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Why Is My Cat Peeing on My Clothes? Tips to Solve It!

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Why Is My Cat Peeing on My Clothes

It feels like a personal attack when she jumps on your clothes to do her business.

Well, being a pet parent you have an idea how it feels to be around your cat’s urine smell, especially when it comes from your own clothes, it must be frustrating. But, it is not your kitty’s usual habit of peeing anywhere, especially on your clothes, there must be some reasons behind her weird peeing behavior.

It’s natural if your head is popped up with questions like, why is my cat peeing on my clothes? What can be the reason behind it? How to get rid of her peeing behavior anywhere?

Firstly, calm yourself, we are here to resolve all your doubts.

As per our research, we have penned down some reasons and tips, which will help you to get rid of this peeing behavior of your feline pal.

8 Potential Reasons Behind Your Kitty’s Peeing Behavior

We have jotted down a few possible reasons behind your kitty’s peeing behavior like anywhere outside the litter box, such as on surfaces, carpets, beds, clothes, etc.

“Let’s explore to know it better.”

1. She Might Be Marking Territory

Cats don’t like sharing their beloved ones with any other pets, they demand full attention of yours, and want to be your first priority. So, peeing on your clothes might be indicating to other pets to stay away from you, in other words, she is marking you as her territory.

She Might Be Marking Territory

It is also possible that your clothes have the scent glands of your body, so in your absence, she is just feeling your body essence. And urinating on your clothes to, make you her part of the family like her other babies.

2. Trying to Grab Your Attention

It has been observed that sometimes pet parents get so busy with their work, and other things, that they are not able to spend much time with their feline pal.

Trying to Grab Your Attention

This forces feline pal to adapt weird behavior habits to grab their attention towards them. So, we can say that peeing on your clothes can be one of their strategy to grab your attention.

If you are busy with your work, make sure you engage your kitty with other activities so that she won’t feel alone or neglected.

3. Litter Box Issues

ASPCA states, “Once a cat avoids her litter box for whatever reason, her avoidance can become a chronic problem because the cat can develop a surface or location preference for elimination—and this preference might be to your living room rug or your favorite easy chair.

Litter Box Issues

Well yes, it’s a fact, that cats like a hygienic environment, and if you do not provide her a clean litter box to do her business. Then it is possible that she will stop using the litter tray and will pee on the floor, carpets, or on your clothes.

Even if you are providing her a clean litter box but filling the box with too much litter, it is likely that your feline will not prefer using it. This is because they have a digging habit while doing their business, if they don’t get proper space they will not use it.

4. Your Kitty Might Be Under Stress

During stress, anxiety cat’s behavior changes, they start acting weird like staring blankly, scratching the surface, peeing anywhere in the house, etc.

Here, we are discussing the weird peeing habit of your feline on the clothes, so it could be possible that she is suffering from any kind of stress.

Your Kitty Might Be Under Stress

Cats have strong sensation power, whether be it in terms of smell or vibes, she can easily sense if anything is going negative around her.

For instance, if she felt any negative vibe in the house due to the presence of any stranger, or other pets in the house. In such a case, it is likely that she will distance herself, and will try to remain in a quiet place to guard herself against the negativity.

On the other hand, it is also possible that she might not be liking the place where her litter box is kept because it might be giving her a scary vibe. So, she is simply avoiding the litter try and end up peeing on the surface, or your clothes.

5. Suffering From Any Underlying Health Issue

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)[1]is very common in cats. It changes the urinary habit in them like they don’t have any control, and will end up urinating anywhere outside the box, it can be on your clothes also.

Cats are prone to FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) it affects the urethra and bladder, which leads to increase urination frequency, as well as sometimes painful urination.

It has also been observed that due to painful urination, felines don’t prefer using the litter box because it requires more body movement which she cannot do it. In such conditions, felines prefer urinating on a smooth flat surface like your clothes.

If you encounter any such symptoms where your feline is facing a problem in doing her business, suffering from pain while urinating. It is advisable to seek the vet’s advice, and give her relief by starting treatment on time.

6. Due to Injury

One of the possible reasons behind your kitty’s peeing behavior can be that she might have injured herself or is in pain. So, prefer peeing anywhere in the house, like on your clothes.

Due to Injury

For instance, if your kitty has injured her leg while playing or walking, and is not able to fold her legs due to pain. In such conditions, she will prefer not to use the litter box and will pee on any flat surface of the house.

Another common injury felines encountered is the cat bite. If your feline gets into a fight with other cats, it’s possible that she ends up hurting while defending herself. This bite will usually be visible on the tail or lower back, which makes it difficult for her to squat, and do her business.

So, they will try peeing on any easy surface, like on your clothes, carpet, furniture, etc.

