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The 9 Best Cat Carrier for Nervous Cats of 2023| Reviews & Top Picks

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If you’re struggling to find a cat carrier that will accommodate your nervous feline, we’ve got you covered! After extensively testing over 250 different carriers, we’ve narrowed it down to top 9 carriers specifically designed for anxious cats.

Whether you need a carrier for a vet visit or a short trip, we’ve included all the key features you need to consider when choosing a carrier for your anxious cat. With our help, you’ll be able to find the perfect carrier for your furry friend’s needs.

Keep reading for in-depth information and recommendations on the best cat carriers for nervous cats.

A Quick Look at our Favorites of 2023

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner

Amazonbasics Two-Door Hard Sided Cat Carrier

best cat carrier for nervous cats
  • This carrier has robust security
  • Enough space to flip-flop or relax
  • It has top-loading facility

Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place

Sherpa on Wheels Pet Carrier

sherpa on wheels pet carrier
  • Machine washable
  • Strong locking zipper
  • Easy to move from one place to another

Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place

Necoichi Ultralight Pop-up Cat Carrier

necoichi ultralight pop-up cat carrier
  • Lightweight and doesn’t add extra load
  • Foldable and require less space for storage
  • Best for short trips.

The 9 Best Cat Carrier for Nervous Cats Reviews

Going on a trip or vet visit with your nervous cat in a small, uncomfortable carrier will lead to many problems. As the majority of the nervous felines hate carriers, it makes them a bit cranky and wants to escape from that cage.

But don’t worry, we have a solution for you. We have done some research about the best cat carrier for nervous cats which are available in the market.

And we would like to share the product’s details, its pros, and cons which will guide you better for your next carrier purchase for your nervous feline.

Scroll down to learn more about the cat carrier products.

1. Amazonbasics Two-Door Hard Sided Cat Carrier

Amazon basics store is our overall premium choice as it is one of the best cat carriers for nervous cats, it offers visibility, ventilation option on the side, top and back sides of the carrier. As you know, nervous cats can be difficult to carry in the carrier with small door openings.

Best Cat Carrier for Nervous Cats

So, this two-door cat carrier is perfect because its large opening doors make it easy for you to load your cat inside the carrier.

The carrier’s sides, top and back surface provide ample ventilation, which allows your nervous kitty to breathe fresh air and keeps her calm while traveling.

Small and medium-sized felines can easily fit in this carrier.

To conclude, we think this is the overall best cat carrier for nervous cats.


  • This carrier includes a spring-loaded latch that can only be opened from the outside, which is safe for your cat as she cannot run away.
  • Your cat gets enough space to relax or flip-flop comfortably in the carrier.
  • Its top-loading facility is perfect, you can easily place your cat inside the carrier.
  • This product is sturdy in nature, it cannot be broken easily and lasts longer as compared to other products.
  • This carrier feature has robust security.


  • Assembling the door is the tricky part it may take long time, so for fast set-up follow the instructions carefully.

2. Sherpa on Wheels Pet Carrier

The Sherpa Ultimate on Wheels is our editor’s pick and is considered one of the best cat carriers for nervous cats. This carrier is rectangular, and its mesh sides provide enough ventilation and visibility for your cat.

Sherpa on Wheels Pet Carrier for Nervous Cats

While transporting, you can open the top cover of the carrier to give your cat an excellent view of its surroundings. But if your nervous feline wants to hide in then you can close the top cover as most nervous cats get scared and avoid looking outside the carrier.

Furthermore, it includes features like wheels that make it easier to move the carrier, especially if you have a large cat. It also includes a padded carrying shoulder strap that makes it convenient for a pet parent to carry the carrier from one place to another.


  • The carrier has a faux-lambskin liner which is machine washable.
  • It also includes a strong locking zippers that provides your cat security and won’t open up accidentally while traveling.
  • Furthermore, because of wheels, it’s easy to move your cat carrier from one place to another.


  • Cleaning this crate might be difficult if you have a feline who urinates frequently, as the urine might reach in the corners.

3. Necoichi Ultralight Pop-up Cat Carrier

The Necoichi Ultra light collapsible cat carrier is our best value choice for nervous cats, it allows you to travel hassle-free with your kitty. The crate is made from a sturdy fabric that keeps your cat safe and can be easily cleanable.

Necoichi Ultralight Pop-up Cat Carrier

It provides a large ventilation window that helps your nervous feline to feel at ease, wherever you take her.

The USP of this product is that it can be easily folded when not in use and occupies less storage space in your cabinet, closet, or under your car seat.


  • It is lightweight in nature and doesn’t add extra load.
  • You can fold away the carrier and store it anywhere as it requires less storage space.
  • This carrier is best for short walks or quick trips.
  • The Carrier surface includes good quality, sturdy fabric, which helps your cat to relax on it during the journey.


  • This carrier is a little flimsy for those pet owners who have super active felines.

4. Sherpa Original Deluxe Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

Looking for a carrier which you can carry on a flight or an adventurous road trip? Then check out the Original deluxe carrier offered by the Sherpa store, it is our top pick as one of the best cat carriers for nervous cats for traveling.

