The 15 Best Cat Collars of 2022

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Unlike dogs, it is difficult to restrict cats to remain strictly indoors. They have a natural curiosity to explore the surroundings and roam around outdoors. Even though cats have a keen sense of direction, occasionally they may also lose their way. To set your mind at rest, it is imperative to have the best cat collars around their necks.

Also, putting a collar around the neck will help you identify the correct cat when there are two or more that look identical. A collar is also helpful when your pet kitty falls sick and you need to visit a vet. Information such as how to care for her during emergencies can be attached to the collar.

Should you let your cats outside?

Just like us humans, cats too have their unique personality and individual preferences to match that personality. What could be the best for one cat may not necessarily be so for another. Those who have adopted a stray cat may find her still retaining the urge to venture out on her own. On the other hand, if a cat has had scary experiences outdoors, she may hesitate to leave your house and go out.

However, most cats are curious by their very nature. It would be difficult for you to restrict a cat exclusively indoors because of the inherent urge inside her to explore the great, big outdoors.

Apart from stimulation for their natural curiosity, the exercise of roaming and exploring the outdoors is beneficial for your cat because it makes her stay active. Running, jumping, and climbing activities will ensure your cat does not become obese.

Because a cat’s instincts such as climbing and scratching may get restricted, it is natural that they find life exclusively indoors a tad boring. Boredom may make them unnecessarily aggressive and you may find this aggression a bit difficult to contain.

However, you are also a bit concerned about letting the cat out on her own for fear that she may get lost. Having the best cat collar tied around her neck will increase the likelihood of her being returned if she gets lost.

A large variety of collars are available on the market that caters to individual budgets. It is better to be safe and purchase the best cat collar that meets your budget. Your mind can rest in peace that your kitty will find her way back to you even if she gets lost outdoors.

A Quick Glance at Our Favorites (Updated 2022)

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner
Bemix Pets Reflective Cat Collar

Bemix Pets Reflective Cat Collar

  • Fits cats of all breeds and sizes
  • Reflective strip on the collar
  • Available in six colors


Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place
Personalized Breakaway Cat Collars with Safety Release Buckle

GoTags Personalized Breakaway Cat Collar

  • Though durability
  • 5 different colors
  • 15 options for the thread color


Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place
ROGZ Catz Small 3:8-Inch Glow Cat Safeloc Breakaway Clip

Rogz Catz Safeloc Cat Collar

  • Maximum visibility at night
  • Soft and durable scratch-proof construction.
  • Comes with an adjustable breakaway mechanism


The Best Cat Collar of 2022

1. Bemix Pets Reflective Cat Collar

Bemix Pets Reflective Cat Collar

Bemix Pets Reflective Cat Collar is a very high-quality reflective collar and the best option for your kitty if she is known to be an escape artist. Made from soft yet sturdy nylon, this collar sits comfortably around the neck and will last for a long time. The collar comes with a reflective strip so that your pet can be noticed even after dark and his safety can be ensured.

A small bell allows you to hear the movement of your kitty but it is not that loud so as to cause discomfort to her. The collar can be fastened in place with a cute feline-face design buckle that is pretty easy to fasten. The breakaway mechanism will ensure that your companion does not get stuck anywhere while exploring your house or the garden.

The collar can fit felines of all breeds and sizes and is available in six colors, so you can choose the right one that works for you and your kitty.

To conclude, we think this is the overall best cat collars.


  • Fits cats of all breeds and sizes.
  • The breakaway buckle will ensure your kitty can break loose without getting hurt if the collar gets stuck.
  • Reflective strip on the collar will ensure that your kitty is noticed even after dark.


  • Readers have reported issues with the reflective strip getting peeled off a bit too easily.

2. GoTags Personalized Breakaway Cat Collar with Safety Release Buckle

Personalized Breakaway Cat Collars with Safety Release Buckle

GoTags Personalized Breakaway Cat Collar is the best cat collar with a unique and long-lasting id for your kitty. GoTags’ personalized breakaway collar is designed in a way so as to keep your cat safe with a safety buckle, which will release if the collar were to get caught.

Your cat’s name and phone number are permanently stitched into the nylon webbing of the collar.

The company offers 5 different colors for the collar and 15 options for the thread color in which you would want the name and telephone number embroidered.

The collar is 3/8 inches wide and 8-12″ in length, which can be adjusted so as to fit comfortably around the neck of your kitty. It is a great option for cats of all sizes, and regardless of whether it is a boy or girl.

