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Pretty Litter Review of 2023 | Is it Good?

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Are you tired of constantly worrying about your feline’s health? Are you fed up with trying to detect potential issues before it’s too late? If so, you’ll be excited to hear about the revolutionary litter formula that’s taking the cat-loving world by storm: Pretty Litter for Cats!

This silica-based litter is changing the game for cat owners everywhere with its unique ability to change color and alert you to any potential health concerns. That’s right, with Pretty Litter, you’ll be able to easily detect urinary tract infections, metabolic acidosis, and other common bladder and kidney-related issues simply by observing the color of the litter.

But don’t just take our word for it! We’ve done the research and are giving you an honest and unbiased review of this amazing product. Discover the science behind Pretty Litter and see if it’s worth the price and all the hype. With this litter in your cat’s litter box, you can have peace of mind knowing that your feline’s health is always being monitored.

Pretty Litter Review

The Pretty Litter for Cats is a silica-based cat litter that is known to monitor your cat’s health and get rid of litter box odor effectively. It is a brand that has recently gained some attention due to its unique color-changing formula and has been the talk of the town.

PrettyLitter Cat Litter

Pretty Litter has made its way through various social media platforms and pet magazines and has been appreciated by many cat parents. We have highlighted a few features we discovered that make Pretty Litter stand apart from the rest of the brands.

Features of the Pretty Litter for Cats

The Key Features of the Pretty Litter are:

  • Refill Only Once a Month: Pretty Litter for Cats needs to be refilled only once in a month, depending upon the number of cats using the box and the frequency of usage. The silica gel particles are highly absorbent and last longer if the feces are scooped daily.
  • Less Scooping: With silica-based litter, it is very easy to segregate the cat poop while the cat’surine gets absorbed by the particles. All you have to do is, scoop the cat poop and let the litter do the soaking.
  • 80% Lighter: Unlike other types of litter that become heavy after coming in contact with moisture, Pretty Litter Cat Litter is extremely light in weight, making it easy to sift, pour, scoop and carry.
  • Color Change: Pretty Litter Cat Litter changes its color quickly upon coming in contact with urine and moisture. This helps in detecting potential health problems if your cat is suffering from internal health issues. Slight changes in the color of litter are normal due to stress and anxiety and it can be reused at its best efficiency.
  • Easy Ordering and Delivery: Its very simple, just select the number of cats you own, and PrettyLitter gives you a price estimate with subscription offers. You can cancel the subscription anytime while they also offer free delivery on their orders within the U.S.A.
  • Hypoallergenic and Dust-Free: The silica particles are quite safe, non-toxic, and non-allergenic. It does not form any dust while scooping. While pouring or sifting the litter, it may produce slight amounts of dust but not form massive dust clouds, unlike clay pellets.
  • 30 – Day Risk-Free Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the litter, Pretty Litter ensures you a full refund, upon returning the product within 30 days.

What is Pretty Litter Made Of ?

Pretty Litter is made of silica gel that is available in crystal form and is called sodium silicate. These particles are highly absorbent but they do not form clumps. The silica beads are known to absorb and eliminate urine odor while the poop remains segregated on top of the box for easy scooping.

What is PrettyLitter Cat Litter Made Of?

Along with the silica crystals, you will also notice tiny orange and yellow flecks. These are pH detectors that help in the color change of the litter upon coming in contact with urine.

The silica-based litter is very soft and gentle on your cat’s sensitive paws. Upon touching the litter, the texture feels smooth and comfortable on your feline’s paws.

It is quite safe and non-toxic. However, it should not be ingested or consumed as it can cause choking hazards, especially in small kittens.

How Does Pretty Litter Work?

The Pretty Litter Cat Litter has a smart mode of working by color based detection technique. If the litter changes color upon coming in contact with your feline’s urine, then there could be a potential health disorder.

How Does PrettyLitter Cat Litter Work?

The package comes with instructions to use the litter as well as a color scale which helps in determining what a particular color change indicates. Here is a list of colors the litter can change to and what does it indicate:

  • Red: If the color of the litter changes from white to red, then it indicates the presence of blood in cat urine. This can be indicative of health issues like bladder inflammation, bladder stones, and urinary tract infections.
  • Dark Yellow to Olive Green: Slight levels of anxiety or stress can cause the litter to turn Dark Yellow or Olive Green upon coming in contact with urine. This is considered to be normal and recovers over time.
  • Orange: If the cat urine is acidic, it changes the color of the litter from white to orange. This is indicative of metabolic acidosis or tubular kidney acidosis. Urine with low pH can lead to the formation of calcium oxalate crystals in cats.
  • Blue to Dark Green: If the cat urine is changing the color of the litter from white to blue or dark green, then the urine is too alkaline. This determines the presence of Urinary Tract Infections or bladder crystals and stone formation.

Note: Please remember that the color based detection is not a replacement for veterinarian treatment. The litter only helps you in early detection of a potential health condition which will eventually require medical intervention.

The litter is non-clumping and absorbs urine moisture as well as odor. This allows the litter to change color to determine the presence of any health concerns.

Temporary color changes are normal due to dietary changes or stress and anxiety. You can stir the litter in the box occasionally for the particles to not get saturated and allow its efficient use. The feces needs to be scooped and disposed of daily.

How to Use Pretty Litter?

