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The 13 Best Cat Breeds for Emotional Support

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While cats are popular for their witty and picky nature, not all cats are the same! Right? If you are a cat person and looking for cat breeds for emotional support, then we are happy to announce that, yes, there are such cat breeds who can provide you with companionship and ease in anxiety, stress, depression, and certain phobias.

Keep scrolling to read about the best cat breeds for emotional support.

The Benefits of Having Emotional Cats

  • They serve as a source of inspiration.
  • They make patients feel at ease and secure.
  • Emotional support cat breeds have a history of diagnosing ailments early on.
  • Furthermore, they aid in the socialization of their owners.
  • They contribute to the owner’s self-esteem and self-assurance.
  • They provide the owner with a sense of purpose and duty.

1. American Shorthair

American bread, known as American Shorthair. This breed was brought by the early settlers from Europe. The American Shorthair is one of the most loved breeds, and they are quite popular for being the best cat breeds for emotional support.

american shorthair cat best for emotional support

They are intelligent, they are not short-tempered, and have a calm nature.

They are nice around other pets and around children too. Not only that, but they are the perfect pet for the family where all the members work, as some cats do need constant attention, and they won’t do that well emotionally when left alone for long hours.

So, basically, the American shorthair is not like other cats who have a reputation for being emotionally unavailable or selectively available.

2. Siamese Cats

The Siamese cats are often referred to as the “dogs of the cat world.” They are extremely loyal and affectionate apart from being great cats.

If you are someone who loves to be around your cat most of the time, there are 99% of chances that this cat will reciprocate with the same feelings. You will always find this cat in the top 10 lists of cat breeds for emotional support.

siamese cat emotional support

However, there are 9 types of Siamese cats, all are friendly, affectionate, outgoing, and social. Apart from being very loving, these cats can be great companions for walks and to play games with, you can take them for walks in nearby parks by putting a leash on them.

3. Ragdolls

Ragdolls are smart, gentle, and super affectionate in personality and unlike other cats, they enjoy human attention without getting irritated. Due to the tendency to relax and go limp in one’s arms when picked up, Ragdolls got their name!

Even after being one of the largest breeds, they love to hop on and have a good time in your lap, that’s why they are often referred to as puppy dogs due to their dog-like personality.

ragdoll cat for emotional support

Ragdolls are extremely mild-mannered and friendly, and they usually seek out human companionship, such as following cat parents around the house, sleeping with, or flopping on their owners.

This breed is particularly good with children and other pets and is easily trained to learn the same tricks as dogs, such as games like fetch, rolling over, or begging.

As rag dolls are gentle, they can be vulnerable to attackers and predators such as other wild animals. So you should never leave them unattended outside the home.

4. Maine Coon

I am pretty sure that you must have heard about the Maine coon, which is the largest breed among all the other breeds of cats, originated in North America.

These cats were the most loved and preferred ones in the earlier times, with the passing years they have gained more popularity and fame.

maine coon cat emotional support animal

The best thing about Maine Coon, is that they are trainable cats, you can easily teach them commands. The understanding nature of these cats makes them a desirable option for the best breeds for emotional support.

You can carry these big and fluffy cats around the house like a teddy bear!

According to the cat behaviorist, the Maine Coon are experts in reading the minds of their owners, which means she will know that when you need hugs, attention, and unconditional love.

If you are sad, you don’t have to go in search of a shoulder to cry, instead Maine Coon will bring herself to you.

5. Persian Cat: The Classic Cat

If you ever want to experience what having a classic cat feels likes, then you need to own a Persian cat! Not just do dog owners get greetings at the doorstep when they arrive, Persian cat owners too are blessed with such a warm welcome.

You will love the purring of these cats, powerful purr motors. Sudden hugs of love are another source of attraction.

persian cat for support

Just imaging you are busy doing the laundry, and all of a sudden you feel a soft furry touch between your legs, without even doing anything or bribing your cat through a treat, isn’t it the most wonderful feeling in the world?

Also, a mood lighter after having a rough day. The Persian cats love to sit in their owner’s lap, and to be honest, they will suck up all the love and attention their human is capable of giving.

However, the Persian cat requires heavy grooming to maintain the fur quality and life, so be prepared for that.

6. American Bobtail

Though the name sounds like it’s an old retro kind of breed, it’s not. To your surprise, it’s a relatively new breed, they were made official in the year 2002. The American bobtail is a cat breed with no tail, this makes her look super cute!

emotional support american bobtail

These cats are not that vocal and quite independent, have a very sweet nature, and easy-going temperament. The American bobtail will love kids, adults, and even other pets of the house.