Though durability is a key feature, it does not come in the way of offering comfort. The nylon webbing has smooth, tapered edges and sits comfortably around the neck.


  • You can be assured that your feline friend will manage to free himself because of the release of the safety buckle if the collar got entangled.
  • The cat’s name and phone number are permanently embroidered on the collar so that you can be contacted by any stranger who found your lost kitty.


  • The placement of the embroidery can get a bit tricky because the adjuster part may hide part of it. Hence any stranger who finds your lost kitty would have to catch her and check the embroidery properly in order to get in touch with you.

3. Rogz Catz Safeloc Glow-in-the-Dark Cat Collar

ROGZ Catz Small 3:8-Inch Glow Cat Safeloc Breakaway Clip

For those of you who are reluctant to go with a breakaway mechanism cat collar for fear of the kitty getting lost, Rogz Catz collar stands out from the crowd. The Rogz Catz is different from the rest of the breakaway collars because it has an adjustable load breakaway buckle.

This mechanism allows you to choose how easily the breakaway buckle can be pulled apart depending on your kitty’s weight. The safety features do not end there: the reflective strip and glow-in-the-dark polyurethane allow maximum visibility after dark. The collar is available in different colors and prints, comes with a detachable bell and is compatible with tags.


  • Unlike other breakaway collars that are easily lost, this one comes with an adjustable breakaway mechanism meaning it will only come off when absolutely necessary.
  • Maximum visibility at night due to glow-in-the-dark and reflective surfaces.
  • Soft and durable scratch-proof construction.


  • The adjustable length being 8-13″, it may not be suitable for small kittens.

4. Lionet Paws Cat Collar with Bowtie

Lionet Paws Cat Collar with Bowtie

The Lionet Paws Collar can make any kitty look handsome and fashion-conscious because it is attractive, comfortable and adjustable. The buckle is made from stainless steel which makes it durable and the fabric is pure cotton.

According to the manufacturer. each bow-tie is hand-made and mounted on to a collar with the help of an elastic strap. This also means that the bow-tie can be attached to any collar easily without alterations. The bow-tie can also be removed if it needs to be washed.

This one is also available in a plethora of colors, patterns, and sizes. Measure your kitty’s neck, pick the right size for her and you will have a safe and protected feline.


  • The fabric part is made of cotton, which is a natural fiber, eliminating any chance of causing itchiness or allergies.
  • Possible to find a size that will suit the size of the neck for any feline.
  • The bow-tie can be detached and washed easily.


  • Some readers have written feedback that the collar may be right for a dog but is too heavy for cats.

5. GoTags Personalized Reflective Collar for Cats

Personalized Reflective Cat Collars

GoTags is also a breakaway collar designed to free your cat if the collar were to get entangled because of the safety buckle. The reflective strip is visible from hundreds of feet away.

The collar is 3.8 inches wide and 8-12″ in length, which is adjustable to fit around the neck of your kitty.

Your cat’s identification is laser engraved on the reflective strip. This eliminates the worry of your pet losing their hanging tag and you will be at peace with yourself in the knowledge that your cat’s name and telephone number will stand out in the instance of your pet losing its way.


  • This is also a breakaway collar with a reflective strip. The breakaway nature of the collar allows your pet to escape may potentially life-threatening situation that might arise from the collar getting caught.
  • The length of the collar is adjustable to fit around the neck of a cat of any size. You may select the color of your choice.


  • There is a 25 character limit for imprinting the pet’s name and the telephone number.

6. USP Pet Soft & Comfy Bowtie Dog and Cat Collar

USP Pet Soft &Comfy Bowtie Dog Collar and Cat Collar

USP Pet Soft Cat Collar bowtie is sewn by hand and attached to the collar using an elastic strap.

Though they are not machine washable, they can be detached from the collar and rinsed with soap and water.

The best designer fabric goes into making the collar and the bowtie, making them durable comfortable and safe.

The items are made to cater to individual orders, and therefore you may not receive exactly the kind of piece whose picture you can see while placing the order.

It will look elegant when you are planning to take your kitty along with you to a party or a wedding.


  • It will make your kitty look dainty and all spruced up at the gala party you have organized or have been invited to.
  • You may dress her up in this variant even for a holiday you have been planning for a long time.


  • The maker of this variant is silent about how long is this collar and bow-tie combination expected to last.
  • There is absolutely no policy discussed regarding the warranty period or refund in case the customer is not satisfied with the product after delivery.

