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Okocat Litter Review – Is It Legit and Is It Worth It?

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Looking for natural cat litter alternatives that are safer and healthier for your feline and household? Okocat Litter is the best option to look for in order to maintain a healthy and dust-free environment.

While clay litter is preferred amongst most cat owners, it is not very safe and also adds up to landfill waste. Clay can cause choking and intestinal blockage if consumed by felines. It is also known to form dust due to tracking. It is not safe for households prone to allergies and sensitivities.

Before it causes trouble to your kitty, it is advisable to look out for natural and safer alternatives. One such reliable and safe option is the Okocat Litter. Okocat is a plant-based all-natural litter, sourced from sustainable wood and dust-free paper, and performs as well as clay pellets.

Since Okocat makes great purchases in terms of your kitty’s health and the environment, we decided to explore what the product has to offer by reviewing the Okocat Litter for you.

A Glance of Our Favorites in 2022

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner

Okocat Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter

Okocat Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter
  • It is 99% dust-free
  • High absorbance
  • Naturally lightweight and biodegradable

Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place

Okocat Super-Soft Clumping Wood Unscented Cat Litter

Okocat Super-Soft Clumping Wood Unscented Cat Litter
  • Offers high absorbance
  • Flushable and biodegradable
  • 99% dust free and is easy to dispose of as it is biodegradable

Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place

Okocat Less Mess Low Tracking Wood Cat Litter

Okocat Less Mess Clumping Low Tracking Mini Pellets Wood Cat Litter
  • Made of extremely softwood which is gentle on feline paws
  • Best suited for long-haired cats
  • Creates no dust or mess

Okocat Litter Review

Okocat Litter is the next generation plant-based cat litter that is made from sustainably sourced and responsibly rescued wood. Okocat offers cleaner, healthier litter for your cat, family, and home. It contains no artificial fragrances, chemicals, dyes, or GMOs.

Okocat Litter Review

It is much better and safer as compared to clay and offers outstanding performance without forming any waste or dust. Traditional clay particles may enable easy clumping and scooping but form immense amounts of dust and cause tracking. Instead, the Okocat wood and paper-based pellets work naturally.

Okocat is 99% dust-free for a healthy home. Natural materials like wood fiber absorbs liquid and stops ammonia odor before it spreads. It also forms solid clumps for easy scooping and convenient cleaning.

There are 5 variants of Okocat Litters available:

  • Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter
  • Super-soft Clumping Wood Unscented Cat Litter
  • Less–Mess Mini Pellets Unscented Clumping Wood Cat Litter
  • Featherweight Clumping Wood Cat Litter
  • Dust-free, Unscented Non-Clumping Paper Pellet Cat Litter

These variants are 100% natural and safe for your cat. In fact, they are much better than clay in terms of safety and forms less dust. However, users have said that certain variants do not clump as effectively as clay and do not help in controlling odor as well. They are also priced high as compared to clay litter which may be a downside of this product.

However, it is all-natural, biodegradable, and safe for your cat, which makes it stand apart from artificial variants. We help you make a healthier and simpler choice for your kitty’s litter box by reviewing the Okocat Cat Litter.

What Kinds of Litter Does Okocat Offer?

We have reviewed the various types of Okocat Litter for your furball’s litter box. Read on to know which one is the best suited for your kitty’s requirements.

1. Okocat Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter

The Okocat Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter has a soft texture and natural scent that is ideal for all cats. It is 99% dust free and claims to form solid clumps for ease of scooping and cleaning. It helps to stop ammonia odor and urine smell before it starts and the natural wood fiber is known to be highly absorbent.

Okocat Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter

This particular variant by Okocat is also long-lasting and works for up to months. This allows you to spend less and clean less. Just scoop the solid wastes and the moist litter, you are done. 1 pack of 20 lbs will last for a good 2.5 months for a medium-sized kitty.

It has no artificial fragrances, chemicals, or dyes and is free of GMO’s. It is highly absorbent but does not offer effective odor control. One drawback is that the particles start converting into sticky sawdust once they come in contact with moisture. This makes it difficult to clean and scrape it from the box.

  • High absorbance
  • No tracking
  • Naturally lightweight and biodegradable
  • No odor control
  • The particles are very sticky

2. Okocat Super-Soft Clumping Wood Unscented Cat Litter

The Okocat Super-Soft Clumping Wood Unscented Cat Litter has a very fine texture which feels smooth and gentle on your feline’s delicate paws. This plant-based product is good for small kittens as well. It claims to absorb odor effectively and forms firm clumps for easy scooping.

Okocat Super-Soft Clumping Wood Unscented Cat Litter

Just like all types of Okocat Litter, it is biodegradable and eco-friendly. It is also suitable for cats who are picky and find it difficult to transition to a new variant. The texture feels very similar to clay but it is made of sustainably sourced wood without harming the environment in any way.

The litter is 99% dust free and is easy to dispose of as it is flushable and biodegradable. The cleaned wood fiber is de-dusted for cleaner pour without any clay particles. Just like other Okocat Litters, it is lightweight and highly absorbing which controls urine smell and moisture.

  • Lightweight
  • Offers high absorbance
  • Flushable and biodegradable
  • Not dust-free as claimed
  • The litter particles stick to the box while cleaning

3. Okocat Less Mess Low Tracking Wood Cat Litter

The Okocat Less Mess Cat Litter is made of softwood pellets that are easy on your feline’s paws and form no dust. This leads to less tracking as the pellets do not stick to your cat’s paws.

