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Domestic Shorthair vs American Shorthair Cat | Know the Difference

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A layman can get super confused, and we all can agree why! Domestic shorthair vs American shorthair cats, both are America’s most popular breeds. When choosing the most suitable breed, one thing is for sure you will get a wide variety of colors and markings.

Domestic Shorthair vs American Shorthair Cat

Domestic Shorthair vs American Shorthair Cat at a Glance

Domestic shorthair vs American shorthair cat at a glance.

AttributesDomestic ShorthairAmerican Shorthair
Lifespan12-16 years15-20 years
Height8-10 inches8-10 inches
Weight8-10 pounds10-15 pounds
/ Tan
/ White
/ Black /
/ Orange
/ Black / Ebony
Red / Orange
Blue / Gray
Cream / Beige / Tan
Chocolate / Brown / Sable
PatternsSolid in color
Tabby, etc.
Calico / Tri-color
Activity levelActiveActive
Shedding amount Normal Normal
Domestic shorthair vs American shorthair cat

Difference between Domestic Shorthair and American Shorthair Cat

We know that if you are in the same room with both these cats, Domestic shorthair vs American shorthair cat, It’s going to take a lot of time for you to realize that both ain’t the same!

True American Shorthairs are purebred, while Domestic Shorthairs typically have unknown lineage, making them the “mutts” of the cat world.

1. Appearance, Personality, and Temperament

Domestic shorthair cat:

You will find yourself surfing in the never-ending list of this specific breed, as they come in a multitude of colors, shapes, and sizes.

The personality of domestic shorthair cats can have more than one form, the possible reason behind this is mostly because they are derived from a mixture of different cat breeds. This means that your cat can be shy, lazy, outgoing, loner, inquisitive, and talkative, or completely dependent on you.

Shorthair kittens whose eyes are of different colors such as hazel, gold, blue, yellow, green, or a combination of two of these colors. These cats are medium-sized yet muscular in appearance with short and sleek coats.

Appearance, Personality, and Temperament

American shorthair:

American shorthair cats have short and dense coats, apart from looking adorable they are also very affectionate. The broad chest, well-muscled body, strong jaws, and thick neck of American shorthair is a pure representation of cat beauty.

The eye color of these cats can vary with the color of the coat, including blue, green, copper, gold, hazel. These cats were once known as mouse catchers.

2. Grooming and Diet

Domestic shorthair cat:

Grooming: The grooming needs of the domestic shorthair cat are not that difficult. They are blessed with the understanding of keeping themselves clean, the rough texture of the tongue helps them to remove dirt from the body.

Diet: Your domestic shorthair cat requires a grain-free and high-protein diet.

Make sure to keep an eye on your cat’s diet, as free feeding can cause them to gain a lot of weight. Also, domestic shorthair cats are prone to gain weight more than other cats.

 Grooming and Diet

American shorthair:

Grooming: Just like domestic shorthair cat requires no special grooming needs. All you need to do is use a brush or comb weekly. She will shed less if you comb her regularly, spreading natural oil, keeping her fur and skin healthy.

Diet: These cats were known as working cats in your ancestry, they were used as protectors of the field because they used to hunt down and catch mice. So they are very healthy, and you won’t find any health issues related to this bread.

3. Health and Life Span

Domestic shorthair cat:

The domestic shorthair can develop all kinds of issues that any average cat could get, like, ear mites, skin disorders, upper respiratory infections, and hyperthyroidism. Also, this breed is very prone to overeating, so you need to take care of the proportions you’re feeding them to avoid obesity.

The life span of domestic shorthair is around 15 years.

Health and Life Span

American shorthair:

The American shorthair is generally a healthy breed overall, they are only prone to one health problem, which is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or hip dysplasia. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is one of the most common health diseases in cats.

You can screen your cat to prevent or detect if at all she has this issue or can fall victim to it, also don’t trust such breeders who claim that their cats won’t be having it, as it’s a complete lie! No one can assure you about it, as it’s completely natural.

And talking about their dental health, you can brush your cat’s teeth or use dental treats to keep the oral care in order.

The life span of American shorthair is between 15-20 years.

4. Activity Level and Cost

Domestic shorthair cat:

While talking about the activity level of domestic short hair, mostly they are playful and highly active. In rest, you will find a wide variety in their nature, quiet, docile, calm, etc. they can be anything but aggressive. That’s why these cats are considered good pals to even kids.

The domestic shorthair cat costs $75- $150.

Activity Level and Cost

American shorthair cat:

These cats are known for their easy-going and docile nature, which suggests that American short hair is neutral in terms of energy level. Aggression and destructive behavior are foreign to this particular breed. Moreover, these cats are easy to train, which again makes them a desirable option for new cat parents.

The American shorthair cat cost between $500 and $800

Which Is the Best Breed?

While both breeds, Domestic shorthair vs American shorthair cats, the American shorthair are more tolerant when it comes to being picked up by humans. And are more cuddly than any other breed. So If you are looking for a cat who will be more inclined towards it, go for American shorthair cats.

On the other hand, if you are a working person, and it might be quite hard for you to be available for mushy-mushy sessions with your cat, the domestic shorthair would understand you in a much better way.

Overall, Domestic shorthair vs American shorthair cats both is very generous and healthy cat breeds.


We hope that up till now you must have been aware of the differences between Domestic shorthair vs American shorthair cats. We assure you that it doesn’t matter whichever breed you decide to bring in your home, none of them will disappoint you.

The American shorthair is very intelligent and affectionate, so they will be good house pets, but they do suffer from a wide range of health issues. On the other hand, with a wide range of personality traits, the domestic shorthair, also makes a better decision for house pets. However, both of them are prone to obesity.


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