7. FlowerTown Personalized Embroidered Nylon Cat ID Collars with Bell

FlowerTown Cat Collar Personalized Embroidered Nylon Cat ID Collars with Bell

FlowerTown collars allow you to sew onto the collar personalized information that can help you to get back your cat in case it loses its way. Details such as your pet’s name and your phone number can be included on it for easy identification.

With these collars, it is possible to get your choice of collar color, embroidery and the type of characters you want to include on it. Usually, it will be your pet’s name and your telephone number. That means if your cat loses its way, you can be contacted to let you know that your dear pet has been found and whom to collect it from.

These are also breakaway collars so that your pet can free itself, in case the collar were to get stuck anywhere, without hurting itself in the process.


  • This is a sure-shot way of ensuring that people who find your lost pet contact you. There is no way they will miss the large, embroidered characters sewn onto the collar.  Customization also enables you to choose the colors of your choice.
  • These are long-lasting collars with a breakaway buckle so that your pet can free itself in instances where its collar gets stuck into anything.


  • This brand is aesthetically challenged. These are designed for function than for how they would look. A few buyers also have had problems with the adjustment part as the embroidered part gets in the way.
  • In a few instances, the collar also started falling apart quickly. It is therefore very essential to keep checking whether the collar is in good shape or needs to be replaced.

8. Necoichi Chirimen Collar with Clover Bell

Necoichi Chirimen Cat Collar with Clover Bell, Handcrafted in Japan

You are not merely putting on a collar to your pet but imparting it with a bit culture!

Necoichi Chirimen Collar made from the same material as kimonos, the cat will look graceful in this floral print chirimen rayon artwork.

You may bid goodbye to the conventional bell and usher in a bell that is what not it looks like.

The exquisite design of the pink and fuchsia heart shaped clover charm hides a bell in a subtle and clever manner. Who told you that collars cannot be stylish?


  • The collar is so pretty, you will absolutely adore it. The bell will also chime pleasantly, which is a bit different from the bells the come with other cat collars.


  • This is a made in Japan product so those of you who believe in supporting American manufacturers could do buying other variants.

9. BINGPET Safety Nylon Reflective Cat Collar with Bell and Bling Paw Charm

BINGPET Safety Nylon Reflective Cat Collar

BINGPET Safety Nylon Reflective Cat collar is made from soft but sturdy nylon, which not only makes it comfortable to be worn around the neck but also is long lasting.

A reflective strip is sewn on to the collar, which is 3/8 inch in width, to allow your kitty to be visible even after dark.

There is also a safety release buckle which will automatically come off if your cat got entangled somewhere in the house or in your garden.

The collar comes with a cute bell to keep track of your kitty’s movement and a cute pendant shaped in the form of a cat’s paw to make it more attractive.

The collar comes in four colors: light blue, orange, black and light pink. You just have to select one that is right for you and your kitty.


  • Nylon is high quality and its softness will not cause any discomfort to your pet feline.
  • The safety release buckle enables your kitty to break free without getting hurt if the collar gets stuck to anything.
  • The reflective strip will make your cat visible in car headlights and in torchlight to ensure that she is safe and secure.


  • Readers have claimed that the breakaway safety feature comes off too easily and his cat managed to take off the collar using his paws two times in under 15 minutes.

10. Blueberry Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar

Blueberry Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

The Blueberry collar is a smart cat collar that will always keep your kitty safe and is comfortable, elegant and designed to last.

It is made from high-density polyester webbing as well as plastic and can withstand heavy scratching.

The breakaway buckle ensures that your kitty stays safe and sound even if the collar gets caught and the adjustability feature (between 9-13 inches) makes fitting around the neck seem like a cakewalk.

A cute little bell with the collar will allow you to keep a track of your kitty’s whereabouts in and around the house.

The collars come in several different colors and geometrical patterns and make choosing the right style for your rather picky feline an easy job.


  • High-density polyester webbing and plastic impart durability.
  • Breakaway buckle ensures that your kitty stays unhurt and can free herself even if the collar gets stuck.
  • Fitting around the neck is a piece of cake because of the adjustability feature of the buckle.


  • A few readers have contested the claims of durability and said the collar began fraying within the first month of arriving.

11. Bemix Reflective Cat Collar with Bell (Set of 6)

Bemix Reflective Cat Collar with Bell

Bemix Reflectiv Cat Collar simple low-cost option imparts visibility to your cat when she is roaming around. It comes with a reflective strip to get noticed and has a very cute cat-faced buckle for style.

One can opt for a pack of three or six depending on the needs. It is a simple collar and one can opt for a pack of three, each in different colors.

