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How Long Can a Cat Go Without Peeing?

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It’s good to track the record of your feline’s toiletry habit.

Many times, pet parents wonder, how long can a cat go without peeing?

Generally, felines stop urinating when they are not well or not happy with their surroundings.

However, there are cases where felines have totally stopped using the litter box, urinating.

In such cases, pet parents’ minds completely blackout. They don’t know how to handle the situation and which steps should be taken to solve the issue.

So to overcome this issue, we have done some footwork and penned down some insight information related to your feline’s toiletry habits.

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how long can a cat go without peeing

How Long Can a Cat Go Without Urinating?

The answer to your question is, how long can a cat go without peeing?

As per the survey, it is observed that most cat breeds can go on without peeing for twenty-four to forty-eight hours, even after drinking gallons of water.

However, if your feline crosses this deadline, then it’s a matter of concern.

As she might be developing health issues in her body, or suffering from pain. Which you can not identify.

In such cases, it is advisable to immediately consult the vet as there are chances that your kitty’s life is in danger.

How Often Should Cat Pee in a Day?

No specific count is there that these many times, your feline should use the litter box for peeing.

For getting ideas or clear doubts regarding how long, a cat can go without peeing?

Pet parents can do one thing, they can track their feline’s toiletry habits.

how often should cat pee in a day

If you observe that your feline is not using the litter tray or not even peeing at any corner of the house. Then this might be a signal that your feline is suffering from health issues.

This could be because of bladder blockage, which prevents the cat from peeing.

What causes a Cat Not to Pee?

Cats are experts at hiding their illnesses.

She might be in a lot of pain, and still, you won’t be able to identify it. Because of their happy pretending nature.

So don’t feel guilty, if you fail to track her illness issue because they mask it very well.

Similarly, there are chances that you must have overlooked, that your feline is not peeing frequently, there might be many reasons behind not peeing.

We have filtered out some major issues behind your cat not peeing behavior, which might help you to understand your feline health effectively.

1. Dehydration in Felines

Due to dehydration also feline stops urinating, which simply means your kitty’s digestive system is not working effectively.

She needs to change her diet, and intake plenty of water to flush out toxins from her body.

dehydration in felines

It is one of the overlooked issues.

All you need to do is change her diet, and provide her with more animal protein and water.

However, if still the problem is not cured, then it is recommended to immediately consult the vet to avoid major health complications.

2. Urinary Tract Illness

AVMA states, “Cats with FLUTD most often show signs of difficulty and pain when urinating, increased frequency of urination, and blood in the urine.[1]

Sometimes, due to illness also felines stop using the litter box to pee, but generally, it doesn’t last for a long time.

However, if your kitty is suffering from Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease.

Or in simple terms, urinary tract disease affects the cat’s urinary system. It directly damages the bladder and leads to bladder blockage or infection.

urinary tract illness

The blockage in the urethra is caused by the stone which prevents your kitty from peeing.

In such a situation, your feline has a hard time peeing, and they whimper in pain as they want to but couldn’t urinate, they start avoiding the litter boxes.

If Feline Urinary Tract Disease is not cured on time, it increases the risk of your feline’s life, and they can die.

3. Injury

If your feline has met with an accident or fallen down while playing. If in any such scenario, her pelvic nerves are damaged, then there is a chance that she will stop peeing.

Injured pelvic nerves can lead to damage to the bladder, and urethra due to which your kitty will, eventually, stop urinating.


If you observe that your kitty is limping, then it is recommended to bring her to the vet immediately and start her medication without any delay.

4. High-Level Stress

Stress, anxiety, and frustration are the main reason behind your feline’s toiletry routine changes.

These changes generally occur due to shifting in place, the presence of new members in the family, litter changes, etc.

high level stress

It makes your kitty scared, and they began to pee in inappropriate places, mark their territory, and eventually, she stops urinating.

What Are the Consequences if Your Cat Stop Peeing?

How long the cat can go without peeing?

Well, felines need to use the litter box for peeing at least twice a day. But if your feline has to stop peeing then you need to check on her as it is not a good sign.

what are the consequences if your cat stop peeing

If your feline pal cannot urinate, then it leads to severe health issues.

Such as your kitty’s body is not able to eliminate toxin levels through urine waste, which will lead to kidney failure issues.

The rise of toxin levels can lead to other problems also.

Such as it can affect nerves of the body, brain parts, vital organs get damaged. If medication is not started on time, then your feline’s life is at risk, as the blocked cat will eventually die.[2]

What to do if Your Cat Stop Peeing?

Generally, healthy felines pee two-three times a day. Its frequency depends upon individual diet and water intake.

Normally, pet parents keep a tab on their feline’s toiletry routine.

what to do if your cat stop peeing

So, if you observe that your feline is not using the litter box to pee or any other corner of the house. It’s important that you immediately consult with your feline’s vet and start her medication soonest.

Feline with a urinary issue/bladder stones that may block her bladder.

Can die if she doesn’t get any treatment from the vet.

How Dangerous Is It if Your Feline Stop Urinating?

It’s an emergency call if your cat stops peeing.

A kind of alert signal for pet parents, that their kitty is suffering from health complications.

The severe health complication can be kidney disease, and bladder bursts, which increases the toxin levels in the body and stop kidney organs to work effectively.

A high rise in toxin level can lead to nerve damage, which can also affect your feline’s brain part and create a fatal situation.

If your feline gets the medication on time, then there are chances of her recovery.

Otherwise, it is a severe concern and may take your feline’s life.

Medical Treatment to Relieve Your Cat Bladder

Feline suffering from a blocked bladder is a severe concern, as it not only prevents them from urinating, but your kitty also suffers a lot of pain, when they try to pee.

It is highly recommended, that if your kitty is diagnosed with a blocked bladder issue immediately consult the vet as there is no other way of curing it.

It’s a long treatment as the first bladder will be flushed out and toxins will be removed from your feline body.

medical treatment to relieve your cat bladder

Furthermore, a stone that was causing blockage to the urethra will be removed, and then your feline body will be examined, whether any other bacterial infection is there or not.

In addition, other medical treatments will be given.

And there are chances the vet will ask you to change your feline’s food habits, increase her fluid consumption and take utmost care of her.


Quick summary of how long can a cat go without peeing?

Sometimes, your feline pal does not pee for a day or two, and it’s considered normal, they do when she is not feeling well or something else.

However, if you observe your kitty has crossed the deadline and still not using the litter box or toilet to pee, then it’s a matter of concern.

As there is a high tendency, that she must be under stress, got injured, have dehydration issues, etc.

In such an issue, it’s better to consult the vet.

Important note for you:-

Apart, from all the above reasons it is also possible that your feline is suffering from severe health issues such as blocked bladder, infection, urinary illness track. Under such a situation, medication is the utmost priority because it increases the risk of your feline life.


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