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Why Do Cats Meow Back at You? 11 Reasons

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Have you also gone through a meowing experience? Well, I mean like while playing with your kitty when you respond to her in the form of meow she also meows back at you?

And, when you meow back they will do it again!

So, what does it mean why do cats meow back at you?

Well, maybe they’re trying to imitate you, or they are kind of talking to you, telling you they adore you, or might be because they are in pain!

Why Do Cats Meow Back at You

11 Reasons Why Do Cats Meow Back at You?

Maybe the cat is meowing because she is looking for help, or she is in pain. There are many possibilities why do they meow let’s learn to know more!

1. Cats Are Trying to Communicate With You

Generally, cats don’t meow as a part of their communication cycle. They use their body language to communicate with humans, they will behave differently when they want to communicate with you.

Normally, young kittens meow to their mommy, and later they also stop once they are grown old.

 Cats Are Trying to Communicate With You

Meowing in cats is mostly saved for humans. It is yet to be known why cats meow at humans specifically when it’s not their preferred method of communication.

It’s possible that the cats are aware of how we interact and are attempting to communicate in a similar fashion. There is a possibility that people like those cats who meow and that trait might have evolved while breeding.

Meowing, in any case, appears to be a means of message for humans in particular. As a result, many cats are inclined to meow back in an attempt to communicate, even if they don’t understand what does that actually means.

2. They Are Talkative

A few cats are more talkative than others whereas the other cats almost never meow, while others constantly meow.

Whatever you do, these chatty cats will most certainly meow back in response. If you speak to them, they will most likely respond with meows.

These cats frequently meow at each other, so it’s not uncommon for them to meow back after you’ve finished speaking. Apart from the fact that they enjoy meowing, these cats’ meows serve no purpose.

During their lifetimes, cats may experience various periods of chattiness. They may be very vocal as kittens, but as they grow older, they become quieter.

There is a chance when cats attain the self-assurance that comes with maturity, the opposite is also likely to happen.

3. Maybe She Is Thrilled

When cats are enthusiasts, they may be rather vocal. This is usually a sequence of brief meows. This can also be a sign that your cute cat is anticipating something, such as asking you for playing or telling you she wants a treat.

In many cases, because they can’t control their enthusiasm, enthusiastic cats are inclined to meow more in exchange.

These felines are doing nothing guys. If you think they are speaking to you then it’s a no they aren’t they are simply excited that’s it!

4. Is She in Trouble?

A sudden change in your cat’s behavior could signify that he or she is either unwell or in discomfort. Felines are excellent at concealing their illness. They have developed to hide their pain quite well in the wild because they don’t want to be recognized as fragile and an easy target of other critters in the forest.

In case your feline has all of a sudden become more talkative, and she is meowing a lot that means there is something is wrong with her. She is not feeling good maybe because of her health or could because of other reasons.

Like if she doesn’t like the new litter box you have got for her. Or maybe she will start licking excessively her lower body private area when she is suffering from UTI.

When cats are in discomfort, they strive to conceal even more. They won’t be as active or play as much. If your cat’s behavior changes, it’s high time that you must book an appointment with your veterinarian.

5. Simply She Is Looking for Attention

Another reason why do cats meow back at you is because they need your attention, they want your consideration.

They want you that you must get engage with them. When they are bored or have been laying on the ground for long they will come to and start meowing in a way that will simply signify that listen to me hooman. I want to talk to you, I am getting bored please pay attention here.

Simply She Is Looking for Attention

In most cases, it is not so irritating. A cat could meow back to grab your attention when you’re talking or pretending to meow.

This might be inherent behavior and possibly may not be. But, one fact is true and workable in all conditions that their meowing does pull attention right from when they are born they meow to receive attention from their mother cats.

Therefore, they have learned this behavior right from birth. After all, if you respond to your cat whenever they meow, it is quite natural that they’ll realize it and link to it eventually.

6. They Listen to You

 They Listen to You

Felines will meow to you when they are speaking to you. This is generally because they are aware that you are also speaking to them.

Although they might don’t get what are you trying to talk to them but still, they can identify when the communication cycle is likely to occur. Meowing is one means, they tell you that they are paying attention and are concerned about you.

7. She Is Saying Hello

The reason why do cats meow back at you is maybe she is trying to say hello, she is trying to greet you.

It is likely to happen more when you are far from them, or when you are back after many days of vacation. Furry friends adore their owners, even if they appear aloof, and meowing is a great method for them to express their affection.

8. Your Kitty Care For You

Sometimes your cat will call you sorry I mean meow at you when they see you are in trouble. They will try to speak to you pass the message that they really care for you.

They will help you to keep happy, they will cheer you and will always be there for you.

9. She Adores You

We’ve already established that your cat’s meowing communication is a common way for them to express their affection for you, but it may also go deeper.

Felines normally adore their master, and they frequently express their fondness. If your cat meows at you on a regular basis, take it as a hint that they adore you.

10. She Might Be Feeling Alone

The next reason why cats meow at humans can possibly be because they are alone for a long time. They are bored, they really want to have an interactive session to get rid of loneliness.

11. Meowing Can Be a Form of Anger

Meowing can be a way or form that they are trying to express their anger towards you.

Cats, like people, become irritated. If you do anything that she doesn’t like, then she may meow (or yowl) at you to express her displeasure.


Why my cat meows at me?

If your cat meows back to you then they are trying to talk to maybe they are trying to imitate you possibly. There are several reasons like they might be in pain, or they might be angry with, or they want to express their love towards you.

Is it a cause for concern if your cat doesn’t meow at you?

The straightforward answer is no. You don’t have to worry about it. It is not their natural behavior rather it is something which they have learned while growing.

Young kittens do that with their mother more often, and after they grow up they stop doing it. It is normal and senior cat don’t meow a lot, they are more of quiet felines.

Why does my cat meow at me without a reason?

Your cat might be feeling low, or she might be ill. Cat usually don’t express their pain, or they are weak, but they do communicate through body gestures such as like the scent, body language, and tail positioning. And sometimes excessive meowing means that something is really bothering her.

Make sure to talk to the vet in such cases. He will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your kitty.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

In conclusion to why do cats meow back at you is that it is not a natural habit, it is a learned behavior that they have grasped through the surrounding.

Cat meowing at you could be a form of communication, they are maybe trying to tell you that they love you. They care about you or the possibility they are irritated with or want your attention.

Moreover, they may do this because they are trying to imitate you. If you know any other reason, do let us know in the comment section below now!


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