Sherpa Original Deluxe Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

This cat carrier is an ideal option for those pet owners who want to travel by air or go for an adventurous road trip with their kitty. It gives a smart look and provides comfort to your kitty.

It works as a calming cat carrier for your nervous feline because it has a mesh side, that allows plenty of ventilation space and increases the visibility option of your kitty.

Some anxious cats avoid seeing what’s going on outside, so if your cat is one of them, you can cover the side and leave the top open so that they can get fresh air to breathe.

It also includes features like faux lambskin liner which provides a comfortable surface to your kitty and a zipper-lock facility is for your kitty’s security.

Additional features like a side pocket can be used for easy storage of treats, leash, or anything your furry friend can need while traveling.


  • Its soft faux lambskin provides a comfortable surface for your kitty while traveling.
  • Spring wireframe allows you to push down the rear end of the carrier so that it can be easily placed under the seat.
  • This carrier is machine-washable, so you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness.
  • You can easily fold up the carrier and keep it anywhere.


  • If your nervous feline urinates frequently while traveling, then the crate might get stinky. But you can get rid of this urine odor by simply cleaning the crate with bleach solution which will not only remove stinky smell but also kill germs or bacteria.

5. Henkelion Cat & Dog Carrier

The design of the Henkilion cat carrier offers your anxious cat enough space to sit up or move around while traveling. This carrier provides a zipped door facility and can be opened easily. The door of the carrier is wider, which makes it easier to use them with nervous felines or big cats who refuse to go inside the carrier.

Henkelion Cat & Dog Carrier

This cat carrier includes adjustable padded handles as well as shoulder straps, which makes it easy to carry. A facility like a cozy wool mat offers a comfortable surface for your skittish kitty to relax as she gets stressed while traveling.

Furthermore, it also includes an anti-scratching mesh that allows your cat to breathe fresh air and can look outside the carrier. This carrier has a storage pocket for treats, food, and other essential things you need for your kitty while traveling.


  • It offers multiple door openings, which makes it easy for you to load your cat inside the carrier.
  • This carrier has sturdy hooks which support more weight and keep your kitty safe.
  • Its zipper-lock and safety leash ensures your cat is secure inside the carrier.
  • The four sides mesh not only provide a safe and restful trip for your anxious feline, but you can also watch your kitty’s movement from outside.


  • If your feline pal is larger in size, then this one is not an appropriate choice for them as they might get suffocated in this crate.

6. Prodigen Pet Carrier

The Prodigen pet carrier airline-approved crate for nervous cats includes top and side window mesh, which provides airflow space for your feline to breathe fresh air and increases visibility options.

Prodigen Pet Carrier for Nervous Cats

This carrier includes features like an adjustable padded shoulder strap, sturdy hook which helps you to carry it easily, and it also has a storage pocket in which you can keep your cat’s essential items that she can need while traveling.

It also includes a zipper lock so that you can easily reach out to your cat to give comfort or touch her and make her feel secure that you are there only, which reduces her stress while traveling.


  • Top load entry makes it easier to get your cat inside the carrier.
  • This carrier includes four layers of cozy bed mat that help your cat to relax comfortably.
  • The crate fabric is machine washable, which means it is easy to clean.


  • The bag contains a chemical smell that your cat may not like, and this carrier is basically preferable for smaller cats.

7. Petmate Two-Door Top Load Hard Plastic Carrier

Cat carrier comes in two forms hard and soft sides, it depends on the cat owner which they want to choose. So if you are looking for a hard pet shell for your nervous cat, then check out the two-door top load hard case carrier offered by Petmate.

Petmate Two-Door Top Load Hard Plastic Carrier

This carrier has a hard shell, and it provides two entry and exit facilities, you can easily access your cat from the top entry door. It also includes a squeeze door latch that makes it easy for your nervous cat to get in and out.

The design of this product has a large ventilation space for your cat so that she will not feel suffocated, and is appropriate for short and long-distance trips. Plus, your kitty can look outside and feel secure that she is not alone.


  • This cat carrier for nervous cats has well ventilation facility for your feline.
  • It also includes nuts and bolts to ensure the safety of the top cover.


  • This product is difficult to assemble and takes a longer time as compared to other ones.
  • If you want to travel with your feline pal by air, then this crate is not an appropriate choice as its design doesn’t fit under airline guidelines.

8. Lollimeow Backpack Pet Carrier

The lollimeow pet carrier provides you with a backpack design that allows you to easily carry your cat with you while traveling anywhere. This carrier has nine ventilation holes on both sides of the carrier that allows your kitty to breathe fresh air and enjoy the sunlight.

Lollimeow Backpack Pet Carrier Backpack Design

It is made of High-quality waterproof material, which means it is easily washable. The carrier has a smaller side opening that can be used to touch your nervous cat and make her feel secure that you are with her. The pocket facility can be used to keep your kitty’s snacks.

Additional features like soft padding provide comfortable sitting space for your cat, and the plastic front allows her to get a clear outside view while she is still inside her carrier.


  • This backpack cat carrier can be used for hiking.
  • A clear window helps you to keep an eye on your cat.
  • This carrier is lightweight in nature that helps you to easily carry on your shoulder while traveling.


