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Can Cats Eat Apricot? Is Apricot Safe for Cats?

Apricot is one of the most liked fruits among humans, looks like it is for cats as well? This is one of the frequently asked questions by my readers. Can cats eat apricots?

But we cannot blame the cats, as they are very curious animals, and they love to try out new things. It does not mean that you should feed apricot.

Can Cats Eat Apricot

It is true that an apricot contains many health and nutritional benefits, but you should know that it is equally beneficial for your furball.

Many of you have concerns or queries when it comes to your furball, no worries I have explained everything in a detailed manner in this blog. keep reading to know more.

Can Cats Eat Apricot?

Yes, cats can eat the fleshy part of apricot, however, while feeding apricot to your kitty, make sure you don’t give them the poisonous pit, stem, or leaves. Fresh apricots are a good source of antioxidants and are healthy for your felines.

Moreover, always make sure to feed apricot in moderate amounts. If you feed in too many quantities then your feline may suffer from an upset stomach.

Cats do not have the taste buds, but the texture will appeal to them, also these apricots are very beneficial for cats. Feeding apricot helps to boost the immunity of cats.

As we move further in this article, you will get all the information that you need related to feeding the apricots to your cat.

Can Kittens Eat Apricots?

Can Kittens Eat Apricots

The apricot contains too much natural sugar that is not good for kittens, you can still feed apricot to your kitten. If kittens eat too much sugar then they may suffer from urinary tract infections.

Moreover, kittens do not have the teeth to chew the fruit, so if you are providing, make sure that you make small pieces to avoid choking.

You can also refer to our blog on what fruits can cats eat for better knowledge.

Are There Nutritional Benefits to Feeding Apricot to Your Cat?

Are There Nutritional Benefits to Feeding Apricot to Your Cat

Apricots are filled with antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin C, which help to improve skin quality. Moreover, it helps to improve the iron absorptions in red blood cells.

However, this fruit contains calcium and phosphorus, moreover, this helps in the natural development of collagen in your feline’s body. It is essential for the development of cartilage, bones, teeth, and healthy gums.

The apricot is rich in vitamin A, which is an antioxidant property, such as beta carotene and other carotenoids. This will help to improve your cat’s eyesight. Moreover, it makes the skin and coat softer and shinier.

It comes with low saturated fat, which will help in reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes, Also it promotes weight loss.

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How to Feed Apricots to Your Cats?

The fresh apricot is good for cats, you should avoid feeding stem, pit, or leaves. They are really poisonous to your feline. Also, make sure that the fruit is cut into small pieces as it will reduce the risk of choking.

Many cat owners ask can cats eat dried apricots. Mostly the cats are fine with both fresh and dried apricot, a better option is to provide them with fresh ones. The dried apricot is difficult ott digest for the cats, it might cause constipation as well.

You will have to clean the apricot before you feed it to your cat, wash it with water, then make the cut in the middle. Keep in mind to remove the steams, pit, and leaves.

Then with a help of a knife, you can remove the skin and make small pieces. You can wash the freshly cut fruit before you cut it into small pieces.

The cats have a sensitive digestive system so make sure you provide them with a very moderate amount of apricot. Too many apricots can cause upset stomach and vomiting.

Start with less amount then you can observe how y our cat reacts to it. If everything is fine then you can slowly give the apricot in a very moderate amount once in a while.

Always consult a veterinarian, before you start feeding the human food to your furball.

Can Cats Eat Apricots Jam?

Can Cats Eat Apricots Jam

This is the most asked question from many cat owners. As you know that jam is low in calories, contains antioxidants, and is high in fiber. It is also rich in vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system.

You cannot use the apricot jam this is available on the market, it contains too many sweeteners and preservatives, which are harmful to your cat.

You can easily make the apricot jam at home, have look at the recipe on the internet you will multiple recipes online.

While making the apricot jam at home you can also add blueberries, apples, bananas, oranges, and mango.

Are Apricots Healthy for Cats?

Are Apricots Healthy for Cats

Yes, an apricot is really healthy snack for cats, you can feed an apricot as a treat to your cat. The apricot is a good source of nutrition you should include it in your cat’s diet once in a while.

The apricot contains antioxidants and vitamins like A, C, and E which are essential for a cat’s body. Moreover, these apricot helps to keep your Feline (Queen) healthy & protects them from diseases.


Can cats eat the pits, leaves, and stems of apricots?

No, you should not provide pits, leaves, or stems to your cat, as they contain cyanide, which is deadly for cats. If you feed these then your cat may suffer from major health issues. So better you remove pits, leaves, or stems before you feed apricot to your cats.

Is apricot oil toxic to cats?

Yes, the oil may be toxic to your cat as they contain seeds and seeds are rich in amygdalin. This converts enzymes converts into cyanide over time.

Your cat cannot digest the oil & it may be hazardous to your cat, so avoid feeding apricot oil to your cat.

Can cats eat fresh apricots?

Yes, you should feed fresh apricot to your cat, it is safe for your cat to consume the fresh apricot. Most cats love to have the dried apricot, but they are not easy to chew or swallow by your furball.

Final Verdict

This leads us to the end of this can cats eat apricot blog. I hope you find this blog helpful, and now you know how you can feed an apricot to your feline and you got the answer, can cats have apricots?

Now, you know are health benefits and nutritional benefits of feeding an apricot to your cat.

This is a fact fruit can be served as a treat to your felines, you should always provide it in a very moderate amount.

Make sure you always consult a veterinarian before you feed any human food to your cat. They might advise, after examining your cat’s current health conditions.

If still, you have any doubts related to cats eating apricot, then you can let me know in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to help you.

And if you are feeding an apricot to your cat then you can tell us your story we would be happy to hear how your cat reacted to this fruit.

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