Once you have ordered a one month supply of PrettyLitter Cat Litter, you will receive two 4 lbs bags of the product along with a card explaining how the litter works. The card also has a ruler to measure the appropriate depth of the litter in the box.

How to Use PrettyLitter Cat Litter

PrettyLitter recommends that you fill your cat’s litter box with up to 2” of litter for efficient absorption and odor control. You can use the measuring ruler to check the depth of the litter in the box.

One 4 lbs bag is sufficient to fill a box of dimensions 15” x 11” (L x W). If you have a large-sized litter box, you would need more than one packet.

After filling the box up to the recommended level, it is ready for your cat to use. You will notice that all you need to do is, scoop the solid waste while the urine and moisture get soaked up by the litter. If there’s a slight color change after the urine is absorbed, you can refer to the card for the color indications.

If the slight color change seems normal, then you can stir the litter in the box to avoid the litter from getting saturated. Frequent stirring and scooping will help in the efficient use of the litter and will also help in better odor control.

Note: You may notice that the litter changes to a shade of yellow it starts fading with time. If you compare the color with the card and find the shade to be indicative of a disorder, rush to the vet before matters worsen.

One bag is sufficient for a single cat and multi-cat households will need multiple packs and litter boxes. The litter needs to be scooped daily and replaced monthly depending upon the use.

Is Pretty Litter Cat Litter Good?

After analysing the features and properties, the real question that arises is whether ”Pretty Litter is worth it?”

Is PrettyLitter Cat Litter Worth It?

We did some extensive research on the silica-based litter, its properties, and asked many cat parents who have been using the litter.

After analyzing and measuring the pros and cons, we think that the Pretty Litter for Cats is a promising and excellent product for detecting health disorders as well as dealing with kitty litter issues.

However, each litter has something good and bad to offer. Here is what we think are amongst the pros and cons of Pretty Litter:

  • Helps in early detection of health conditions easily as the litter changes color upon coming in contact with urine.
  • The litter is 80% light in weight than most other clumping and clay-based cat litter.
  • Soft and gentle on your cat’s paws with its smooth and granular texture
  • Offers efficient and hassle-free cleaning, as solid waste gets segregated and is easy to scoop.
  • Long-lasting and helps in effective odor control for a month.
  • Easy to order with free delivery
  • Comes with a measuring scale and color card for proper instructions and indications
  • Produces dust upon sifting and pouring
  • Gets stuck onto your cat’s paws and causes tracking
  • Silica gels are non-toxic but can cause intestinal blockage if consumed by kittens
  • Not suitable for long-haired and furry felines
  • One bag does not usually suffice for a single pet and litter box, which can lead to increased expenditure on litter.

Pretty Litter Cat Litter Ratings

We measured the efficiency of the cat litter on the basis of various parameters and these are our ratings on the PrettyLitter Cat Litter:

  • Odor Control: 4/5
  • Absorbance: 4/5
  • Non-Dusty: 3/5
  • Cost Per Pound: 3/5
  • Good for Multiple Cats: 3/5
  • Safe: 4/5

The Overall Ratings for Pretty Litter Cat Litter are: 4 out of 5


  1. Does Pretty Litter offer good odor control?

    Yes! Pretty Litter offers good odor control as its silica-based particles are highly absorbent which controls strong urine and ammonia odors. This helps in keeping your cat’s litter box smelling clean and fresh.

  2. Is Pretty Litter good for multiple cats?

    Yes! Pretty Litter is suitable for multiple cats. If there are 2 cats using the same box, then Pretty Litter would last for 15 days.

    However, that will require you to purchase more amounts of litter and more number of boxes. It is not advisable to have a single litter box for multiple cats. You can have multiple litter boxes and fill them with Pretty Litter.

  3. Is Pretty Litter safe for kittens?

    Yes! Pretty Litter is made of silica gel and is in the form of crystals which is safe and non-allergenic. However, if ingested regularly, it can cause choking and digestive blockage.

    Therefore, if your kitty is used to ingesting litter, then you must avoid using Pretty Litter.

  4. How often to change Pretty Litter?

    Pretty Litter needs to be scooped every day and changed every month. This depends upon the usage and the number of cats using the same litter box.

    If there are two cats using a common litter box with Pretty Litter, you may have to change it in 15 days. The solid waste gets easily segregated which needs to be scooped daily to avoid spreading odor.

  5. How to buy Pretty Litter?

    Pretty Litter for Cats can be purchased from the product’s official website. You will need to mention the number of cats in your house.

    After which you have to choose a subscription package to get timely deliveries every month or every 3 months. You can cancel the subscription anytime you want.

  6. Is Pretty Litter available without subscription?

    No! Pretty Litter is available on the product’s official website only on subscription basis.

Final Verdict

The overall verdict of the litter is quite good. Pretty Litter Cat Litter is known to offer effective action with its natural and soft silica-based particles that are highly absorbing. It is easy to scoop and clean the litter and transitioning to this is fairly easy for cats.

PrettyLitter Cat Litter

The best and the most unique feature about the product is the health check that is possible through color detection and indication. It helps you determine a potential health issue in your pet before matters get worse.

The only downside to the product is its cost and that it causes tracking due to being light in weight. However, if you want excellent quality and are ready to spend a few extra dollars, the disadvantages should not pinch you at all.


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