They make an ideal candidate for therapy because they mostly strive for affection and love.

These cats have orange, silky fur which makes them so appealing that the moment you see them you feel like picking them up!

7. The Manx: Tailless Cat

These cute cats with no tails make the perfect cat breeds for emotional support, but their personalities will make it up to you! While some cats are very experts in leaving their nail marks all over on their human body!

These cats are very gentle with their humans. You won’t complain about getting painful ”love bites” from them.

manx cat for support

Apart from being super affectionate, these cats are also very intelligent. They love to spend their time pleasing and loving their humans.

You can engage with them in conversations of whatever you want, and surprisingly they will revert with the same energy and love, as these cats are very vocal.

You must have seen a number of videos on the internet of cat owners singing with their cats in showers, bathtubs, in front of others, living space, or even in some events! Well, guess what? With the Manx: the tailless cats, you can also engage in such activities!

8. Russian Blue: Cat of Choice for Russian Czars

They are silent, intelligent, and very beautiful cat breed! This breed is often considered beautiful with brains. Many times we don’t expect cats to be that smart but witty! In the case of the Russian blue cat, it’s the opposite, they are very intelligent.

Affection is necessary but without being clingy is the need! Most of the time, we humans are at work and when we come home, we definitely require some rest and love!

russian blue cat breed for support

The Russian blue cats will come up to you for a good amount of love sharing and cuddles, but at the same time can be completely fine with being alone.

So you don’t have to worry about leaving them on their own for work. These cats are so perfect to be the best cat breeds for emotional support, as soon as you start to pet them on their blue/gray fur the velvet feel will give you such a soothing effect.

Russian Blues aren’t the sort of cat who surrender themselves to strangers, but it would be difficult to find a more trustworthy cat.

9. Bengal Cat

To describe the beauty of this cat, handsome would be the perfect word! These cats are sweet and kind, so far one of the perfect cat breeds for emotional support, though they are not over cuddly. Yet, when they want your attention, they will use all types of naughty ways to get it.

bengal cat for emotional support

Moreover, Bengal cats have always been a classic favorite for many cat lovers and there’s a good reason why! They are very therapeutic as they can easily lighten up anyone’s mood!

10. Abyssinian 

The Abyssinian may be the ideal pet for you, cat breeds for emotional support. If you’re seeking a smart, agile cat that bonds well with people.

abyssinian cat breed

The Abyssinian will be your constant companion when you’re around, affectionate, and intelligent, and will always be eager for some playtime.

11. Balinese: The Talkative Cat

The Balinese, one of the cat breeds for emotional support, is also very well-known for its talkative nature.

Balinese cats, while not as noisy as Siamese cats, enjoy talking and giving excellent advice, even if their human friends don’t always comprehend it. Balinese cats enjoy being held, are extremely affectionate, and have long, lovely.

balinese cat breed for emotional support

Balinese people don’t like being left alone and want a lot of attention, so while they’re soothing you, you’ll be providing them with the type of engagement they crave.

12. Birman Cats

The Birman cats, one of the cat breeds for emotional support, are highly adaptable, they are very friendly in nature.

birman cat for emotional support

Their blue eyes, soft silky fur, inherently kind and are inherently healing capabilities are what makes them desirable cats for a therapeutic experience.

13. Chartreux 

If you wish to have cat breeds for emotional support, considering this breed is not a bad idea.

chartreux emotional support cat breed

Blue-haired beauties with mesmerizing eyes are very affectionate, calm, and relaxed. One can merely tell by having a look at them.

Why to Choose Emotionally Available Cats?

Cats owners are well aware of the fact that cats are shy, timid, or fearful, they take time to open up and once she gets familiar with you, they turn out to be sociable, confident, and easy-going!

To have an emotionally available cat means, to have a great companion who gives you emotional support!

Finding the perfect cat breed that gels up with your personality is none less than a blessing! According to cat owners, they have stated that having cat breeds for emotional support helps to reduce the feeling of loneliness and isolation.


Emotional support animals are genuinely a part of the family, and they may provide vital therapeutic support to people suffering from a range of mental health, emotional, or psychological issues. Once you’ve decided on the cat breed that best suits your lifestyle and requirements, you are good to go.

We hope that we help you in deciding the cat breeds for emotional support.


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