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Signs That Your Cat Is Dying | 13 Signs & Symptoms

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“Saying goodbye is always hard, especially to your beloved once.”

We know, it’s a very tough moment in a pet parent’s life, nobody wants to face it.

But there comes a time when you have to say adios to your feline pal.

As your kitty grows older or if she is suffering from any severe illness, she will display some signs that indicate she is going to die sooner.

So, it’s better to get mentally prepared by observing the signs that your cat is dying.

Scroll down to get an idea about the signs your cat indicates, when she is near the end of her life.

signs that your cat is dying

1. They Don’t Want to Groom Themselves

Cats like grooming themselves, their half of the time is invested only in grooming.

So, if you notice that your feline is not taking any interest in grooming herself, looking after her fur, losing shiny coat, etc.

they don't want to groom themselves

These signs indicate that she is soon going to die as she stops taking care of her body.

2. Their Appetite Has Decreased

It’s normal for cats to skip their meal, when not feeling well.

So, notice their food bowl if continuously they repeat skipping of the meal, like stop eating or drinking, then it might indicate that their body is not ready to digest anything.

their appetite has decreased

As it requires energy to digest food and water, as she is near the end of her life her energy levels also drop.

3. Your Feline Is Sleeping More Than Usual

It’s common for cats to sleep for a longer time, they take short naps in the day.

If she is only sleeping and not eating anything, not even playing or demanding your attention, then it’s a matter of concern.

your feline is sleeping more than usual

When felines are near their death period, they don’t feel energetic and just like to stay in one place only.

So, this can be one of the signs that your cat is dying.

You can even compare this scenario with her normal healthy daily routine to get confirmation.

4. Downfall in Your Kitty’s Body Temperature

When your feline is near to her last stage of life, there are chances that your cat’s temperature drops rapidly below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Or if you notice that your kitty’s limb will feel cool to the touch.

downfall in your kitty's body temperature

Due to the fluctuation of a heartbeat or heart weakening.

Generally, a healthy cat’s temperature is maintained between 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also check your kitty’s body temperature on your own, with the help of an ear or digital rectal thermometer.

5. Fluctuation in Their Heart Beat

A healthy cat usually breathes 20-30 times per minute, if you observe that your feline heart rate is dropping or fluctuating rapidly then it can be because of illness, or it’s one of the signs that your cat is dying.

fluctuation in their heartbeat

In such a situation it is advisable to keep a check on her respiratory system, you can measure her heartbeat by placing your hand on her left side just behind her front leg.

6. They Start Smelling Awful

When your kitty’s body organs stop functioning effectively and there is no way out to release toxin from her body as she is having a problem in breathing.

In such a situation, toxins build up in your feline pal’s body and cause a bad odor that gets worse over time.

they start smelling awful

In another word, your pal is giving an indication that she is near to death.

7. They Have Problem in Getting Clear Vision and Breathing

One of the signs that your cat is dying is bad vision and breathing issues.

Your feline’s eye gets dilated when she is near the end of her life, which means she may become blind or her eyesight gets blurry.

they have problem in getting clear vision and breathing

Furthermore, signs like open mouth breathing, difficulty to breathe, stretching her body due to discomfort, she makes sounds while breathing, strong abdominal movement, etc.

If you observe these signs that, it is an indicator that your feline pal is not getting enough oxygen, and it’s an emergency call to visit the vet.

8. Your Feline Seeks for Solitude

Generally, cats prefer to stay alone when they’re not well, it’s their way of protecting themselves from predators.

Because your kitty feels that she is more vulnerable to predators when she is not well.

your feline seeks for solitude

The concern arrives when your feline starts hiding frequently in new places, seeks solitude, and avoids communicating with you also. She doesn’t even come out to have her day meal or to play, cuddle with you.

If your social feline pal now prefers to stay alone and does not even want to spend time with you, these signs indicate that she is gravely ill and preparing for death.

9. She Is Feeling Weak and Lethargic

When your feline is near the end of its life, they become inactive, feels lethargic all the time. Your feline finds it difficult to walk even one step, she will prefer to sit in one place.

she is feeling weak and lethargic

Even after taking long naps, she is awakened with a lethargic mood or feeling weak then might be she is giving a signal that something is not well, and maybe it’s time to say goodbye as she cannot take it anymore.

However, she might show symptoms like weak legs, a back issue, so it is advisable to call your vet and give medication so that she doesn’t suffer more in pain.

10. Change in Behavior

As we know, cats like to follow their schedule, they are particular about their routine whether in terms of eating, sleeping, playing, etc.

In very rare cases, they will skip their schedule like not eating in time, sleeping all day, etc.

change in behavior

So if you observe any such changes, then it is quite possible that she is not well or one of the signs that your cat is dying.

Usually, cats don’t show their illness or pain easily, but with their body language, you can get an idea that she is not well.

However, the problem arises when she stops communicating or giving hints, this unusual behavior can be the earlier signal that she is in the last stage of her life.

11. They Start Losing Their Weight

Losing weight is common when your feline’s appetite decreases, but it is considered a severe issue when she starts avoiding taking meals or saying no to her even favorite treats.

This leads to extreme weight loss and dehydration.

they start losing their weight

Furthermore, with age your feline body gets weak and illness leads to further weight loss and muscle wastage as she stops eating anything, and dehydration shut down her body organs to work effectively.

12. Your Feline Immune System Decreases

As your feline gets older, with time her immune system gets weaker.

Deficiency of white blood cells occurs in your feline body due to which her immune system fails to guard her body against the infection/bacteria.

your feline immune system decreases

There is a high tendency that she encounters infections and creates a problem for her as she cannot recover from it, and increases the risk of health complications.

However, a decrease in the immune system in your feline body can be one of the signs that your cat is dying.

13. They Don’t Response to the Treatment

Even after regular checkups and medication doze, when your feline body stops responding, and sends signals that she can’t take more.

This might be the signal that her body has stopped working and is on the verge of breaking down.

they don't response to the treatment

However, it is one of the signs that your feline pal is near to her last stage of life.


After trying all the possible medication/ treatment, consulting your feline’s vet, your pal is not responding to the treatment. The last option is to make her feel comfortable in her last few days.

Here are some suggestions, which you can opt to make your feline pal comfortable.

  • You can help her out with reaching the litter box, make it easily accessible for her.
  • As at this time she just feels like sitting at one place, so you can provide her cozy warm bed to relax.
  • Provide her favorite treats to eat, it will help to encourage her to eat something.
  • Not grooming herself is one of the signs that your cat is dying. So, help your cat to groom herself, keep her clean as she used to be in her healthy days.


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