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Cheap Cat Litter Alternatives: What Can I Use Instead of Cat Litter?

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Head on to find 9 super-cool cheap cat litter alternatives!

Are you running out of money and want to save some money on cat litter? Well, we understand commercial cat litters are expensive and, it may make you broke sometimes!

But, no worries, we have got some of the unique and the best cat litter alternatives options only for you.

These cat litter alternatives are easy to make and do not take much time as well.

cat litter alternatives

Unique Affordable Cat Litter Alternatives and Substitutes

If you want to know some of the cost-effective and best alternatives to cat litter, then read the list given below. We have researched and found out nine of the best cat litter alternatives for you!

1. Wood Shavings

Looking for cat litter alternatives?

Is there any carpenter shop nearby your house?

Wondering why such an absurd question isn’t?

wood shaving litter

Well, if your house is nearby any carpenter shop, you can ask him for wood shavings and use that as cat litter!

So, get a large bag full of green cat litter for free, but ask him it is made of which wood. You can take aspen wood shaving; it is safe to use.

How to use it? Well, you simply have to spread it, and when your cat is done doing her business, dump the waste in your backyard!

2. Artificial Turf

Artificial grass litter as cat kitty litter alternatives, this seems weird, isn’t it?

But it is long-lasting. You can purchase an artificial grass roll and simply cut it. And it is ready for use. But before you use that, let me tell you, it might not be suitable for most cats. They won’t be able to bury their poop. Plus, it is not environmentally friendly!

3. Alfalfa Pellets

Alfalfa pellets are great and cheap cat litter alternatives!

A 50lbs alfalfa pellet will be a minimum of $20 cheaper than a bag full of grass. It is a great litter alternative to pine litters, corn litter, and clumping cat litters.

alfalfa pellets cat litter

But, before putting alfalfa pellets in your cat litter box, make sure to cross-check whether it is made of only natural woods are not. Is it free from cedar oil or not?

Because it is toxic for your felines but, if it goes under process, it will be safe to use. You can also ask your vet regarding this!

Some disadvantages of alfalfa pellets are they can get tracked and fails to mask the odor!

4. Whole Wheat Cat Litter

In need of an emergency cat litter?

Then go run to your kitchen right now!

But, why?

Grab some whole wheat from your kitchen and use the grinder to grind wheat berries! And your cat litter is ready for use!

This is easy peasy, isn’t it? This homemade DIY kitty litter has great clumping power and is the best alternative to clay cat litter. Remember to fine-grind whole wheat and make it a fine powder because finer flour will form quick clumps.

But one con of this is that it will become too dusty! Plus, it does not mask the scent.

But, no worrier to mask the unpleasant smell, you can just spray some baking soda!

5. Horse Bedding Pellets

Horse bedding pellets are nothing but a product of sawdust!

It is a unique cat litter substitute. Great alternative of commercial walnut cat litters and corn litters. You just have to mix some baking soda and a little water, and it is ready to use!

This super-affordable substitutes for cat litter, and it is also highly absorbent! But it tends to break up into small pieces when it is wet and can overflow from the box when it reaches the saturation point! So to reduce tracking, you have to clean it regularly!

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6. Chicken Feed Pellets

Want to make fresh homemade cat litter alternatives but don’t know how to make them?

No problem! Get some chicken feed, wonderful baking soda and cedar shavings, and mix them well! And, it is done! Yay!

This is the least known DIY cat litter alternatives. It is effective and highly absorbs the litter and the waste properly. But one disadvantage of these cat litter alternatives is that they will allure house bugs, mice, and rats.

7. Recycled Shredded Paper Litter

Ready for another homemade cat litter alternative?

recycled shredded paper cat litter

Let’s make eco-friendly shredded paper cat litter. This is great for those cats who are hyperallergic, sensitive. And, also for cat’s paws which are recovering from infections.

Gather some shred newspaper in a bucket add dish soap liquid and warm water. Let it sit for a few minutes till the paper turns soft. Once done then drain the water and now add baking soda.

It’s time to do some squeeze work. Properly knead the mixture and remove all moisture.

You have to dry this properly, it might take few days, but it will mask the odor effectively! Once it is completely dry, then you can use this! As it is made of recycled materials, it produces zero dust, plus it is biodegradable. Good for cats and good for our mother earth!

But one disadvantage is that it does not clump, which means you have to change it regularly so that your house does not stink!

8. Potting Soil

Most cats love to eliminate in nature, in natural soil. But it is all dusty and dirty. Well, you can use potting soil in the litter box. Without going outside, your indoor cats can easily eliminate nature at home.

You can save huge money as it is cost-effective. Simply spread the potting soil inside her litter tray. But, if you use this cat litter alternative, you have to do some extra work like placing multiple litter mats nearby the box, add some baking soda for good odor control!

You can also put potting soil in your backyard and train your cat to use that. In this way, you can save a lot of money and keep your house way cleaner!

9. Puppy Pads

I know you would think why puppy pads for alternatives to cat litter, right!

Well, although it is made for puppies, your cat can also use that, especially that cat who doesn’t know how to climb into a litter box. It is made of many layers of highly absorbent material, so it soaks the liquid very well.

As a cat owner, it is your duty to train your cat to leave the pad when they are done doing their toilet business!

Summing It All Up!

There are many litter options available in the market, but they are highly expensive! Traditional litters are expensive and not eco-friendly too!

Well, we have got the best alternatives to cat litter options in this article on “Cat Litter Alternatives: What Can I Use Instead of Cat Litter?” You can use sand, grass cat litter, wood pellets, whole wheat, as an alternative to clay litter, corn cat litter, and walnut litter.

There are a variety of homemade cat litter recipes and cat litter alternatives included in this post, with cons and pros. You can read and get some of the best and cost-effective cat litter for your cat!

If you know another unique type of litter that is long lasting, do let us know in the comment section below!


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