Okocat Less Mess Low Tracking Wood Cat Litter

Long-haired cats can have litter stuck in their hair and paws which can cause the particles to spread all across the house. The less mess cat litter is suitable for long-haired cats as it is 99% dust-free.

Like the other Okocat variants, it has no artificial chemicals or GMO’s and is very safe for your cat. It is highly absorbing and forms tight clumps that curb odor and is easy to scoop as well.

  • Made of extremely soft wood which is gentle on feline’s paws
  • Creates no dust or mess
  • Best suited for long haired cats
  • The litter forms wood dust upon coming in contact with moisture
  • The wood pellets may cause blockage in sewage system

4. Okocat Unscented Featherweight Clumping Wood Cat Litter

The Okocat Unscented Featherweight Wood Cat Litter has a very smooth texture and is 70% lighter than clay. The litter looks like softwood pellets and claims to stop odor before it starts. The natural fiber prevents the enzymes in urine from bonding with liquid which stops the creation of smell before it starts.

Okocat Unscented Featherweight Clumping Wood Cat Litter

It forms solid clumps for easy scooping and is dust-free for a healthier, safer home. The wood fiber is screened and de-dusted so that the particles form no dust while pouring and scooping the litter.

The pellets are so soft that it helps your cat in easy transition. It contains no artificial chemicals, synthetic dyes, or GMOs. It is very safe for your adult as well as small kitties.

  • Extremely light in weight and easy to handle
  • Soft and gentle on your feline’s paws
  • No chemicals or dyes
  • The particles feel very sandy
  • Causes tracking

5. Okocat Dust Free Non-Clumping Paper Pellet Cat Litter

The Okocat Dust-Free Non-Clumping Paper Pellet Cat Litter is the next-generation plant-based litter that offers extremely high absorbance and is light in weight which makes it easy to manage and dispose of.

Okocat Dust Free Non-Clumping Paper Pellet Cat Litter

Moreover, paper pellets are so soft and gentle that they feel very comfortable on your feline’s sensitive paws. It is environmentally safe and does not form any dust, and is made from reclaimed wood. It does not contain any artificial inks, dyes, or chemicals.

The paper pellets are cylindrically shaped and are very long-lasting. The product does not demand a frequent replacement and is very cost-efficient as well. 1 pack can last for a good 3 months for a large-sized cat.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Long-lasting
  • Dust proof
  • Does not clump for cleaning
  • Good for absorbing urine and liquid, not for solid wastes
  • Does not control odor effectively

How To Transition to Okocat Litter?

Here are the steps you must follow for transitioning to Okocat Litter:

How To Transition to Okocat Litter?
  • Start with a clean and empty box each time you switch to a new type of litter.
  • Fill half the box with Okocat and the remaining half with your kitty’s regular litter. Maintain the level up to 2-3 inches
  • After a few days, add more of Okocat and use less of the regular litter. Keep the level maintained up to 3 inches
  • Once your cat is accustomed to Okocat, fill the box completely with 2-3 inches of Okocat Litter.


Based on various features, these are our ratings for the Okocat Litter:

  • Clumping Action: 3/5
  • Odor Control: 2/5
  • Low Dust: 4/5
  • Safety: 4/5
  • Suitable for multi-cats: 3/5
  • Price: 2/5

Overall Ratings for Okocat Litter: 3.5/5


  1. Is wood cat litter better?

    Yes! These are made from natural wood and are highly absorbent as compared to clay pellets. Wood can absorb 500% more than its weight and lasts longer. This makes it a cheaper and safer alternative to clay.

  2. Is Okocat Litter safe?

    Yes! Okocat is very safe as it does not contain any chemicals, toxic dyes, or artificial fragrances. It is very soft and causes no tracking leading to less dust and waste.

    This keeps your feline and household safe from allergies and respiratory issues.

  3. How often to replace Okocat Litter?

    Ideally, it is recommended to replace waste litter once a week. However, Okocat lasts for more than a month for a single cat and does not require frequent replacement.

    This also depends upon the frequency of use and the number of cats using the litter.

  4. Where to buy Okocat Litter?

    Okocat Litter is available for purchase on Amazon, Chewy, or the Okocat’s official website. You can also locate a pet retail store around you that sells Okocat Litter.

Is Okocat Litter Worth It?

Okocat Litter is a very innovative next-generation plant-based litter. According to us, it is worth investing in for your feline due to several reasons. Although it is costlier as compared to other types of litters, the wood, and paper-based particles last longer as it offers high absorbance.

Okocat does not require frequent replacement and purchase. Moreover, it forms less dust and is extremely soft for your kitty’s paws. The best part is that it is flushable which makes it easy to dispose of. It is also biodegradable and eco-friendly, reducing the amount of landfill waste.

However, Okocat could have been better in terms of odor control. It shows high absorbance and decent levels of clumping but is not reliable in terms of controlling the foul smell coming from your kitty’s box.

Except for the mini pellets that cause tracking, the pellets do not track and comparatively form less dust. This makes it safe for households and cats prone to allergies and sensitivities.

After careful research and analysis, we definitely think that Okocat is worth using for your kitty’s litter box.


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