It is a good solid piece of collar, made from nylon with a reflective strip and a bell added. This will enable you to keep a tab on your cat wherever they are.

To make matters far more convenient, these are also breakaway collars and your kitty will be able to free herself with a few vigorous jerks in case the collar were to get entangled somewhere.


  • Being a breakaway variant helps because then it allows your cat to escape from many situations which otherwise may not have been possible.
  • Though this means increased chance of your cat losing collars, this is a far better situation compared to the potentially lethal situations she may face otherwise.
  • These will not be too much of a strain on your finances even if frequent replacements are required because they are relatively low-cost.
  • Since they come in bulk, you will always have a replacement on hand in case your cat lost its collar.


  • The fragility of the reflective strip, which peels off very easily, is a bit of a concern. It is important to check your cat’s collar regularly if it is still in good condition so that your cat is noticeable when she is out.

12. PACCOMFET Nylon Reflective Cat Collar with Bell

PACCOMFET 12 Pcs Breakaway Cat Collar Nylon Reflective with Bell

When ordered you will get a package of 12 collars, each of different color. PACCOMFET collar comes with a reflective strip so that your cat is visible when she is on roaming. 

The material used to make the collar is solid nylon and a multi-color bell is attached to the reflective collar so that your pet is seen as well as heard when roaming. 

The collar is 0.4″ width and 7-12″ length, which is adjustable to fit around the neck of a cat of any size. 

These are also breakaway collars with a safety buckle so that your kitty can free herself in case the collar gets stuck somewhere.


  • This is a breakaway collar and therefore you need to keep replacements handy. Since the package comes with multiple collars, you can always replace the collar of your pet if she were to lose one somewhere.
  • It comes with a reflective strip and a multi-color bell, which means that your kitty is visible as well as audible when she is roaming around.
  • Since the length is adjustable, it is suitable for cats of all sizes.


  • An odd customer or two have complained that the reflective strip on the collar is not very durable and starts peeling off. It is important to keep checking the condition of the collar to ensure it is still in good shape.

13. TCBOY Breakaway Reflective Cat Collar with Bell

TCBOY Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell, Mixed Colors Reflective Cat Collars

TCBOY Breakaway Reflective Cat Collar comes as a set of six, each of a different color. This is also a breakaway collar so that your pet can cut loose without hurting herself in case of the collar getting entrapped somewhere.

Each collar comes with a reflective strip so that your pet is clearly visible even after dark.

The collar is 3/8″ wide and 7-12″ in length, which is adjustable with the help of the snap buckle and is made from excellent quality nylon.

A multi-color bell is attached to the collar which helps to make the movement of your kitty audible as well.


  • The material used is skin friendly and does not chafe the neck of your pet. Being a breakaway variant, it also allows your kitty to extricate herself from potentially dangerous situations.
  • The attached multi-color bell not only assists in keeping a tab on the movements of your cat, but it will also prevent it from catching any birds and harming them in your house.


  • This variant has no other demerit separate from anything that has been discussed for any other breakaway, reflective brand.

14. The Creativehome Cat Collars Nylon Soft

The Creativehome Cat Collars Nylon Soft Colorful Adjustable Breakaway Safety Kitten Collars with Bell

Creativehome Cat Collars are a pack of six fashionable cat collars in equally bright but different colors and integrated with high-quality bells.

The material used in the making of these colors is soft quality nylon, which is washable.

These are also breakaway collars, meaning that they also come with a safety buckle that releases when pressure is applied.

The collars can fit any animal whose girth of the neck is 7.5-10.2″, and the length is adjustable so a smaller animal can be made to wear it as well.


  • Bright colors of the collar make your cat easily noticeable and the multi-color bell attached to it makes its movement audible, helping you to prevent it from going out of earshot.
  • This is also a breakaway collar, which allows your pet to escape to freedom as the safety buckle will release when even a little pressure is applied in case of the collar getting stuck anywhere.


  • Like all other breakaway collars, it is possible that an odd customer may find difficulty in the collar lasting beyond a few months.

Our Buyer’s Guide of Cute and Cool Cat Collars

Now that you have made up your mind to tie a collar around your kitty’s neck, the next step of selecting the right variety is what could be confusing. To address your confusion, this section discusses a few popular types of collars, the factors that you need to consider while buying a cat collar and also answers some frequently asked questions.

Types of Cat Collars

1. Breakaway Collars

You are likely to encounter collars with the term “breakaway” included in their description. Such collars have safety buckles that will snap and help your pet to cut loose in cases where the collar got stuck. A regular collar without such a safety buckle may end up strangling the cat on being stuck.

