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Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe for Cats?

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Ironically, dawn shampoo is also used for other purposes too. It not just cleans dishes, and grease but also cleans the ducks! Its websites say it too!

But what about cats? Have you also wondered Is dawn dish soap is safe for cats because soap is soap right! And, why pay extra for cat shampoos!

Well, you can wash her occasionally with it but not regularly. As it will damage her coat, can cause skin irritation, and rashes, and she may shed her fur. This is because of the Ph in the cat’s skin, hold on want to know details? Go through our blog now!

Dawn Dish Soap Safe for Cats

Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe for Cats?

The website of Dawn Dish itself says “From Dishes to Ducks — We Clean Because We Care.” They have clearly stated that we can use this dishwashing detergent to clean oil spills, grease, and birds and animals too!

Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe for Cats

So, if you ask me “is dawn safe for cats” I will say maybe.

This is because it is generally marked safe to use on cats until it doesn’t affect your cat’s skin.

Another scenario for giving dawn dish soap as safe soap for cats is when your cat is not suffering from any skin inflammation. Using it occasionally can work, but I will advise you stick by your cat shampoo only for cleaning your cat regularly because it is customized according to their skin and PH value.

Using dawn dish soap is not dangerous if you use its unscented and original blue version. But, still is not ideal to clean your cat with dish soap as it wipes out natural oil from their fur, may damage their skin, the spark of their coat will fade away, can cause rashes, and if she is already facing skin issues it can make the situation go worse.

Still, in case of emergency using dawn dish soap on cats is fine. But, make sure you wash her with a small quantity. Too much detergent can lead to health problems.

Hence, for regular clean-up sessions always go for pets shampoo because it is tailored according to its body requirements.

So, the clear and loud answer to can you use dawn on cats is yes and no both!

Why do People Use Dawn Dish Soap on Cats?

There are many reasons why people wash cats with dawn dishwashing soap.

Why do People Use Dawn Dish Soap on Cats

Starting it with the cost factor when we last check the price of Dawn Ultra Dishwashing it cost around $6.9 for an 8oz bottle.

And, considering the estimated cost of a cat shampoo for an 8oz bottle is around $10-13 so the answer is clearly yes, that dawn dish soap is cheaper than general cat shampoo. And, it will work longer than a feline shampoo.

Moving on to the second reason that it is convenient for use. It is not just because of the reasonable cost, but it is also convenient for pet parents to go for dawn dish wash. Imagine you can clean your pet with your kitchen soap, you don’t have to additionally set a budget for cat shampoo. Sounds interesting right?

Is Using Dawn Dish Soap on Cats Worth It?

So far we have collected reasons for is dawn dish soap is safe for cats and can you wash a cat with dawn or not.

But, in this section, we will make you understand whether is it worth it or not! So, let’s check the pros and cons now!

It is budget-friendlyVet’s don’t recommend it go for this
It is easily found in the kitchen sink basinIt will dehydrate your cat’ skin and may lead to skin irritation
You don’t have to set additional costs for pet shampooIn case she ingests it can lead to adverse health effect

As you can check the table above clearly shows how worthy it is to wash a cat with dawn soap. Now, you can even calculate a better answer Is dawn dish soap safe for cats.

Precautions While Using Dawn Dish Soap on Cats

While applying dawn soap on your cat you have to ensure that it won’t cause any skin irritation. So, start it by taking a pea size gel.

For instance, your cat can still tolerate dawn but young kittens won’t. It will be harsher for them to tolerate such chemicals on their skin.

In case, your cat is already skin infected then it is strictly advisable to avoid washing her with dawn dish washing soap. As it can cause skin inflammation.

Can You Wash a Cat With Dish Soap for Long Run?

If you wonder “can I wash my cat with dawn soap for the long run” the quick answer is no not recommended!

Can You Wash a Cat With Dish Soap for Long Run

Despite it is non-toxic it can lead to skin complications for your cat if you are planning to use it for the long term. You can apply it occasionally but using it very frequently or for a prolonged time she will not have a shiny coat anymore.

Some pet owners have shared their experience with catlovesbest they said it will give your kitty skin rashes, may even shed her fur. In case of emergency, it’s fine.

Your cat’s skin is alkaline. That’s the main reason why you must prohibit it to go for the long term. It will cause a PH imbalance in her skin. Humans’ skin is acidic, so it’s fine for us but not for our cats!

But, if you are looking for a nice cleanser check our next segment where we have recommended some great shampoo for your feline friend.

Safe and Effective Cat Shampoo Products

Washing your cat with dawn dish soap won’t be a great idea therefore, it is essential that you go for special cat shampoo. Specifically customized according to its PH level and can safely clean its hair while moisturizing.

Given below are some of the best shampoos that you try on your cat.

1. Pro Pet Works Natural Organic Wash

Using Pro Pet’s Organic Bathing Wash is one of the best ideas. It works well on sensitive skin and helps to restore the pet’s natural oil. This means it will not wash off oil made from their body and keep their hair silky and smooth. Unlike dish dawn soap.

Pro Pet Works Natural Organic Wash


Along with this, it helps to keep your cat fresh and clean all day long, and it promises mess-free hair too! It contains 4 vitamins A, D, E, B12, and almond oil.

2. Earthbath 2-in-1 Conditioning Cat Shampoo

If you like eco-friendly products then this is the right choice for you. Earthbath 2-in-1 Conditioning cat shampoo is completely organic made with earthy elements.

Earthbath 2 in 1 Conditioning Cat Shampoo


It will be gentle on your cat’s skin. Promotes healthy, shiny, and glossy fur. It is designed according to their type of skin. Plus it is not harsh on your pet above all it is soap-free. They have used natural ways to deodorize your cat.


Can I use dawn to wash my cat?

Yes, no, or maybe! You can clean your cat with dawn if she doesn’t show any skin problems. If it dries out the skin after one wash then you must stop using it.

If your cat is already facing a skin problem then using dawn can be a problematic affair as it will not help to heal the inflammation and will fail to control the skin problem.

How much dawn dish soap is enough to clean my cat?

Ideally, you must take 1 or 2 drops of dawn liquid to apply it to your cat’s skin. Make sure you don’t take more than that. You may think using a little soap won’t harm your cat and may make her much better and cleaner, but you are wrong.

Also, while washing her with this if you don’t rinse her in a few minutes it can make her skin dry, may lead to skin irritation, and even rashes despite is it non-toxic.

How often you can use blue dawn dish soap to clean a cat?

In case of a real emergency it is completely fine but washing too frequently can cause a lifelong problem. She can shed her fur, have rashes, and lose shine from her fur too!

Sometimes it is okay but using it for the long term can have an adverse effect. Therefore, stick my your pet shampoo only for the long run!

Well, That’s a Wrap!

Even though dawn is non-toxic for cats, but it is harsh on their skin. It is advisable to go for cat shampoo for cleaning her body. As it is customized according to their body type and needs.

Using dish soap on the cat may work for you to remove dirt and oil, but it will take her natural oil. You may save some penny as of now, but later it will cost you even more in the form of vet bills!

If you wash your cat with that, it can make her coat dry, cause itchiness, may face hair fall. So, If you want to know Is dawn dish soap safe for cats in detail go read the above.


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