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Why Do Cats Shake Or Vibrate Their Tails? Frightened Reaction

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Why cats shake vibrate tails is no more a mystery! Cats shaking their tail does not always mean they are happy and content. This is a misconception that is believed by most people.

So, why do cats shake vibrate tails? Well, It might be a sign of happiness, fright, anxiety, agitation, or contentment. Every motion of the cat’s tail conveys a different meaning if she moves the tip of the tail that means the cat is feeling stressed. If the tail is quivering then it simply signifies that she is agitated and angry!

Sometimes it could possibly be because of underlying health conditions. Basically, their body language is trying to convey something.

why cats shake vibrate tails

Why Does My Cat Shake and Vibrate Her Tail?

There are 7 major reasons why cats shake vibrate tails. It may be because the cat is happy or could be because of stress and anxiety. But, if it is not because of that then it could be a medical condition to know more check the list given below.

1. Moving Tail in Motion Means Happiness

If you see your cat’s tail is moving in a swift motion it is an indication that she is happy and content.

To express her excitement she will keep her tail upright. She will quiver it up to down. Most of the time you may observe this happening when you come home after several weeks.

Or when you feed her favorite cat food or treat. Haven’t noticed it? This time while getting her food make sure to keep an eye on her tail then.

2. Vibrating Upper Tail Indicates Stress

When cats are under stress they will vibrate their tails it is an indication that she is anxious about something.

stressed cat vibrating tail

In case her upper part of the tail vibrates it is a sign of restlessness, maybe impatience, or she could be stressed out.

For instance, if you are taking too long to get her favorite treat, or she is waiting too long to catch a catnip ball, these can provoke her to move her tail.

3. Quivering Tail Means Annoyance and Anger

Usually when cats quiver their tail in fast motion then it means they are irritated, and it is a clear indication that they are aggressive. If this is out of the blue it can clearly mean that she is extremely nervous and won’t tolerate anything.

If you don’t pay attention to her, she will do this a lot. And, while you’re playing if you notice she is shaking its tail at fast speed immediately understand that is the best time to leave her alone.

If you pet her a lot or cuddle her uneasily she may also get annoyed by that too. In other cases, if you have guests at home, and she is not liking them she may get irritated with that too because they may take time to get used to them.

4. If It’s Noisy She Will Move Her Tail

Felines move their tails rapidly if they are in loud noise.

Noises can disturb your cat. Felines don’t appreciate loud noises. The cat’s tail is vibrating to show uneasiness as they are unaware of the sound where is it coming from. This is similar to a dog barking at loud noises.

This is the reason why cats tail vibrates it basically shows that they are getting ready for a new experience or going to attack someone.

5. Due to Underlying Health Conditions

When cats vibrate their tails it can also be because of poor health conditions. We have made a list of the medical conditions under which you will get to due to which health problem your cat is moving her tail a lot.

sick cat shaking tail

Other than that tail shaking can also mean she is sick for several days. It is basically a part of feline body language.

If she meows a lot and moves her tail then this is a behavioral problem. Sometimes the health problem can be severe they can suffer from thyroid, nutritional deficiencies. So, if she is moving her tail in rapid and quick motion make sure to visit the vet as soon as possible.

Health Problems
Atrophied muscles
Suddenly stops eating her food
Rapidly gains weight
Twitchy cat syndrome
Change in Behavior

6. Moving Tail Indicates She Loves You

Moving tail in smooth motion is an indication of love. She is basically telling you I love you hooman. You are being honored by them.

Cats can’t emote their emotions like us humans, so they use signs to show their love. Flicking tails mean they are happy with you. This is very hard and rare because cats aren’t expressive.

So, if she moves her tail smoothly and doesn’t close her eyes basically gives you intense look then your feline friends are just showing their love towards you.

7. Vibrating Tail and Standing Fur She Feels Threatened

A scared cat will vibrate her tail. You will also notice that fur will become static which will make her tail look bigger than normal.

So, if your kitten or cat is threatened they will try to make themselves look bigger by puffing themselves out as much as possible.

You may find it funny because even after doing this they will not look bigger HAHA. But, for them, it works.

How to Deal With a Cat Shaking Or Vibrating Tail?

So far you know why cats shake vibrate tails now it’s important to work on how to prevent such behavior you can either give her catnip or use Feliway or could simply speak to the vet.

deal with cat shaking tail

Keep Her Calm

If you know that she is moving her tail because of stress then you simply have to reduce her stress. You can use catnip to control anxiety or could use Feliway to kill the stress.

Keep Her Busy and Happy

Next, if your fluffy friend is unhappy and irritated it can be due to boredom. So to avoid boredom and vibrating tail, try to keep her busy by taking her on walks, spending some time.

Feed her on time, give her water in her food bowl, offer toys and keep her surroundings positive.

Speak to Vet

If the reason why cats shake vibrate tails is a medical condition it’s time to speak to the vet. By understanding signs and symptoms he can easily detect health problems.

Well, That a Wrap!

In conclusion of why cats shake vibrate tails I could suggest that you try to understand the body movement of your kitty. Because not every time moving tail means happiness and love. Sometimes it could also possibly mean she is under stress or unhappy.

If it is because of a medical condition make sure to speak to the vet, try to keep her busy, use catnip to kill her stress.

And, if you like this article or would like to add more to this do comment below!


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