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How Often to Change Wood Pellet Cat Litter

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Do you have a kitty? Then you’ll need cat litter. Cat litter is very helpful not only for cats but also for cat owners.

How Often to Change Wood Pellet Cat Litter
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Many types of cat litter are available on the market. Normally, every type of cat litter works for a cat, as it provides a natural environment to do their business. If you ask me, I would suggest that using wood pellets as cat litter is really a good option.

But when you have wooden pellet cat litter, you might have a doubt that how often to change wood pellet cat litter. Let me guide you.

Your Mileage May Vary

If you are wondering how often to change wood pellet cat litter, then it cannot be certain. Usually, wood pellet cat litter should be changed about once every four weeks. But it also depends upon many factors.

If It Stinks

When your cat has done her business and you smell a bad odor even after scooping. then probably it is time to change your wood pellet litter. If you neglect it and let the litter as it is, It will not only make your home unpleasant, but it will also force your cat to track litter. You can also get a non tracking cat litter in this case.

Because “. When compared to humans, cats have a smelling ability that is 14 times more sensitive. The human nose contains about 5 million olfactory receptors that detect aromas, while a cat’s nose has 45 to 80 (possibly up to 200) million scent receptors.” stated Vcahospital.

But what if the bad odor remains the same even after thoroughly cleaning and changing your wooden litter? Because, my friend, the issue is in your litter box, not in the litter. Plastic can absorb odors, Dr. Mitchell, from be.chewy suggests” replacing the litter box every six months“.

Multi-cat Homes

If you have multiple cats, you may have doubts about how frequently you should change your wood pellet cat litter. As you have more cats, then the usage of the litter must be more. And when the usage of the litter box is more, then the frequency of cleaning the litter automatically increases.

Multiple Cat home
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Wooden pellet litters are good absorbers and when your cat finishes her business, the only thing left is the poop. Since the wooden pellet litter is a good absorber, you need to change it more frequently than you need to change in other types of litter.

Usually, people have the practice of keeping an automatic litter box, but you should have at least one for each cat and one extra. This practice will also help you decrease the frequency of cleaning and changing the litter.

If She Has Medical Issues

Definitely, you should change the wood pellet cat litter every three to four weeks. But that only applies to a normal cat. Cats who are suffering from any kind of medical problem tend to pee and poop.

Your cat may be suffering from any number of medical conditions, like kidney disease, chronic diarrhea, a urine allergy, and gastrointestinal issues. In those cases, cats are likely to pee more than usual.

In some cases, cats tend to drink more than a normal cat, and in that case, you are also supposed to change the litter box more than usual.

Pros and Cons of Using Wood Pellets

Among the available cat litter, wooden litters are a good option but there are a few pros and cons of using wood pellets as cat litter.

Pros of Using Wood Pellets for Cat Litter

if we talk about the availability and cost of wood pellets, they are easily available in the market and they are less expensive.

  • The most fascinating thing about the wood pellet cat litter is they are made out of wood, therefore, they are environment friendly. Moreover, it is made of wood waste and they are recyclable.
  • By using the wood pellet, you can get rid of litter tracking issues. As they are quite bigger than other litters, so the chances of litter stuck in cats’ pawns are very less.
  • Wood pellets cat litter are safe for your cat because it does not contain any preservatives or chemical.
  • Wood pellets cat litter is also dust-free cat litter as it contains less amount of dust in it.
  • The capacity of absorption is pretty good in wood pellet cat litter. Due to that, the frequency of changing the litter gets drastically down. Also, the issue of bad odor gets resolved because it not only absorbs but also neutralizes the smell.

Cons of Using Wood Pellets for Cat Litter

  • Every cat has their own preference and habits. If your cat does not like the texture and smell of it, there are chances that she refuses to do her business in it.
  • It is hard to keep them clean as they do not clump. When it comes to scooping it is also tough to do this, but honestly, it is not necessary to do it in wood pellets cat litter. you can just fill up a new one.
  • Undoubtedly, this kind of litter is loved by cats but some cats are allergic to it. Thus, it is better to experiment on your cat before using it.

How to Clean Pellet Litter

To keep your litter box fresh and clean, you need to give an effort. Cleaning is a very crucial part of litter box maintenance, which increases the life of the litter and litter box.

Clean pellet litter
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You might be wondering how to clean pellet cat litter. I suggest you, set a routine for your wood pellet litter’s maintenance. Start with dusting every day. Although wood pellet litter is almost dust-free, you can clean it every day.

You should also keep the litter up to an accurate mark, which is two to four inches deep in the litter box. Also, you can set a reminder according to your need for changing the litter.

While you change the litter, do not forget to clean the box with detergent and water. The box plays an essential role in the sanity of the litter box.


Are wood pellets safe for cat litter?

Wood pellets are a very good substitute for any other litter. Wood pellets are made out of wood and wood is natural. Therefore, If your cat is not allergic to it then is it one of the best options available for you.

What is the healthiest litter for cats?

People are preferring silica litter for cats as they are antibacterial and a good water absorber. Silica litter also helps to prevent kidney disease and UTIs in cats.

Can you flush wood pellet cat litter down the toilet?

Big no, wood pellet cat litter is floatable and it does not only dangerous for your drainage system, but also it is harmful to the environment

Do you need a special litter box for wood pellets?

It depends, almost every litter box is suitable for wood pellets. There are very few litter boxes are there in the market which are not recommended to use for wood pellets.

Does wood pellet cat litter smell?

Wood is itself an absorbable thing. Thus, wood Pallets are very good at odor control because, after cat pee on the wood pellet, the wood pellet absorbs the urine and does not let the bad odor spread anywhere

From cat behavior to health and wellness, CatNeedsBest has a wealth of information that every cat owner should know.


I hope by now you have cleared your doubt that how often to change wood pellet cat litter. Since wood pellet is long-lasting and low-maintenance cat litter, you would have less burden of cleaning and changing in comparison to any other cat litter.

If you just take a little care of wood pellets by scooping and dusting them daily and changing it every 3 to 4 weeks, you will find that they are one of the best options you can choose for your cat litter.


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