2. Reflective Collars

Safety of the cat is a key consideration for the guardian because most cats are masters in the art of escaping. Safety of the cat is what is the top priority of those manufacturing reflective collars. All guardians know how difficult it is to spot your kitten in the dark because of the sheer skill they possess of becoming invisible.

A reflective collar will reflect the light from your flashlight and you will be able to notice your kitten even if it is dark outdoors. Because it is easy to notice the cat with a reflective collar, the chances of her getting hit by a car reduce considerably.

3. Lighted and Safety Collars

Reflective collars may work for short-haired cats. But the best cat collars for a cat with long hair should have something brighter. The LED or lighted safety collars are just right for such cats. These collars are powered by a battery and can be worn without recharging for 30 days. Lighted safety collars are great if your cat is going to roam outdoors.

4. Bells and Whistles

Because cat lovers are also animal lovers, they do not want her to harm bunnies, birds or squirrels that she may chance upon in your garden. By attaching a bell to cat collars you are making her movement audible to these other creatures who can make their flight to safety. It also becomes very easy for you to keep a track of your cat because of the tinkling bell, especially when she’s hiding herself to avoid a visit to the vet!

5. Personalized Collars

Many cats do not like wearing ID tags. For such feline buddies, the personalized collars offer a great option. Personal information such as the cat’s name and your telephone number can be embroidered on the collar itself so that you can be contacted if she ever lost her way.

How to select a perfect cat collar?

It is necessary to consider the style of collar you want to buy. There are collars made of elastic material that can just be slipped over your cat’s head. Collars with safety buckles that snap open by applying slight pressure too are very popular. The objective of both the collars is the same: to prevent your cat from getting stuck to objects because her collar has got entangled.

The second most important parameter in selecting a collar is by weight. One should be careful not to select a very heavy one because your cat may be averse to carrying around so much weight and may try to tear it up.

The third factor that must influence your buying decision is fitting. The collar must not be too tight so as to make your cat feel uncomfortable. The collar should not be so loose or it may come off your pet’s neck. Ideally, it should be sufficiently loose to allow two fingers to be stuck underneath it.

The ease of taking the collar off should be another factor governing your purchase. Cats are unlikely to roll in mud or jump into the water and get their collar dirty. Still, it should be convenient and easy to care for the collar.

All collars that are made from artificial materials can be gently washed. However, you may choose a set of multiple collars, which are inexpensive enough to be discarded rather than going through the trouble of cleaning them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Collars

Why use a collar?

If you are absolutely sure that your cat will never go outdoors then you can do away with the idea of a collar. But those who want to make sure that their feline buddies are safe at all times and in all situations, it’s a great idea to tie the best cat collars around their neck.

Is a micro-chip important?

A microchip containing useful personal information is subcutaneously inserted into your pet. But is microchipping your cat really necessary?

A collar with id tag is all that you need to keep your furry friend safe. Tagging the collar with a name, or telephone number will ensure that your kitty will not be lost or be stolen for a prolonged period.

Which collars are the safest for cats who go outdoors?

The best cat collar would be a combination of artificial material to tolerate the weather, a reflective strip that can be easily noticed while driving, and a breakaway buckle that may snap if the collar gets stuck somewhere.

How can I train my cat to accept wearing a collar?

Since vets recommend collars, it must be possible to teach a cat to begin wearing one. The training must begin at a young age when they can accept the change. But older cats can learn too. At first, just show the collar to the cat and keep talking to her in a comforting tone.

Treat your kitty to good food while tying the collar, as a reward. Keep the collar tied only in short bursts at first and then slowly keep increasing the time.

Do bells keep your cat from catching birds?

Cats are the best predators and know how to stalk without getting noticed. Therefore, they have no issues maintaining silence even if a bell is attached to their collar. There is little chance that the bell will prevent your kitty from preying on birds.


We had a great time reviewing the best cat collars for you. We hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as we did putting it all together especially for you.

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  2. I found this article pretty useful but as a cat behaviorist and shelter worker I found your take on microchips a little concerning. Microchipping your cat is a lot more reassuring than just using a collar and name tag. Most collars that are actually safe for cats are going to be breakaways, and if they do manage to get caught or snagged on something causing them to lose the collar it becomes completely useless. When working in shelters we never got cats with collars, what saved them most often was the fact that they were microchipped. Several of the owners who came to reclaim their cats even said they had a collar on when they escaped or disappeared.

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