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Why Does My Cat Hit Me With Her Tail? Let’s Find Out!

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Is your cat suddenly behaving weirdly, and started wrapping the tail around your legs? Then you are in the correct place, I also faced the same problem a few years back when I got a new cat.

Cat Hit With Her Tail

There are many ways that your furball is trying to communicate with you, and one of them is tail movement.

The tail of your furball will tell you the complete thoughts that she is thinking. Moreover, you may know the favorable mood signs.

Now let’s dive into the article to know more about why cats do this, and how you can know what your feline (queen) is trying to say.

Why Does My Cat Hit Me With Her Tail

If you are owning a cat then you might be familiar with the cat who likes to rub itself everywhere. It is because they try to mark you with their smell.

However, many cat owners have a question why does the cat like to hit you with their tail. There might be many reasons that the cat is trying to tell you something.

Your cat might behave differently if they are trying to convey some message to you. There are multiple reasons that your cat is hitting you with her tail.

I have provided some of the possible reasons for the cat slapping you with her tail.

Showing Interest

We all know that cats are very curious animals, they love to investigate new things. Whenever you are getting your grocery then you will find that your furball is not far away. He might be next to the bag that you are opening.

Showing Interest

Cats always want to be in the center of any action, this habit of cats makes things very much difficult.

If you or your family member tend to shoo your cat while trying to complete any of the tasks. Then this might be a signal that they also need to come and unbox the items.

They are showing interest in what you are doing. They don’t want you to shoo them away so they will rub on you and wrap their tail around your legs.

She Loves You

Cats have very different ways of showing their love than other pets. Usually, they do not need long hugs or snuggles.

She Loves You

As you may have noticed that dogs won’t go if you are done petting, they need endless petting. If they like you then they tend to sit by you and follow you and stay in touch.

Cats have the complete opposite behavior, they need petting for a very short time. If the cat is interested in petting, it will sit at your feet, and starts hitting you with its tail.

It is a true sign of love, your cat is trying to mimic your affectionate behavior.


If you are walking around your house, and if you find that your furball is not far away. She is wrapping her tail around the legs, this means your cat is scared.


I would say tail wrapping in situations like this is holding the hands of parents. They want to investigate everything but they are scared so they want to hold on to you.

At the initial time, you will feel this as strange behavior, but yes cats do this when they are scared.


We all know that cats are very curious animals, they always want to know what you are up to around the home.

They are very good at investigating all the activities that you do in life. Moreover, you may also have experienced this behavior in your furball.


In very less cases the cats become angry, they only limited ways to show their anger. If you see that your cat is annoyed easily, and if the feline is knocking things from the shelves or tearing up the furniture. This is why they are trying to communicate with you.

If you are taking a hit of your furball’s tail on your face while sleeping, I would like to say that it is one of the ways that they are angry.

They can hit your tail while you are watching TV or sitting reading your book, so make sure that you pet her and make her calm.

Your feline might behave for a few days like this, after that she will calm down. In some cases cats might have different problems, so you can visit a veterinarian.

It is always better to consult a veterinarian if you do not understand the behavior of your cat.

She Wants Attention

It is definitely difficult to ignore a cat that is continuously hitting you with her tail. We all know that cats are very picky on things, if they love you then will rub around you for your attention.

cat needs attention

It also means that your cats want some treats from you, or your cat is trying to communicate with you.

If your cat is often hitting you with her tail, then you should not provide the treat every time. You should try out toys and try to play with her, and reduce the giving treats every time.


Why does my cat swipe at me when I walk by?

Cats are territorial animals, they try to lean the scent on their things so that the other cats might know that these things are owned by another cat.

One more reason is you might have stepped on your cat’s tail or fur, they will show aggression toward you. Play aggressiveness and status-related aggressiveness are two different reasons why your cat might swipe at you while walking.

Is it bad when a cat wags its tail?

You might know that dogs do wag tails when they are pleased to see you. However, if the cat is wagging the tail then it reveals a lot. If your cat is wagging its tail while walking then it means something or someone is bothering your cat.
If she is standing and wagging the tail then it means that your cast is excited or curious.

Cat slapping tail while lying down?

If your cat is wagging their tail while they are lying down. Then it means they know you are near her and they are feeling relaxed.

If you are petting them while they are sleeping and they are thumping tails, then it is a clear sign that they are enjoying your company.

Final Thoughts

We all know that cats are very curious about new things. However, it is not that difficult to understand cats’ behavior by their actions.

After reading this article you can easily decipher why does your cat is wagging its tail. Moreover, you can pay attention to your furball’s rest the body language to know what it is trying to communicate.

I hope that this article was helpful and informative for you. You got all the answers related to “Why Does My Cat Hit Me With Her Tail” if still you have any doubts then connect with me in the comment section.


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