In case of a bite, consult vet immediately for better speedy treatment.

7. Diagnosed With Kidney Disease

As PetMD states that “Kidney disease can affect young and old cats, though it’s seen most commonly in aging cats as a chronic, progressive disease process. The most common signs are increased thirst and urination, decreased or “picky” appetites, vomiting, and weight loss.

Kidney disease causes frequent urination issue in cats, and if they are not able to control it, simply land up anywhere in the house to do their business. This can be one of the reasons behind your cat peeing on clothes.

Felines suffering from kidney issues saturate their litter box faster and then prefer other places of the house to carry out their business. Another reason of peeing on your clothes can be she needs a lower soft surface to do her business, and litter box is out of her reach.

Cats with kidney issues needs the vet’s support for a speedy recovery.

8. Arthritis

International Cat Care states “More recent studies have shown radiographic evidence of arthritis in the limb joints affecting between 60% and more than 90% of cats. All these studies show that arthritis is actually very common in cats, that it is much more common (and more severe) in older cats, and that the shoulders, hips, elbows, knees (stifles) and ankles (tarsi) are the most commonly affected joints.

Well, cats are experts at hiding pain, they won’t easily display any symptoms. Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to look after your kitty and observe her closely. This is because indirectly they display subtle signs which you need to catch.

If your kitty has become less active, spend time sleeping, and urinates anywhere in the house. It’s likely because she might be suffering from joint pain or diagnosed with arthritis, which you have no clue. When felines are not able to squat properly, they avoid the litter box to do their business, and find other surfaces for their toiletry habits.

For instance, even after providing a low surface litter box, your kitty is avoiding to use it, or you notice she is having problem in squatting. In such a situation, it is suggested to immediately seek the vet’s help and start her medication because she might be diagnosed with arthritis.

Tips to Solve It!

As we have already learned, potential reasons behind your kitty’s peeing behavior anywhere, like on your clothes. Now, it’s time to prevent your kitty’s peeing behavior.

Tips to Solve It!

For that, we have done some research work, and come up with tips to help you overcome your kitty’s peeing behavior problem.

  • Foremost, if your feline pal is diagnosed with any underlying health issues such as UTI, bladder stone, kidney disease, or any severe health issues. In such a scenario, it’s important to immediately seek the vet’s help, and let them start her treatment on time to avoid future health complications.
  • If the litter box is the issue, it is advisable to keep it clean and try to be regular at scooping away the soiled litter. Plus, at least once a month, wash the whole litter box, this will encourage your kitty to again use the box for carrying out her business.

“For a multicat-household, it is suggested to not use the same litter box for every kitty.”

  • Try to eliminate stress or fear in your cat. All you can do is spend more time with her, and increase your playing as well as cuddling sessions. This will definitely will help her to stay calm, and reduces her anxiety. Give your feline pal that safe environment and assurance that no one can take her place in your life.
  • If still, you are in dilemma and not able to crack the exact reason behind your kitty’s strange behavior. It is recommended to consult the experts, they will determine the best treatment for your feline pal.


Do cats pee because they are mad?

As per the experts, cats don’t pee on your personal stuff just to take revenge, or she is upset or mad at you. This can be possible because she might be under stress or something is bothering her, which leads to this weird behavior of peeing anywhere in the house.

Can a dirty litter box cause UTI?

Well, when your kitty’s litter box is not maintained properly, and she has to use the dirty box for doing her business. In such a situation, she might diagnose herself with UTI issues. If the litter box is kept dirty, then it increases the chances of bacteria development through waste and traveling up the urethra, which leads to urinary tract infection (UTI) in cats.

Do cats get mad when their litter box is dirty?

Yes, cats get mad when their litter box is dirty because they prefer a hygienic environment, and like to keep themselves clean and hydrated. The space cats use for doing their business is very important for them if you will not keep it clean and maintain it timely. There are chances she will stop using the litter box and will also get mad at you.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Cats don’t express their pain so easily, they adapt strange behaviors to indicate their problems. Similarly, peeing outside the litter box like on your clothes is one of their way of indicating you something is bothering her.

As you have already gone through potential reasons behind your kitty’s peeing behavior. Such as medical issues like UTI, kidney disease, arthritis, etc. On the other hand, sometimes to grab your attention, out of stress, or to mark the territory they often adapt peeing behavior.

Along with the reasons, we have also provided you with tips that will definitely work and help you to overcome this issue.

Just be calm and patiently handle your kitty’s habit of peeing on your clothes, and as per the suggestion, try to control this habit.


  1. Holt, P. E., & Gibbs, C. (1992). Congenital urinary incontinence in cats: a review of 19 cases. The Veterinary Record130(20), 437-442.

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