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Why Does My Cat Rub His Teeth on Me?

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Ouch, what? Why does my cat rub his teeth on me? It is painful. I can’t bear that! I want to know how can I fix this, and why he does this, says, Kim.

Well, do you also face problems like Kim? Does your cat also rub his teeth against you? And, you don’t know how to fix this? No worries, my friend. I have listed out several reasons why does my cat rub his teeth on me and how to fix it in this blog.

Generally, sometimes it is a sign of love or could be a dental problem, or they might be trying to communicate powerfully.

why does my cat rub his teeth on me

Why Do Cats Rub Their Teeth on Me?

Here are things you will find why does my cat rub his teeth on me. Basically, it is an act of expressing love, claiming you as they are yours, they trust you, want your attention, and sometimes due to overstimulation.

1. Claiming Ownership

If your cat rubs his teeth on you then it is a sign of claiming his territory. He will not just rub his teeth but also his whole body to spread her scent as they have glands located there. He is simply trying to claim you as part of their family member.

Just like mother cat licks her kittens and paw at her. Because her paw pads have a sense of smell. Your cat also does the same to share scents.

They mark their territory generally, here they are marking you as their property! Kind of cute and funny right? But cat shows their love by doing such cute actions.

2. Cat Rubbing Teeth on Me Due to Overstimulation

If you’ve been caressing your feline for some time and observed that she bites you. He is not hurting you, though it may be painful at times, and all he is trying to do is communicate. Your cat is attempting to communicate that petting has overstimulated him.

cat rubbing teeth on me

You must know that cats have hyper-sensitive hair follicles and when you stroke them for long it can make them uncomfortable. He can’t talk to you as a result, he will give you a sign and will bite on you.

For the best when the cat rubs teeth on me, I slightly move my hand away from her. And, stop stroking him. See, it is just that simple if you know why does my cat rub his teeth on me.

3. Your Cat Is Agog

Do you know cats brain is strangely quite similar to humans? Well, which determines that they use their brain to kill their curiosity.

Felines are curious animals they will explore all things in your house even though sometimes it may hurt them. Still, they won’t stop hunting and exploring things around them. It is part of their survival instinct.

This indicates that they are intelligent. Felines employ all of their senses to learn whatever they can about the object in their immediate vicinity. That is why cats rub their teeth against you to try new things and learn about their environment.

4. Cat Rubbing Teeth on Me Is a Sign of Teething

Kittens generally rub their gum against you or chew you when they are teething. The process of teething is quite painful. He may feel pain in his mouth and this indicates that he has dental pain.

cat teeth rub on me

Kittens generally get their first set when they are around 2 weeks during this time the tooth bud emerges and starts forming into teeth. The pain is quite alike we feel during teething. Yes, you got it right quite painful!

Like we give kids teething toys during this time. Your kitten is also trying to find relief by rubbing his teeth on you. Your skin is ideal for teething because you know you are soft, and they can bite you without being hurt.

So, basically, it signifies that he is going through a teething phase.

5. She Simply Adores You

Like we love our cats a lot and show our love by kissing or cuddling them they also show back their love in their own way as purring, head butting, gum rubbing, meowing, etc which is kind of special, isn’t it?

So, the next main reason why does my cat rub his teeth on me is that he is trying to say I love you my hooman!

Cat’s generally don’t get involve with a lot of humans they like their own company but if the cats rub their teeth against you then you are being honored by your pet.

6. Cat Rubbing Teeth on Me Says He Wants Attention

Cat rubbing teeth on me determines that he is seeking attention. It depends on each individual cat some may prefer a lot and others may need a little.

cat wants attention

That is why they will scratch you, rub their gums, rub their teeth, and tell you yes listen the hooman I am bored, and I want to play with you.

They are demanding you your concentration. If they don’t get what they want they will keep nibbling you.

7. Bunting Behavior

When a cat is passing its scent to you. This is widely known as bunting. It’s a form of cat love!

Cats have scent glands in their mouth by which get activated they share their odor by rubbing their teeth against you. The scent has pheromones which basically are chemicals that work like hormones outside the body.

And, each individual cat has their district smell which shows their individuality.

You are their buddy and the cat’s bunting indicates he can trust you. It is alike marking their territory. Felines will over bunt you in case if you have multiple cats.

Sometimes it also indicates that they are nervous, and they try doing this so that they can feel comfortable around their aroma.

8. Dental Problems

The last and important reason on the list of why does my cat rub his teeth on me is dental problems. Yes, cats face dental problems a lot when they turn into adults.

dental problem in cat

They may rub their teeth against you to relieve their dental discomfort if they have periodontal disease.

A cat rubs her gums if there is plaque formation in her teeth by doing this will give her momentary ease. Other than that, your cat may have a tooth that needs to be extracted.

If this is the situation make sure to go for an oral check-up of your cat immediately. This can lead to lifelong problems and in some severe situations, it might need surgery.

What Should I Do if Cat Rubbing Teeth on Me

When my cat rubbing teeth on me, I first listed out what was the reason behind it. That I have already provided you with a set of reasons for his behavior.

stop cat rubbing teeth on me

Well after listing your reason you can do the following stuff.

  • Work on dental problems: Make sure your cat teeth has zero plaque and tartar. Brush his teeth daily and remove all germs. You can use pet-friendly toothpaste he can even swallow it.

  • Take a note and never miss any dental check-ups of your cat: Make sure to regularly visit your vet and look and take action before they go worse. If there is any sought of oral disease like gingivitis take precautious ask what things can be done. Make sure you take before actions.

  • Buy some chewing toys if she is rubbing his teeth against them due to teething.
  • When my cat rubbing teeth on me is due to teething that time I gave her wet food. It helps them to eat food easily without facing any sought of discomfort in their mouth.
  • It’s important to get to know all his cues if you are stroking him verify if he is flicking his tail, or twitching his fur, or he is tensed.

Congratulation, now you know why do cats rub their teeth on you. And how to handle it very well!


Why does my cat rub her teeth on me when she’s being affectionate?

A cat rubs her gums and teeth when they are being affectionate because they love you, it indicates that they trust you.

As they have glands in their faces they rub those scent glands on you and try to mark you as their territory. It also means they are in a playful mood.

Why do cats put their teeth on you?

Kitty when putting their teeth to bite it determines that she is being overstimulated. When your cat is biting you it is wholly unintentional. They don’t mean to hurt you, simply trying to communicate with you.

Accidental cat bites might occur as a result of the cat’s grooming procedure. They use your hand or face to groom themselves.

Why do cats rub their teeth on things?

Reasons for cat rubbing teeth on me

– It is a sign that she is overstimulated by your stocking and petting.
– She is suffering from dental problems
– Kittens when teeth they use their owners hands to rub their gums.
– It means she loves you, and she is showing affection to you.
– This is also because of bunting behavior.
– Cats rub their teeth to taste and kill their curiosity.
– To mark their territory.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

Generally, a cat rubs his teeth to show that he trusts you. He is trying to say I love you, sometimes it can also be a sign of a dental problem, or maybe you could have overly stroked his fur.

Well, if you want to know more reasons why my cat rubs his teeth on me, then read above. I have curated a set of practical reasons.

And, if you know more about it, do leave a comment below!


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