get any chance to walk on you.

6. Get Scratching Post

You can place a scratching post next to your bed so that she is enticed with it and won’t come near you to walk on you.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

In conclusion to why does my cat walk on me, I would say that check above and cross verify the right reason. Sometimes they do because they are feeling cold and want heat, so they walk all over you to grab some heat.

I personally like Love’s cabin Round Donut Cat Bed your kitty can easily snuggle. It is designed to give extra comfort and can be washed in the machine too. It has soft cushion that she will forget to walk on you.

Other than that give her training, or reduce her stress. Want to know more? Then scroll above now!


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