  • Not every nervous cat loves to see outside while traveling, so for them, it can be too exposed.

9. Frieq Large Hard Cover Cat Carrier

Frieq Large Hard Cover Cat Carrier for nervous cats is a bit different from other models. It is a hard shell carrier that provides ample ventilation for your nervous feline to breathe fresh air, and a see-through door helps her to see outside.

Frieq Large Hard Cover Cat Carrier for Nervous Cats

The carrier includes a soft padded cushion that allows your cat to relax all day, and with a side pocket, you can store your kitty’s essential stuff.

It also includes additional features like a foldable facility, all you need to do is collapse the unit, zip the top and bottom together and place it under your bed or closet.


  • The top and bottom cover of the carrier is waterproof and perfect for monsoon weather.
  • The carrier provides a foldable feature that can be stored easily under bed or closet.
  • Larger size cats can be fit easily in this carrier.


  • This crate doesn’t have seat belt holder for car, so better to place it at back seat of the car.

How to Choose the Best Cat Carrier for Nervous Cats?

We know taking care of your cat requires a lot more attention and close monitoring of their health and needs. Plus, taking them out to the vet for checkups or for a short trip is another difficult task, so having a cat carrier is essential, even if you don’t use it more often.

If you have a nervous cat, then it is more challenging because traveling makes them frustrated. So they need a carrier which makes them comfortable while traveling.

In the following paragraphs, we have listed some important key features which can help you to buy the best cat carrier for your nervous cats.


Ventilation is one of the most important key factors to look for while buying a carrier for your anxious cat, because your cat will be under stress while traveling, and she will need some fresh air to breathe.

Some nervous cats like to see outside while traveling, it makes them feel secure. So if that sounds similar to your kitty, then go for a carrier that provides a ventilation feature.


Another key factor to look for is how many opening options the carrier provides. Nervous cats get a hint as soon as you touch the cage, so more opening options will help you to get your kitty easily inside the carrier.

It also helps you to directly settle your cat inside the cage rather than squeezing her body to get her inside. So before buying a carrier for your nervous cat, check whether this feature is there or not.

Here’s a suggestion for your smart buy, don’t go for the pull-out cat carriers because your nervous feline may feel suffocated as she will not get enough ventilation space.


When you are buying a cat carrier, there is no specific size because it depends upon your cat’s size and whether she will be comfortable in it or not.

So when you’re choosing a carrier for your nervous cat, then it is advisable to go for a product that provides enough room space for your kitty to turn around. As there are high chances that your cat will start panicking if she is not able to move around comfortably within the cage.

Hard Sides V/S Soft Sides

One more factor you would like to check while shopping for the best cat carrier for nervous cats is whether you want a hard-sided or soft-sided carrier.

Generally, nervous cats are prone to anxiety while traveling, they scratch, bite themselves. So hard carriers will be a great option, they have steel wireframe doors that give proper security to your feline while traveling.

A soft cat carrier is also a good option, especially if you are traveling by air because it falls under the airline-approved guidelines. Airlines offer you a soft-sided carrier, and it will be kept under the seat from where you can keep an eye on your cat.

FAQs About Cat Carrier for Nervous Cats

Which is the best cat carrier for nervous cats?

Amazon two-door top load hard side cat carrier and The Sherpa ultimate on wheels are our best choice cat carrier for nervous cats. They provide good ventilation facilities as well as enough space for your cat to move around as she gets stressed while traveling.

How much does a cat carrier for nervous cats cost?

According to the survey, a cat carrier for a nervous cat comes in wide ranges. If you want a suitable cat carrier for your nervous feline that will help you and your cat hassle-free trip. Then it will cost you anywhere from $13 to $80.

Should I put a blanket in my cat carrier when traveling?

Some nervous cats hide in the carrier while traveling because they are stressed and don’t want to look outside. So yeah, you can partially cover your cat carrier and keep the breathing portion open for your kitty to breathe. Make sure to keep your cat at a moderate temperature while traveling so that they don’t get suffocated.

How do you calm a nervous cat in a carrier?

If your cat gets nervous in the carrier and starts panicking while traveling. All you need to do is firstly calm her down by petting her that will make her feel secure that you are around her. Keep her at moderate temperature and partially cover her carrier, so that she can hide in and from the opening side of the carrier she can get fresh air to breathe. Always carry your kitty’s treats with you and essential stuff that she may need while traveling.

Does a nervous cat prefer a hard or soft carrier?

Both hard and soft-sided carriers are appropriate for nervous cats. The hard carriers provide protection, and the soft carriers are cozy. So, it depends on your cat’s preferences, which one will give her more comfort while traveling.


Hopefully, our top nine review picks of the best cat carrier for nervous cats help you find a suitable one for your kitty. We have tried to cover the key features and pros and cons of the carrier also that will guide you to pick the best one for your nervous feline.

Here’s a tip for a smart buy, try to choose a cat carrier that provides ample ventilation, enough space for your kitty, because that will help you calm your nervous feline while traveling.

Feel free to share your opinion with us in our comment section given below.


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